Saturday’s LFC Transfer Rumours: Reds linked with Peruvian midfielder & Suarez latest


Liverpool have been linked with a move for Fiorentina midfielder Juan Manuel Vargas this summer, according to reports both in Italy and England.

Vargas has been the subject of speculation linking him with the Premier League for some time and both Arsenal and Manchester Utd have been reported to have failed with bids for the 28-year-old.

The Reds could be ready to make a move for the Peruvian international to strengthen their midfield, and give Stewart Downing some competition down the team’s left side.

Vargas is renowned for his dribbling ability and has a back catalogue of spectacular goals. Vargas has played 39 times for his country, scoring 4 times.

More speculation has also linked Luis Suarez with an exit from Anfield this summer, with the Uruguayan striker now a target for Italian giants Juventus.

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  • Blackstar110

    why on earth would we sell suarez ? best player we have apart from stevie 3 G ! sell carroll, and give bellamy a game or more games for dirk kuyt

  • BobLoblaw

    1. Suarez is a PR nightmare with so far only above-average results. 
    2. Selling him if we can replace with someome as good or better might not be a horrible idea. 
    3. Carroll is young, has potential, and we will keep him for a season or two in the hopes of getting any sort of return on our investment, he also qualifies as a homegrown player.
    4. Bellamy is only getting older and can only play sparingly due to knee problems. Kuyt is only getting older and losing what little pace he still has. 
    5. Keeping Suarez and adding a pacey, tricky winger/striker is the best option.

    • Blackstar110

       i agree with the PR nightmare , but the results are good, we need a good striker and carroll has been below par, we need to score goals, bellamy is ageing yes and kuyt  has never shown the form he had in holland, but kuyt can and will change a big game

    • Liam2009

       Good luck with that. 1 suarez is without a doubt one of the best players in the world. TWO and this is important. We dont have champions league football. we wont get ANYONE better than him. Theres hardly anyone better than him as it is. And we cant attract them. nor afford the wages with out champions league football. 3 have you seen the buys kenny did? every single buy bar suarez has gone down hill (maybe jose should not be included there)

      But sorry living in delusions if you believe we can get someone better than suarez and sell him. Your 5th point is right keeping suarez and getting a pacey forward is what we need.

      However I believe we’ll need to look for bargains or “Unknowns” we need to do an arsenal and find a henry, because we simply cant afford to buy an established one now. nor will we get one.

    • Gazza44

      Mmmmmm, strange comments there lad.
      Suarez has ‘only above average results’. Well, in my world anyone who performs above average is doing OK.
      Of course Carroll qualifies as a homegrown player, he’s Engliush playing in the English Prem League.
      In points 1 & 2 you are saying to sell Suarez, but by point 5 you have completely changed your mind and saying that the best option is to keep him.
      Not very well thought out that was it Lobby Bobby!!

  • Cyruslmt

    Luis looks happy enough with his present team mates to me.  PSV may be interested in him, he obviously is not interested in them. Gerrard and Suarez link up great mid week; his confidence is back and with the same effort from whole team, we can see even more silverware and goals this season.  Come on lads, just Believe. YNWA

  • Kenmazlan

    Don’t u dare selling Suarez!! He is the best real footballer in the planet!

  • Mo4uappadoo

    I would love to see Suarez leave.Such a trouble maker.Along Caroll,Henderson,Downing and Adams should leave too.Please take Dalglish with you guys.Such a jerk

    • Maccalfc

      Are you a manc supporter? How can you says things like that about your own club!

      You need to check your colour lad… Support your club, don’t slate them!

    • Ggfd

      Ur not a liverpool fan Ynwa

    • W_emanual

      If you don’t support us when we lose or draw, don’t support us when we win, Shankly. We are comming back lad.

    • Louisowen

      u are a complete mong!!!!! keep ur bullshit ideas to urself.whopper!!!

    • Bordessaann

      are you a manc or an evertonian

  • lpool

    suarez must not leave…he is the best player for liverpool along SG…Players that need to leave are downing charlie adam..they contribute nothing to the team..with downing in the team it seems that liverpool are playing with 10 players instead of 11…we need to buy quality players like hazard javi martinez or cavani..then we can seriously compete with the best..if not liverpool will be an average club!!

  • Ashfah Hussain

    Chi Bai lu, we already joined the NATO (No Action Talk Only)

    • Louisowen

      maxi is the most underrated player in our squad and he should get more games and he also knows wer the goal is aswel and he only cost us about 1million.

    • Kankunz

      wow, this is a public forum for people with brain.
      i know what chi bai means and i think you are one.
      please mind your language and watch much of self improvement program.

  • lpool

    Suarez will play well with cavani..

  • felix amankwah philip

    why must we let suarez go is vargas better than him suaraz is now the best payers in the world without suarez there will know liverpool this season