LFC Mastermind: The Kop in the Sixties

The Kop

Liverpudlian tests the knowledge of the ‘auld arses’.

Your chosen subject is memories of The Kop from the 1960’s.

Too young to know? Ask ya dad/uncle/grandad.

1. What was the nickname of the police inspector that used to stand in front of the Kop with a grey droopy moustache?

2. What was the song the Kop sang about him?

3. Name the Stoke City player famous for his “bandy legs”

4. What was the song the kop sang about him?

5. Name the Leeds United goalkeeper that suffered a calamity in front of the Kop goal.

6. What happened?

7. What response occurred at half time?

8. Name the Scottish Liverpool striker who broke his ankle down by the corner flag of the Kop and the Kemlyn Road.

9. What European cup match was cancelled because of snow.

10. Liverpool eventually went through to the next round but how was that tie finally decided?

11. Which match saw the introduction of the all red kit?

12. Name the European match famously played in thick fog at Anfield?

13.Which player emerged from this tie to go on and become a household name in world football?

14.Name the Everton goalkeeper who took so much stick from the kop.

15. What was his nickname?

16. What articles were regularly handed to him prior to a derby match?

17. Name the title of the Acker Bilk record regularly played before matches at Anfield in the sixties.

18. How were the half time scores advised in those days?

19. Which player had an ongoing feud with a section of the fans in the Kemlyn Road stand?

20.What was his particular gripe with them?

21.What was the nickname given to Ron Yeats?

22. Where did this name come from?

23. We were the “best behaved supporters in the world” in the sixties but what where we when we lost?

24. It was notoriously difficult to get to the gents toilet at halftime in those days on the kop. Name the favoured dress code with regards to jeans and pants etc to address the ensuing “problem” in the second half.

25. What was the usual retort when the Annie Road were invited to “give us a song”?

26. Name the title bestowed on our leading goal scorer after the 1966 World Cup.

27. What derisory chant subsequently greeted the decision to award an honour to England’s skipper after that success?

28. Name the Kop’s favourite opposition goal keeper at the time.

29. What happened to lift the crowd before the Inter Milan game in 1965?

30. What was the chant for our “hard man” left back who famously played most of the 1965 cup final with a broken collar bone?

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