Jordan Henderson challenges team-mates to show Jurgen Klopp they are good enough

on 18.01.2016

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson expects manager Jurgen Klopp to bring in reinforcements this summer but believes the current squad can prove they are good enough.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Sunday, January 17, 2016: Liverpool's captain Jordan Henderson in action against Manchester United during the Premier League match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Klopp has already made one signing – Serbian teenager Marko Grujic who will join for pre-season having gone back on loan to Red Star Belgrade – and there are expected to be several more new additions.

When the German took over in October he told owners Fenway Sports Group he believed the squad was good enough for him to work with immediately with no major changes but on the evidence of performances so far he will want to bring in his own players.

He is trying to tie up a deal for Schalke’s Cameroon centre-back Joel Matip, who is available on a free transfer come the end of the season, but the squad will need a major overhaul in all departments. That effectively leaves players playing for their futures.

Midfielder Joe Allen admitted as much earlier this month as he has struggled for pitch time, and Henderson accepts the only way to convince their manager is to start winning more often.

Since Klopp took over in mid-October Liverpool have won back-to-back league matches just twice and taken 19 points from 14 matches but a failure to score and mistakes at the back have cost them dearly.

They are the primary areas Klopp needs to improve but Liverpool’s captain is hopeful the existing squad can make a case for themselves.

“Football teams will always look to strengthen, always look to improve, but us as players we just have to give everything for now and try to win as many games, put in as many performances as possible,” he said.

“I really believe we have a good squad of players but we need to be winning.

“The way that we played and the chances that we had (against Manchester United) we need to be winning the game but we never did.

“We need to be better in certain areas but we need to keep going right until the end of the season and see where we are.”

Defeat at home to United, conceding to the visitors’ only shot on target, leaves Liverpool eight points behind fourth-placed Tottenham.

Champions League qualification looks remote unless they can win the Europa League, which resumes with a trip to Augsburg next month, but with the chance of a Capital One Cup final appearance plus progression in the FA Cup domestic silverware might be a more attainable target.

“We have to keep going right until the very end and see what happens, take each game as it comes and see whether you are in the mix or you are not,” added Henderson.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Wednesday, January 13, 2016: Liverpool's captain Jordan Henderson in action against Arsenal during the Premier League match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

“At the minute we are not but we have to keep fighting, keep putting performances in I am sure we will win more than we lose.

“We want to win every trophy we can whether it is the FA Cup, Capital One Cup or Europa League.

“Whatever it is we need to make sure we give our all.”

United’s winner came from a corner, exposing a weakness which has become all-too well-known for opponents recently with Liverpool’s eight goals conceded from set-pieces leading the Premier League.

It is a fallibility opponents are now targeting and Henderson admits they have to improve.

“I am sure teams will look at that but we have to make sure we are fully concentrated and defending set-pieces well and stop conceding,” he said.

“We put a lot of work into it on the training field, it is disappointing.

“We conceded a sloppy goal at a set-piece against Arsenal and [against United] it was a good header and we need to react to second balls and be first to them.

“Maybe we need to be more concentrated, I don’t know, but we need to keep going onto the next game and play well.”


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  1. Why feel the need to prove you are “good enough” when you can get a 5 year contract extension for not being good enough?

    • Do you honestly think it’s as simple as that..?
      Klopp stated the other day in his press conference that he doesn’t like second place…! This season was always going to be a chance to analyse…:) Do you think that a manager of Klopps stature would play ball with FSG…he could walk into any top side he wanted…and I’m sure he made that point VERY CLEAR before he signed…:) Lets see how it pans out…:)
      Yum Yum….He said ‘Pans Out’ mmmmm…!

  2. They won’t, there’s too many passengers and weak mentalities within the squad, I’m almost certain that Klopp is targeting said passengers as we speak and hopefully he’ll weed them out come the summer. The squad needs a clean slate, most of the players are simply not good enough or have the wrong attitude, we need passion and quality at the club, and I for one hope to god that FSG back Klopp like they did Rodgers because if they don’t then we may as well give up now.

    • I do worry about how much money FSG will provide, before that I worry those
      Dic k heads who will be telling klopp to sign this and that players.

      I can clearly see what kind of situation brogers was in during bringing or selling players with brunch of people around throwing their opinion.

      I face this a lot in my projects. The faculties know sh ite about real world application and they want the best results with minimum risk.

      FSG didn’t set up a TC just to do something fancy. This was their MBA sh ity move. They clearly knew it’s merits and demerits

      The TC needs to answer the Boston bosses so they go for minimum risk targets. according to them PL experience players comes with minimum risk. So they don’t hesitate on spending big on them. Lallana, loveren, allenso, mings, benteke and the age criteria for them is not o top of the list. But again the players like firmino, sakho, markovic, Moreno, can were players that fits their young high resale value model were brought in because of their insecurity to get every such players. Few of them shine but rest are real waste of money.

      I bet TC is more of a numbers driven bunch that experienced football people.

      Though there can be exceptions in hiring process but I bet they chose players that fit their parameters. That’s why we miss on players like alli, Konoplyanka etc.

      All I fear is TC still remain alive in klopp era.

      And as fo money FSG need t realise that they need to spend 50+ millions on WC players.

  3. Maybe we need to be more concentrated, I don’t know, but we need to keep going onto the next game and play well.”

    Come on Jordan, if you don’t know or do not feel strong enough to say what everyone is saying then we have no hope.

      • need game changer like stevie g of old. henderson’s still sunderland level (no disrespect to them).

        • I disagree, I think Hendo is excellent. He is not Gerrard but who is? He is just coming back from his heel issue and is indispensable when he gets going. Problem is the whole team defending at corners, they make amateur mistakes and we have been punished accordingly. The amount of goals we have conceded to second balls at corners is shocking. Klopp will get it right I feel.

    • Stevie would just say it how it was. It seems Jordan has inherited some of Rodgers “spin”. Hopefully the presence of Klopp will make him more brutally honest, it’s a good character trait of a captain imo

    • Natural thing to say. We can white wash what our players say all we like, but at the end of the day they can’t quite put their finger on EXACTLY what is going wrong, just offer opinions, just like us.

    • I think Kolo Toure would disagree with you, that’s a man that knows the art of defence!
      We are lacking something though and that’s influence, somebody the players can look to when times are tough, Henderson is not that player.

      • Kolo is good organizer, but sadly because of his age he doesn’t play all game. He is actually 4th in pecking order. All the goals from set pieces happened bcos of lack of concentration for a moment and thats good enough to concede. Need someone who can keep everybody on toes throughout the game, specially in set pieces.

  4. Henderson has to look at himself and his own performance last match as well..all those wasted shots…and then conceding the goal from the corner…he showed a lack of desire in defending that corner as well.

    • No both him and most fans on here, and from other quarters, think that is running up and down on the field, with the lack of end product is good enough, its not, that is the reason why his ratings are so high after games, that is bull sh***t, you can’t be making runs in good goal scoring positions and not scored, makes no sense.

      • He had a bad day at the office mate…but he’s generally been one of our best players in the team which is really just more of a indictment on the quality in the team sadly.

        • A bad day? I wouldn’t say that mate, Hendo biggest problem is his finishing ability, and that is what setting him apart from the world best, in 95% of his games he found himself in good goal scoring positions, but unable to score most of the times, if had took 80% of those chances people in the football world home and abroad, would be talking about him.

          • I don’t think Henderson generally misses sitters mate…even yesterday, he had a poor game..but it didn’t look like there were any clear cut chances…should have tested the keeper atleast once and also been a bit unselfish tomorrow. But if you wanna look around, Milner, Lallana, Coutinho aren’t great finishers either. I’d say Hendo is atleast a better finisher compared to Milner and Lallana. And generally you’d expect your goals to come from the attacking MFs more than the central MFs like Hendo.

          • I am not even talking about sitters mate, just chances on a whole, so we played 3 defensive mids yesterday?

          • There you go mate 4-3-3, and that is how Klopp played him most of the time, when Lucas Emre/ Allen played.

          • If you have been watching Henderson, his biggest problem is that he doesn’t shoot. He is quite unselfish and tries to pick up a team mate or tries to deliver the perfect pass even when he has an option to shoot. He has all the skills and very comfortably looks the best player on the pitch and coupled with his work ethic, he is a great player to have. He just needs to shift an extra gear and become more ruthless and a tad bit selfish.

          • I dunno which hendo you’ve been watching. And he’s not or best midfielder. That would be emre can.

          • I have been watching the same Hendo as everybody else have been watching. Can is definitely good, but Hendo is more consistent.

      • He is one of the most consistent player in the team. When your wingers and strikers don’t score you can’t blame the midfielders all the time.

        Though he needs to add goals and assist to his name.

          • But there is no Gerrard in the team any longer…and there are no other candidates to really lead the line by example on a regular basis. Sakho is one but he keeps getting injured.

          • but isnt that the problem if he isnt a game changing player like a Mahrez, Dele ALi etc have been this season but then why is he a nailed on starter and captain of the team? i just think were accepting mediocrity with players like him. The same applies to Lallana neat player but 0 goals and 3 assists in the league this season and he is a first team regular?

          • Absolutely…there was an article out here from Niel Poole which said he’d rather Hendo was the 8th player on the teamsheet than the 2nd or 3rd one. That he is one of the best players in this team is more of a damning indictment on the quality within the club than on Hendo’s qualities himself.

            Lallana? He’s far more mediocre..that’s a good chunk of that 25mil wasted on a player.

          • Any franchise or sports club with a bit of knowledge understand a player is not forever… In Gerrard’s case, FSG should have pulled the trigger a long time ago filling a gaping talented void such as the loss of Capt Fantastic. A tourniquet won’t stop the hemorrhaging. Too many open wounds with this patient, and a poor prognosis it is.

          • Totally agreed. But tell me what options do we have.

            It would be foolish to compare gerrard with anyone else especially in our team. Gerrard was made in laboratory. That lab is shut for a while especially for us.

            There are no CM in Europe who are at the level prime gerrard. None. Yaya toure in his prime don’t have a patch on gerrard. That big player our captain fantastic was.

            I don’t argue much over topic of gerrard and hendo. Actually we are spoiled fan.

            If you want a attack minded CM who scores and assist lots of goals then we will need to wait to find one. But if you need a goal scoring CM then pogba and kroos are the answer. Which FSG will never buy. Pajanic is one ATM in my opinion will a massive deal. We can get him if we get CL. And a player of gerrard mold is right there with our neighbours. Ross Barkley. But….

            People are asking for xhaka. He is never going to be the CM people are asking for. Though hour will be an massive upgrade over Milner.

            At least let’s appreciate what hendo brings in. He doesn’t score goals but at least other part of game is really good. His passing is way better than Milner. Unlike Milner he doesn’t run unnecessarily.

            Hope we soon get the leader we want

          • I laughed when hendo went to the media last season and set his lofty ten goal target.

          • Agree on many levels especially the lab bit. I’ve always welcomed an seasoned attacking midfielder, but the powers that be “FSG” need to comprehend, less will not give you more when transfer purchases are made. I have no arguments about hendos athletic abilities: passing, movement, intensity. What lacks is vision, creativity and most of all simple placement goal scoring. How many times has that failed him and the team in the end? Don’t get me wrong, we are a much better starting 11 with hendo but by how much? The result speak for themselves. Until FSG slacks up on the transfer $$$$$$ reins LFC will become ischemic and will be a once was.

    • I think he should resign as captain, he hasn’t got the balls to be captain as he proved by his failure to support Lucas Leiva with the incident with Fellaini I didn’t see Rooney allowing the ref to order him away,he maybe good enough with improvement to stay in the team, but he is will never have what it takes to be a captain.

      • Bit harsh mate but alright. Problem is there is no one else to really take over as captain at this moment. Lucas and Sakho make for great leadership positions in the team, but neither play regularly, one due to injuries and the other because he’s a squad player. Taking all the factors into account he’s still the best candidate at this moment sadly.

          • Can is certainly getting there and has the potential to leapgrog Hendo in the long run…but right now, he’s too young and this is still just his second season in the club. Massive level of influence in the team though no doubt…he seems to play with a level of maturity beyond his years for me.

      • More then overly harsh really. Lad’s just been back from a very long injury and needs to get some rythm. From being the most vocal and best player for us against Arsenal to suddenly dogshte is the type of stuff we need to refrain from.

        • your the one talking dogshte my view is clear he may be good enough for the first eleven but is a poor replacement for Gerrard so please don’t put words in peoples mouths I would have expected better from you, yes you are entitled to your view or comments but not to let your mind run riot because you don,t agree with someone.

  5. All players must be ashamed of themselves. ALL!!!

    But onn the other side, like we said in Croatia.. It is impossible to made a pie from Sh***!!!

  6. Brenda was on Sky lecturing Klopp on how to organize a better defense. This man has quite a outstanding character with his many outlandish buys. Even if he didnt want Balotelli, the list of his buys (Lallana, Milner, Benteke, Lovren, Mignolet, Allen) has been duly atrocious.

      • Don’t think he was arrogant on MNF personally…the whole thing had massive potential to get awkward or cringey but he handled it in quite a dignified manner.

    • he was careful to list the 2 incidents that would make him look entirely not responsible.
      The Alli one is hindsight. Noone expected a 19 yr old Mk Dons CM to be a starter or even a priority once essential spending had been done yet he uses it to trash the owners.

      Then the balotelli one which he has a right to be aggrieved about, well having had great success with 2 direct pacy forwards, he then spends 2 summers searching for a target man (eg bony) and changing to one up top. So he clearly didn’t want to stay playing the way we were. So what was he trying to create because it never came to anything like fruition?

  7. I can not wait till the summer….Excuse me a moment just sticking the last of my pins into the rooney doll.

    FSG and TC you’ve got the right manager now so lets see if you have any
    serious ambition back the man properly and get some players that are fit to wear the shirt…..One more thing no more nancy boy nivea adverts please
    Jeez they make me cringe.

    Is it just me or does any one else think Van Gaal has a face like mutant budgie.

  8. Where to begin… Is Henderson reading Captain for Dummies? He says all the right things but at all the wrong times, actually Stevie had that down to a fine art too.
    The only difference being I believed Stevie when he said these things, Henderson on the other hand has one more trophy than I do, just one!
    I like what he’s saying, I’m just not feeling it though.

  9. his shooting was so brain dead. what did he think was going to happen. That was so annoying. He just lacks so much football intelligence.

  10. The arrogance of Rodgers when asked if he would change tactics if he had the Chelsea game again (the slip ) he said NO ! Wee Chelsea fan Brennie me thinks .
    you can’t legislate for a slip he said ,that was the game we lost the league he said ! I wonder how that makes Stevie feel about you Brendan .Taking the praise for finishing second and having none of the blame for your signings you tos ser

    • What are you going on about?

      We would have drawn that game if Stevie didn’t slip, Mourinho didn’t park the bus, he left it all the way in London.

      It wouldn’t have mattered what tactics you play if stevie is the last man and slips and gives it to their striker. And Brendan gets frequently blamed for EVERYTHING.

      • Doh!

        Can you explain why a midfielder was last man?

        No you can’t ! That’s why you think Rodgers was a good manager, because you’ve no understanding of football.

        Being a girl I bet you thought he was ace because he gained slimline chops with gleaming teeth and a wonderful wee tan. Of course that beautification time should have been spent watching opponents videos and planning tactics but that would be lost on you!

        • Amazing, so much in this post is amazing.

          Gerrard was the last man because when a team drops so deep the playmaker can drop between the centrebacks to initiate play when we have the ball. Chelsea had one man in our half and without any sort of press. The only way they were going to win that ball is if Gerrard slip

          But, don’t let rational and tactics ruin your idiocy little man.

          • We was in a game we only needed to draw, Chelsea had a CL semi 3 days later and were not interested in the league game.

            At all times it was imperative that we did not concede. A goal was a bonus.

            MUST NOT CONCEDE!

            So Gerrard is the last man with no fullbacks or centre halfs behind him?

            And you don’t think Rodgers was at fault?

            Do you ever watch a competent manager in his area? Or do you prefer the strong silent type stood with his hands in his pockets like a rabbit caught in the lights?

          • There are so many other games you could blame him for that season, i.e playing 4 centre backs at home vs Southampton or the away defeat to Hull. They are the results that cost us the league.

            What you are suggesting is that no one should have the ball if there is no one behind them. The ball will be picked up in those positions, it was a freak occurrence and not down to his tactics.

          • Seriously is that the best you can reply? Too blinded by Rodgers genius to see that any one of Flanagan Lucas Skrtel or Sakho should have been in a position to stop Ba runn8ng from the semi circle and getting 1on1 with Mignolet.

            Rodgers fault. Nobody else.

          • When a team is set up to attack and outscore the oppositions and is basically on a 11-12 game winning run in the league, do you really think it’s feasible to just one fine day change your approach and go defensive? Everything you’ve been telling your team and coaching your team about how to play against opposition. Personally, I think if Rodgers had tried to go defensive on them I think it could have backfired on us psychologically.

          • But it wasn’t ‘just 1 fine day’ was it? The game had changed completely. When City were ahead in the league we could afford to play gung ho because we had nothing to lose, but when City messed up and we took control the game changed and so should have the tactics. We no longer needed to win, we just needed the draw. Game changer. Istanbul, why do you think once we scored 3 we didn’t go on to score 5 or 6? Because at 3-3 the game changed.

          • In-game tactics change for 20-30 minutes is one thing…actually changing your approach for the whole is quite another…we ought to have shown more experience and guile in the matter sure. I’m just saying, this is what Mourinho’s teams are good at…passive style defending, slowing down the match and then just try and nick it off the team on the counter from a mistake, score one goal and sit back again.

          • But we had to change our approach because we was no longer in a ‘must win’ gane, it was now a ‘must not lose’ game. As you say, it was clear as day what Mourinho’s tactic was, he even dId it to Barca. Rodgers should have been more pragmatic and made sure yes we attack but we also cover every move defensively, kerring a tight formation. He failed and we lost the game. It’s why we conceded 50 goals in 38 games. He never had any control.

      • I completely disagree with you. Honestly bodgerz had a good hand in LFC success in 13/14 but at the same time his tactix were too unpredictable. It’s just 1 tuff game against Chelsea and then we have the title ffs. A draw would be good and Chelsea were playing with almost their second squad,still bkdgers could not use his wee brain

    • maybe not but horses are sprinters and donkeys are marathon runners. take your pick because we have both.

        • Neither should horses but the point was about players running out of steam and not being able to go full pelt for 90 mins. It was an analagy and as i said we have both at the club. Some pedigree and some not.

  11. Henderson = Captain Pathetic,shot when he should of passed,nowhere to be found when team mates are being bullied,watching Rooney score a goal instead of throwing his body towards the ball when he was closest,giving the fans in the stands a feel of the ball when shooting for goal.There you have it Captain Pathetic.

  12. I’ve always supported Henderson from day 1, felt he had a lot to offer, but he’s never a true Liverpool FC Captain. He needs to concentrate on his own game more, the added responsibility is way too much for him. We’ve had some great Captains – Yeats, Smith, Hughes, Neal, Thompson, Souness, Hansen, Whelan, Hypia, Gerrard. Just like Rodgers, Henderson has done nothing and carries no weight with his captaincy.

    • Who do you suggest take the arm band? Hes a long way from being the ideal Captain but is the most suitable of the lot.

      • Emre Can is a natural leader, he’s playing very well and improving all the time now he’s finally being played in centre midfield. I’d choose Emre ahead of anyone else in the squad to be the next LFC captain.

        • Emre Can is great for 60 minutes, then tires rapidly, gets caught in possession too much and becomes a liability for the rest of the game. Needs a lot more experience before he gets anywhere near the armband

          • I have been studying hendo for years, and I always give players time to show their stuff before I mention negatives. That being said I cite his positional discipline as his most frustrating for me. He always left Gerrard for dead, never covered for Johnson when glen attacked. Couple that with his low tackle rate. Not to mention his low conversion rate.

  13. I really dislike Henderson and having him as captain irked me no end. He is not a good footballer, not a leader and looks like a joke. This week Klopp said something nice about Fergie, it galls me to say it but he was spot on about Henderson.
    I fear he will be wih us all his career and he will always be our captain. How else will he leave and why would he want to, he has it on a plate.

    • Although I agree with you, Henderson is useful when he minds his positioning. When he’s given liscence to run to no end, we get exposed and he leaves his teammates for dead. Then everyone else gets scapegoated.

  14. Henderson must also take the blame , he has no leadership qualities , I also strongly believe Klopp had his tactics wrong, I should have gone with 4-4-2 , with Benteke and Firmino the front two, and i would have had Caulker alongside Sakho , we needed to win this game because ManU was there for the taking

  15. Saying Henderson has been one of our better players doesn’t make him good. Just shows how bang average the rest of the squad is IMO.

  16. Jordan Henderson is a solid player but thus far he only has 1 goal and 2 assists in 10 pl games but that just isn’t good enough when compared to his compatriots in other teams. While he does pass the ball beautifully at times i just dont think he influences enough games to be considered a nailed on starter

    • For a fella who’se been out for so many games that’s not too bad. Don’t forget the long ball to Benteke who set up Joe Allen. In order for a team to score 3 men has to do something or good or one guy something amazing. Hendo is usually the first of the 3 to do something good.

    • Think Can and Hendo are still nailed on starters despite taking their respective deficiencies into account. Strong, athletic, physical, possess class on the ball, have presence in MF and can generally cover ground and do multiple sprints throughout the match. Allen and Lucas are rightly considered second choice in comparison to these two IMO.

      • In a 4-2-3-1 vs. Assenal, Can-Hendo was a perfect combo in the last line in MF.. Both ready to step in when needed, but also both covering a lot of space behind..

        • Hardly determines a player’s true quality even if you think it’s funny or odd. That way even Sakho ‘looks’ clumsy..

      • Lucas has more or less consistently out performed Can this season. What is with the fuss. The guy loses the ball loads, hardly class on the ball

        • Lucas doesn’t provide the same level of athleticism or that touch of class on the ball…cmon man, I think this has been run over a thousand times already. Pretty much everyone agreed about a week or 2 back that putting Lucas in a 2-man MF is a no-no.

          • While i totally agree that Can and Hendo are much better suited to a 2 man midfield, The idea that Can adds a touch of class that Lucas doesn’t add is just foreign to me. Can is regularly robbed of the ball in important positions, where as Lucas is for the most part calmness personified on the ball. Can is better suited to a 2 man midfield because he has more stamina, that’s it. The idea that Lucas failed in a midfield with Can against West ham is a myth. Total scapegoating. Can did little defensively in that performance just the same as Lucas did little in an attacking sense. Can is better at driving forward, no question, but at what cost? He does not contribute everything he should to a 2 man midfield, as Lucas doesn’t. People point to narrow wins against often average opposition when Can and Hendo were in midfield and uphold to it as some sort of benchmark, its just not reality. Against United Lucas had a far better game than Can, as he often has had this season. A couple of high profile defeats in which Lucas played and suddenly Can is better, it just doesn’t make sense. Can could become great but currently he is average and no one is willing to accept this.

          • Honestly, why are we even arguing over this? They’re not even the same type of players to be compared with one another. And you should know by now from Klopp’s selections that between Can and Lucas 9 times out of 10 he will pick Can. I really don’t want to get into a long discussion about good and bad points about Lucas and Can but atleast for me the decision is a fairly obvious one. Can is practically a starting XI player at this point. Lucas isn’t.

            Btw for all the bad things Can does he also seems to be the one creating the best chances (both shots at De Gea our best in the match) and pulling off the best assists(that backheel against City).

    • sometimes you can do a lot of hard running and create beautiful openings but if your team mates cannot match your abilities, it will all come to nought. one man can only do so much. hendo is a worthy captain. whether he is going to be a legend in the making just like gerrard is, only time can tell.

      • He is not good enough. To be true champions you need inspirational leaders, not weak jokes. Look at Highway, Hughes, Souness, Hansen. Gerrard also, I am sorry mate but I don’t rate him.

      • Keep hoping because Gerrard was banging in 20 plus goals a season by the time he was Hendo’s age. Fact.

  17. If there is one thing our players are really good at, it has to be talking to the media. They talk and talk, only to disappoint massively come game time.

  18. Henderson can say what he likes but one thing is clear he is in know way near good enough to replace S Gerrard as captain of this team, maybe just about good enough as with 3 or 4 others to stay in team, if Rodger’s is to be believed then the concerns of the few who dared to speak out against FSG have been proven true, by their employment of a yes man rookie manager, and by their meddling they have wasted their own money and failed misserably in rebuilding this team. Ayres should fall under his Harley and J Henry should get rid of the rest of the transfer committee, before we lose the only top class person left at the club one Jurgen Klopp


        • seriously do you have any concept about how football should be played or is it outside your realm of sensibility?go and have a lie down might be good for you.

          • This is a good question to ask. Is abandoning your position to press, to be beaten by one pass the way we should be approaching the games. This is Hendo’s strong suit.

  20. Regardless of how they play for here on average is still going to be average and at least 3 to 4 players will be shipped out in the Summer and a few other dropped down to the bench to become squad players. If Sturridge is not fit by the end of the season and ready for a full pre-season he will also be shipped out. If Klopp does not change formation it seems excessive to have a 32 mill player on the bench as plan B, maybe with the return of Markovic and another addition we will get more out of Benteke. Matip will replace Toure, Klopp will bring in at least another 3 in addition to Matip and the Serbian kid.

    • Benteke, our top scorer, three goals in three games against united. Our most powerful player in the air. But we only give him ten minutes. We only have ourselves to blame. May the scapegoating continue.

    • I like your enthusiasm, but I just feel deep down he is not inspirational to call troops to arms. I am so so frustrated about how this club is run and the mediocracy that is accepted by those who own it and many of our fans ( I am not labelling you here). Even with average players and a real captain you can do well. Look at Morgan and Leicester. I am sure poor Klopp is feeling frustration too, you can sense it.

      • Funny how one game can change so much. One game where we were the better team by miles just forgot to do the business end. When we draw spectacular with Arsenal and win against United the mood would’ve been “Allright then, looking up!”. Now it’s all down and out and all that sentiment.

        Klopp said a while ago it’s good to be in the middle of the road. I’m going to stay there.

        • For me it was not good with even the Arsenal game, and before that game it was poor, apart from the Man. City and Southampton. I am talking about structural issues at LFC as well as Henderson, who I have never rated as a player let alone a captain. I like Klopp but you can tell he is fed up.

          • How long would Klopp want to stay in the middle? Not long. You also, me neither, we all want success

          • Henderson is a more then outstanding player mate. His contribution last season was simply stunning. In a team that can’t score he scored 6 and assisted 9 or something? That’s a very decent return. He’d walk into any midfield in the EPL, any midfield.

            I think the biggest problem is the lack of balance in the squad. Many number 10’s, very few wide players. Certainly there’s a bit of deadwood to get rid of but it’s not that worse.

          • I respect your opinion and it is healthy to differ, but he infuriates me every time he plays. Hahaha!

          • Why? He intercepts 7 times against Arsenal and sets Benteke for the assist? He stood up when it mattered. And then to think he’s been out of the team for about 5 months.

  21. 40 odd years supporting Liverpool this must be the worst team I’ve had to witness, unfathomable transfers, unfathomable contract extensions, no match winning leaders, no defenesive leaders, and a donkey inbetween the sticks. Can’t wait for a thorough first team cull.

    Probably win all three cups after saying that now.?

    • I hate to say this, but unless we can get a player or players in (or back and fit) who can score goals then the cup/s may be our only hope of being back in Europe again next season, we need quality and we need it NOW.

  22. Every single player needs to raise their game and keep it raised, it’s just as well almost every team in the PL is being as inconsistent as we are, otherwise we’d be at least 4-5 places down the league from where we are with this side, we can’t win games without scoring, we HAVE to score more goals, many, many more!!

  23. Some of you are bloody hypocrites! There’s no doubt Hendo has what it takes to be the captain. When he performs well, you people lose ur freaking balls. And when he doesn’t, you criticize the lad. I mean c’mon, football is a team sport and Liverpool is passionate club! whatever happens we know some of them are trying hard! Just keep your head high and wait patiently! YNWA! we’re gonna make history! i can feel it

    • I agree, we have a side more than capable. When the players have to look at their captain constantly pointing and shouting, whom is squandering chances and fails to cover his own position. It’s simply demoralizing. Our fans love to scapegoat strikers, even when they don’t play or feature for ten minutes.

  24. He also stated that they practice set pieces and were disappointed to concede if you look at the goal there were 4 players around fellani if that was what they practice then god help us. and nobody was around rooney when he went for the second ball and he scored.

  25. I would be happier if u guys do the talking on the pitch. …. same was said after the lost againts Newcastle. . And we got hammered by Watford and west ham.
    I like Henderson as a player… but u have to make us to love u guys when u are on the pitch. Time will tell who will come in and who would be leading the exit door. Till then…kindly take the pride of having the liverbird on your chest and show what it means to u you guys.

  26. i hope Flanagan and Rossiter will return soon enough to the first team to provide that Scouse spine within the squad. Rossiter is the future captain, not this Mackem

    • For me, at this point in Liverpool’s history, It doesn’t matter if the team is made of green men from mars because we simply need to get back to being competitive and winning trophies

      • i’d say just concentrate on getting top 5, auto entry to europa league, at same time trying to win the 3 cups like 2001. If we can win Europa League, that’d be our 4th and automatic entry to Champs League.

  27. When your captain can’t make his mind up what does that tell you. He’s never a LFC captain, never in a million years. Gerrard led by example and had a word when he thought necessary, Henderson seems to think shouting works for him, the difference is Gerrard could do what he was asking others to do, Henderson can’t.

  28. thing is as captain he should be TELLING them to sort themselves out and play to capacity or do one. as for a challenge it should be a given that they are challenging each other for places but the majority of this squad know they are a shoe in for first team action and therefore there is no challenge. the squad as a whole is mediocre at best through bad player buying which leaves little choice as to who to pick come game day. the challenge should now be for these players to prove they dont need replacing in the summer and to cement a place in klopp’s future plans otherwise they need to hit the bricks

  29. Fair enough as far as good intentions go. A captain’s attempt at rallying the troops. It fails, however, when he seems uncertain and tentative, effectively doubting himself. That we need to keep intensity concentration levels up should not ever be in doubt.

    As a skipper, he doesn’t do enough on the pitch. The contrast from Gerrard in this regard is staggering and, I feel, one of the reasons we seem devoid of on-pitch leadership regardless of starting 11. Hopefully he applies himself to rectify this as he did his woeful game when he joined us. His improvement as a footballer while with us has been one of the most eye-catching I have seen anywhere. As for his words of encouragement, there just is not as much quality in the current squad as I would like. Klopp’s player development skills will unearth some sleepers, but many will have to depart to return the Liverbird to our long-vacated perch.

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