LFC defender heading for La Liga loan


Liverpool defender Tiago Ilori has been expected to head out on loan this January and reports today claim La Liga side Granada are the ones who will get his services.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Tuesday, September 17, 2013: Liverpool's Tiago Ilori in action against Sunderland during the Under 21 FA Premier League match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

The Portuguese centre-back was signed from Sporting Lisbon in the summer for a fee that could rise to £7 million.

At the time of his signing, manager Brendan Rodgers described the capture of the 20-year-old and Mamadou Sakho as protecting the club’s future for the next 10 years.

“He is 6′ 3″, super quick, power, can jump, and he just needs to adapt to the pace and physicality of the Premier League,” described Rodgers to the Daily Post. “He is one for the future, but he can be a really big talent.”

“Centre-halves are so hard to find. You look at some teams and they have ageing centre-halves because it is a struggle to get a really good one.

“We were fortunate in that two became available, one that we had been tracking for a year in Tiago Ilori, a young talent but who can be a big talent.

“We had a chance to protect the club for maybe the next ten years and that is what we have done.”

Last month Rodgers explained that the plan was always to loan out Ilori in January. “He [Ilori] has come in, he will have six months to adapt and then he will go out and get experience” the boss told The Liverpool Echo.

“Signing Ilori was about looking after the future of the club. Centre-halves are very hard to get.”

The Daily Mail claim Valencia are also interested in taking Ilori on loan.

Ilori has yet to make his Liverpool debut, appearing on the bench three times this season.


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  • CARR71

    great we have 7 million to waste on players so other clubs can use them

    • SwissWavey

      The article seems to suggest that we have 7 million to spend on a 10 year investment.
      You seem to find it hard to be positive about much! ;-)
      (Granted, that’s probably more constructive than mindless optimism)

      • CARR71

        if we have 30 40 million to spend on signings for now i have no problems with spending another 7 million on an investment ,but if we have not then i do

  • Gano1

    He looks a very classy player in the U21 team, he needs games at a higher level so this will do him good!!!.

  • yessir1

    Why not a premier league side where it would be ideal for us to see if he can well cope with it !!

    • CARR71

      why not because he his 21 never played in the league so who would give him game time ,except for a club that spent 7 million on him

      • BEAST

        Excellent point CARR71.In a ideal world we would loan him out to a Premier League club.However it’s not that simple in reality.Unless a club is willing to stick him in their starting team, loaning him out to a EPL side is pointless.The PL can be like a battlefield at times so clubs are reluctant to give talented youngsters a chance, especially a centre back with no experience.

        • CARR71

          some fans think just because we paid 7million for him ,he would walk into another pre side the fact that we only have the 8th best defence in the league at the moment 1 goal less conceded that the 11th tells its own story ,he cannot get in our squad what chance would he have elsewhere ,it must have something to do with our fans always thinking we have the next best thing since sliced bread ,when infact half the time they turn out to be a complete waste of money ,i am not saying he his a waste of money but how can anyone say he is not when we have not even seen him play

          • BEAST

            I know exactly how good Ilori is compared to other players of the same age group.I saw him pre season in the U20 World Cup on Eurosport.With his ability especially on the ball he should become a key player for Liverpool in a few years.
            Luis Alberto and TI despite both being talented have hardly featured.Tiago Ilori hasn’t even made his debut.Maybe that 15m should’ve been spent on a player that could’ve contributed this season.Instead of focusing and investing a big chuck of our summer transfer kitty on players for the future.
            However completely contradicting what i just said.We don’t have the money of Chelsea or Man City.FSG have gone down the same route as Arsenal.Copying their model of getting the best kids and developing them into Superstars.
            The bottom line is we need to find the right balance of investing in players ready to make a immediate impact and players with huge potential, that need more time to develop.

          • CARR71

            totally agree we need to find a balance but looking at the potential targets we are now linked with they all seem for the future

  • CARR71

    for one thing i am not your mate and would never will be i do not mingle with cowards who hide there identity ,and as for winning the league give your head a shake ,yes we all hope and dream of it but seriously top four would be more than ample

    • CPN

      My name is Chris Niarros and I live in Perth Australia. Do you want a photo and a list of my likes? Whether BR gets us there this year or in 3 he will hold the cup high above his head. And you will still be a self indulgent, online warrior. You mighty brute.

      • CARR71

        it must be great knowing all about the club from the other side of the world ,and rodgers will hold nothing above his head unless fsg back him ,at this moment in time without a dam site more signings we would struggle badly idfwe did get champions league ,and when i meant hide i meant your previous comments ,i like to get to know the people who post me so i can judge them on there comments

  • allaboutanfield

    I would have loan him to an EPL team instead.

    • Redatheart

      I couldn’t agree more. When he comes back to us from Grenada he’ll have to make the same adjustment (getting used to the EPL) as he would if he had broke into our team after coming over from Portugal.

    • Abyss

      And what makes you so sure an EPL team would be interested?

  • Brian Derbyshire

    If this is true then its another classic example of Rodgers mismanagement , Ilori should have been given a chance to show what he can do . we are defending terribly why has he not been given the chance .

  • CARR71

    great lets invest for the future what about now it does not pay the bills

    • Mart

      I don’t think we’re doing too badly with what we’ve got right now. We want CL football this season, fourth spot. Sound, that’s do-able. Yes we need to strengthen the squad but if we neglect our future how can we sustain this momentum? A player became available, one for the future, we bought him. He’s a centre back, we’ve got seven centre backs. One for the future. Enough said fella.

  • Matt

    Brendan Rodgers has explicitly stated that the rumoured £7m figure is just that, a rumour, and massively inflated.

    Note that the cited article is now describing it as:” a fee that could rise to £7 million.” That’s a statement that we are never going to see proved or disproved, consequently it is absolutely ideal for the media.

    Where did this £7m figure come from? Have either club published financial reports that set out this figure, no. Did it come from a named source, no in a position of influence at one of the clubs? Is there any actual proof that the number seven featured at any point in the transfer figure, no.

    What we’ve got is a bunch of newspaper and internet “reports” cross-referencing each other.

    How did we manage to spend £7m on Aspas, 6-odd million on Alberto and £7m on Illori when we are apparently strapped for cash; well, we probably didn’t.

    If the media even hit upon the maximum payouts after every performance and appearance related bonus was counted it would be a minor miracle. The only people who have an interest in leaking transfer values are the player’s manager and the player themselves, and they are not exactly the most trustworthy sources.

  • Abyss

    Finally! The lad needs badly needs real game time. La Liga is a quality league. We can’t ask for anything better than this really. I’m surprised to hear that Valencia are interested in having him as well..I think his chances of getting more game time will clearly be higher at a club like Granada compared to the other.