LFC Scout Report: Christian Eriksen

We continue our look at players linked with Liverpool. Last time out we profiled Vitesse striker Wilfried Bony. Here Ajax attacking midfielder Christian Eriksen is under the spotlight.

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Christian Eriksen, born 14 February 1992, 5 foot 9 inches of Danish magic. Many readers will be well aware of the player and even casual fans should be aware of the name. Eriksen is the baby faced mega star of the current Danish National side and Ajax Amsterdam, and is generally recognised as one of the true world class talents in his age group.

But why should we be interested? At Liverpool we currently have a great selection of centre mids with Gerrard, Sahin, Allen and Lucas all being ‘world class’ and great younger players such as Henderson, Shelvey and Suso all deserving chances to play in our midfield. Well the answer as to why we should take a look at Eriksen is down to a current craze in football termed the “false 9”.

The false 9 as it is called probably isn’t really all that new in football but it is a formation that is starting to become very popular due to its effectiveness right now. There are several ways to implement a false 9 formation but one version that recently worked very well against us was used by Swansea to great effect with Michu and De Guzman, this version the false 9 plays as a supporting striker floating and roaming whilst the attacking midfielder pushes up into the box and has a remit for being a goal threat.

The reason we should want Eriksen is because we currently have perhaps the best false 9 in the game after Messi – Luis Suarez! Suarez is playing central for us this season and is doing rather well there! What we have an issue with is the attacking midfield role. Gerrard should be perfect for the role however in recent seasons Gerrard seems to be dropping deeper and developing into the next Alonso instead of playing in the way that made him famous. Shelvey and Suso could play the role but are young players just breaking through and are maybe not quite ready for such a spotlight. Suso started in the role against Wigan but was withdrawn after just 36 minutes.

Eriksen is a young player too however he has already had the spotlight on him for quite some time for club and country. Earlier on in his youthful and so far quite short career Eriksen was seen more as a deeper playmaker in the Sahin or Modric style role however this season Eriksen has become more attacking. He now quite competently fulfills either the attacking midfield or the false 9 role for Ajax in most games.

Eriksen has so far this season scored 5 goals and made 8 assists in 16 games. The idea of combining him and Suarez could be a winner. He could even play in place of Suarez as the false 9 with maybe Shelvey in attacking midfield if need be which gives us depth and options, something we are currently short of.

Will we be after Eriksen though? It is a valid question and one I don’t pretend to know the answer too, all I do know is that Rodgers was in charge of the youth team when Eriksen had two successful trials at Chelsea but chose senior football at Ajax instead of youth football at Chelsea. We also have his old club team mate in Suarez and his national captain in Agger so he should be able to settle fairly quickly. Eriksen seems to be a reasonably safe bet as being a player up for sale and Ajax seem quite open to the idea of losing their star. The price may well be quite steep though as he may cost between £15-20 million. However if there was ever a signing that matches FSG’s recruitment policy it is definitely Eriksen.

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  • Voland

    In my view, bringing Eriksen to Liverpool should trump even the all important quest for a striker to add depth and quality to our attacking play

    • Viewpoint_X

      He’s a player I actually haven’t seen that much of strangely enough. Is he really that good?

      • Chaki46

        He is.. It would be a major coup if Liverpool can sign him..

  • http://www.facebook.com/rasmus.thiesen.9 Rasmus Thiesen

    Im a dane, and yes he is so good, he has a amazing football intelligence and first touch. He could be the man who can find the anwsers and the final foot in goals. He is not afraid to figth for his team just a play in the spirit of LFC. Bringing him to anfield and he will walk rigth in to our hearts

  • olliethekopite

    looks good

  • Redblooded Male

    Ericksen is on too many other big clubs radars for us to be in contention. However his teammate Siem De Jong who has put 3 past City in CL would be a less high profile but equally worthy addition to our squad.

  • Hadi

    That’s what lfc an Suarez need eriksen an cavani an Walcott pleas get them 3 good players

  • Darryl W

    He was man of the match when Denmark lost to England in a friendly, that says alot about him straight away, if he plays really well against us then he should fit into the EPL very quickly, we need another player who can consistently unlock defences and I’m sure he’s the type of player to do just that.

  • Butragenio

    Eriksen could probably become the best since we got Suarez 3 seasons ago. Since then we have squandered millions upon millions on one season british wonders. Go for the obvious talent – get Eriksen. It wont be easy with a multitude of clubs all fighting for him. Let us see how resolute Henry is when it comes to building a team of quality youngsters!

  • Madrileno

    Seen him in Holland League games.. oddly having the same birthday as Kevin Keegan, this guy could be a prime target, he’s excellent.

  • Ianmcd31

    Not a chance me thinks, why on earth would he move to liverpool from ajax in their current position. He has all the top clubs eyeing him, we couldnt even compete with spurs in the summer transfer window. We have a few years of progression before we can attract this type of young high profile player. Wouldnt it be good though…..

  • Hadi

    Welcome to lfc ynw

  • evan

    You have to remember him a Suarez were teamates for several years and we we have his nations captain agger. If we got the cash he’d go Lfc

  • naylor

    would be the best since xabi alonso

  • Gabe B

    We should go all in for this lad. He really is a prodigy.

  • Eriksen manager.

    Reading stories like this it feels like his real manager is writing them. And also commenting them. Sure Eriksen can play but he is not a very effective player. Most fans from Ajax are disappointed in his development. Just look for yourself at dutch Ajax fora.

  • Gabe B

    I know that he is the type of player that could help us transform our playing style. He’s intelligent, creative, hard working & knows very well the style Rodgers likes to play. Rodgers has tracked him at past clubs & was the youth coach at Chelsea when Eriksen had a trial there. He’s only 21, has a high potential ceiling & will probably be world class in 5-6 years. If you ask me Eriksen checks all the boxes. I suspect If we can get a decent price from Ajax for him in the summer then we might move for him.

  • Mike

    Sahin isn’t with the club anymore.

    • http://www.thisisanfield.com This Is Anfield

      “By This Is Anfield on November 20, 2012″