Video: LFC 1-1 Villa – Suarez rescues points but leaves Reds 4pts from 8 games

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Liverpool 1-1 Aston Villa
Saturday, 7th April 2012
Premier League

Relegation candidates Aston Villa were the latest side to inflict misery on Liverpool with Luis Suarez‘s late goal rescuing a point for the Reds.

It means Kenny Dalglish‘s men have collected just 4 points from their last eight games, dropping 20 points in total.

The result sees yet another team in the relegation dogfight cause the Reds problems, after recent defeats to Wigan and QPR in recent weeks.

With Pepe Reina suspended following his red card against Newcastle last Sunday, Brazilian goalkeeper Alexander Doni made his debut in goal.

Dirk Kuyt was preferred to Andy Carroll to partner Luis Suarez up front, whilst Jonjo Shelvey, Jordan Henderson and Stewart Downing made up the midfield alongside Steven Gerrard.

Anfield observed a minute’s thought before the game in tribute of the 96 Liverpool fans that lost their lives in the Hillsborough Disaster of 1989. Both sides wore black armbands.

It was a dismal start for newcomer Doni, who mistimed coming to collect a cross which eventually allowed Villa to fire home the game’s opener. Chris Herd firing through a crowd of players from the edge of the area.

Though Liverpool attacked and kept possession well, it looked increasingly as the game went on that it would be one of those days.

Kuyt stretched for a ball at the death of the first half and somehow ballooned a shot at an open goal form a yard out way, way over. Suarez hit the post with a header that was then spooned away by Villa keeper Shay Given.

The second half saw the introduction of Craig Bellamy, Andy Carroll and a welcome return for Daniel Agger from injury – and eventually, nine minutes from time Liverpool had a stroke of luck.

Gerrard’s ball in to the back post was knocked back across goal strongly by Agger and Suarez was on hand head home right in front of goal for his eighth goal of the season.

Liverpool’s performance was then boosted by the equaliser and this was followed by a flurry of action towards the Aston Villa goal in the final ten minutes.

Steven Gerrard‘s late drive from inside the area was finely saved by Given, before Agger went close when the ball ricocheted around the Villa penalty area.

The Kop watched as the clock ticked down as a total of 19 shots from Liverpool went wayward. Groans and frustrations mounted from the home support.

The result will move Liverpool up to eighth in the Premier League table, after dropping to ninth earlier in the day when Sunderland drew 0-0 at home to Tottenham.

It will be looked at as another very disappointing result for Liverpool, despite an open and positive performance from both sides.

Next up for Liverpool is Blackburn Rovers away on April 10th, before their FA Cup Semi-Final against Everton at Wembley on April 14th.

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  • Corbett’s Britain

    ‘The result will move Liverpool up to eighth in the Premier League table, after dropping to ninth earlier in the day when Sunderland drew 0-0 at home to Tottenham.’

    No way will we be able to keep hold of our best players next season so another season rebuilding is it?

    • Karl a NorCal Red

      Was it only me, or did it seem like there was a lack of urgency by ALL the players when it came to closing down defensively. And once again, the final passes into the attacking 1/3 of the pitch was very poor. Skrtel was my man of the match.

    • saraceninc

      Why rebuild when we have a great squad according to Kenny? I think all the funs must live in a different reality to Kenny

  • kunta

    where was Raheem today?

  • JulHI

    The last game “the boys were tired”.  Now d boyz are Overslept the whole week.
    KD turn the club to Liverfall FC!

  • Martin Badger

    Perhaps this fine result will stop critics screaming for KD’s head. Honestly, some people are never satisfied.

    • Corbett’s Britain

      Satisfied? Are you kidding? We were only 5 minutes away from another defeat and we are 8th in the league.

      No wonder fans are not happy.

      • Bkp

        Liverpool is the best teamin the world

    • saraceninc

      This is the man that understands Kenny’s reality, glad someone out there does, because millions don’t.

    • Tim Jones

      ‘Perhaps this fine result will stop critics screaming for KD’s head. Honestly, some people are never satisfied.’

      I take it that’s a joke as a 1-1 home draw against the weakest Villa side in living memory is a horrendous result

  • kunta

    and bellamy on the bench again i really wish we could give the good youngsters a chance in the run up to the end of the season we maybe surprised

  • north

    Where is Maxi – Coates?? Doesn’t the scot understand the eugenics relative to football is an advantage = latin blood. What in the lord’s name is h missing?? This is awful result.

  • saraceninc

    Hooooorah, a point at last against a relegation team at home, well done kenny and all the lads, now we can start our season again. It would be all funny of it weren’t so pathetic. We still play all the teams below us, so watch this space. So long as we have the new boys we have nothing to fear about going up!!!

  • JJ

    Enough cult of personality! KD did great things for LFC in a different era. He belongs to the past. It’s great time the owner step out sack KD and his lousy front office (including Mr. Comolli who BWT if he’s great Spurs’d have kept him.) LFC need a proven manager and front office who understand modern football and recognize talent.

  • Walriley

    Regarding the performance by Doni. How was that ‘dismal’? At least he came out to try and collect the cross, and when the goal came he wasn’t out of position. I just don’t think any keeper could have stopped it.

    • Corbett’s Britain

      Agreed, it was a great shot and most keepers would not of saved it.

  • Xabi

    i don’t have words to say of our luck this season particulary 2012 but we shouldn’t forget we are underperformed in league this season in every department…As a fan we need to kep faith in our team&management therefor i still believe we could make champions league next season but certainly we need some top notch additions in the form of A STRIKER,QUALITY WINGER & RAISING ATTACKING MIDFIELDER to convert our chances into goals as well as unfortunate in fortunate…biggest problem is, how could we going to attract top players this season with our league performernce??will any quality player trust us for next term CL spot???winning carling cup plus may be fa cup will lead to top signings??? anyhow i would like to see we are winning rest of ourmatches this season to give some indication about how we are made of & we are always legends…die hard fan from SRI LANKA still waiting to watch liverpool’s CHAMPIONS LEAGUE matches live since start to watch football…will it happen before my death???

    • Tim Jones

      ‘As a fan we need to kep faith in our team&management therefor i still believe we could make champions league next season’

      How can anyone keep faith with a manager as utterly devoid of reality as Daglish and a director of football who has no equal when it comes to ruining clubs

      If Daglish had the decency to actually stand up and admit that 4pts from 24 is nowhere near good enough, and actually came out and admited that he’s been let down by players that he thought would strengthen the club who haven’t – Carroll, Henderson, Downing and Adam – then one could at least make a case for saying he deserves a little more time

      But his excuses, which are more outright lies, completely discredit the work he’s done and show to be a tactical dinasour who hasn’t got the slighrswt idea about what makes a good player

      We will never progress until these two are shown the door – and that needs to happen sooner rather than later so the immense damage they have collectively brought to our club at least has a chance of being repaired

      • RobbieisGod

        you obviously have no idea how Liverpool work as a club. Our Managers do not reveal any tensions between themselves and the players to the press. Everything is kept in house and dealt with internally. Kenny’s not going to start shouting his mouth off about individual players just to keep internet, media type fans like you happy !!!!!

        • Tonitlc10

          Then perhaps he should as the main core of fans think his inept understanding of modern day football by constantly changing formations and team selection in the reason why the team cannot play in consistent manner. He may not have to name and shame, but ge at least has to say that LFC should not tolerate such lack of application and passion and admonish his buys because they have not performed so far. Adulation can soon turn to ridicule, Kenny had better start talking straight instead of patronising the fans

          • RobbieisGod

            He doesn’t HAVE to do anything, to keep a bunch of moaners, on internet forums, happy. “main core of fans” ???? I disagree – it’s just that those who shout loadest, are heard, and unfortunatly, people who know nothing about our club, are let loose on internet forums like this, to spout their garbage !!!!

            Do all these people who keep saying that Dagleish doesn’t know what he’s talking about, actually believe that what he say’s on camera, is what he say’s in the changing room, or the board room?

            Half of what is said on these forums………if the people who type it, had the balls to go to Anfield, or some of the pubs around the ground, and come out with the same insulting drivel, they’d find themselves in trouble, with most of the locals !!!!!!

            I wish you’d all just let him get on with his job.

    • saraceninc

      Why do we need another striker and winger, we already paid £35 mil for the world’s best striker and £22 mil for the Ronlado look alike in Downing. We have the fill kit, its just the post keeps getting in the way, otherwise we would be up there in the Champions league!!!! Next season, or the one aft, or the one ….. 

  • Masaryk Peter

    Sack this clown also with Comolli for the good of LFC.

  • Nabs_170


    • RobbieisGod

      do you think it’s clever to be so disrespectful?

  • Nabs_170