Coutinho Anfield bound – Reports

Brazilian midfielder Philippe Coutinho will become Brendan Rodgers‘ second signing of the January transfer window, according to The Liverpool Echo.

Philippe Coutinho (Maxisport /
Philippe Coutinho (Maxisport /

The 20 year old is a versatile, two footed, player capable of playing in any of the attacking positions.

Coutinho arrived at Inter shortly after Rafa Benitez joined the club, in a pre-agreed deal, from Brazilian side Vasco de Gama. Several articles claim that Benitez and/or President Massimo Moratti hailed him as “the future of Inter” at the time.

The attacking midfielder spent the second half of last season on loan to Spanish side Espanyol. It was a highly successful spell and he scored six goals in 16 appearances.

Coutinho made his international debut for Brazil in October 2010, shortly after his move to Inter. But hasn’t featured since.

Liverpool attempted to sign Coutinho on loan last summer and had previously enquired about him in 2011.

Coutinho’s arrival is likely to allow Spanish midfielder Suso to leave on loan to gain more playing time.

Liverpool are also being linked with a move for Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa following reports that Pepe Reina is wanted by Barcelona.

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  • Jed

    Why does this allow Suso to go on load, imo the lad is just as good and as experienced as Couthino, strange behavior from the club if you ask me?

    • Tommy

      Coutinho is way better than Suso, at this point.

    • eskimo

      i haven’t seen coutinho play alot of late so i can’t judge him but in my opinion it would be a good idea to let suso get some first team football for the rest of the campaign and then see where we are in the summer

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  • Kirk Dale

    Lets just hope he’s better our other Brazilian , well he has to be . Who is’nt ?

    • Pete

      Lucas is one of our best players…

    • harky

      What a load of shite, Lucas is a great player for us. You watching the same team mate?

      • 9jaRed

        He’s referring to Doni!

        • Kirk Dale

          I’m not . How is Lucas one of our best players ? His blistering pace , his eye for goal , his five yard passes , his clumsy challenges , never seen him get booked for a ” decent ” foul it’s always some clumsy awkward unnecessary challenge . He’s a liability and he keeps a proper footballer out of the side when he’s selected losing 2 nil to united while he was on ” our back four protector ” he goes off we have a proper go at them losing 2 1 to west ham while he was on “our DM ” he goes off we win 3 2 . Got to 2 cup finals last year while he was out ” our enforcer ” coincidence like f@@k coincidence .

          • Joseph Collins

            you need to update your arguments. this isnt 2009 anymore, nobody, and i mean nobody complains about Lucas. the angry supporters are on a- “BR has a midtable mentality, FSG are cowboys, King Kenny was robbed of his Autumnal years by the Yanks”- type huffing now.

            get with the program.

            Lucas is awesome, and the beating heart of this team. hes a red through and through. something you, obviously, are not.

          • Kirk Dale

            Lucas is awesome ? At what ? The mind boggles

          • Joseph Collins

            at playing football. Defensive Midfielder for LFC. i dont understand your issue. who wold you rather see back there, Mascherano? not going to happen.

          • JulHI

            All we need a better player than Lucas. Let BR & the scouting team do their job!

          • junior galtieri

            I was one of Lucas harsgest critics during the 1008-09 campaign but he’s clearly upped his game considerably since then, and it’s no surprise that over the last couple of years the tram had got MUCH better result when he’s been in the starting 11

            I probaly would prefer Mascherano to be honest, if it was a straight chouce between them, but that clkearly won’t happen

            Funny that I haven’t heard anything about Courtinho coming to Liverpool anywhere else and This Is Anfield do have a track record of getting it wrong wjen it comes to transfer news

          • Adam

            Jay Spearing played in his position last year.are you saying our currently on loan at Bolton star is better than his Brazilian counterpart?

            Have you forgotten he was player of the year? Who does he keep out? Nobody else plays CDM. Give him a chance to regain some form,or naff off.

          • RoadEndRichie

            He made the most successful tackles in the top 5 leagues in Europe the last full season he had. Since he’s returned from injury Gerrard has improved massively. When do you see Busquets, Sandro or any other holding midfielders score every other week? Or have blistering pace? His job is to break up play and move it on to the more creative mids, something he does extremely well

          • Kirk Dale

            Stats aye ? You can make a silk purse out of a sows ear , but you’ll need more than stats to make a player out of our no. 21 . Glad to see there’s a few agreeing with me cos I know I’m right . Oh and Joseph is that short for Joke Collins ” get with the program ” and ” autumnal years ” nice . Dont anyone reply cos anyone with half a brain knows I’m right and the rest of you are just getting on my nerves , you can’t educate pork as the saying goes .

          • truth

            you are a cock pure and simple mate

          • JulHI

            Kirk – 101% agree with ur comment.

    • Liam Kerin

      What team have you been watching? Lucas is one of our most important players.

  • Javier

    On Guillermo Ochoa, I’m Mexican so i have seen him play for a long time. I think he can be a great keeper for us but he needs to work a lot on his feet. The only thing that really bugs me about him is that he struggles a lot on corners and free kicks where he has to come out of the six-yard box to intercept crosses, he gets nervous and tends to make a mess out of them. Other than that he’s class.

  • Redblooded Male

    Lucas & Gerrard behind Ince, Coutinho & Suarez, behind Sturridge, heavily resembles the Chelsea setup. This lineup (Ince permitting) will transform our fortunes between now & the end of the season. Hope we throw Coutinho straight in vs Oldham so he can open his account, & Sturridge so he breaks Ray Kennedy’s 3 in first 3 record.

  • Bowz

    Reports in AUS this morning that Liverpool have been scouting Marcos Rojas for 2 weeks (and again this weekend). A right winger with many similarities to Sterling, hugs the touchline and cuts back inside- a better finisher in my opinion. He currently leads the Alex Tobin points tally for the A-League with 10 goals and 5 assists in 15 games. A kiwi international (won’t hold that against him) and would cost a max of 500K.

    • marctick

      As an Australian resident, let me tell you, the quality of football here is very poor so take all stats with a couple of pinches of salt.

  • JulHI

    Hope Coutinho deal is on!

    How about a young Chinese striker ‘Zizao’ playing at Corinthians! He got talent and speed!
    This will bring good impact to the club in the long run…..

  • Darryl W

    I’ve just read on another site that he wants to stay and fight for his place at Inter, although if they’re serious about letting him go then they should tell him now, sell him and buy a replacement, I’d love to him him on board in this window, Daniel Sturridge has fitted in straight away and showed that we needed more attacking options.

    We’re already a much better side now than we were a month ago another couple of attacking players would enable us to rotate a bit and rest players like Suarez and Gerrard from time to time in order to keep them fresh.

  • old-sea-dog-gerry

    I’m afraid Lucas isn’t great. No strength, like most of our team and his all round game is poor. I will admit that on occasions he finds a superb pass – like the one that put Stevie G through away at Newcastle a year or two back and the one that Sturridge dummied to allow Luis to score. I’d keep him though because he’s mates with Luis Suarez. Oh yeah I would love to have Mascherano back.