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How to lose with dignity, by Bluenoses

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Liverpudlian takes a look inside the bizarre mind of an Evertonian after the comfortable derby win at Anfield for Liverpool on Tuesday night.

Pepe Reina certainly enjoyed the derby win.

In trying to get a balanced perspective of the match and their gratitude for ten years in charge for the Everton boss, where better to get an impartial view of football on Merseyside than on a couple of the E.F.C. websites where, unlike us, the occupants are steadfast and unwavering in their support of their manager, allied to a fair minded and balanced appreciation of the opposition. So rather than try and relate my own point of view in an article then, I was mightily impressed by what I was reading, so much so, that I thought I would simply share the words of wisdom in the hope that we too can take defeat with dignity in the manner expressed here by our friends from across the park.

“He doesn’t understand how much this game means. How else do you explain this team selection and the complete lack of apology or even concern in his after match comments”.

“If he doesn’t understand after this many years how much this fixture matters of he can’t send out a team amped up to take on a shit Liverpool team, it’s time to move on. Really”.

“If Moyes thinks he can redeem himself in the eyes of many Evertonians by getting to the semi final of the F.A.Cup he’s in for a shock. He’s gonna have to win the fucken thing now”.

“The thing that makes me really want to puke, and I do mean literally, is Stephen Gerrard and Co. dining out on that for decades to come, they’ll use it to replace the medals they never won. And we handed it to Gerrard on a plate, he’s not even meant to be fucking fit. They love building myths the Reds and we’ve handed them beaut”.

“Moyes knows we have to beat Sunderland now, the only way to balance this out is either beating them in the semi or the final”.

v“For years I’ve thought that certain players, Anichebe mostly, must have a picture of Moyes fucking a goat. After that shit, I think it’s Moyes that has the picture,but it’s of Bill Kenwright,and it’s not a goat, it’s a dead goat”.
“Goodison Derby – loss – reason Atkinson”
“Anfield Derby – loss – reason Moyes”

“Bad season or not this was the game crying out for Cahill to kick, pull, push and niggle Gerrard”

“The one time they are on a losing streak, Queen Kenny about to explode because of recent results, and that cock hands it to them on a plate”.

“I am not even arsed about Saturday, or the Cup, Dick head of the highest order”.

“Rodwell is too nice, and he’s a crab, always taking the safe option”.

“Them scummy cunts win a trophy and twat us in the derby yet we have the paper hats and sausage and cheese cocktails sticks out for a guy who has stayed on a job for ten years, big deal. They must be laughing their socks of at us”.

“Liverpool are not even a decent team and Gerrard, who somehow managed to score 3 against us, was only a shadow of his former self”.

“We get two cup finals in every season and I simply don’t expect to disgrace our selves in this fashion”.

“The RS grabbed another goal in the 51St minute when Everton’s defense was again exposed by Suarez who, after surprising everyone by not taking a dive, played in the RS captain for his second”.

“The RS enjoyed more of the game after that and the £35 million garbage man that they bought last January came close twice”.

“The dagger to the heart came in the 93rd minute when the DJ beater fired in his third”.

“The match didn’t get off to the best start when the shite number 8 made Tim Howard make a decent save after only 5 minutes”.

“Just when we thought we were doing o.k the shite scored.It was Felli who lost the ball in the shite half”.

“The shite central defenders couldn’t have had an easier game for some time. Lets get one thing right here and now, the shite are not a good side and we gave them the opportunity to look good”.

“If Jack could shoot straight we may have got back into it, but it wasn’t to be and at the end they scored a third”.

“Because of the result,the TV coverage glossed over their cheating, diving and dirty tactics, and also the poor refereeing”.

“Talking about Gerrard, why on earth do we sing that song about his kid not being his…don’t we realise that this only stirs him up and feeds his desire to beat us? Maybe we should have France, Sweden and the others sing it at the Euro’s… “

“And then we leak 3 to a fecking geriatric ladyboy tosser”.

“I was dumpfounded, the only change I expected would have been Peinaar coming back in”.

“Ref was a joke. Gave them everything – as usual. Suarez is a cheat and a racist. Should have been hung by now. God I am down in the dumps. Come on United, make it 20”.

“United will make it 20 and really piss them off. So cheer up everyone. We are the peoples club. COYB. Happy anniversary Moysie”.

Enlightening times to be a red!


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