Jurgen Klopp on Joel Matip and summer transfer plans – wants a winger

on 17.02.2016

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp believes the signing of Joel Matip on a free transfer has saved the club millions in their search for a commanding centre-back.

19.11.2011, Veltins Arena, Gelsenkirchen, GER, 1. FBL, FC Schalke 04 vs 1. FC Nuernberg, im Bild Joel Matip (#32 Schalke) // during FC Schalke 04 vs. 1. FC Nuernberg at Veltins Arena, Gelsenkirchen, GER, 2011-11-19. EXPA Pictures © 2011, PhotoCredit: EXPA/ nph/ Kurth..***** ATTENTION - OUT OF GER, CRO *****

The Cameroon international has agreed to move to Anfield when his contract with Schalke expires in the summer and the Reds boss believes their swift action has landed them a top-quality player.

Klopp said only Germany’s top four clubs would have been able to afford the defender, who has a Cameroonian father and German mother, but the player’s desire for a new challenge outside the country of his birth played into their hands.

“It is clear there were a lot of other clubs [interested]. In Germany a player of this quality without a contract is really rare,” said Klopp.

“Schalke are a big club; they played the last four or five years in the Champions League and they made big offers to keep this player.

“We have maybe four clubs who can get a player like Matip when he is at Schalke – only Borussia Dortmund, although that is not possible (as their arch-rivals), Bayern obviously, maybe Leverkusen and maybe Wolfsburg.

“The rest have no chance. Then you think about other countries and we were early enough. He was an easy choice.

“I know in England it is difficult to bring in a player without paying a transfer fee but I thought it should not be a reason not to take him only because you cannot write a number behind his name.

“Ask in Germany what other clubs would have paid for him and whether there would have been a contract [offer].”

Matip has made almost 250 appearances for Schalke since his debut in 2009 and has played 44 times in Europe, of which 28 were in the Champions League.

18.09.2011, Veltins Arena, Gelsenkirchen, GER, 1. FBL, FC Schalke 04 vs FC Bayern Muenchen, im Bild Zweikampf Joel Matip (#32 Schalke) - Nils Petersen (#9 Muenchen)// during 1. FBL FC Schalke 04 vs FC Bayern Muenchen at Veltins Arena, Gelsenkirchen, GER, 2011-09-18. EXPA Pictures © 2011, PhotoCredit: EXPA/ nph/ Kurth ****** out of GER / CRO / BEL ******

Klopp believes he has bought a centre-back ready-made for the Premier League who can help provide a solution to their defensive weaknesses which have been exposed so many times this season.

“He is a high-quality centre-half. You cannot play in a club like Schalke for six years always in the starting line-up without having big quality,” he added.

“He made big steps in his development in the last few years and became a really experienced centre-half: tall – 198cms – but flexible and quick.

“He is a perfect header and makes four or five goals per season.

“For him it is good because he knows I know him and it is not coincidence or that he comes here and finds a manager he has to show special things to.

“He has to work and improve of course but it is a really good base and he can be a really good centre-half in the Premier League.”

Matip is Klopp’s second signing after the capture of Red Star Belgrade youngster Marko Grujic, who will also join at the end of the season.

The last couple of summers have seen a number of ins and outs at Anfield – last year saw seven new arrivals – but the manager is not planning wholesale changes at the end of the campaign.

“I don’t believe in the number of transfers but we have to make solutions and we will make solutions – [but] seven really sounds a lot,” he said.

“Also maybe players will make solutions and say they do not want to be here any more, so you have to be prepared.

“We have enough strikers – five with Roberto (Firmino) – but not too many wingers, just a few young ones with great potential.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Sunday, December 13, 2015: Liverpool's manager Jürgen Klopp talks to Jordon Ibe after the Premier League match against West Bromwich Albion at Anfield. (Pic by James Maloney/Propaganda)

“We have to decide early and at the right moment on transfers, but it is about a squad where you can play different systems and react to different situations.”

Klopp is set to return to his homeland for the first time tomorrow when the squad fly out ahead of their Europa League last-32 tie against Augsburg.

Midfielder Lucas Leiva is fit after missing Sunday’s win at Aston Villa but forward Adam Lallana is not yet recovered from calf problem.

However, 22-year-old Kevin Stewart – who made his Premier League debut at the weekend having impressed in the FA Cup – will not be travelling after injuring ankle ligaments in training.


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  1. Always nice to hear the Boss echo what I’ve been saying. Gives one the notion he isn’t a complete dud.

    So, Gotze and Yarmolenko then. That’ll do.

  2. Yes Yes Yes! Wingers, good ones…then we can shut up shop.
    The ones we have are too young and raw still.
    To challenge for anything you need big game experience players.

  3. 3 players, Keeper (priority), DM and a fast wide person of quality, then we have all bases covered. If Benteke is unhappy and wants to leave due to lack of game time then another striker. Allen and Toure will go as will Enrique.

      • I was going to say he might struggle for game time next year but with 4 comps he should get enough in the minor comps. Nobody is going to pay 20 mill for him at this stage, lets see what he does next year.

        • 15 mil is possible IMO for Lallana with the improved TV money. Assuming a club really wants him. 12-13mil should be market value for him IMO.

          • Current market value is 13,5M. With a contract running till 2019 it’s at least 1,5xmv. So that’s a 20M easily negotiated.

            That said I really don’t think Klopp has any interest in selling him.

          • He’s only 20mil if a club is willing to pay 20mil. I think that’s a stretch personally. He’s worth around 15mil but even that is considered a lot of money for many mid-table clubs. Still 27 so not a bad age. It ultimately comes down to the dynamics though..how many clubs are interested in him, are we willing to let go of him or is it the interest that turns our heads. One thing I do have to say though, if players like Naismith and Townsend are going for 8mil and 12mil respectively then 15m is not a stretch for Lallana. But players like Naismith, Townsend, Shelvey have the impression of being difference makers..players who score goals/assists. Lallana maybe tactically a superior player and more consistent than these players, but then the question becomes is that something mid-table clubs value…and if so to what an extent.

          • 4 assists and 4 goals in this season. Naismith 4 goals, Townsend 1 goal, Shelvey 1 goal, 4 assists. I would say Lallana has a poor season and the others have a good season. So Lallana is well above those. We underrate him.

          • Naa they’ve been bit part players at their clubs. Townsend has barely played any minutes for Tottenham so how can you compare them? With Shelvey, it’s his passing from the back that Newcastle paid for. I think you understand the point I was making…

          • I do, but I do hope you got mine as well. Lallana scored 5 goals last season. He converted 18% of his chances. This season he only had 9,5%. Let’s say he had 18% as well he would be on 4 goals in the league alone, putting him on a total of 6 goals. Not saying that’s amazing but he can do a lot better. With a fit forward line it would’ve even been better.

            So why sell him?

          • Oh yeah? And how many of them were Premier League goals and assists? Fact is that’s the impression he gives..a player who’s tidy in possession and pressing but with a lack of output.

            Selling him is a different topic.

          • This season it’s been 2 goals and 4 assists in the league. 2 goals in Europe and an assist in the League Cup. Last seasons 5 goals was only the league. Haven’t bothered to check anything else. But, just for you I just did. So it turns out 6 goals and 4 assists of which 1 goal in the FA Cup, 1 assist in the League Cup so 5 goals and 3 assists in the league.

          • wow you have a lot numbers… do you count a lucky factor? or any other uncalculated things, such psychological effect? how do you count that?

          • Eventually it events out a bit. Lallana gets an assist for a missed control that Benteke slots home, once he controls a pass brilliantly in the box and sets up Benteke who mishits it.

          • Remarkable btw: 5 out of 6 contributions are since mid december. Somewhere around the moment when Firmino picked up. 3 contributions Norwich. So let’s hope he can pick up. Should end on 5 goals and 10ish assists I think.

          • I’m not talking about his role in this team, I’m talking about a role in a mid-table team. Where would he likely be successful? Come to think about it, S’ton is still probably the best fit for him given how much they focus on the tactical side of things and being a resolute team defensively. Doubt they’d wanna pay anything over 12.5-13mil if something like that does happen.

          • Palace seem to rely more on pace though, nearly all of their players. Everton doesn’t seem like Martinez would have any reason to go for him, the players they have at the moment seem better options with the system he’s got going.

            But this is too much forward thinking on my part…he could really end up going anywhere, and there’s a good chance he could end up staying at this club past this season alone.

          • He’s a Klopp player.

            Lallana is a bit of an odd one. He started playing tactical football very late. He really makes poor tactical choices similar to Emre Can. He’s 27 but plays like a 23 year old.

            I do like him, bit more work from Klopp and the lot and he can start to become really good.

          • It’s actually 5 assists and 4 goals (one assist in the league cup). That’s the same amount of assists as Hazard had, just 3 goals more.

          • China or bust. Otherwise, it seems highly unlikely that he’d be sold for 25mil. Unless it was us that was after him hehe.

          • On the League Cup wikipedia page:

            The winners qualify for the UEFA Europa League, unless they have qualified for the Champions League through their league position, in which case the Europa League berth goes to the highest-placed team from the Premier League not already qualified for Europe. – i.e. the 6th placed team…. we’re in 8th atm.

    • Only problem is I’m not sure we’ll spend that much in the summer…

      Say 30mn net spend and even if we assume we let Allen go, we get max another 10mn or so…

      • Throw in the CL money after we win the Europa cup and that 90 mill :) However 50 mill will get 3 good players, 10 to 15 for a keeper & 20 mill odd each for a wide and DM, in installments over 20 years:)

        • I didn’t see us throwing any CL money when we were in it… We instead spent the Suarez money on the 3 southampton boys…

          • Agree… But Klopp always talks about developing players not buying the latest toys…

            Moreover, Klopp has control on a lot of things but not sure the pursestrings are one of them..

            We also need to pay for the expansion…

          • I think he will get at least 40 plus what he recoups on sales, especially if he wins a cup and comes in the top 6 ( look at the fixture list and I am hoping for 5th at the least)

          • Hope so, man…. But not counting on it…

            We’ll also have markovic, luis alberto and balotelli coming in “as good as new signings” ;-)

          • Cannot see us keeping Balo for plan B unless we sell Benteke and Alberto unfortunately does not have the pace we need. If Lallana stays he will be sold and with the season he is having we should get a decent price.

          • Agree with Balotelli… Ship him off to China…

            Lallana vs. Alberto – doubt either of them will be good enough to start for our first XI ahead of Firmino, coutinho etc… and as a squad option, I’d rather have Alberto, Tex, Brannagan etc.. enough depth at #10

            so personally i’d sell lallana IF we got a decent price and buy a top winger… like yarmolenko or someone

          • I would almost be tempted to keep Balo, techincaly better, faster and good in the air and sell Benteke but it wont happen, cheaper option for plan B and Benteke will get fed-up just as a bench option

          • Balotelli will never work/focus like Klopp wants him to..

            Benteke might make more of an effort…

          • I wish! Better would be if they paid for both. But seriously, for his career and for the club, Benteke needs to go somewhere else. Balo is a finished case. I don’t see him flourishing anywhere now, except for the Chinese league. They will pay, and he will play decently against the Asian players AND..will have lots of fire crackers to play with!

          • Benteke – i see what you mean.. but not a big fan of writing players off in their first season…

            Hopefully he can get his act together and offer a good plan B once we sign a couple of decent wingers….

          • Neither am I, but he just doesn’t suit our style. And better a suited player than changing the way we play completly. Plus, it’s not like he’s clinical in front of goal even with the ball near his head! We play with fast mobile strikers, have AMs supplying those strikers, and it’s a pretty good play. Benteke isn’t aggressive enough for his size, nor mobile. His off the ball movement is atrocious. Finishing may be a result of lack of confidence, but the other issues aren’t. He’s a back up option at best, and I doubt for the sake of his career, he would want to remain a back up option

          • Fast mobile strikers may not work with physical sides and parked buses.. like the tony pulis sides… we may need to throw in some crosses…

            and like you say, the issue with his finishing could be to do with his confidence (he was pretty clinical at villa, for example)

            lastly, we wont get anywhere near the 32mn we spent on him….

          • I maintain a striker with a finishing capability of Sturridge and an AM to make defense splitting passes is what we need for handling packed defenses. I agree with the option B style of play, problem is at Dortmund, when Klopp had Kuba and the full backs firing in the crosses, who was at the end of them, Lewandowski! Benteke is no Lewandowski. As I said, too static and mentally subdued to be of that ilke.
            I still hope I am wrong, cos if he comes good, the team will benefit.

          • we are paying for the expansion and when i say we i mean lfc and the fans fsg have paid nothing except a free loan to put 300 million extra value onto there investment

          • :-) I am not that cynical about FSG…

            They did give a free loan when they did not have to.

            And so far, we do not have any reason to suspect they want to sell out…

            Personally, i believe that clubs should be self-sustainable. I like that model better than the sugar daddy model…

          • what did you expect them to charge us interest
            fsg have no interest in the club whatsoever over than profit
            they got the club for a bagain price the debts where clear
            we are now back 50 million in debt they let us money to build theree stand and i say theres because it put another few 100 million onto the value of the club they will walk away with a profit of over 500 million when they go for little or no effort

          • unfortunately, that is how capitalism works…

            they would have been perfectly within their rights to demand interest on their debt..

          • we had a few unfortunatly we had a chelsea rentboy making sure the club would not move forward in charge

          • Tbh, even if they are in it for money in business terms, I hardly care till the time my club is moving in right direction. And everything done by them till now actually points to a bright future. Whether that is WITH FSG or WITHOUT them, doesn’t matter.

          • It does not point to a bright future the local goverment spent millions on helping lfc sort anfield out
            they will never do it again fsg took the cheap option and left the club in a out of date ground when fsg came to lfc we had the 4th biggest ground in england
            when the new stand is done we will have the 5 th biggest with chelsea and spurs looking at bigger grounds

          • Whether to stick with Anfield or build a new stadium, It was always going to be a tough decision. Benefit cost ratio would have been taken into account. Expansion is not a bad option Carr. New stadium would have made a massive dent in club’s pocket. There are pros and cons for both decisions. This can be a never ending argument.
            My point is, we should be happy that atleast SOMETHING is happening. Be it expansion. It has been long overdue. Almost a quarter of a decade late.

          • the costs of grounds as no bearing on FFP what expansion less than 4000 for the average fan the rest for the fat cats
            the annie road end will only get done if the fat cats take up all the seats
            normal match day supporters can get stuffed

          • I was not talking in FFP term. FFP is dead and buried. I was talking more from financial aspects. As I said, pros and cons are there for both decisions. I am glad at least the decision is taken. It has been lingering for ages.

          • Massive dent in the club’s pocket onlg in the short run. It would have paid off eventually. We have an outdated stadium now.

          • True. But then you can say the converse is true for Anfield expansion too. We will see immediate profits.
            I am not saying it’s the “BEST” decision, we can argue and discuss on that but my point was at least we took a step (albeit a baby step).

          • If we built a new stadium, there would be longer construction time, and at least 10 years to pay it down. With the fans fighting to keep ticket prices frozen, or even lowering them, gate revenue might actually go down over the years. This for just 6000 more seats and losing a bit of history. There are always some tradeoffs.

          • yes, i almost lost faith when they persisted with BR in the summer… But with Klopp, the expansion and the climbdown on ticket prices, they have made the right moves i feel…

          • I don’t think it is the problem with the model… Seems to work well for Spurs and Southampton for example..

            I think the issue was with execution under BR and the transfer committee lot… BR never had the pedigree to attract the top prospects, but Klopp now has…

          • By model I meant the TC. I don’t care how much we spend as long as we’re shrewd in the market. But even under Klopp things won’t change a lot. We need better scouts and a DoF.

          • And btw, we’re a lot bigger than Spurs and Stoke. Which is why we deserve a better stadium and at least reasonable net spending. We spent 30m net after Suarez’s departure? Despite the fact that we were in the Champions League.

        • 50M will get you one excellent player this summer. It’s going to be wilder than ever. PSG, Real, ManC, ManU, Chelsea and probably also Bayern and Arsenal will all spend big. Which will trickle out to a few other clubs as well. Add to that new TV money for the PL.

          • Even with Klopp in, I doubt we can attract a 50mn rated player though…. especially as it looks like we won’t make CL….

          • Of course we can. And by 50M I mean anything between 30-50M, which is the bracket for very good players that we can compete in. The likes of Isco, Sanchez, Teixeira, Firmino and so on. If we want to sign anyone, they should be at this level at least.

            My point is, 50M won’t allow you to sign 3 players that are better than anything we already have. Unless 2 of them are free transfers.

          • Agree that 50mn wont get us 3 starters…

            Yes, we may be able to get the 30-50mn sorts.. but not the absolute super stars who go for around 50

            I am hoping for 2 first teamers (winger + DM) in the summer for ~40mn or thereabouts

          • All depends on the definition of absolute superstar, the position they play and the team they’re in. I’d say those players are basically priceless and virtually impossible to pry away from their current clubs. Like, Neymar, Suarez, Messi, Iniesta, Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Muller and so on.

            Di Maria is an example maybe. A coup for PSG for just under 50M last summer. Good luck getting players like that for 50M this summer.

            The only real superstar we have any chance of getting is Zlatan. Other than that, we need to look at the shelf just below, where there’s a great selection.

          • I think the young and up and coming players will have to be careful about going to the big clubs to sit on the bench. i still think there will be lots of great potential between 20 and 30 mill

          • Tex was potential but chose China, Sane the same Ter Stegen as are a few other in that category

          • Oh well. If those are potential, we just disagree on the definition of potential. Maybe for Sané, but still, Tex is a 40M player now and Sané will probably go for at least 30M.
            As for Ter Stegen, he will command a pretty high fee for a goalie, but not even sure he really is an upgrade on Migs to be fair. Think I’d rather use that money differently … giving Ward a shot, or wait another year for either Butland or Horn to beef up some experience.

          • Really. I don’t exactly subscribe to the sport of ridiculing our own players. I see you have your own way of being ‘supportive’.
            And I am not your ‘mate’ in a million years.

          • The joke is you. So funny when you animals making all kind of deranged comments about the great club, and goes absolutely mental when someone calls you out.

            Go back to OT will you!

          • Us paying fans are entitled to opinions and have every right to criticize our joke of a ‘keeper. Get off that high horse, accusing myself of being a United fan for making a light-hearted comment makes you even more pathetic than how you’re trying to portray me. Old Trafford my @rse.

          • So was it a light hearted joke or was it criticism? Again you are calling one of our players a joke. Make up your mind, Joker.

            Us paying real fans are entitled to opinions too, and have every right to be disgusted by so called ‘fans’ with a very temporary view of what is support.

        • A) we have never spent more than 30mn net in any window so far

          B) Both FSG and Klopp like to work within a certain budget and do not like to go on a spending spree..

          • They’ll give Klopp 40-50mil to spend, plus sell players for 50mil, we have 100mil to spend..

          • Don’t think we’re gonna raise that much cash tbh. I can see Allen and Skrtel leaving. Allen because of the contract situation and Skrtel because he’s heavy on the books and Matip takes his spot.

            He rates Lallana, he rates Milner so all those reported names to be leaving won’t really happen. Maybe Benteke if he doesn’t want to stay. Still can’t see those three getting to 50M.

          • Allen, Bogdan, Lucas, Yesil, Balotelli, either of Skrtel/Lovren/Sakho, Benteke, Wisdom and Alberto might all leave. Maybe Markovic.
            Milner and Lallana will crave first XI, not sure either will have much of that next season.

          • And how much will that raise us? Provided we will sell all of them (which I doubt).

            Maybe if Benteke, Markovic and Skrtel are all sold we might hit that number. But I doubt it. I also doubt wel will sell more then one or two of the current names.

          • Not just about the club wanting to sell, also about players wanting first team action. At least one of our CBs will not even be on the bench for most games. The same for Balotelli and Benteke. Lucas too. Milner and Lallana might get games, but likely not first choice.

            We have a massive squad, as well as quite a few kids knocking on the door, and with a few targeted additions I believe there will be a bit of an exodus.

            I would expect sales to reflect that to the tune of at least £50M, as well as a number of out of contracts to leave.

            But we’ll see.

          • Assume we keep our best players (coutinho, firmino, hendo etc), how will selling others raise 50mn?

            We won’t make anywhere near what we paid for balo, benteke, lallana, lovren etc…

            We had a big squad this season… but see how many injuries we had… it’s a very delicate balance….

          • We have Grujic, Matip and possibly two more coming in.
            5 of the players mentioned are already on loan, so they have not made a difference in available players this season anyway.
            We have recalled several players out on loan, and finally utilized the youth squad for what it should.

            Even with most of the names I mentioned + out of contracts gone, we’ll still have at least 20 senior players + the likes of Gomez, Brannagan, Ojo, Chirivella, Randall and hopefully Teixeira and Rossiter.
            It’s enough. Two senior XI’s + a proper U21 setup to tap into. The most important thing now is to develop the finest first XI we possibly can, not having a bloated squad just in case.

            There’s this horrific amount of injuries, which has to be dealt with of course. Regardless. A proper pre-season should counter for at least half of those hamstrings for instance.

          • I can see that exodus when you talk numbers. But if we let go of Balotelli, Sinclair, Kolo, Enrique, Lucas and Skrtel you’re talking about a meager 100 starting roles taken this season. Matip can cover for Kolo, Enriques and Skrtels starting spots. So that’s 3 out, 1 in and you won’t lose out.

            Lucas out, Stewart and Chirivella in etc. etc. we’ll go a lot down that road I guess.

          • LFC Transfers Season 2014/15

            Confirmed Liverpool FC Transfers, Season 2014/15

            Players IN:

            Rickie Lambert – Forward – Southampton – £4m

            Emre Can – Midfielder – Bayer Leverkusen – £10m

            Adam Lallana – Midfielder – Southampton – £25m

            Lazar Markovic – Forward – Benfica – £20m

            Dejan Lovren – Defender – Southampton – £20m

            Divock Origi – Forward – Lille – £10m

            Javier Manquillo – Right-back – Atletico Madrid – Loan

            Alberto Moreno – Left-back – Sevilla – £12m

            Mario Balotelli – Forward – AC Milan – £16m

            Spent: £117m

            Players OUT:

            Luis Suarez – Barcelona – £75m

            Conor Coady – Huddersfield £375k

            Pepe Reina – Bayern Munich – £2m

            Martin Kelly – Crystal Palace – £2m

            Kris Peterson – FC Utrecht – NA

            Jack Robinson – QPR – £1m

            Daniel Agger – Brondby – £3m

            Kristian Adorjan – Novara Calcio – NA

            Suso – AC Milan – Undisclosed

            Received: £83.375m
            sorry that season is less than 34 million and does not include the suso fee or the assaidi fee

          • Totally correct when new owners take over a club they normally spend massive straight away to get the fans on side
            FSG did not and never will the only time we have spent big is because we have sold big
            torred suarez and sterling

          • The good part of that is that they never pocketed that money and always put it back in the transfer kitty…

            Sadly the people in charge of that messed up big time

          • sorry where as all the record sponsership and shirt deal money gone what about the cl money ,we are not spending anything like the other top clubs ,and never will under fsg

          • I keep laughing at the bogus 50m+ net figurrs stated by some fans. Not gonna happen here. 30m net or maybe 40 if we’re really lucky. Which is diddly squat in today’s market.

          • Yes seen as the ground is bringing in an extra 25 million next year
            hold on thats fsg,s they want the money back spent on the investment thats going to earn them £500 million as well
            they paid £300 million for us even if they had spent the £125 million there selves that would make them have spent £425 million
            we were valued at over 600 million before the new stand is done they could still have made 100,s of millions and paid for the ground

          • We are still spending more than Spurs, for example… and any other team that plays in EL…

            Other top clubs – We simply do not have the revenues that United, City, Chelsea and Arsenal have.. so unless we have a sugar daddy, we can never compete with them in transfer budgets

          • And to increase revenues we need a better football philosophy and we can’t compete under the current model. It only takes a couple of years of success to obtain massive growth and when did we last win a major trophy? Not under FSG.

          • sorry what was our net spend the last two windows
            i think you will find stoke and newcastle for two blew us away with net spend maybe even everton

          • Talking about last few years in the FSG reign.. We have been spending this amount consistently…

            Newcastle haven’t spent anything at all even when they lost their key players like cabaye… so a lot of what happened in last 2 windows was a catch up…

            Stoke? not really… they spent on shaqiri and imbula, but also got some of that from nzonzi and begovic… again nothing much if you see last few years…

          • My point is that it is relative.. we are spending within our means… as far as our own finances will allow us..

            We are spending more than other EL teams and more than a lot of CL clubs in our leagues..

            But yes, we are not spending as much as the biggest clubs like chelsea, city, united, arsenal and the 2 spanish clubs… as of now, we just can’t compete with them financially.. we simply don’t make that kind of money.

          • The 5 years from 10/11 to 14/15 net spending:
            ManC: £350
            Chelsea: £260
            Barca: £194
            Real: £179
            LFC: £152
            Juve: £131
            Arsenal: £100
            Spurs: £12

            15 years from 00/01-14/15
            Real: £721
            Chelsea: £686
            ManC: £676
            Barca: £531
            LFC: £337
            Juve: £285
            Spurs: £241
            Arsenal: £124 (!)

            It’s not just how much you spend, it’s very much how you spend it too. Arsenal has basically not spent at all for 10 years prior to 14/15 window because of financial restrictions.

          • Neither do the spanish team but they feed off a corrupt and bankrupt banking system nobody wants to take out.

          • we are a average team when it comes to spending under fsg no wonder we have become average on the pitch

          • Totally agree, but if they give Jurgen Klopp 300 million pounds all will be forgiven (:

          • if they give him 70 million this summer plus sales i will forgive them i still think some clubs will spend more

          • Sadly that’s true. If tottenham places in top four they will bolster their squad, and Manure, City, and Chelsea will all spend egregious amounts after underperforming years

          • Torres, Suarez and Sterling – FSG had no other option but to let them go. In none of those cases you can say that they did not make enough effort to retain them. Stevie G is probably the only player who could have been retained. But then I do not see how he would have fit into Klopp’s plan. So if FSG earned big by selling players who wanted to leave then what are we complaining about? Firmino was bought before sterling was sold. So there was intent from FSG’s side. I am not supporting them through and through on everything. But we should really stop complaining that the owners are not spending enough!

          • There was not intent by fsg so what if they bought firmino before they sold sterling
            some tried to kid us they where going to keep torres to play with suarez when they knew all along he was off

          • We have spent close to 40mil net in the past with FSG man. Last summer alone we spent 117mil and got back around 79mil on transfers.

            Also, under Rodgers in the first year, we actually ended up spending close to 50mil if you factor in the transfer windows of both the summer and the winter.

          • We did we spend 117mn last summer? Off the top of my head, these were the fees:

            Milner, Bogdan – Free
            Benteke – 32
            Firmino – 22 (plus another 7mn in addons)
            Clyne – 12
            Gomez – 3.5

            Adds to 67.5mn and another 7mn in addons. Assume another 7-8mn for Ings and that takes it to ~75mn

            We got back ~60 plus another 5 in addons…
            Sterling – 44 (plus 5 in addons)
            Lambert – 3
            Borini – 8.5
            Coates – 4
            Not including any loan fee we might have got for markovic, wisdom etc…

        • we were happy to offer an amount that we knew would get rejected
          we talked to the club they gave us a price we offered peanuts unsurprisingly they said no
          Klopps said he is happy with the strikers hes happy with the keeper he as a load of options in midfield ,i cannot see major money being spent
          thats just wishful thinking by fans
          expect the top clubs to blow us away in the summer transfer window and some of the mid table sides when it comes to spending

    • Completely agree with that as the 3 areas to target. Hitting the german links and being optimistic, it would be excellent if we could get say Karim Bellarabi, Granit Xhaka and Ter Stegen :-)

      • My wishlist exactly. I don’t know why Bellarabi is not being linked with more top European sides with Leverkusen not being an economic superpower and him being a German international entering the prime of his career. All of the candidates are also in a perfect age where they are top class players who will make an immideate impact, but Klopp will still have time to shape them the way he wants.

        • No idea why he isn’t being linked with a move. Maybe he is a bit like Navas was and known to not be keen to leave the country? He is hardly a true under the radar signing, but a bit like Firmino it feels like one we could actually push through.

    • Benteke needs to leave whatever the case. I just can’t see him becoming the striker we need him to be and it would be absurd keeping him on the bench, on payroll. That doesn’t make sense for the player or the club. Hopefully, Origi and Ings stay fit, which should cover our strikers (I can’t see Sturridge staying fit for a reliable length of time). I think we almost certainly need to bring in another keeper.

      • I believe Benteke has certain qualities that Liverpool is not using. We need to have a plan B (something on the lines of how Villa played against us in the FA cup last year). And Benteke is crucial for that Plan B. The wingers Klopp refers to for the alternate system will fit into this plan B which will help us in breaking down parked buses. So I wont write off Benteke and would not want him to leave already.

        • I just can’t see 32 million quid being a Plan B. Perhaps your tactical read is correct but that kind of money is a Plan A and it is a Plan A that we didn’t otherwise plan for

    • Enrique – yes.
      Allen and Toure – maybe.

      Keeper – yes.
      Central defender – check.
      MF – check.
      Quality winger – absolutely yes!
      Center forward – mmm maybe yes. Sturridge doesn’t seem reliable with his injury. If Ings was fit right now it would be a lot easier to make that decision.

      • I like very much, but we need a proven one to take over from Lucas eventually. A monster Masch type with speed and aggression.

        • Now let’s say we don’t do much (as I don’t expect us to do much incoming stuff). The team would like something like:

          Clyne (25) Matip (25) Sakho (26) Moreno (24)
          Stewart (23)
          Henderson (26) Can(23)
          Firmino (24) Sturridge (26) Coutinho (24)

          Stewart has speed, aggression and goals in him. Do we really need to spend 30M on a name that can do the exact same thing?

          • And when he gets injured and cannot play in all 4 comps? Lucas would be the only back up and I would like more speed.

          • There’s Chirivella for the cups. You can chuck in Milner in midfield for Can and move Can back. So there’s quite some options allready.

            And of course Rossiter if he gets a new deal.

          • Granted i do like the youngsters and they have great potential but I would still like to see an upgrade on Lucas for the Prem. As good as Stewart is he still need more time to develop as do the other youngsters. They can get more game time in the FA and League cup

          • Both Matip and Grujic can also cover at DM. We’re not likely to use a de facto DM as our base setup anyway, so we’re pretty well covered.

          • Yeah, so a 30M DM makes little sense for me. Rather have it we spent it on Yarmolenko and Gotze or similar and leave it at that. If Lucas leaves we can do something. But that reported Norwegian free transfer could be a cheap option.

          • Actually Stewart is not a starter yet, he will be part of the squad. Atleast a year more for first team…

      • Needs more games to properly assess but very promising!
        I still think we are missing somebody that can control a game in midfield (whether deeplying or otherwise), get us doing the correct things when we are 1-0 up with 5mins to go, and control tempo with which we play.

        • Ah, yeah definately. I do like to have Allen as a 10 in that role. Can either push up as he did against Arsenal or keep it tight. Just not deeplying.

          I’m quite sure Klopp won’t play with a DM btw. He really prefers a 4-2-3-1 with 2 box to box midfielders like Hendo and Can. If we want to chuck on a DM I’m fairly sure Stewart can do that. We won’t target a high profile DM.

          • Agreed but with current personnel, playing 2 instead of a trio in middle has not really worked. So he needs right player to for that system.

          • I think it has worked when we were able to put in the right players up front. If we don’t have Hendo or Can we’re in a bit of a pickle. Grujic should be an option to do the same thing. Milner can do it but he was needed higher up.

            And with proper wingers we can do it even better. Firmino dropping a bit into midfield to help out etc.

            So having one for certain games is a good idea. I would say that Stewart can do that fine.

  4. This Summer is going to be mental – the TV money madness will really begin to take hold – United, City, and Chelsea will blow an absolute wad with their new managers coming in and mid-table clubs will have seen the success that the likes of Stoke enjoyed with their Galacticos policy this year and try their own version of it with the funds to do so.

    Basically the market has never been so competitive – we’re never going to be the club to go after the exorbitant fees associated with the current top 20 players in the world, we’re operating in a market slightly below that which is going to be squeezed hugely by this new TV deal coming in. Shaqiri and Ibrahim Afellay were genuine targets for us at one point being an example.

    Fortunately we have 2 unique selling points in our history and Kloppo (as alluded to by Matip) – still though we need to box clever and concentrating on the German market is sensible given they, more than most, recognise our usp’s. The pound is still very strong against the euro as well. Whatever the outcome for this window top 4 would still be great next year and by no means an entitlement as we’ll more than likely be in transition too with Spurs looking like they’re here to stay with Poch and surely Chelsea will sort themselves out (they’ve been 3rd in the league for points since Mou left) – Utd’s squad are so bunched I anticipate another year in the wilderness for them no matter who they get and who knows what Leicester will do…

    Interesting times indeed – but the money is mad – Aston Villa are the 27 richest club in the world and lie around 191 in the UEFA coefficient.

    I don’t really have a point here…just felt like saying stuff.

  5. Seven is indeed a lot, isn’t it? Year after year we buy half a team and are perpetually in transition. This summer, with crap players or not, hopefully we see few joinees (than earlier) so that we have a SETTLED team at the start of the season and hopefully (am hoping too much, aren’t I) a decent start to the season.

    • Another part of the transition is seeing our best players leave.. with klopp coming in, i see lesser chance of that happening…. at least this summer…

      A big reason of buying crazily was a desperate attempt to make up for the losses, i feel….

      • True, problem was, we decided to replace quality with quantity. And for quantity to mature into quality (if that made any sense) , it takes time and patience. Something that BR didn’t have and something that we didn’t have. Hopefully, this time more patience for JK to get the team settled.

        • More than patience, i think BR never had a resume impressive enough to attract quality….

          He was a good coach, but when young players sign up, they also look for a certain pedigree which was lacking..

          With Klopp, i feel we can attract a totally different profile of talent…

          • Again, i think part of the idiotic spending was because we had difficulty attracting the right talent.. and so we had to overpay to ensure we at least land the “above average” talent…

            I have a good feeling we will see less of that going forward..

    • After Luis left we had to get in a lot of players. We had a couple of loanees and some leaving on a free and cut some deadwood. Then we had to add in numbers because we went from no games in Europe to CL qualification. So we kinda had to add a lot.

      That year we messed up on attacking transfers so we had to do something and we replaced leaving players (Clyne for Johnson and Milner for Sterling etc. etc.)

      We don’t need to do that much this summer as we’ve got a very good squad with some holes. So it’ll be only 7 if a couple of fringe players want to leave (like Allen, Lallana, Skrtel, Lucas, Benteke) because they won’t get tons of gametime next season most likely.

        • Thanks to g&h’s really. They refused to back up Rafa so he had to go shopping in the bargain basement. Then Woy effed us up big time. Kenny got some very hot ones but a lot of very cold ones too. In hindsight it’s really poor that FSG, LFC and Rodgers didn’t go full strength adding in the summer of 2013/14. With cheap buys as Aspas we really didn’t do ourselves any favours.

          But I must say that the end of the real deadwood is in sights. There are very few Degens, Adams, Spearings and Voronins at the club now.

          • No one is a champ in the transfer market, not unless you have oil money backing you up so that you can buy proven quality at high prices! Hopefully, this season will be the consolidation where only quality buys at a high price or unproven talent at low price will come in. And decent quality on a free won’t hurt either!

          • Fair enough. I do think the current quality of the squad is very good. We’ve been more then unfortunate with injuries and we lack a few spots like the wings. So stick to what we have, cut the last bit of the remaining deadwood and we can add high quality.

  6. I’m not too concerned about how much we spend or whether we get big name players (though that would be nice!). Our failure has been in our scouting and judgement of players. Time and again over the past 20 + years we’ve spent decent money on average players. For every good buy, there’ve been three or four poor ones. In all that time I’ve watched “lesser teams” buy well for not much money. Very recent examples are Spurs getting Delle Ali for £5 million when he wanted to come to us, Leicester buying Vardy and Mahrez for next to nothing. Going further back, Gary Cahill playing up the road at Bolton when we desperately needed a centre back and we could have got him for £5 mililion. The future looks better because Klopp knows a player when he sees one (Grujic and Matip look quality) and he knows that you don’t have to spend megabucks to get class (as with Lewandowski). So, a keeper, a box-to-box goalscoring mid-fielder, and a goal-scoring wide player with pace and we’re all set :-)

  7. I think Klopp should use Moreno as a left winger, in stead of a left back, and buy top class left back, a keeper, DM, a goal scoring midfielder and right back, no striker unless two can be sold, because Ballo will be back thats going to be 5 strikers on the books.

    • i like that idea (Moreno as a winger), redknapp did the same with bale. anyone remembers when bale played left back for tottenham? he sucked so bad that they never won with him in the line-up for 10-11 games if my memory serves me well., and look how he turned to be as a winger. not saying Moreno is bad as a left back, just saying he might have better potential as a winger and maybe get someone like rodriguez (Wolfsburg) on the left back.

  8. Klopp came and said he would make the decisions over who comes to play @the club. If he then decides not to go mad in the transfer market that’s his choice. FSG wanted Klopp and have said they are prepared to back him. Remember the vast majority of fans wanted Klopp as our manager, now you have to let him make his decisions and roll with it. Judge him @the end of next season and not before, regardless of what he does/doesn’t do in the transfer market.

  9. He said two wingers and if Markovic return from Turkey maybe just one. It also means that Ibe nor Lallana would be ideal wingers in his mind. Milner does better on the wide so maybe a good one is all we need.

    • I think it’s his way of saying we need to sell some strikers first without actually saying that.
      My prayers are being answered, we’re finally getting a winger!

    • He isn’t wrong though…technically it’s still 5 strikers if you include Firmino into the mix as well. Injuries have been a problem though.

  10. “We have enough strikers”?? Didn’t we just try to splash £25m on one a couple of weeks ago? I really do think we need one, as sturridge will never be fit for a whole season

    • To be fair, a lot of folks see Teixeira as a winger as much as a striker, even though he probably has the capability to lead the line as well.

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