Steven Gerrard hails Liverpool’s “Champions League form”


Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard believes the club aren’t too far off challenging to be back in the Champions League.

Steven Gerrard, Liverpool Captain

The Reds finished the 2012/13 season in 7th place, some 12 points behind Arsenal, who took the fourth Champions League spot.

However, Gerrard believes a shrewd summer in the transfer market, as well as the continuing progress of existing players at the club will bring about success for Brendan Rodgers men.

He is quoted in the Metro as saying, “Since January this team has shown a better level of consistency.

“We’ve shown Champions League form and there is a lot of optimism and positives to take into next season.

“Our target at the beginning of the season was fourth (place) and we have not delivered that – as players we need to take responsibility for that.

“We finished seventh in the league so there certainly needs to be a bit done.”

The Reds look to be taking swift action in the transfer market this summer, with Manchester City defender Kolo Toure thought to be close to a free transfer move from Eastlands.

Gerrard added, “The preparation starts now for next year. I am sure the manager and staff are already preparing.

“All the other teams will strengthen and we can’t afford to be left behind.

“I am sure the manager is already thinking about where he needs to strengthen the squad to make up that gap so we compete with the top four.”


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  • Gray

    We have got to keep Phillipe Coutihno and Sturridge fit, and stop Luis from doing anything stupid and we will start climbing the table in no time! Its also imperitive that we have a strong pre season, so we have some momentum from the start. We have had poor pre seasons for the last 4 years and have suffered from it. Anyone who says it doesnt matter is kidding themselves.

    • The Fox

      Ere we go again top4 finish, you Micky mousers come out with the same old bollocks every year hohoho. You lot be lucky to break into the top 7. You ain’t a top club any more get over it an watch your old videos from the 70s n 80s. Brenda Rodgers Chelsea old boy an we love the job he’s doing up at Evertons old ground. Up the Chels.

      • Gray

        Awwww look what we have here! A Chavski fan! Whats the matter? Has Uncle Roman turned off all of the robot plastic flag wavers and you’ve got no mates to talk to? Why don’t you go and post something on the Combat 18 site? You can talk about having your passports revoked and which is the best for shaving your head. Better still why don’t you go and taunt some 9/11 families like your heroes Frank and JT did?

        • The Fox

          Free country my job seeking house breaking scouse friend. Nah I’m happy to stay an laugh at your same old bollocks about your top4 finish. You won FA again an last season we took the piss out of you at Wembley an won the cup. Go an norr you arm and watch your old videos from the 70s n 80s thats the last time you wer any good. See you later yer mugs. Up the Chels.

          • Gray

            Is that all you can write? must be hard trying to wave a plastic flag for 90 minutes in the London gulag. I bet your hands and arms are aching. Go get yer mummy to rub some cream on them sweetheart.

      • Chris

        Lad what u even doing on a LFC fan page,go and do something productive with your life instead of getting a hard on trolling LFC pages

        • The Fox

          Just wanna make sure you know we hold both euro cups in the same season mate. Just speeding the love that’s all. Double champions of Europe, we know who we are.

          • rafasared05

            Actually the European cup was handed. Bck to UEFA 2 weeks ago by lampard & no handshake racist Terry. So technically you dont hold both you Muppet.

      • King Aldo

        Enjoy it while you can you blue-nosed plastic waving moron. 20 years from now when Uncle Roman is gone and his heirs decide they want the £1bn “loan” at no interest to be repaid … where will Chelski be then … they will be gone, just like Rangers and playing the likes of Darlington County / Scunthorpe as “NEW Chelsea” … ha ha. Then we will see who’s laughing, so like I said, enjoy it while you can because the fall when it comes is gonna be spectacular. There are no free lunches, something you plastic fools haven’t learned yet but you will.

  • majeed

    gerrard when we will win english premier league?thats the issue you have to talk about and not qualifying for champions league.its 24 years now.again inexperience manager rogers wants reject kolo toure!!!!!!bring us director of football,the boss is confused.appoint dalgish soon.

    • Gray

      DOF? Kenny??!! So he can buy more overrated overpriced english shite?

  • iverhardy

    calm down evryone