Another hamstring! Jordon Ibe joins Liverpool’s injury list

on 07.01.2016

No, this isn’t a joke – Jordon Ibe is the latest Liverpool player to pick up a hamstring injury and join the club’s ridiculous injury list.

STOKE-ON-TRENT, ENGLAND - Tuesday, January 5, 2016: Liverpool's Jordon Ibe celebrates scoring the first goal against Stoke City during the Football League Cup Semi-Final 1st Leg match at the Britannia Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Ibe is the seventh player currently to be sidelined with a hamstring injury, joining Martin Skrtel, Divock Origi, Daniel Sturride, Jordan Rossiter, Dejan Lovren and Philippe Coutinho.

Joining those seven in the injury room at present are Jordan Henderson (foot), Mamadou Sakho (knee), Kolo Toure (cramp) and long-term absentees Danny Ings and Joe Gomez (both ACL). Jon Flanagan is back training, but far from match fitness after 19 months out.

That means Klopp is without 13 first-team players for the trip to Exeter City on Friday night.

Such is the crisis, Liverpool have brought back academy youngsters Ryan Kent and Sheyi Ojo back from loan at Coventry and Wolves, as well as centre-back Tiago Ilori from Aston Villa.

Ibe had a knee injury in November and missed games recently due to illness. This is the 13th hamstring injury suffered since Klopp took charge in October.

It’s another blow for Klopp and for the player himself, with Ibe having scored his third goal of the season when replacing Coutinho at Stoke City on Tuesday night.

Ibe’s injury means Ojo and/or Kent are even more likely to be handed their Liverpool debut against Exeter.

The Echo report that Ibe has not yet been ruled out of next week’s games against Arsenal and Man United at Anfield.

You can see Klopp discuss the current injury crisis, and how he plans to deal with it, in his press conference from Thursday morning here.


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    • because they are not training. It’s all recovery. There’s a bit of tactical work but there’s no time for training. Day off after the game, then a day of tactical and light stuff and then next day travelling for the next game.

        • iLori will pull his muscles going up the stairs.

          If it’s going to happen you can’t predict when it will. Lovren wasn’t even stretching that much when he did his.

      • he as an hamstring injury but may be ok in 6 days maybe its all overkill
        and another thought did all the dortmund players have injuries as well or had they not been sat of their character as often

        • yes they did, but our muscle injuries were very high numbers before Klopp arrived, it’s just they weren’t all at the same time. Simon Brundish covers this stuff.

          • to be fair they are all pansys these days when you look at what past liverpool players played through

          • That’s how it is in every sport Carr for better or worse. This seems to be a confluence of improper strengthening in summer work and new regime/trying to impress for 90 mins.

            It’ll work out and who knows, maybe some come back quicker AND we buy players now who can come in and help. Get them bedded in and preseason will be a time we joke about this voodoo like experience.

    • When CBs are getting hamstrings (who don’t spend their lives sprinting around the pitch) and Ibe who doesn’t play all the time and generally not for 90mins, it suggests the summer work strengthening hamstrings is not being done. At least not enough and that has often been the case in athletes.

      Football Trainers are not the most forward thinking, neither are managers since they generally grew up learning in different regimes. Remember, Houllier’s stuff was considered revolutionary and that was just diet and stuff.

  1. XI for me at Exeter:

    Bogdan/Migs, take your pick
    Randall-llori-Enrique or someone from the academy-Smith


    Tex for Kent or Oyo, whoever Klopp sees unfit for the match

    • I pretty much agree, however Milner in for lucas. Milner needs game time, Lucas needs rest. Would like to see Tex

      • I’d be surprised if Leiva doesn’t start, whether it’s CB or CDM, but Milner in could be good as well. I’d have Firmino and Tekkers play 45 mins each or the odd 60-30 as Firmino needs rest and Tekkers needs to improve his match fitness

        • He really shouldn’t. these hamstring injuries are partially a result of lack of rotation, if lucas does his fragile legs then things are getting desperate

          • I understand, especially with Lucas having niggling injuries like this in the past. Up to Kloppo, not us

      • I wouldn’t put Leiva at CB though, he’s too small, especially against a team where their league is to score as many as possible in any way. This probs means long balls

    • I would like to see Tex getting a run out as well. Agree with Doug on Lucas as well, is now too important for the Prem games.

      • We need to beef up in the middle, and seeing it now, Milner is the only tough between Brannagan, Chirivella, Leiva and Allen. Shame, wouldn’t want him to pull off the hammy as well

  2. At the end of the storm there is a golden sky.
    At the end of the storm there is a golden sky.
    At the end of the storm there is a golden sky.
    At the end of the storm there is a golden sky.

  3.’s official! There’s an outbreak of the hamstringitis disease out in Anfield…and Sturridge was patient zero!

  4. Okay, fellow reds!
    Time to boot up and get in shape, at this rate soon supporters will be asked to come to anfield to make it XI players.
    Ill be ready!

  5. what is going on .. are we getting burned to rise from ashes ..damn fuck .. hard luck ..oh u injuries go to soem other club !!!!! and some patehtic fixtures 6 games in 10 days

  6. This does not bode well for the rest of the season. I can see severe struggling over the next few months and a poor league position at the end of it. It is beginning to look like the end of our season already.

  7. Getting ridiculous now. Surely we must act in the transfer market. Exeter are looking like a good bet for the cup tie.

  8. Don’t bring Ranocchia, he’s a mess of a defender worse than what Lovren was last season. Negotiate deals for either Matip, Howedes or N’Kolou, all at reasonable prices for sure!?

    • If we want a player from Inter (instead of Ranocchia), we should be trying to get Gary Medel. Tough as nails, high quality, knows the league and can play CB or DM.

      Think Howedes and N’Kolou would be good additions.

  9. Could it be due to the recovery between matches as opposed to failing to actually train that is causing all these injuries? I’m no expert though but this has to be a major crisis and FSG better allow Klopp to make new signings.

    • first thing is do you train your hamstrings to be strong as possible. I would guess not.
      After that it’s recovery time and we’ve been playing 3 games in 8 days on loop other than xmas when we had 4 or 5 days between games until Stoke.

      When you inherit a lot of injuries you don’t get to rotate so much. The skrtel and lovren injuries are weird though, they don’t sprint around the field so much.

    • What like gerrard who we just got rid of
      i wonder why he left was it because we offered him a 50% pay cut or he knew rodgers was a charlatan

          • I have to agree. I thought he was a five year old with a wax crayon. He writes some dribble well he scratches a bit…. . I do try and he claims I need a nurse! perhaps if she would be a blond with long legs then I would be all for it!

      • Gerrard is a name and spelt with a capital letter! We never got rid of Gerrard he chose to go and earn some dollars in the USA. It had nothing to do with BR. Gerrard was not guaranteed to be picked for every game by BR and that made Gerrard decide to move on.

          • You should use a capital I when referring to you yourself. But in your actual case I would suggest that a small i for you would easily be accepted! Keep trying!

          • You are welcome! Thanks is as I have spelt it and at the beginning of a sentence it should be with a Capital T! Keep going!

          • Thank you but you can’t spell that either…. YNWA I thought you supported Liverpool? It is easy.

          • I am leaving you now just do me a favour go see the doctor and get your meds increased
            Your the most boring stalker i have ever had and that takes some doing take a bow son take a bow

          • You leaving me? Oh okay…. I am not on meds! I don’t need a doctor! I am not a stalker! I am certainly not as boring as you! I don’t want to take a bow I don’t wear them in my hair do you? I will catch up with you again later!

        • Gerrard was benched for big games like the madrid one despite Rodgers advising him to pull the plug on his international career – yes he wasnt at his peak but he would have been useful for us still. He was found out in the defensive position simply because no one was there to make the runs – ie suarez and sturridge. Had one of them been available it would have been a different story.

      • the problem just wasnt rodgers – it was fsg themselves who really hadnt made a wise decision in 5 years. the buck lies with them for handing over responsibility for 300 million to people who really shouldnt have it. Rodgers and the transfer committee presided over a term where the best part of 300 million was flushed down the toilet and the fact that fsg let it continue for more than 3 years just shows their incompetence. The first good decision they have made is bringing in Klopp – the only downside is that even under Klopp they wont be any quick fixes.

          • to create a situation where one organisation has 2 key elements pulling it in different directions i.e rodgers and transfer committee was a huge dereliction of duty. It showed they didnt entirely trust the manager they brought in after sacking a club legend. And then to give him another 100 million in the summer, sack his coaching staff and make him a lame duck manager was atrocious lack of planning and direction.

            It took them 5 years to make a correct decision, im hoping we finally have some direction – because we are now in a league where the smaller clubs get massive funding and the team with the best recruitment will survive. We no longer can afford another 5 years of poor recruitment.

  10. it could be a blessing in disguise and might force klopp’s hand in bringing in some of our targets and rescue the reason. I wonder why he hasnt recalled markovic also.

    Its never always going for the big names – if you look at the Everton side barring Lukaku everyone else are cheapies! But im impressed with Besic and delefeou both of whom are very good players. It makes you wonder when Lukaku was performing so well at west brom why Rodgers or transfer committee didnt go for someone who was young and whose value was only ever going to increase!

    Since Rafa left we have had the most nonesensical transfer strategy – lucky for us UTD are following this scatter gun approach!

    • The loan deal was for the season I believe. That means we have to strike a deal with Fenerbahce to get him back. If they don’t want to loose him then we can’t do anything.
      The only reason why we got Ilori back is because Villa didn’t want him.
      Why he is out on loan anyway is another question…..

      • Mr Bodgers sent him on loan thinking no position and less games this season and also mis read teh fixtures completly .. marko deal is more expensive so LFC wont prefer calling him back now

          • oh yeah, that!!!!!

            He didn’t want to be under BR and BR didn’t think much of him so he insisted on going where he could play and don’t think he will want to come back unless he knows he’ll play.
            Pigs ear basically.

        • No but if u think about it that when bredan Rodgers was here we didn’t do a lot of running compared to klopp .brendan was more into keeping possession .we would been knocked out of some competitions if Rodgers was still here

    • err, because they don’t actually have time to train? HOw long have we been playing 3 games in 8 days on loop? Since mid sept I believe.

      • The only other striker is Toni Gomes……………..Ejaria can play up top if needed, Adam Phillips is a good CM option very good from dead-balls and good passer, Yan Dhanda is a very tricky right winger, Corey Whelan can play CB/FB.

        • What about that welsh guy? Harry Wilson his name is I think? And jack dunn? Out on loan? What positions they play?

  11. Im actually so exited for the exeter game. A real siege mentality! Enrique out from the cold to boss the game, Smith to show he is ready to be our permanent second LB, Ilori to make BR look silly, Texeira to score a worldy, and Benteke to dominate the physical battle

  12. Not being funny here but it might be best to field an u21 team tomorrow.. And if we get knocked out, so be it.
    Exceptional circumstances call for yada yada

    • I think pretty much everyone is now relegated to that idea even if people disagree with it. We really don’t have much of a choice in the matter.

      • It’s not worth the risk of getting anymore injuries to first team players. 6 games in 19 days is just too much. Try telling that to certain people though!

        • Heh people are still arguing about that? To be fair, I think 3-4 of our first team players can still play the match if need be. Migs, Milner, Allen, Benteke I don’t really see a problem with…it’s the CB positions I’m more concerned about.

  13. I’m trying to think of 11 players to put on the field. Bogdan-lucas-illori-randall-smith-can-tex-ojo-kent-firmino-lallana?

        • Ah alright…but then that’s a surefire way to losing the match in that case. I think we can definitely do with about 4-5 first team players. GK, 2 MF, Benteke, CBs we have no choice but to field first team players .

          • I think this 11 can give exeter a run for their money- bogdan, smith, Randall, Enrique, illori, brannagan, tex, ojo, benteke, Kent, milner.

            There is a good dash of game time in there. Plenty of Europa appearances and cup tie appearances in there..

          • Enrique’s a bit of a goner I feel…Ilori, who knows if he’s fit and ready to go himself..Brannagan,Tex is a good call. Ibe will be a massive miss for this one…here’s hoping Kent can fill that gap up a bit. I think Lucas at CB really wouldn’t be exertion here.

        • Surely a semi 1st teamer like Allen could play, he has not had much game time, and would the game time do Milner any harm? He is usually quite durable, depends on the risk of injury relapse for him

          • Milner needs game time..even playing allen is risky because there are more important games coming up and we need all hands on deck for that one.

  14. Did BR know voodoo or something?
    At the rate we’re accumulating these injuries,I can definitely picture him poking 11 rag-dolls as of right now.

    • Part of his diabolical plan to make his lovechild Joe Allen the only remaining fit player at Anfield, so he can play all 11 positions, and win the League, Champions League, Ballon D’or and X Factor.

    • Oh yes, thanks for that.
      I now have a vision of him poking rag dolls.

      I’m going to have to scrub my brain with caustic.

  15. BR had a LOT of muscle injuries too. It’s just they didn’t happen all at the same time.
    Basically since we’ve lost Dr Bruckner (sp?) our fitness record has become a lot worse.

    Also, can’t help but think if we had a functioning striker it would take some of the pressure off our other players and some of the effort too.
    Doesn’t explain CB hamstring issues though given they don’t run all over the pitch, and it doesn’t explain Moreno, Clyne, Can being fine either despite their workload.

  16. Just shows you how bad the training was the last 3.25 seasons under the clown Rodgers & his boys Pascoe & O’Driscoll that so many players are breaking down under Klopp’s intensive training. Can’t blame Klopp, unless anybody wants us to stay at Rodgers level of mediocrity.

    • well you could argue that BR gradually trained his players up so they would be fine for the 2nd half of the season. He had talked about pre-season being more about ball work than just physical work.

      Didn’t help the performance levels over his last 60 or so games but don’t think that was about fitness.

      It’s not about training because we don’t have time to train but the games are high intensity in patches at least and when you have injuries you don’t get to rotate the way you might. That’s probably a big deal.

      • RV is seriously into hyperbole. You can ignore most of what he says. His nonsense doesn’t explain CBs having hamstring problems or streaking full backs not having hstr problems or players like Ibe having them given they don’t play constantly and often not even 90 mins.

        Milner came out shortly after Klopp arrived and said that not much had changed in training – that’s a lot do with the fact that they have been playing 3 games in 8 days on loop basically ever since Klopp arrived so very little actual training time after the first few weeks.
        Lallana made the point about it all being about recovery time anyhow with the fixtures so you couldn’t blame it on training.

        RV also failed to mention that we had a horrendous muscle injury rate under BR , it’s just they weren’t all at the same time. Look up Simon Brundish on that stuff.

        The only thing RV said that makes any real sense is that players want to impress him so would make more of an effort, and that some of our players are certainly running a lot more in games.

        What RV failed to mention which for me is what makes him a fraud is that traditionally athletes and trainers don’t strengthen hamstrings adequately even though it’s easy to do. That seems to be the case here and in football generally.

        • I’m putting down to them being shown a stretch which has been demonstrated wrong since Klopp took over. 11 hamstring injuries in the same squad!!!!

      • Google Raymond Verheijen. Seems he likes to talk a lot, but then that’s all he can do. Hes not got a lot else to prove he knows best. Has he eber trained a team to a CL final? Style over substance.

        Do you think Klopp is using his training that made Dortmund successful or do you think he’s using an entirely different strategy? I’d suggest the former is most likely.

        • Dortmund had injury problems as well not sure on the figures and Dortmund don’t play in the PL which is a completely different world.

          • Dortmund’s injury record was better then most PL clubs!!they won back to back BL titles and got all the way to the CL final, all of that in three years…did the team break down in that time?no!!they only got alot of injuries in klopp’s final season!!I think this is just a squad of wissies!

          • Mate do you think klopp would have had a winning persentage of above 65 persent,winning 4 trophies and going all the way to the CL final between 2010 and 2013,if he had as much injuries as we are currently having?surely it has to be something else…

          • Well, having a winter break certainly helps a lot to avoid injuries. Players fly to warm places, rest a lot, recover and then train again. Bundesliga is 18 teams so 34 game and one Cup competition less. That and leading 2-0 in the EPL against a Norwich with 10 minutes to go means “watch it, danger”, in the Bundesliga it means “okay, relax, in the bag.”

            It’s all new to Klopp and he needs to learn this. Plus he appearently had a great fitness coach till his last year.

          • Onyx you have Brolin in check mate there. Brolin will never accept Klopp is to blame just like Rodgers before things went wrong. Then when things went south with Rodgers Brolin hopped on the bandwagon of Rodgers is to blame for everything.

          • Nobody is infallible and nobody is fallible. Rodgers got quite some stuff right and quite some stuff wrong. Klopp will get some stuff right and will do some stuff wrong as well.

          • Hamstring injuries are nothing to do with players being ” wissies”although skrtel linking himself from the field like an old dear could certainly be viewed that way.

          • Go to Talk Sport there is an interview with Gary Gordon who worked with Klopp at Dortmund as Youth Coach! He says these injury problems are nothing new to Klopp!!!

        • I know who RV he’s the man that saved Craig Bellamy’s career. Gary Gordon on Talk Sport he knows about Klopp’s training methods and Dortmund had the same problems!

          • He also declared that it was Gary Speed’s wish that he got the Wales managers job, just days after Speed’s funeral.

          • What has that got to do with anything here??? On twitter he has given a good explanation why we are suffering from the injury crisis and most of it makes sense especially these tweets

            As accumulation of fatigue is one of the biggest reasons for muscle injuries, the current injury crisis was easy to predict a few weeks ago.

            As a result of Klopp’s mistake, the Liverpool players developed more fatigue during games in a period with less recovery time between games.

            He doesn’t actually blame Klopp’s training methods but how he introduced a new style of play at the wrong moment when the team was already suffering from injury problems and we had large number of games coming up so no time for the players to recover.

          • He is talking about Arsenal’s injury problems not Wenger’s playing style!!! Just like he hasn’t attacked Klopp’s playing style but how it was implemented at the wrong time!

  17. Ibe going down is odd. He gets plenty of time on the bench. Certainly hasn’t been over played and he’s not doing anything special in terms of sprints etc during games.

    That to me says that hamstrings aren’t being properly strengthened in their gym work which is very poor, or they’re not doing the flexibility stuff to ensure they have the range of mobility in the muscle.

    Points to the summer prep being a problem for me.

    • 4 of the most regular players in the team Can, Lallana, Clyne and Moreno seem to still be alright. Milner, Sakho, Allen and Benteke’s injuries seem to be different as well altogether.

      • Milners could be down to game time hes been a bit part player rodgers made him a central midfielder that played every minute
        sakho and benteke have always been injury prone questioned buying benteke when we already had sturridge on the books
        Allens another who gets a few knocks a season

        • Milner is an uber-fit player in general. Had one injury which can happen sometimes and I expect him to stay fit after that, partly because Milner’s game isn’t particularly spectacular..He’s not a bit-part player under Klopp either mate…he clocked in a lot of minutes under Jurgen as well, just in a different position.

          Sakho I agree has been injury prone, but this was down to a bad tackle from Lens. Benteke hasn’t had a good fitness record either in recent times, but he’s played most of the games compared to all our forwards, so not bad. Agreed on Allen – here’s hoping he can kick on now after the down time.

  18. At least seeing our youngsters will get the fans out of their seats giving it plenty, we are up sh1t creek and the players need all of us behind them.

  19. So we CAN do it on a cold wet windy night in stoke, it just requires a sacrifices to the Gods of the Peak District marshes then……

  20. Right i’m off to the shop to get some of them Dairylea cheese strings no reason other than at least it doesn’t say hamstring on it.

    • yes, wearing the wrong boots.

      Nike Mercurial Vapor X – Ibe
      Nike Mercurial Vapor X – Coutinho
      Nike Mercurial Superfly – Origi
      Nike Hypervenom Phantom II – Sturridge
      Nike Tiempo Legend VI – Skrtel
      Nike Tiempo Legend VI – Lovren
      Rossiter the exception with Umbro (people can walk in them?)

      Adidas ftw.

      • Tell you what mate i would never let my lad wear nike the amount of lads that were always injured at the academies who wore nike was shocking
        Predator man all the way saying that they do not protect your kneecaps

          • All ACL injuries in European football in 2015, and the boots the players were wearing when injured.

            Statistics by manufacturer:

            Nike: 18/26 – 69.2%

            Adidas: 23.1%

            Puma: 3.85%

            Mizuno: 3.85%

            Statistics by stud pattern:

            Conical: 13/31 – 41.9%

            Bladed: 14/31 – 45.2%

            Both: 4/31 – 12.9%

        • Always wore puma’s and lotto’s back in the day. I don’t mind Umbro’s but the puma’s have never failed me.

          The major injuries I suffed were all horror tackles or clumsy a’holes. Just once I landed wrong but before I hit the ground my ankle hit someone else. No matter what shoe, that’s damage.

  21. Time to take stock of the strength training regiment if their over training the quads the hammies can become shortened and tight and when tight the can be pulled with very little effort, quads and hammies work synergistically so if quads are out of whack hammies suffer

  22. Nothing like a bit of a conspiracy theory to get the washer women out
    Injuries happen we have so many big money paid pros on the books of course the numbers are going to go up
    or do you think we leave them sat on shelves till we need them

    • Bogdan, Migs, Randall, Clyne, Illori, Lucas, Moreno, Smith, Enrique, Chirivella, Milner, Can, Allen, Brannagan, Texeira, Firmino, Lallana, Benteke, Ojo, Kent..

      I think that’s it? Still 20 fit ;)

  23. $hit $hit is this one of those times where swear words gets through moderation.
    This surely will get into the Ripley’s believe it or not….

  24. This may seem barmy but I’m excited to see the Klopp effect on the very young and raw team that’ll face Exeter tomorrow night.

  25. Too many weak players in this Rodgers squad. Just further evidence of our ex disaster manager and his £300 million spending spree.

    • Virtually every match and pre/post match press conferences Kloppy does shows just what a shyster Rodgers was.

    • To be fair, the lads are probably struggling now that they don’t get that day off during the week that Brendan gave them. Klopp is far too demanding wanting to win trophies, instead of spending the week days out with young bits of fluff and topping up his tan.

  26. “Give me 300 million pounds and I’m gonna drive away your legend and make a starting eleven full of players prone to hamstring injuries”
    B. Rodgers

  27. Hi Herr Jurgen Klopp! I’m available to play as a winger. Never had problems with the hamstrings…..just the quads ?

  28. Those of the idi*ts who think that this is down to klopp,should go and check for a brain scan!!I’ve checked up dortmund’s injury record under klopp,and it’s way better then most PL clubs,there’s only three players that turned up with usual injuries…reus, aubumeyang and gundogan… Gundogan and aubumeyang had hamstring injuries regularly,reus had issues with his foot and ankle,just like Henderson!! The problem clearly is that rodgers left klopp with a unbalanced squad!! At dortmund klopp had 2 players for every position!! Here he only has two senior fullbacks and one winger!!

    • according to some hamstring is a typical PL problem :P
      nice research, BVB had their share of injuries but not this concentrated evil.

    • It’s only Kloppo’s fault in the sense he is doing the right thing. Apparently Rodgers was fairly liberal with days off while under elite level managers like Klopp or Rafa before him days off have to be earnt. Now the players are being trained properly but it has come mid season so maybe we are getting more injuries than if he had come in the summer.

    • Hummels is pretty much made of cardboard too mate. Picks up 6 a season.

      And of course it’s down to Klopp. When he came in he demanded instantly extra work from his players. More runs, more sprints from an allready injury hit squad. He didn’t rotate for the EL games so the lads are simply more worn out. His change of style should’ve been implemented in a lower pace to avoid these injuries.

      The squad wasn’t ready to change the style.

      • Hummels got injured occasionally, more so in the latter part of klopp’s career!!in the 3 most successful seasons under klopp,where dortmund won back to back BL titles and got to The CL final,he didn’t get injured played 30 plus games a season!!mate with what must klopp rotate his squad?we only have two senior fullbacks,only one winger,two regular fit strikers in origi and benteke,hendo was injured most of the months under klopp’s reign,it’s an unbalanced squad,thanks to the Charlton that managed the club with 300 mil for three years!!

        • But kept most of his players fit during the season.

          With what he had to rotate with? Check Rodgers’ Bordeaux away game to the EL games Klopp managed. There’s rotation. That was the intention and the plan. Klopp let the first ones play too many games. Simple as.

          • He never even wanted Liverpool to go further than the group stages in the EL and believe me, we would definitely not be having this cup run if the Charlatan was still here.
            At least Klopp goes out to win the game rather than consider them a distraction.

          • Chelsea beat us after extra time in the semi last year or has that slipped your mind?

          • is that supposed to be relevant to our cup run this year?
            yeah going out on penos was scandlous

          • Of course it was scandalous! How can it not be?!
            A Liverpool team knocked out of 2 major European competitions the same season is just plain awful. Its relevant to our cup run because Brendan treated it as a second rate competition just like he always did with any cup competition.

          • How is losing on penos not treating a competition with respect? We slaughtered them at Anfield but couldn’t score! Liverpool not in Europe in 5 years with a squad full of kids.

            How is losing in extra time at Chelsea in a semi not respecting a competition? Talking nonsense

          • This stalker phase of yours is not healthy man go outside get some air, meet yourself a woman. Just not healthy what you’re at.

          • When klopp arrived at the club,ings, gomez,rossiter,benteke,sturridge,hendo and firmino was injured!!!so he basically inherited a injury prone squad!!with what was he supposed to rotate with if he had a injury list of that capacity?

          • Not to nittpick but Ings got injured during his first training, Gomez a few days later. Surely nothing he could do about it. But it wasn’t as bad when he took over. Rodgers used the likes of Chirivella and Brannagan. And he would’ve used them more, which is what Klopp should’ve done.

          • Gomez got injured while on international duty…Rodger drew back to back games with his b team,he would have probably not won a single game in EL and would have been knocked out by now!!atleast klopp played a decent team,that’s why we’re through the group stage!!

          • Are you joking with me? I hope you mean the europa league!!Rodgers would have lost against Chelsea and city for sure!!we would have been out of the league cup by now aswell!!!and rodgers isn’t exactly a guru against mid table opposition such as Watford and West Ham either!!

          • wasting your time mate-another one of the everything bad= Rodgers
            everything good = Klopp

        • Hummels is injured more than occasionally!
          20 injuries since 2012! A total of 52 games according to the Transfermarkt website!

          • My posts was meant more towards klopp’s glory days at dortmund,between 2010-2013,he was captain and the most commen name on the team sheet through out those three years

      • Hummels is injured more than Brolin realises ! Struggles to complete a full season nearly all his time at Dortmund!

  29. Real shame this. I was hoping this could be Ibe’s chance to go up another level. Hopefully it’s not too serious.

  30. I find it really funny that not ONE single person from TIA have looked upon what happened in Dortmund. Have Klopp been famous for his hard training? Yes. Did BvD players often get players sidelined because of this? Yes. Do Klopp demand much of his players? Yes.

    I enjoy that supporters have come together – but, things where not just happy times in Germany either …

    “Dortmund could not play with their best starting eleven on any matchday of the campaign. Throughout the last years, injuries played a major role. Since fitness specialist Oliver Bartlett, who has shown off his ability under Roger Schmidt in recent years, had left the Signal Iduna Park in 2012, Dortmund has struggled with a huge amount of injuries, especially minor muscle injuries that put players on the sidelines for two or three matches.

    According to Transfermarkt and Fussballverletzungen, first team players picked up 116 injuries this season, missing 1626 match or training days in all. 38 injuries related to muscles – mostly thigh and adductors – resulted in Dortmund players missing 546 days altogether” ,,,

    • Nah man, just another article to whine about Rodgers. Point everywhere but at Klopp. Klopp is God, Klopp is faultless, Klopp is everything. He’s the Alpha and the Omega.

      Well found btw. Time to bulk up on some fitness specialists and a doctor.

    • which is kinda level with Bayern Munich´s stats, don´t forget the level (BL, CL and regular call ups for Jogi Löw incl. World Cup), both averaging around 60 missed days per player not available to the club. Long term injuries account for those days as well (Gündogan, Reus etc. for BVB and Robben, Ribery etc. for Bayern).

    • Did Klopp elevate those players’ skills and fitness to such levels that they were able to take on, and beat, the vastly superior wealth of Bayern Munich?

  31. I read on the echo a doctor said tranmere’s warm up is much better than liverpools. So how come Herr klopp is at fault. Who is responsible for the teams warmup.

  32. The strongest team Liverpool can put out tomorrow is now Mignolet, Clyne, Can, Llori, Moreno, Lucas, milner, Allen, Lallana, Firminho, Benteke but it will struggle.

    Lallana cost more than the entire Exeter team so should be going into game slike this and winning them on his own, but he’s just not like that.

    • Carra’s nowhere near match fit and wouldn’t be able to play before the others came back from injury, so nice idea, but not practical imo.

  33. we went from having the most injury prone striker in the league, to having the most injury prone team! unbelievable…

  34. Some players are injury-friendly, like Studge, true… Klopp does ask 101% from his players, true… That can lead to injuries, true… The change of manager can result into injuries if the new one has different game approach, true… But what is also true, is that the pre season training/fitness under BR especially last summer were a joke… Last season didn’t Lallana, Coutinho, SG, Studge, plus others, have lengthy injuries??? How true…

  35. Klopp is easily one of the best managers in the world but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t come with issues. one of those issues I used to point out was injuries and squad fatigue. last year’s Dortmund had issues due to CL football. klopp didn’t manage the CL games and Dortmund were effected badly after each and every CL game, injuries and then fatigue kicked in and confidence went.
    The other issue is that he himself doesn’t have an acute eye for a good footballing player. I say this due to his obsession in getting in Immobile when at Dortmund. He was the other main reason Dortmund went backwards that final year.
    Don’t get me wrong Dortmund’s recruitment was amazing under Klopp but how much was that due to Klopp himself. DoF never get the credit but with so much players coming in and out recruitment is down to DoF.
    And the reason I blame Klopp for Immobile and not the DoF is because at that time Dortmund had lost Lewy and they were looking for a high profile marquee replacement. Klopp made a big thing about getting in Immobile and pushed massively for him to come in to keep the momentum going.
    Immobile is and was rubbish. He kept on playing and he kept on being rubbish. Klopp built Dortmund but that last season was down to him.

    • So you don’t think Klopp and his team has anything to do with the players before they were recruited by DoF? I think you over-simplify the recruitment process to proof a point.

        • So are you saying Alex Ferguson was a poor judge of player as he got in a few shockers? Or King Kenny? Or Bob Paisley? Shall I go on about some of the greatest managers of all time and how they’ve purchased some players that didn’t work out?!

          • Yes! Alex Ferguson for me had some awful buys. He had a great backroom staff. King Kenny not so much. Had a great eye for a player. Of course a manager might make a mistake, maybe a player doesn’t live up to expectation because they can’t handle the pressure, maybe they have everything on paper but can’t mentally cope.
            It isn’t the same when a manager sees something that isn’t there. Like as you mentioned Ferguson and Rodgers. Other managers have a great eye for a player like Wenger and King Kenny. Best thing is to get a good DoF because lets face it most managers don’t have the best eye when it comes to players.

          • 5 of Klopps buys;
            Please don’t tell me that he has a bad eye for a player. It’s ridiculous.

          • It is well known that Klopp went to a lot of games, doing his own scouting with Zorc, perhaps to get the final say. Who knows. But he certainly had input in players coming into the squad.

  36. I see there are so many fitness “experts” that have suddenly popped up from every corner of the globe to criticize Klopp. People blame him for not rotating the squad but were never doing so when the games were actually being played. And how could he rotate the squad? We have such a thin squad with very few options, especially considering vast majority were on loan.

    • All rent a gobs seeking a little publicity that they wouldn’t otherwise get unless they was criticising 1 of the top managers in the world.

  37. This lot of injury real real Influence in our performance when we need to bluid a new liverpool whith Kloop we must have your full player

  38. That clown Bodgers is at the bottom of this! I’m not sure how, but maybe pre-season or something. I’m so confused…

  39. Its liv Echo, its James pearce, i dont believe “discomfort” = shhtstring. Pearce must hav been choking on his ham burger when writing

    • I was thinking about Suarez, worse recovery time than some of my previous ex-GFs. There may be a cull or we could be bursting to the seams with competent/potentially competent players for next season with Markovic, Ward, Alberto, dare I say Mario returning for pre-season training.

  40. Any history buffs recall worse injury luck for any Premiership side? I reckon this to be fairly close to the all-time low if not outright precedent-setting.

    As far as we are concerned, we have never had it worse.

    • It was Spurs,
      Their seasons were ruined months after years as Darren Anderton made the medical room his personal bedroom

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