You’ll Never Walk Alone?

Liverpudlian reacts to this weeks events and praises the families resolve during the 23 years where the country wouldn’t listen.

Liverpool FC – The team that Shankly bred

Liverpudlian takes a walk down memory lane and recounts the glory years as Bill Shankly transformed Liverpool FC into the Club that went on to ‘conquer the bloody World’.

FSG = Future Success Guaranteed?

Liverpudlian comments on the appointment of Brendan Rodgers and the owners’ long term strategy for Liverpool FC.

Liverpool – Mid table obscurity

They say the table doesn’t lie but the bitter truth is that I just can’t face looking to see how far down the pack we eventually finished…

How to lose with dignity, by Bluenoses

Liverpudlian takes a look inside the bizarre mind of an Evertonian after the comfortable derby win at Anfield for Liverpool on Tuesday night.