Leaked: Brendan Rodgers’ Swansea tactics against Liverpool


This is interesting, leaked images from Brendan Rodgers‘ last game in charge at Swansea – against Liverpool.

The Northern Irishman became the Reds’ new boss less than a month after the fixture.

The images show how the Swans planned for certain set pieces during the game – using a partly zonal system when defending corners and opting to man-mark Andy Carroll.

Gylfi Sigurdsson – who is widely expected to join Rodgers at Liverpool – was a key part in the set-pieces.

Source for the images is Planet Swans Forum.

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  • platetaxi

    that very precise

  • Jose Enrique’s Bicep

    I see Brendan’s been playing Football Manager recently

  • pistoleroooooo

    Brendan will make us to the top again!

  • henryezra

    very detail! that’s encouraging for sure!

  • Lukas

    Better than hodgys that were leaked when he was boss.

    • Jay Wright

      What were they? Midfielders and defenders stand in front of our penalty box. Kick the ball as far away from our box as you can. Strikers run after the ball and shoot when you can. Everybody else prepare for another onslaught. The opposition are fearsome etc

  • Intelligent Fan

    Is there such a thing as over complication? Paralysis by analysis is how the saying goes I think. You have to remember players generally aren’t very intelligent so if you over complciate them with this sort of stuff it’ll go in one ear and straight out of the other!
    Let’s hope the LFC players are going to be paying attention eh!

    • robbieisgod

      Said like a true expert, someone with years of experience of dealing with pro footballers……….You are laughable……….get a grip of yourself

      • Intelligent fan

        Robbie – Again like most other people on this board you need to add DETAIL to your feedback. Calling me “laughable” without any substance is pathetic. I wonder why these confusing tactics didn’t work for Reading when Rodgers got the BOOT?

        • Sweeting

          If you find these complicated then maybe you shouldn’t be making judgements on other’s intelligence. These are extremely simple instructions.

          • John

            agreed. i bet the guy just looked at them saw a load of numbers and bricked himself. once you pause and pay attention its pretty simple.
            also dont forget it will mainly be the coaches that use these. they will then direct the players on a 1-2-1 basis, so for example each player will just get a “when Gylfi lowers his hand, run to the back post”, or a “when X runs to the near post, try to block his marker”.. hardly difficult to understand.

          • YesLad

            That’s right, and the captain probably memorises this so that he can organise players when he needs to. I’d also think all players were asked to learn as much of this as they can, but not all of it off by heart…might confuse one or two of the less intelligent players who pop up now and then >.<

            If this -is- real, it looks well thought out. Hopefully Rodgers' training sessions feature 'panic' instructions…you know, to calm players down and improve their composure.

          • Intelligent Fan

            Can you imagine someone with the intelligence of Jay Spearing being presented with that? He’d just stare at it and think “wot the hell is that”. Rodgers would have to then re-explain it to him in simple terms as it would be too much to take in for the poor wee man.

          • http://www.facebook.com/mark.l.shoemaker Mark Luminoso Shoemaker

            do you personally know spearing or is that your assumption of him….?

          • Intelligent Fan

            I don’t find them complicated at all – but it is a long drawn out way of explaining something very simple. Footballers with a low IQ will struggle with it – just like how you struggle to understand my point!

        • Funcrusher

          There’s nothing complicated or confusing about these tactics at all. Every manager in the league will give similar instructions to their team. Believe it or not, Premier League managers don’t just send their players onto the pitch and expect them to organise themselves.

        • karl

          You should perhaps wonder why your Lord KK (who you will never see fault in) didn’t recognise or adapt to play Swansea seeing as there had already been enough praise and season long evidence of the style and play of Swansea. For the record having spent weeks infuriated by some of your comments and interested in others I feel if you reduced your obvious antipathy towards anything that hints at a positive future your intelligent comments would be spotted through the fog. Aslo and just to state my position on KD he was Lord and legend but when he was given the contract I believed it could only serve to tarnish a glowing history. Like Pele,Eusabio, Beckenbauer etc before him he came and triumphed but the game he returned to had moved on.

          • Intelligent Fan

            Karl – I wonder if KK needed all of these big colourful charts when he was delivering BIG trophies like league titles, FA cups and League cups?
            The fact you are infuriated by my comments is both laughable and also a sure fire sign you don’t have too much upstairs. My comments are always insightful and intelligent – what do you bring to the table? If you were intelligent you will have seen that I have PRAISED Rodgers but no doubt you missed that?
            THe fact you wrap up your drivel with “the game had moved on” sums up the sort of person you are. Repeating the tripe spouted in the press without thinking for yourself. ow did KD mastermind a cup win and beat the best teams in the league if the “game had moved on” exactly?

      • Gazza

        Ffs mate, chill out. Its only a response to an internet article. No need to call the guy laughable.

        Maybe you are the one who needs to get a grip.

      • Sanjay

        I agree with Intelligent Fan… I have been reading your comments over the last few days & I am not sure why folks just keep blaming him or opposing him… This is a discussion board and critics are definitely welcome. Unless there is positive criticism, nothing can improve… And to answer your Q, Intelligent Fan, I understand it looks very “complex” – but maybe this is a system established already during practice… and players exactly know what BR is talking about… It may be a routine set piece formation for the players from practice.

  • liam

    not that hard to follow, its just learning as with any other job.

  • Viewpoint_X

    ‘leaked’!!! Leaked by who!? Any fool could draw that up. So the word ‘leaked’ now means fact. What an utter load of desperate crap!!

  • Grubby

    Evidently, Swansea got to where they are because they were well organised. Having said that, KD was by no means a lesser tactician than the other PL managers, it’s just that some of his signings left a bit more to be desired. They ultimately cost him his job.