Jamie Carragher & Gary Neville’s tactical analysis of Liverpool 0-2 Chelsea

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville both spoke intelligently when reflecting on the tactical battle of Liverpool 0-2 Chelsea from Sunday on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football.

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  • Mustafa Yilmaz

    ffs no youtube in turkey :( can’t watch it!!!

    • ant

      pretty much saying to play the ball to suarez’s feet when he did make space, stop the pointless crosses when we have no big man in the box. and stay composed when chasing a lead, showed example of city vs QPR

      • Mustafa Yilmaz

        bloody hell thanks mate, was not expecting someone to summarise it for us ex pats living in turkey! much appreciated!

  • http://www.lucidlingo.com.au/ Gazman

    This is a master class. Thanks so much for uploading it. Since our defeat I’ve been pondering the whys and wherefores and here it is, explained clearly and with conviction. If you are a one-eyed supporter it might make for uneasy viewing but these two explain where we went wrong and where Chelsea got it right. BR knows this (well I hope he does; I’m sure he does) and no amount of complaining about Mourinho’s negatives tactics will amount to a hill of beans. We panicked in the second half and played into Chelsea’s hands. Someone said it was the football equivalent of Ali’s famous rope-a-dope and it is a good analogy. Here’s a staggering stat: Mourinho – 457 games and only 9 times has he bean beaten when leading 1-0 at half time.

  • John Edwards

    The rat boy was spot on we did ok until the final 3rd then made all the wrong choices. Long shots and high balls played into chelskis hands. We had chances to play to feet but never took them. We also had the option of letting Sterling & Coutinho try to dribble into the box but Sterling ended up out wide and Coutinho dropped deep. I hope BR sees this and learns from the experience. We also need to dump the diamond as we pressed other teams better before we changed systems. We also cant have SG as the last man as his lack of pace makes us vunerable.

  • Stromdiddily

    Glen Johnson was ABYSMAL yesterday. For all the talk about his attacking prowess he was utterly useless

  • Goh Jun Ling

    I thought carra was at anfield watching? or is this post match analysis?