Suarez: Liverpool should be fighting for Premier League

The latest quotes from Luis Suarez see him speak affectionately of Liverpool and how it disturbs him that the club aren’t in the Champions League and fighting for the Premier League title.

Luis Suarez

Suarez was speaking to Spanish newspaper El Pais ahead of Spain’s Confederations Cup match with Uruguay (11pm kick off tonight).

The 26 year old forward was asked about his bravery, which led to the question ‘Is that why you do not fear the possibility of playing for Real Madrid?’ Luis responded:

“I have never feared the pressure. But that does not mean anything, I am a Liverpool player.”

He is then asked ‘what can a player like you give a team like Madrid?’:

“I give my soul every time I step on the pitch. I have done this with Uruguay, Ajax and Liverpool. I do not hold anything when I finish a game.”

El Pais ask, do you have an agreement with Real Madrid?

“No, I have a contract with Liverpool.”

Asked, would you like to?, Suarez replies:

“A player always aspires to the maximum and Madrid is always at the top of the goal of a football player. Any player would love to play for a great team like Madrid. But, do you know what it is like to play for Liverpool?”

The interviewer responds ‘Fernando Torres said that to understand you have to play at Anfield’:

“I get goosebumps only thinking about it. Only 4 years ago I use to pretend that I was a Liverpool player, on Playstation.

“Liverpool is one of the best clubs worldwide. We did not go to Champions League, and we did not fight for the Premier League, and this club belongs there. The club knows how much I have had to endure with the press. This is why you think out loud, that it may be time to change, but I have endured so much to be where I am today.

“I am not going to let a few critics take it away from me and abandon what I love. I think what this club represents and the honor that it is to play. The love my daughter has for the club.. she sings YNWA and feels it like her own.”

Suarez is later asked about his bite on Ivanovic. “I do not deny, I made mistakes” he admits. But says the media treatment “makes it difficult for me to play in England and the club knows and understands”.

Again, Suarez is using the media treatment as his get out clause. He again claims that Liverpool understand his desire to leave the club.

Real are reported to be interested in Suarez’s international team-mate Edinson Cavani, along with Tottenham’s Gareth Bale – neither of whom are showing such disrespect for their current club by constantly proclaiming their desires to join Real.

One thing is for sure, Real can’t sign all three of Bale, Suarez and Cavani. If they don’t sign Suarez, a certain someone is going to be crawling back to Anfield with his tale between his legs and egg on his face.

Would you accept Suarez back at Anfield after his public pursuit of a move to Madrid? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • liverpool4life565

    I agree, he needs to be quiet now until he back in Liverpool then speak to ayre,and BR.

    • Scott Brown

      But that’s the problem, isn’t it? He has always done this. Every time he goes to play for Uruguay he says all sorts of nonsense that brings negative ramifications upon the club. I love the fella but think he just hasn’t a clue like. I don’t think Real are going to go for him and and then he’s going to be in a sticky situation.

      • Gray

        Agree, although the window hasn’t officially opened yet Bale and Cavani are more in Real’s sights so far.Barcelona have bought Neymar. Bayern couldn’t meet the asking price, maybe PSG or Monaco can afford him.

  • mossga

    Anyone who accepted Gerrard back will have to accept Suarez unless they’re happy being a massive hypocrite.

    • Peader O’Murchu

      Except its nothing like the Gerrard situation. Gerrard made it clear in his book he didn’t want to leave. He didn’t, as soon as he left for international duty, immediately make overtures to Real Madrid after dragging our clubs name through the muck. I’d say the two are polar opposites to b honest. So I won’t fear hypocrisy.

      • mossga

        “His book” :-D

        Hypocrites…Two transfer requests in 2 years…he wanted out and bottled it, the whole of Liverpool knows it. Typical Gerrard FC fans.

        • Peader O’Murchu

          Do you even know the definition of hypocrisy? Even if what u say is true or what I say is true how can u compare the two? Suarez lost kenny his job an then bit someone. Gerrard nearly left but didn’t. Whether he decided not to leave or shat himself only Gerrard knows. Im scouse by the way and I dont think “the whole of Liverpool” agrees with ure assessment of Gerrard. The idea of being a hypocrite for not accepting Suarez back the same as Gerrard is rubbish because its 2 completely different situations.

          • mossga

            He openly flirted with Chelsea for months culminating in his “do you know who I am?” strop at the board and then publicly submitted a transfer request telling everyone he was off… just because you’ve rewritten history to paint him whiter than white doesn’t mean the rest of us have forgotten. Not to mention it was his second paddy tantrum after the one that resulted in us prostituting our wage structure to him and stripping Sami Hyppia of the captaincy just to keep his ego happy. Great player but a poor captain and someone who has made many mistakes and been forgiven (haven’t even mentioned him smacking that idiot in Southport the day we went top).

          • Peader O’Murchu

            I have by no means painted Gerrard whiter than white. I certainly see him in a lighter light than you. There are plenty of professional footballers who would argue ure point about him being a poor captain is extremely unfair. Champions league final ring a bell? And constant votes of confidence from carragher, daglish, and various other past legends. Whether or not what you say about his past transgressions are all the facts they’re still not as image damaging as the Suarez incidents. Which is my original point that I don’t think you can compare the two.

          • mossga

            Voted by accident there so I’d rather give you a thumbs up than down. Anyway, I remember the Champions League final very well where Gerrard was shocking in the first half as part of a poor team effort and great from half-time onwards as part of a brilliant team effort… he was one of a host of heroes in Istanbul, the leader of which was Didi Hamann. He’s a great, great player but not a good captain and certainly not in the league of leaders like Souness, Keane and Adams.

    • Rederik

      It beggars belief that 13 people could agree with such a dopey comment as the one you have wrote.

      • mossga

        Brilliant response that… you must wow people with your insight.

        • Peader O’Murchu

          And ure extremely opinionated, dismissive, allowing no room for debate amongst fellow fan’s and constant accusations of hypocrisy are better responses?

          • Rederik

            Very well said I think mossga is a scum bag supporter trying to stir things up, best policy is ignoring a dopey pillock like him

          • Peader O’Murchu

            Cheers fella.

          • mossga

            Again… brilliant.

    • Gray

      So for the last 8 years have you not been supporting Steven Gerrard?

      • mossga

        Course I have, he wears the crest… but I’ve never loved him like I do say Kenny and God, and I never will.

  • Razen

    If he stays, nobody will remember his ‘I want madrid antics’. By the time he returns from his ban, Liverpool would have taken centre stage with their form in their first 5 games (Hopefully a positive one).

  • Gano1

    He wants what we want but he needs to let the club buy the players to do it, then he can whinge if it’s not working. BR is buying quality players, quick with technical ability, surely that is a good thing. He needs to shut his trap until he gets back here, then he will be shown 3 years left on his £120,000 a week deal………………….I believe FSG will in no way sell him!!!

  • Psych

    It sounds to me like he knows his mistakes are the cause for all of this, and the stick he’s taking as a result is to much for he or his family to bare any longer. He “thinks” going to Madrid will be a fresh start.

    It would be a shame to lose him, but hopefully we let him go (if they actually want him) the huge sum of money received would go a long way for us, and he could try keeping his nose clean in a different venue…Win…Win…

  • Rederik

    It,s hard to lose a genius but Suarez has let himself down and embarrassed the club through his own failings, then he tries to blame everyone else for his own stupidity, yes I would let him go for the right price so long as he hands in his wish to leave in writing, I wouldn,t want him to get a penny more than he is entitled to.

  • DerBaumMann

    I don’t want him any more to be honest …

  • ajr37

    Suarez has NOT said that he wants to leave, show me a link to an interview where he has said so, and not a link to The Sun/News International who are deliberately misquoting Suarez, and being blindly repeated by this website.

    Now Suarez says that he wants to stay and it’s turned against him by the so called fan site. Hypocrites!

    “I am not going to let a few critics take it away from me and abandon what I love. I think what this club represents and the honor that it is to play. The love my daughter has for the club.. she sings YNWA and feels it like her own.”

  • Christian Larsen

    He’s digging his own grave when he constantly answers the questions journalists keep asking, if he’d been quiet after the first few PC’s he would’ve been cleared by now, but he keeps going at it and he gives “trained killers” the ammunition they need to drag both himself and LFC in the dirt. Journalists knows what questions to ask, they’re trained at it to get readers, responses and reactions. He needs to understand this and a real professional would know this. Or at least be made aware of the power of the media. Don’t blame the media for stepping into their traps, blame yourself for not learning from your mistakes. Stay or go, i don’t care anymore, he’s not what an LFC legend needs to be, but he’s an amazing footballer.

    • Scott Brown


  • magic2ouch

    For one moment can we not understand that here is a guy who knows no machiavelli, who shoots from the hip, who speaks as he plays – from the heart.

    How many times have his words been misconstrued. There isnt a player at anfield who wouldnt want to play for barcelona or real madrid? Every top player wants to win things – remember when gerrard thought about leaving?

    In more than 30 years of watching liverpool – i have never ever seen a player give so much to the game – especially in the current team when it is even harder to give your best as your surrounded by a lot mediocre players.

    He has on many occasions not done himself any favours but he we cannot ever discount the 10000% effort he gives our team.

    • Gray

      I dont think anybody is questioning his attitude to the cause and putting his body on the line for the shirt. People are upset, and rightly so at the reel of quotes coming back home from the media. You are a bit naive to think that every question Luis answers has been misinterpretated.

      Plus I dont get this, every player wants to play for Real or Barcelona. People seem to forget, though Liverpool is in a transitional period, it is still proudly one of the best clubs to represent, 5 times champions of Europe is no fluke and a worldwide fan base to boot, playing in the most exciting league to watch.

      • magic2ouch

        My only point was that like you say ” we are receiving quotes”. However when was the last time you saw a full interview?

        Many times he has simply said that he loves liverpool, its fans and appreciates the support, has a contract etc? But you never hear that bit – you get the snippet that Real madrid is one of the top teams etc So you add all these snippets about Madrid and make a whole negative story? The fact is that Suarez sells papers, brings traffic to websites etc. Now no one is going to get much of a story if they simply report that suarez loves liverpool?

        A particular gentleman is making a career out of going after suarez despite claiming to be a liverpool fan. Its simply poor journalism and capitalism combined.

        As human beings I am simply asking people not to form opinions based on translations of snippets given to spanish media – no one knows how many chains that information goes through before it reaches our eyes and ears – we would be extremely naive and fickle if we adored or deplored someone because of this.

        My appreciation for suarez is purely down to what he does for us on the pitch, and i reiterate i would challenge anyone to find a player that gave so much to a team, whether it was a losing or winning cause. I wont lambast him or form a negative opinion based on poor journalism.

      • Peter of Perth WA

        Let me put it simply so you do understand, many people are happy in their choice of employment, would many think their are better employers of course they would that is human nature, would they all move to someone they think is better, some would some would not that too is human nature. Why do the media commentators use spin to justify their existence, there seems to be several reasons they are in fear of becoming irrelevant, they are parasites who thrive on others misery, they think everyone is a liar like themselves or just like a proportion of the population they see a glass half empty instead of half full. If you want to remain happy in life ask which category they fall into and give these trolls a wide birth.

  • Scott Brown

    To be honest mate, I’d rather he learned a bit from the “rugby dullards” on how to keep his mouth shut every now and then. Every time he’s on international duty he shoots his mouth off and then gets upset when the media misquotes him. How many times does someone have to make the same mistake before they learn? You ever heard the saying, “Screw me once shame on you. Screw me twice, shame shame on me”? How about shafted me more times than I can remember?

    • Mikey G

      Suarez plays the way he is – open and without barriers. I don’t think it is appropriate to judge his performance in a press conference in the same way as a more straight forward player. His play has brought a lot of joy to the pitch. he is responding impulsively to a

      • Scott Brown

        I understand ya mate and that is why I think he just shouldn’t give press conferences full stop. Great footballer, great person but extremely naive. My whole point was that he needs to realise that if he can’t help himself but to say exactly what he thinks, he needs to not say anything at all, and if he does he needs to be able to deal with the way the press misconstrues it. I just know that if I were the favourite hot spot for those vipers, I’d keep my head down and stop drawing attention to myself. This has nothing to do with his playing mate. On the pitch he is a genius and a joy to watch, but he needs a PR manager to stop him from self destructing.

  • gorgepir

    Accept him back? He is venting his frustration with the British media to ears that will hear it. I would be delighted if/when he scores for us in the PL. With us missing out on Europe, he is only out of 4 PL games (2 CC games).
    Most of what he said has been twisted by the media and/or lost in translation anyway…

  • Joe Doherty

    if we are to challenge for 4th place, we need to hold on to suarez, i know he causes trouble ilke no other player, but he is up there as one of the top 5 strikers in the world. we wont be able to replace him with a top class player as we cant offer champions league football and cant guarantee that we will be challenging for the title.

  • chocolatechib

    Tom is obviously in denial. Well a player who bad mouths his own club doesn’t like his team. I would rather see him gone and the money used to buy younger players who are just as ambitious and can afford the time it will take Lliverpool to find the winning formula to challenge for major honors once again. That clearly won’t happen right away.

    • Tom Brown

      What part of my statement did you not understand?…he said she said they said we said… talk , interpretation, cynics, . Did Suarez tell you personally he didn’t want to play for us? Did you hear him ever bad mouth LFC?..You appear to me to be a fickle bigoted supporter, who if Suarez had not said one word in Brazil would think he was the best thing since sliced bread.