Jurgen Klopp’s Norwich celebrations to Baywatch theme tune go viral

on 24.01.2016

Within minutes of full time, Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool’s mad celebrations after Adam Lallana‘s 95th minute winner at Norwich had gone viral on social media.

One video edit though, by the talented ‘Mostar’ account has been getting particular attention, with the club’s official twitter account even retweeting it, and academy winger Sergi Canos – currently on loan at Brentford – also commenting on the viral video.

Here it is, to the Baywatch theme tune:

There’s also a Chariots of Fire version:

It was another late goal for the Reds, following on from the late equaliser against Arsenal last week and Klopp has certainly instilled a never say die attitude among the players.

Indeed, no Premier League team has scored more goals after the 75th minute than Liverpool (7) since Klopp’s appointment in October.

Speaking about the celebrations, goalscorer Lallana said: “It was a great feeling. I’m sure the celebrations summed it up.

“I think the whole squad, everyone involved, was on the pitch. I’ll take a booking for that one.

“(After) their goal in the 94th minute I remember asking the ref ‘how long left?’ and he said ‘one minute’.

“The next thing I knew the whistle had gone and we had all three points.

“It was a great game to be involved in and one you won’t forget too quickly.”

“Liverpool are still a bit crap. The defence is a shambles at times. The fact we had to score five at Carrow Road to secure a win says it all. But how can we let that dampen our joy at the win. The sight of Klopp changing from demon to delirium in the space of seconds, as he struggled to comprehend this roller-coaster of a game was something to behold.”

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  1. Funny but we should have had the game wrapped up that defence should lose a week’s wages for that fair play to Klopp tellin the players to give there shirts to the away fans that travelled

    • A weeks wages? So in relation to the average wage you mean take three farthings off of them? That really will make them defend better… Doh! Best would be to drop the one most responsible for the next three games and if necessary replace them completely! Bye bye Mignolet!

      • Replacing them and dropping them is something that should be considered though in the meantime half assing at your job should mean half a wage Ive seen Sunday league players with hangovers defend better. and I’m sure with all those big mortgages and car payments and all the other luxuries footballers need they won’t be too long in bucking there ideas up

  2. Loved it. The Baywatch one cracked me up, shame the video wasn’t 30 seconds longer, that made my day. Jurgen Klopp you are great! :)

  3. In the works of Shakespear, he describes “man love”, which is not
    sexual but in its way pure!
    I thought I was going a little “Kloppy” before seeing this. But the
    almost childish reaction to a win from a football manager
    (a breed you normally associate as a bit of a politician/apologist,
    much in the way Lazurus Van Gaal comes across.)
    ABSOLUTELY CHARMING in these days of results and passionless
    “no comment” press conferences.
    This is a man who the late great Shankly & Bob Paisley would understand,
    not that Paisley was particularly demonstrative or excitable.
    I just wonder (hope and prey) that he can build an Anfield Legacy that the
    “Great Men” of the past would approve of! YNWA

  4. Ooh my dearest Liverpool, at one moment am covering my face with my shirt in disgust, a second later am on my knees hands raised up in delight. Then I watch this videos over and over again and I can’t help but think how lucky we are as a club to have Klopp and his passion.

  5. Completely off topic but Sky Sports News have ‘breaking news’ that Alex Teixeira has told Shaktar that he wants to join Liverpool, they go further and claim we’re the only club he’s interested in. I haven’t got a clue how reliable this is but if true it seems he’s trying to force the move…

    • I mean… Coutinho is one of his best mates and then there is Firmino and Lucas
      On the other hand Chelsea has Oscar and Willian. I hope we sign him, even willing to see us go as high as £35 million, we paid 32 for tekkers we can pay a bit more for the real deal.

      • According to Sky he cited his friendship with Lucas and Coutts as being the reason he wanted a move to Liverpool, that and the reports that personal terms have been agreed suggests to me that he’s definitely ours (subject to getting the fee agreed of course, that’s still the big sticking point)…

    • There’s pics of him on Twitter and instgram in a lfc kit and he’s liking them and following lfc players too

    • Maybe if he had any doubts, he made his decision after the fantastic scenes after Lallanas goal? I believe there are more top players around the world who were watching yesterday thinking that they would love to be a part of what Klopp is building, the team spirit and pure joy after winning games as a TEAM!
      The person Jürgen Klopp gives this club such wonderful PR which is hard to estimate in money, and he is just being himself!

  6. Can anyone explain why Austin wasn’t signed for £ 4 mill ? Why pay Sturridge a fortune to do nothing. Don’t be surprised if he never wears a Red shirt again.

  7. Hahahaha…….you can see Jurgen’s face change at that moment when he realises that Lallana is coming towards him. He knows what this does to the club and the fans. MAGICAL! This is what football is really all about…..:D

  8. I like the ‘ Chariots of Fire’ version better. Ibe at the back haha! Love it! Love it! Love it! Still can’t get enough of it!

  9. Yep same. Got a bad feeling that the Russian wont move as he doesn’t need the rubbles. Having Ayre travel there
    A/ with his outstanding negotiation skills (not)
    B/ thinking he can ‘negotiate’ directly after the Konoplyanka farce
    C/ both A and B
    makes me all but cringe, like you, I hope I’m wrong but got this sinking feeling.

  10. well, we just weren’t there in the first half, the team probably had their minds on that new planet in the solar system, they certainly weren’t at Carrow Road.

    They thankfully turned up in the 2nd half, and to score 4 goals in one half is good going even against an inept defence like Norwich though they have got some good points around the league.

    I’ve no doubt the lallana’s and henderson’s will score against lower sides, it’s just they will leave you wanting against the bigger teams where the shirt is just too heavy for the to wear.

    Great to see Bobby F finding his feet. If you give him space he’ll punish you immediately.
    Still need to work out how to beat the West Hams.

  11. Klopp’s passion shows is the perfect fit for LFC.

    The video of his celebration is a million times more us that Rodgers making his shopping list or grooming list notes in his little notebooks,

  12. Mad, mad game, they saved the best til last – I prefer the final celebration played to Chariots of Fire – far better than Baywatch…….

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