Dubious: Barcelona claim Suarez transfer fee was £65m

on 19.08.2014

Barcelona have claimed that the transfer fee they paid for Luis Suarez was £65 million, contradicting reports that they actually paid £75 million for the Uruguayan.

WEST BROMWICH, ENGLAND - Sunday, February 2, 2014: Liverpool's Luis Suarez in action against West Bromwich Albion during the Premiership match at the Hawthorns. (Pic by Chris Brunskill/Propaganda)

Reports from all British media following the move last month claimed the deal was the higher figure, around €92 million.

Given Barcelona’s track record with their reporting of transfer fees to the press, their latest claim over Suarez should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Last summer their star signing Neymar was eventually reported to have cost €82 million – with the Spanish club having claimed it was €57 million earlier, as explained by Reuters. This resulted in Barca being accused of tax fraud.

In the modern game, rarely are actual transfer fees reported accurately, with clubs choosing not to disclose the details and instead being reported via media. Thus, often the selling club will claiming a higher fee, and the buying club a lower fee.

Oftentimes the difference in fees represents the initial fee, and the potential fee. For example, see Jordan Henderson‘s move from Sunderland – often reported as £20 million but was initially closer to £16 million.

Similarly, the £14 million bid from Sunderland for Fabio Borini recently is the potential fee, not the initial fee up front.

There have also been claims that Adam Lallan’s move from Southampton this summer had an initial fee far below the £25 million widely reported in the press.

What’s more dubious is the claim that Barcelona actually paid below the release clause for Suarez:

It seems extremely unlikely that Liverpool would have accepted a fee below the release clause, especially given their excellent dealing of the situation 12 months earlier, refuting Arsenal’s infamous 40-million-plus-a-pound. When Suarez signed a new deal at the club that new clause would have been watertight.

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  1. Barcelona is full of it. They are trying to defraud the Spanish Government again, something they and Real do quite often and seem to keep getting away with it.

    It’s time for UEFA to actually stand up and ensure that Real and Barcelona do not keep playing fast and fancy with phantom money will holding other clubs to another standard.

    There was also supossed to be a transfer embargo on Barcelona and that was a joke.

    No wonder these clubs get the best players, UEFA has their head so far up Real and Barcelona’s ass it’s pathetic.

    • The problem with those 2 spanish giants is that the Spanish govt covers their a$$ for their debt problems and all. I saw a documentary on a French channel once which explained how spanish government covers the 2 big clubs’ frauds about their yearly accounts.

      • I live here and all I can say is it a way of life here. Everything from the top down is corrupt. Is there really any wonder why this country has had the financial trouble it has when the level of corruption is so high that they won’t even properly tax the so called “2 giants” because government officials get their pockets lined?

    • Real and barca basically defraud the entire Spanish league with their lopsided government backed funding and individual tv deals

        • yep, and they’re wrong to push for it. The yanks all look over here for sports franchises due to the “restrictive practices” in the states with shared TV monies, the draft system etc. making it hard for anyone to dominate for too long, and that even the worst team gets an injection of the best talent every year. This is what keeps the league alive.
          The PL has the most equitable split of TV money of all the European leagues – the PL is the most competitive of all the European leagues – the PL generates more money than any of the other leagues – coincidence – I don’t think so!
          We should instead be campaigning for the money in other European countries to be more equitable – that will put some brakes on barca and Madrid – not Liverpool nor Manchester, but international (football supporters) socialism!

  2. Barca are just pure liars and hypocrites in their transfer dealings. Last summer, they were mocking Real when Bale got transferred for 80 million while claiming that they got a better player (Neymar) for 50 million. But we all got to see the truth later.

    • Can’t see JWH taking nothing less than what his contract stated. So this is just Barca trying to fiddle with the books.

      I watched their game lastnight and before the game, GB stated that they wanted to sign a player that cost €40m and UEFA said that they can’t sign another none EU player for that amount and unless they sell some players, that’s why Alves is still at the club.

      They cooked the books with the Neymar deal and are doing the same now.

      • The ‘missing’ £10m could be a bite clause.

        £65m now for the player + £10m at the end of the season if he doesn’t bite and get banned again.

        Sweeter on the ears to report the lower figure of course. They want to seem like they are doing the rest of the world a favour by under-reporting.

        Doesn’t matter as long as we get the full dosh

    • It’s almost like a ‘player’ arms race between the two clubs at the moment. Each season they’re trying to outdo each other in the transfer market.

  3. Although I read this and I’m about to sound like a hypocrite, I think its time we stopped covering Luis Suarez stories.

  4. It’s still a mystery to me how these two clubs (Real and Barca) earn around half a billion euros per year. The unequal distribution of TV money ends up affecting La Liga. Quality players throughout but the league becomes a joke.

      • I don’t have a problem with are net spend being low as long as the money made from players goes back out and isn’t sat on. With the stadium rebuild its a good idea to keep our coffers lined. I work in the Project Management field and rarely do projects come in on time and budget.

  5. Just confirms that they are above the law and have no respect for rules or other clubs in Europe. FIFA and UEFA are the biggest Fraud of them all.Its time Sponsors and TV companies threatened a boycott unless there was a complete clean out of all corruption in the game including the FFP rules which are themslves the biggest joke ever.

    Liverpool need to sign Quality off the Top Shelf to replace Suarez anything less and 4th is a distant pipe dream Forget Falcao it will not happen I have said it all along NO CHANCE of Falcao No Chance Of Cavani just hurry up and get Reus younger cheaper and offers a lot more Falcao is the only exception but if he wants to use us only as a Plan B and hold us to ransom for just 1 years commitment best we moved on but Not Eto or Bony thanks

    • Paul, you’re an enigma – and that’s being kind.

      You said: “Forget Falcao it will not happen I have said it all along NO CHANCE of Falcao No Chance Of Cavani”

      Then immediately you said: “just hurry up and get Reus”

      Do you even hear yourself?

      Are you aware that Falcao and Cavani leaving their clubs is more likely to happen than Reus leaving BVB this season?

    • You sir, are an absolute fool for thinking Reus is more likely to leave his club than Falcoa or Cavani. We have a FAR more likely chance of getting those two than we do Reus.

      • No way in the world Michael no way in the world id be utterly shocked if we got either they are only interested in the coin and Cavani is ridiculously over rated.

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