The problem with Luis – Brendan Rodgers breaks silence on Suarez situation

on 22 June, 2013

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has attempted to reassure fans that the club are “in control” of the developing story of Luis Suarez‘s future on Merseyside.

Luis Suarez

Suarez has been linked with big money move to Real Madrid this summer, and quotes from the Uruguayan international himself have suggested his time in England is up.

Just last week it was reported that Liverpool will make Suarez hand in a transfer request to force him into forfeiting a £1million loyalty bonus, should he want to leave.

But Rodgers says that he has been in contact with Suarez and sees the 26-year-old as an integral part of his squad’s immediate future.

Speaking to radio station talkSPORT on Saturday, Rodgers said, “I haven’t spoke to him, We’ve exchanged messages. For me it’s quite simple. The club is in control of the situation.

“We’re in a situation that we’ve got a player that we don’t want to lose and Suarez is important to the team we’re building.”

“The problem is with Luis, he says he loves Liverpool, the people and the city, but that doesn’t get reported much.”

The Sunday Mirror report that Liverpool are fearing Real Madrid will leave it late to launch their bid for Suarez, in order to get his price down. The saga could run for another two months yet.

Rodgers also took the interview opportunity to discuss the recent acquisitions of Luis Alberto, Kolo Toure and Iago Aspas.

He also spoke about the imminent signing of Sunderland goalkeeper Simon Mignolet as competition for first choice goalkeeper Pepe Reina.

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  1. We can,t lose if he stays we will have one of the best players in the world, and if he goes we will have 50+ million, the gutter press must be gutted no matter what happens we are laughing.

  2. The problem with Luis is that blogs like this one dropped the ball and let him walk alone too early, based merely on rumours.
    You bought the mainstream media narrative wholesale, driving a discredit campaign that didn’t need any help from us redmen supporters.

    You’d better apologise publicly to your readership when Luis is back and the smokescreen of this adversarial manufactured controversy finally fades away.

    Shame on you, This Is Anfield.

    • Hahaha, yes it’s all our fault. Never heard such bullshit in all my life. We reported quotes that mainstream media (who are much bigger than ourselves) published – except they normally spun them in a negative manner.

      Meanwhile, the quotes Rodgers mentions were first published and translated by us before the mainstream media ran them. At

      “based merely on rumours” — you mean, Suarez himself speaking of interest in moving to Real.

      Shame on us. Idiot.

        • Yes, because ‘upvotes’ are an accurate measure of your original points. You’re embarrassing yourself. Shame on you.

          • Hello Max, thank you for your helpful insight.
            Clearly, insulting the readership (the way This Is Anfield did above) brought the best out of you.
            Thanks again.

          • To be fair, if you say such an idiotic thing, you are likely to be called an idiot. The facts about how TIA has reported Suarez this summer are above – and all quotes published have been with their original source. Think before you comment!

          • Ah, I think he’s only a Manc troll trying to cause problems. Wouldn’t be the first time and it won’t be the last. I for one have always appreciated TIA and am grateful for an LFC news outlet that either gives us the facts or allows fellow Reds to give their insight and opinion. Any blame with the Suárez situation comes down to the main stream media and The man himself for being naive enough to repeatedly make off handed comments and

      • I’m with TIA on this one.
        However, I don’t think you should be calling people idiots.
        I think you’ve defended yourself more than adequately with your simple yet direct riposte. No need to insult people who are making silly arguments. They reveal themselves through their own stupidity.
        Keep up the good work.

  3. Plain and simple – Madrid plays games – they pay for the price taking their time – make them pay! When they can pay 80M for Ronaldo or Bale, they can surely pay 50M for Suarez!

    • I think the only way that would happen is for money. If the problem he has with staying at Liverpool truly were the British media one would think he’d try to jump ship a bit further abroad.

  4. Suarez is the best forward out there IMO. It will be sad to think we won’t have him nect year and so on. I would like to stand on something else. How does he feel for not being no.1 transfer target far any team? I mean real want cavani and suarez is a backup option. Chealsea and munich want lewadovski. How can he speak like begging for real to come and get him when he is a back up?

  5. I don’t think that will happen. Carra said it himself.
    Suarez is a fighter (sometimes quite literally ;-) ) so I don’t think his head will drop if he stays.

  6. what a load of crap and you can stick your stats ,lets forget suarezs faults for one minute,and just concentrate on what he brings to the playing field ,and anyone who thinks we would have be in a better position last season ,without him ,needs a visit from the nice men in white coats

  7. Instead I think that once again BR proved to love his own voice. Unfortunately I know well english language and unfortunately I heard some things from Suarez’s interviews that I would never want to hear. All these redundant endorsements from Rodgers are either needed or deserved by Suarez in any shape or form. Club come first: that’s an important value that Brendan Rodgers has yet to learn both from Liverpool and his mentor Mourinho. Honestly, BR has such a good manager, but He lacks character. The MANAGER is the man in charge of The CLub, neither Suarez nor the fans. Just now We have a strong base of youth talent in our ranks: we can cope without Suarez If We find a proper replacement. He’s a fantastic player but obviously He doensn’t want to be there, and He doesn’t want to repay fans’ support, and either He’s too selfish. He plays for himself. We are a collective unit, not a one man show.

  8. Why would he play badly he is a genius who loves us, it,s the gutter press and the vindictive F.A that according to his own words are driving him away not the supporters who have stood by him through thick and thin.

  9. Who knows what will happen with this one. I want him to stay, purely as the team looks better with him than without, however if he does go it has to be sooner rather than later. He is at the con feds cup right now so once that is ended I think him and the club need to sit down and say time to choose. I don`t want to be in a position where he is sold near the end of the window and the any players we get in dont have the time to gel. I also don`t really want to have a whole window or will he/wont he going on.

  10. That’s probably the only reason he isn’t worth more really… He’s a bit of a nutter and a liability so that brings the value down a bit like.

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