Jurgen Klopp looking for long-term solutions in January transfer market

on 22.01.2016

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp would dip into the January transfer market if he could sign a player for his long-term plans but he will not look for a quick-fix to the lack of goals.

With Daniel Sturridge, Danny Ings and Divock Origi all injured the German has one fit out-and-out striker in Christian Benteke, who is struggling for confidence, and attacking midfielder Roberto Firmino who he currently prefers in a false nine role.

Press Association Sport understands chief executive Ian Ayre was in Orlando on Thursday to open negotiations with Shakhtar Donetsk regarding forward Alex Teixeira with the club tabling a £24.6million bid.

The Ukrainians, who are competing in the Florida Cup, value the Brazilian closer to £40million and further talks will continue but Ayre has already flown back having registered Liverpool’s interest.

Klopp would not speak about the 26-year-old, who has scored 22 goals in 15 league matches and three in six in the Champions League, but insists he has not altered his opinion on his plans for the January transfer window.

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“I have nothing to say about this (Teixeira),” he said. “We could talk about a lot of players in the world and I could, if we had time for this, talk about the qualities they have.

“The January window is not the best and if you are under pressure then everyone wants prices where you think ‘Are they crazy?’

Alex Teixeira 1

“If you take a new player now we have a day to the next game, four days to the next so it is not a perfect moment.

“We have to watch the market, to think about what makes sense for us now plus for the summer.

“If we find a solution which fits for both transfer windows, winter and summer, and a player could help us as quickly as possible then of course we would try.

“I have always said we will watch the market and we will see if something happens, there are a few days to go.

“If there is a good player and we see a longer option with time to work together and not only for three games and then all the others come back then we would think about it.

“If it was possible we would try to do something what we would [normally] want to do in summer.

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“With player prices I think we should ignore this but we think about it, that’s all. It (the thinking) didn’t change.”

What Klopp could really do with this month is the return to full fitness of Sturridge, who has not played since sustaining a hamstring injury at Newcastle on December 6.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Wednesday, September 30, 2015: Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge during a training session at Melwood Training Ground ahead of the UEFA Europa League Group Stage Group B match against FC Sion. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Despite rumours he had suffered another injury setback Klopp said the England international was progressing well having seen his training schedule interrupted last week by a minor issue.

The Liverpool manager consistently stated he will not consider the 26-year-old for a first-team return until he has completed a run of 10 to 12 successive days’ training.

Last week’s hiccup put Sturridge back to square one again but Klopp is satisfied with the present situation.

“I’m happy about other things, I have to take it like it is. I can’t rush into this situation,” added the Reds boss ahead of the trip to Norwich.

“I would say the last four days were really good. He could do what he had to do. In this moment he is in a good way but it still needs time. I can’t change it. [There is] nothing really new.

“Hopefully he can do like this for next four to five days. We have spoken about this. Then it’s 10 days – which is better than two – and then we have to see where he is, how the situation is. Then we can decide if it’s time for him.”

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  1. Who will come in to replace Lallana? Benteke?
    That’s Firmino and Benteke on the pitch together.

    Doesn’t seem a good idea.

  2. Teixeira’s price is closer to £40m now?
    So will it be £60m by close of business day?
    How about £80m? It’s a good round number.

  3. Ayre was in Orlando to ‘open negotiations’ and to ‘register interest’. Some of you shriekers need to calm down when Ayre doesn’t come back with a new player in his suitcase.

    • You can register interest on the phone too. Not sure how they roll at FSG but other clubs usually only fly out in the final stages

      • If you flew out to register interest for every player he would never be off a plane
        Typical fsg stunt pretend we are after someone make them an other we know they are going to reuse
        Let the pr machine make excuses for them sitting on our money

          • This as the transfer window with rodgers written all over it when we challenged for the league
            The gullible liverpool fans where dreaming of a big singing to push us on we did nothing except fan the rumour mill
            I would not be surprised if ayres on vacation for the rest of the month

          • Haha yes. What better place to spend winter in than Florida. FSG are desperately trying to live up to the “we can compete with the best” bull they gave. We cant compete with anyone with these goons in charge. Offered Delle Alli 4k a week. Their scouts make more than that at their precious Red Sox.

          • Hopefully when they do not invest next summer more fans will wake up to these money grabbers and turn on them like the last cowboys

          • They have invested money during the last 2 summers ,they invested money in the first window after they arrived.The new stand is being built and more money will be invested in the team over the coming years.So calling them money grabbers is daft.

          • Who’s going to buy our club then it was for sale for years before H&G bought us the reality was there were no takers.Turnover doesn’t mean profit just because we are turning over £290 million there is day to day running costs and also players wages I suggest you take an accountancy course.

          • Carr out you haven’t got a clue about finance, apart from Roman and Mansoor other clubs expenditure is linked to income .When Arsenal started work on the Emirates they had to wheel and deal to buy players .Even in the early years at the Emirates they had spending constraints that’s an example of how things take time to turn around.

          • Which 10 clubs it’s not just about spending for spendings sake £32 million Benteke ,£22 million Firminio £7 million Ings ,£12 million Clyne that is a spend of £73 million.

          • loads look at net spend for last summer thats what counts they invested more money net in there squads than we did newcastle invested double what we did

          • Net spend doesn’t matter money was still spent to strengthen the squad Newcastle didn’t spend £73 million in total.Newcastle didn’t have players to off load .We spent £35 net £73 overall so there was a large investment in the squad .A sizable investment was made the previous summer £97 million in total .

          • No one could have for seen a title challenge at that time 4th spot wasn’t guaranteed .We did go for Salah but Chelsea offered more we had our own valuation of the player and stuck to it which is fair.

        • If they want £40 million then there is no way a deal will be done.We’ve started at £25 million we want to pay the least possible they are going to try and squeeze as much money out of us as possible.Patience is the key.

  4. Pato is coming to Liverpool I feel it in my bones?, Chelsea will dive in and pay £40m, then Pato turns up at Liverpool, Teixeira was always Chelsea’s number 1 target…………….interesting.

        • 10 league goals/5 assists last season in 33 league appearances. Benteke is on course to match that in the Premier League which is a massive step up.

          Pato is all reputation, even the Brazilian’s themselves don’t rate him.

        • The joint tenth highest scorer in that league this season ,why not sign one of the other 9 ho forgot you have not heard of them on talksport

          • Gano have you ever read your copy and paste quotes your a tool who thinks he,s a ITK
            you know nothing soft lad copy and paste that and pretend its news clown

          • easy your a clown mate every time we are linked with a player no matter how absurd it is your on here claiming breaking news
            I still remember when you was claiming that Mkhitaryan was boarding a plane to liverpool wearing a liverpool shirt now that was funny

          • Not upset at all just peeved we miss out on enough targets without the nonsence ones you bring into the equation;-)

          • but we know what will happen nothing as usual we have been here so many times before under fsg
            Plenty of times theu had a good reason to really invest in the squad everytime overlooked in favour of profit

          • Haha only on the things that amuse me
            the best one was when one so called fan claimed that he had been to arsenal to get a ticket for the up comming liverpool match and they told him they had sold out of liverpool tickets :-)
            told you the other day that the fans are starting to get peeved with the games lads just been offered 4 tickets away to leicester but i cannot make it that night

          • Ha ha where do you find find all these loons carr lad!

            Getting to Leicester will be a nightmare midweek anyway.

    • If we get pato instead of texeira I will literally shyte myself!!f##k Fsg and their money ball approach!! Fsg out!!

  5. Anyone knows anything about him besides the stats on scoring? Is he injury prone or fit? I know many fans want a established proven player but 40 mil is risky, if anything else we need players with leadership and experience.

    • Alex Teixeira:
      9 days injured last two or three years
      EXTREMELY fast
      Good at one-on-one
      Most goals from 10-12 meters
      Prefers to shoot safe with the inside of the right foot
      Pretty short and thin, but handles duels with larger players by “bouncing-off” of them
      I reckon he is a perfect fit

      Only problem is that he often thrives more in the second striker role, with a bit of space, not as a spearhead for an attack

      • I think he’d probably be played not as a number most/all the time, but he may be needed to fill the number 9 role until we have more numbers 9’s available, we have 4, but only one fit and he’s low on confidence, not a great situation, to say the least.

  6. Don’t worry , we’ll mess around and haggle over 4/5million for the next 2 weeks
    and then Chelsea will offer what they want and he’ll sign for them

    • No need to panic a deal may be struck at a lower price if no one else puts in an offer.Remember the Moreno deal they wanted £18 million but we ended up paying £12 million.

  7. Sell Benteke back to Villa.
    Sell Markovic back to Benfica.
    Sell Lallana back to Southampton.
    Sell Allen back to Swansea.

    And maybe, just maybe, that could raise £35m and get this player signed.

  8. Shakhtar Donetsk

    Willian to Anzhi £26 Mill – 221 apps 37 goals for SD
    Fernandinho to City £34 Mill – 284 apps 53 goals for SD
    Mkhitaryan to Dortmund £23 Mill – 104 apps 44 goals for SD
    Costa to Bayern £22 Mill – 191 apps 37 goals for SD
    Teixeira to Liverpool ?? Mill – 222 apps 89 goals for SD

    We’ve offered £24 Mill, they’re asking £39 Mill i reckon £30-£32Mill get’s him and from the quality that usually comes out of Shakhtar plus his goal scoring record compared to the players i listed i’m going to assume he’s worth it.

    • according to news using Euros, minimum Shaktar wants is €39m, just shy of £30m so your estimate seems quite realistic.

  9. Things is, when you sell for £49m and £75m, and then buy mediocre players for £32.5m and £26m, selling clubs are going to wanting a price that they deem fair in relation to those deals.. Honestly, who can blame them, we show no consistency in anything we as a club do.. Also note, Shaktar don’t want to sell..we are the desperate party, they could happily keep him till the summer and get their asking price… We created this, now deal with it…

  10. Market valued at 21M, usually a deal is struck around 1,5 times market value. So paying around the 30M mark is all reasonable. His contract isn’t very long anymore and he wants out so that helps getting it on 30. A bit above is quite normal.

  11. I really this think this is just a case of soothing the fan base, trying to make it look as if we are at least trying to find a striker that fits the bill when all in all the truth is there is no great wads of money on the table to buy anyone. I would put Ojo on the bench and get him on the field occasionally the goal he scored was the bees knees and I want to see more!

      • No I said there was no great wads currently on the table. I think that the owners are unlikely to pay what is being asked for. I would be a little worried at such an outlay! But what do I know? You know more?

        • I think a deal will be struck around 30M which is a reasonable deal. Every season under FSG we’ve been spending in and around 40M net. Sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less.

          This summer we’ve spent 11M net and add the 5.1M leaves us with 25M left to the 40M mark. Giving a warchest to a new manager is quite normal too. So a 30M-ish deal sounds really logical.

      • We might have money,but spending it is another issue!!Fsg aren’t willing to spend big,this is just a pr scheme to show that we tried!!signing ain’t happening!!Fsg out!!

          • Subtract the 49 million from sterling’s sale of those amounts and see how much net spend we have!!you clearly aren’t good with maths!!

          • We picked up £35 million for Sterling we are still owed £5 million and £9 million was given to Qpr £26 million net spend .Why are our fans always worried about net spend clubs sell and reinvest all the time.

          • Becuase if we are always going to rely on selling our best players to get more players in,we will never improve!!and the club is not willing to spend the going rate on wages for top class players!!that’s why we buy so much mediocrity!! And there naive,we could have handled the suarez and sanchez situation much better,instead of just letting suarez go we could have told barca no sanchez,no suarez!!and when we were on that dramatic title challenge in 2014,everybody was calling for us to invest in Jan to kick on our season!!that obviously didn’t happen!

          • Sorry I don’t think it is true to say “rely on selling our best players” I for one don’t think we would have sold Suarez if he did not want to bite his way out and leave. Nor would we have sold Sterling if he did not want to go. Jerome Sinclair as I see it he wants to leave and is not going to bring in much money and nothing has changed as far as I know on that front. Klopp said he did not want him to leave either! I also don’t think we were in any position to tell Barcelona they are not having Suarez if we don’t get Sanchez we are not playing marbles in the playground are we? Saying Liverpool where naive is a bit rich considering we managed to hold on to Suarez for one more season and we just slipped up at the end when we could have won the title. In my opinion it is all about the owners balancing the books and making profit. That is the way it goes they are hardly real fan owners who throw money around because of their feelings for the club are they?

          • So about Ojo who is already a Red he has a bit of something don’t you think? I really think we should take a risk occasionally with guys like him. Might score three tomorrow if we played him as his confidence is about ten miles higher than Benteke’s

          • I am not really on about the money otherwise I would have said No Money but I think that having spent a lot on strikers in the past for little return I am not so sure the owners will make wads of money available. I can’t be sure! But I personally would not rush into it.

          • if they want to spend fsg do not they want profit
            The record tv deal means they do not even have to pretend about wanting Cl anymore

          • Fsg slowly rebuilding can’t be critical of them the club was for sale from the start of the early 00’s Rick Parry trawled the world looking for buyers there were no takers.Dubai didn’t stump up the cash Moores was desperate to sell so he sold to H&G the only offer on the table .Fsg saved the club and have slowly turned things around but we don’t have the financial clout of the 2 billionaire owned clubs and we can’t compete financially at the moment with Arsenal or the brown half of Manchester.

  12. Might be pessimistic of me but i cant see us pulling this one off. Our valuations are too far apart and there is little reason for them to drop their price when they know other clubs are interested in him and if he keeps up this form they will win the league and then still get a big pay day from him.

    Also i like him but im not sure hes worth over £30 mill. For closer to the 40 mill mark (what they are asking) youd think we could buy a quuality striker

  13. Pato or Teixeira arriving at Liverpool will please me, as long as we don’t get shafted by plastics with money, don’t get fleeced by being naive, learn our lessons from the recent past………….not difficult.

    • If Pato is any good why has he been at Sao Paulo and not stayed with Corinthians. I mean would you allow a good player to go on loan at one of your biggest rivals? Let Chelsea have him!

  14. It would be nice if we offered teixiera 35.1 million £
    Why? Atleast Andy Carrol wont be our most expensive signing then

  15. If it’s not straight forward liverpool want him, player wants to move to liverpool, price offered with a little bit of tinkering, it’s been 2 days now and no more news other than he has collected our favourite injury, if it’s all about the gangster owner playing around again, I say liverpool walk away and have no more dealings with them ever again while he is the owner.

  16. another bluff of the management. why anybody needs to fly to Orlando to register interest in a player? very expensive vacation.

  17. Can hear it next week when Chelsea sign him at least we tried are we really ever in for any of these players or are they pr stunts nearly every baseball player they go after signs

  18. Regardless of your panic, the deal is still going on. Wise up and have a bit more perspective. The negotiatons aren’t even over, yet you’re already calling it a failure. Jeesh…

  19. Klopp has had more to say about this elsewhere:

    “We have money, but we are not in Disneyland and can say, ‘Come on, take what you want’. We have a budget, we work with it.”

    “Who can help from next season on for three, four, five years? In the summer we will have to make decisions; that is normal.”

    “Now we have to work on this situation and then in the summer, believe me, we will be prepared for the next season.”

    So if we can do this business at a reasonable price, fine, but if not… I have confidence that Klopp will do his real work in the summer. It makes sense that he prefers to bring in a few new players where he has a full pre-season to integrate them into the team.

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