Rumour: James Rodriguez wanted by Liverpool

JAMES DAVID RODRIGUEZLiverpool are hoping to challenge Man United for Porto’s highly rated winger James Rodriguez.

The 20 year old Columbian is lauded as the ‘next Cristiano Ronaldo’ and considered one of the best young attacking talents in Europe.

Reliable Dutch newspaper Elf Voetbal report Liverpool have placed a €28m bid – outbidding Man United who are said to have offered €25m.

Last summer saw Liverpool lose out to United in their quest to sign Phil Jones from Blackburn and Ashley Young from Aston Villa. They are now seemingly looking to do the same to their rivals with Rodriguez, while United are also interested in Glyfi Sigurdsson.

Rodriguez scored an impressive 13 goals from 20 League appearances last season.

The player’s agent, Silvio Sandri is quoted by the Manchester Evening News explaining the situation as “complex”. He said: “Really there does not exist any big news about this, but it is a subject we need to analyse. “In a couple of weeks I will fly to Portugal and I expect to have a meeting with the Porto directors to discuss the situation. I cannot offer more details because it is a very complex subject.”

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  • Yoda

    How many wingers do unit want anyway? Unless they’re getting rid ion Nani.

    • Viewpoint_X

      They would want to get rid cause he is sh*t.

  • Nige

    Now you’re talking. That’s the type of quality players we need . Really hope this could happen!

  • JO

    They actually say nothing of the sort, I speak Dutch, it claims LFC are interested and may have to bid over 28 million to sign him.

  • Cai

    Since we have such limited funds this transfer window it seems highly unlikely we will make an offer for this guy if we have to pay that much.

    • curtis jones

      where did you get the idea from that we have ‘such limited funds’ we have what we need.

  • Mythras07

    Hasn’t he just signed a new 5 year contract with Porto? Why would he sign that contract if he was looking to move? More transfer BS from the media. The quotes from his agent are probably before he signed the contract as whenever a player is linked to a team in the media he’s usually negotiating a new contract :-)

  • Yo

    Mam nadzieje ze to nie zwykla plota…

  • redballs

    rumours thats all when are we going to buy someone all i here is rumours

  • Butragenio

    whoever believes these stories is a dreamer. Liverpool have around 30m in transfer funds and will not be spending all on one player… also ManUre, Saudis and Chelksi will out muscle us for players. So we’re gonna have to be schrewd and buy these type of players when they still cost around 5m and have still not become emerging stars.

    • Phil

      You will be screwed if you cannot spell ‘shrewd’.

  • Grubby

    “I cannot offer more details because it is a very complex subject.” Dear, oh dear! I’m sure it’s a bit more simpler than, say rocket science?

  • imoff

    No way will he be coming to LFC if Man U are interested and will be costing more if he does come , why not Vaclav Pilar the Czech Rep winger , he was fantastic at the EURO’s

    • Viewpoint_X

      Pilar plays in the center. We have enough bloody players out of position!

  • Intelligent Fan

    This report is nonsense – the transfer won’t happen. When are LFC actually going to sign a player though as the clock is ticking and pre-season starts verys soon…

  • Harish

    This lad is a Prodigy!
    He should sign for us! He, Suso & Sterling…a Force to reckon I tell you!