Video: Liverpool sink at Southampton

Southampton 1-3 Liverpool
Saturday, 16th March 2013
St Mary’s Stadium
Premier League

Liverpool run of goal explosive form was brought to an end on Saturday afternoon as Southampton did wonders for their Premier League survival, inflicting a 3-1 defeat on Brendan Rodgers‘ men.

It was a game of little positives for the Reds.

Martin Skrtel looked lost on his comeback to the Liverpool defence. Luis Suarez had a frustrating afternoon being kept out of the game by a strong Saints defence and uncreative Liverpool midfield. Brad Jones again filled in for Pepe Reina, who is out injured.

Liverpool’s only goal came minutes before half time when Philippe Coutinho slotted home a lose ball from close range.

The result, along with Everton victory earlier in the day against Manchester City, sees the Reds slip back down to seventh in the league. Arsenal also won to create a gap between the top 6 and Liverpool.

Video highlights from a Daily Motion user.

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  • artigas

    thanks to br lp lost the guy is an idiot

  • Eskimo

    I don’t know how bad allen has to play for henderson to get a start… I just feel sorry for joe because he was clearly out of his depth

  • JulHI

    BR – u stupid blind & moron manager! How could you still keep this 15mil sluggish players!

  • Vimal

    BR has to go if LFC do not make the TOP 4

    Please bring back Benitez

    What is Allen doing on the Pitch !!!
    BR did him & swans a favour by buying him for 15m and he can do Liverpool a Favour if by keeping him away from the pitch.

  • Bry Gee

    oi some joker put up the wrong score at the top of the page here

    Video: Liverpool sink at Southampton

    By This Is Anfield on March 16, 2013

    Southampton 1-3 Liverpool

  • hooks

    Absolute disgraceful performance. Not the first time BR picked wrong team to start to slow to make changes I think liverpool job is above him. Joe allen is the greatest waste of 15 million. Saying he is injured its his shoulder how does this effect his feet. Need two central defenders for next season a quality holding midfielder and another striker or will be stuck mid table again. Hope martin kelly is fit next season because glen johnston can not defend.

  • Butragenio

    Everytime brenda opens his mouth something stupid comes out! “Be careful what you wish for”… I think he was refering this to the small pocket of fans that still believe in his project. Count my words, we w ill be in the same predicament next year, sack him by Christmas 2014, but by then we would have wasted 2 years!!!!!

  • Marctick

    There’s been a lot of Rodgers-bashing since the Saints game, and, frankly, a fair amount before it, but, really, what does he expect when he sends the team out to play a clearly flawed system that leaves us decidedly lightweight in midfield. When he’s not jam-packing it with so many players there’s no effective ball movement, he’s doing what he did on Saturday, which is to leave gaping holes so vast you could drive a couple of freight trains through it.

    Saints tore us apart and that is shameful!

    Rodgers needs to have his position reviewed and understudy someone with more nouse.

  • Marctickmarcustickner

    Damn, we won 3 – 1. I thought we lost. Thank god for that because the team that conceded three goals was terrible.

  • Ianmc31

    Brad jones looked like our man of the match, he made some great saves and kept us in the game inspite of our midfield and defence


    Look, as I have commented before, this is Brendan Rogers’ first season at LFC, give him at least another 2 seasons then if no pregress into top 4 or title then he must leave. We all know the team has been inconsistent this season, it is hard but we must be patient. The modern game is a very tough animal, if you saw Barca last week they are the bench march for everyone, I am being postive and think things will improve, this season is a testing ground, when season is over, squad does need an overhaul. The defence needs a lot of work as we can score ok but leak too many soft goals. Give Br time.


    We will not make the top 4 this season, ok we beat Spurs last week the loose to Saints, which is poor. Tactitically things were wrong yesteday but keep positive, we are an ok side not a great side,

  • junior galtieri

    BR has to take the blame for this one
    The exclusion of our only decent holding midfielder – Lucas – from the starting 11 was unforgivable and the damage had already been done when he was introduced, with Southampton unfortunate not to be more than 2-1 up

    The two players he brought back into the team – Skrtel and Allen – had absolute stinkers
    After BR’s bold pronouncements I can’t help thinking that we had this defeat coming. Whenever BR has started talking the team up this season our next result has a habit of bringing us down to earth
    With top 4 now all but gone, and having been knocked out by inferior opposition in the two domestic cups and the Europa Cup, it seems fair to conclude that despite looking good – in fsact very good – as an attacking force at times – which is something we can build on – it’s been another bitterly disappointing season

  • Rederik

    B. R needs to be given the funding to build the team up there’s no one of any quality to stand in when our first eleven don,t perform the teams lack of depth has put us out of every competition this season , even if we did qualify for the Champions League how can any team compete with out at least 20 top class players we struggle to find eleven,

    Major investment is needed or resign yourselves to making up the numbers, yes the truth hurts but the fact screams out we have to many players on the pay roll not any way near good enough for our great club..YNWA

  • Andy Panda. YNWA REDS

    There was FAR too Many HEADLESS CHICKEN’S WEARING BLACK yesterday so Let’s hope that BR get’s a grip of them so that WE Bounce right back on the Right Track. YNWA REDS