Confirmed Liverpool lineup vs. Exeter: Three debuts, Benteke captain!

on 08.01.2016

Jurgen Klopp hands debuts to three players for tonight’s FA Cup third round tie against League Two side Exeter City.

Liverpool's potential debutants tonight: (L-R) Ryan Kent, Sheyi Ojo, Kevin Stewart and Tiago Ilori. (Photos via David Rawcliffe / Propaganda)
Liverpool’s potential debutants tonight: (L-R) Ryan Kent, Sheyi Ojo, Kevin Stewart and Tiago Ilori.

Christian Benteke is the only senior player named in the outfield XI, starting alongside Jerome Sinclair up front. The Belgian is therefore named Liverpool captain!

Jose Enrique makes his first appearance in a year – the outcast Spaniard last started a game against Bolton last January, also in the FA Cup.

He’ll line up alongside Tiago Ilori at the centre of defence – the Portugal under-21 finally making his debut two and a half years after joining the club from Sporting CP.

Academy duo Connor Randall and Brad Smith start at right- and left-back, while Kevin Stewart makes his Reds debut in midfield alongside Cameron Brannagan – who makes his second start for the club.

Joao Carlos Teixeira joins Stewart and Brannagan in midfield, with Ryan Kent taking up an attacking midfield role to also make his debut.

Seventeen-year-old centre-back Conor Masterson is on the bench. Sheyi Ojo and Pedro Chirivella are also among the subs.

Exeter City vs. Liverpool kicks off at 7.55pm GMT, live on BBC One in the UK.

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Liverpool: Bogdan; Randall, Enrique, Ilori, Smith; Kent, Brannagan, Stewart, Teixeira; Sinclair, Benteke

Subs: Fulton, Masterson, Maguire, Lucas, Chirivella, Lallana, Ojo


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  1. Absolutely dreadful team, I’m really disappointed in Klopp who should be winning this trophy and not getting us knocked out and humilated. These kids of ours ar enot good enough as all the loans and U21 table show.

    What was Brendan Rodgers doing for the last 3 years other than wasting £300 million and not winning trophies? People said Rodgers was “good at developing youth” so having inheirted a youth team with Sterling, Falanagan, Robinson and co that Dalglish was progressing, what has he done? After 3 years we should have world class youngsters ready to win trophies and beat the best, after all he was “good at developing youth”.

    Clearly he was rubbish at this also….

  2. I’m mainly excited to see Kent and Ilori, as I think those two could have an impact to our first team this season, as there’s a need.

  3. Yes, I like this team. We may get a drubbing or give a spectacle. This would be either the most exciting or dreadful cup match for us. Worth looking forward to.

  4. “Christian Benteke is the only senior player named in the outfield XI”

    Well technically, Enrique should still count as a senior player :)

  5. what a prospect its gonna be tonight! this could well become our main starting 11 for years to come (with acceptions of course). and i know we will see a few of these kids become regular starters… will make the senior players run for their money!

  6. Klopp’s focus is firmly on the League cup, & rightly so. We don’t have the squad or quality to compete in all comps, & since we’ve one foot in the final that should be the priority.

  7. Would never want Enrique named captain, but as he’s starting then benteke isn’t the only senior player kicking off tonight

  8. Can’t help but wonder though…could Mignolet and one of Milner or Allen not played in this match? Seems every extreme…all this time we were barely playing any of the reserve/U-21 options and now we’re playing all of them.

    • Mate in all honesty they need a break, we don’t need more hamstring issues with first teamers, it’s Exeter (no offense intended) therefore we can risk such a lineup. This their chance to show Klopp what our future could look like.

      • I just feel it’s better to ease in changes rather than go all-out from one match to the next…balance. I get that Klopp’s hand has been forced here though.

        • You’re right there but it has been such freaky season so far why stop now? Might as well go all out crazy buddy!!! Has this lineup not gotten u more excited than anything else this season? Scared as hell and excited even more is the answer from me!!!

    • Milner just got back from injury.Allen will start against Arsenal for sure.Hence being rested.I am actually hoping that Henderson Sturridge and origi are ready for Arsenal,,,

  9. Liking it boys, liking it!!!! COME ON THE YOUNG GUNS!!!!! God I hope these boys shock and awe!!! They have the talent let’s hope they can handle the pressure!!!

      • It’s what has happened … surely not the strongest possible side, which was the mantra … has Milner done a hammy or what?? Anyway hope the younguns can do it, Exeter missong a few too :)

    • I think he is giving up FA cup as we dont have enough squad to compete in 4 competetion. Its like if the kids can win then win else lasser games in future.

      • Win win situation. If we win with kids, it will give immense confidence to the boys and FA cup progress as well.
        If we lose, no one is going to lose sleep. Injuries dictated this line up and losing will reduce number of matches too (although not desired but with the injury list, will take it)

    • what do you expect coming in into the running season? don´t think that 4th was really something to aim for. surely accepted if all had fallen immediately into place but with so much to put into shape it shouldn´t be a goal as of now.

      • i agree i’m quite optimistic about the future under klopp with the club and the kids i’m just quoting alan hanson and the big gaff he made when commenting about the manure kids under whiskey nose i really believe klopp can have the samw sort of impact fergie had at united

  10. i like that we’re playing 4-4-2 today, and i like that’s he’s given so many kids a chance. This is their chance to shine and show Klopp what they’re made of. the only thing i don’t like is Enrique in the team, regardless of what position he’s playing, should’ve recalled Andre instead to partner Tiago.

  11. I think this is a brilliant chance to see which of these lads can replace some of our injured first teamers in the PL.

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