Liverpool FC: Hope is what you need – and Jurgen Klopp is selling it


Despite some poor performances on the pitch, the arrival of Jurgen Klopp has given Liverpool supporters hope ahead of Sunday’s League Cup final, writes Sachin Nakrani.

SUNDERLAND, ENGLAND - Wednesday, December 30, 2015: Liverpool's manager Jürgen Klopp before the Premier League match against Sunderland at the Stadium of Light. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

During Barack Obama’s campaign to become US president in 2008, one word more than any other became a link between the candidate from Chicago and the nation’s electorate: hope. He was offering it, they yearned it after eight years of George W. Bush’s neo-con, ultra-thick presidency, and as momentum grew during the election, which Obama fought against Republican candidate Senator John McCain, its usage grew. Hope, hope, hope, every day and everywhere.

It became Obama’s motif, and the word which sat alongside an image of him on a poster designed by the artist Shepard Fairey, the now iconic stylised pencil-portrait which many observers of the ’08 election claim ultimately won it for the Democrat’s man. A national mood had been captured in colour and Obama knew it – hope, hope, hope. He couldn’t say it enough, every day and everywhere.

It got to a point where Obama’s critics – including his rival for the Democrat candidacy, Hilary Clinton – used ‘hope’ as a stick to beat him with. ‘All rhetoric and no substance’ was the charge, and such was the barrage of criticism, Obama found himself having to defend himself while out on the campaign trail, no more so than during a rally in Providence, Rhode Island.

“I’ve been teased in this campaign a little bit,” Obama told the crowd. “Senator Clinton says, ‘Oh he talks about hope all the time…He thinks the clouds will part, he’s so naive, he thinks he can wave a magic wand and suddenly everything will be great. He is a hopemonger’. It is true I talk about hope a lot and the implication is if you talk about hope you must be naive, your head must be in the clouds…you must not be wise to the world and know what it takes to bring about real change.

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“But the critics and cynics do not understand what hope is. Hope is not blind optimism, hope is not ignorance of the challenges that stand between you and your dreams. Hope is exactly the opposite – hope is believing and then working and then fighting for things.”


Stirring, articulate words and ones that came back to me as the final whistle blew in Liverpool’s FA Cup defeat to West Ham earlier this month. Conceding a goal right at the end of extra-time from a free-kick that a) should not have been awarded and b) could have been avoided had Lucas not committed one of his typically needless fouls, was a sickening way to exit the competition, and on the back of the ticket protest at Anfield a few days earlier, I could not have been the only one feeling that being a Liverpool supporter was once again proving to be a trying affair. Fury and frustration in the stands, poor performances and results on the pitch; it was like The Hodge and those two American hucksters had never left. Hope – that’s what I needed, hope that things could and would get better.

And then it came. First through the words of the manager following the loss at Upton Park. “It’s not the most easy season for Liverpool FC, a lot of things happen and nothing is easy from the hand,” he said. “But it’s our situation and maybe the history of Liverpool, how everything started, maybe if we want to see it really positively we are again just at the start point of the future. So, in this moment, we fight for the next step.”

Shortly after there came the news that having witnessed 10,000 supporters leave Anfield early during the 2-2 draw with Sunderland, the owners had decided to retreat from unmoral ground – ticket prices were to be frozen for the 2016-17 season, the offer of £9 tickets was to be increased to 10,000 across the entire campaign and categorisation for away fans was to be abolished altogether. Stunning, splendid news, proof that people protest can have a strong, immediate effect and a little bit more of that much needed thing: hope.

It’s an intangible thing, hope, you can neither touch it or see it, but you know when it’s there, spreading through the atmosphere, giving you reason to believe an upturn is around the corner. They felt it across large sways of America in 2008 and we, as Reds, should feel it is running through our club right now.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Friday, October 9, 2015: Liverpool announce German Jürgen Klopp as new manager during a press conference at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

There will be many of you who have felt hope ever since Jurgen Klopp became Liverpool manager last October, striding into town with his jeans, black shirt and talking about bring “emotional football” back to the club. It was easy to be seduced, particularly given this smiling German had won back-to-back Bundesliga titles with a team that went from near bankruptcy to breathtaking performances and achievements under his charge. But I for one was not fainting like a teenage girl at a Bros concert (ask your parents, kids) and hailing the new man as the Messiah, because I had been here so many times before – new manager, fresh optimism, ultimate disappointment.

That could prove the case with Klopp, too, but somewhat paradoxically I have a firmer belief in his abilities to make this club of ours great again now then when we arrived amid great fanfare four months ago. The results have been poor but it’s clear he has a plan.

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That belief – that hope – is strengthened by what he said after the West Ham game. Klopp could easily have bemoaned his lot after a fourth game without victory for Liverpool (fifth if you include the League Cup semi-final, second leg against Stoke at Anfield that required penalties for the hosts to prevail) and yet another in which his seemingly brainless side conceded from a set-piece. Instead he focused on the positives, drawing on the strength of the collective to put forward a case in believing that the bright future starts now. And well, there could be no brighter start in that context than the owners bowing to the will of the supporters – collective strength 1-0 greed.

That was a huge off-the-pitch victory and this Sunday Liverpool have the chance to secure a huge on-the-pitch one, too. Manchester City may be in a rut right now but they remain favourites to win the League Cup Final, and fair enough given they’re higher than we are in the Premier League and, quite frankly, have better players. But I’ve seen enough of City this season to know they can be beaten, especially if Liverpool play with confidence and energy – in other words, repeat what they did in securing that 4-1 win at the Etihad Stadium last November. The Sky Blues were ripped apart by the Reds inside 32 minutes and whatever Manuel Pellegrini and his men say, the scars will still be sore.

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND - Sunday, February 14, 2016: Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge celebrates scoring the first goal against Aston Villa during the Premier League match at Villa Park. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

The return of Daniel Sturridge also benefits Liverpool’s attacking play, as seen in the recent 6-0 demolition of Aston Villa. And while that victory was followed by a drab goalless draw at Augsburg, Klopp’s boys are no doubt a more threatening prospect now then they have been for months.

Victory at Wembley would give Liverpool a first trophy in four years, which for a club whose reputation is built on collecting silver pots season in, season out, is important. But more than that, it will fuel the sense that there really is something to get behind here, specifically a manager who can definitely win honours against the odds in this country as well as his own and a group of players who have what it takes to deliver on the big stage.

Some – and I’m looking at you here, Simon Mignolet – should not be allowed to use a winner’s medal as reason to be kept on beyond this season, but for those who remain will come a strengthening of resolve and belief that they can achieve greater success at the club in the years to come. We will have that belief too, that renewed optimism. That hope.

All this may sound like wishy-washy nonsense, but as Obama told those who came to listen to him speak in Providence, hope is not a form of blind ignorance, it does not ignore the challenges ahead, which in Liverpool’s case are plentiful. Hope is instead believing that with a combination of hard work and fight, you can make substantial and significant improvements.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Monday, January 25, 2016: Liverpool's manager Jürgen Klopp before the Football League Cup Semi-Final 2nd Leg match against Stoke City at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

It’s already been achieved at Liverpool this season by a group of supporters who had hope a mass walkout would lead to fairer ticket prices and it can be achieved by a manager who clearly has hope that despite the bad, good is within reach if his players are willing to adhere to his principals. Indeed Klopp has already proved that can be the case in Germany, where he became known as a Menschenfanger; the type of guy who can literally talk people into doing things they did not feel possible.

In case you’ve forgotten, Obama won the 2008 election and went onto introduce the most significant health reform in modern American history. Liverpool can with the 2016 League Cup Final and much more beyond. They – we – just need to have hope.

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  1. “All this may sound like wishy-washy nonsense.”


    I like Sachin’s articles, but this particular is a heavily inflated puff piece which meanders around itself.

    Hope that is not grounded in reality only leads to false dawns…something which Liverpool fans are well accustomed to. You can talk hope until we bleed from the ears, but this is football. 11 men against 11 men on a pitch. Sadly, the 11 we usually put out can’t even do their jobs properly.

    We need the consistency pill rather than the hope pill!

  2. bruh too much time on weekend?
    just this? with a pinch of american politics oww come ooonnn…

    let me suggest an article: klopp 1st year 11 vs rodgers 1st year 11.

    • On basis of best case:

      Mignolet; Clyne, Lovren, Sahko, Moreno; Can, Henderson; Coutinho, Firmino; Ings, Sturridge

      Reina; Johnson, Carragher, Skrtel, Enrique; Lucas, Gerrard; Henderson, Downing; Suarez, Borini

      This is the best case in 4-4-2 with wingers. Sturridge and Coutinho not included for Rodgers, as they joined midway through the season. Henderson used as a winger because he was played there, and the alternative was Assaidi.

      • Prefer agger over skrtel.

        FML Rodgers inherited quite a squad. At that time there is sahin too. And doni as 2nd choice. Wow not bad as today.

        • I completely forgot about Daniel “Glassjaw” Agger, but fair.
          Who are you removing for Sahin?
          And the same Doni who couldn’t train or play after a heart attack?

          Honestly I think our current first XI is better. Clyne is better than Johnson was, ditto for Moreno and Enrique, Coutinho and Firmino are better than Henderson and Downing as wingers, and Ings is better Borini. That’s 5, and I’d say the centre backs are about equal, so that means 7 of the 11 positions have been improved upon.

  3. Nice article, but if hope alone can get things sorted out it won’t take LFC this long to win the Title, it won’t take this long to bring peace in Middle East, it won’t take this long to find a cure for cancer.

    Hope is an essential element to get through difficult times but other important element are alsom imperative to reach the destination.

    PS: My handle has nothing to do with LFC and this shy world.

  4. After 5 paragraphs of American politics, I was expecting this piece to last 1225 pages like War & Peace. And after calling Klopp’s first few games as “poor results” and calling for “hope” .. I was wondering why the author refused to write about our recent history instead, to show why the club is in such a sad state of affairs.

    Hope is not what the fans need. We need to see the players’ desire to win and fight till the end to get the results. We need good enough players playing in positions which they excel, and the manager utilizing the right tactics against opponents. These are the real issues we need to work on, not airy-fairy hope.

    • Why are hope and working on “real issues” mutually exclusive? I know it may rock your black and white world, but it is possible.

      • Wow and that from you who can spend all day reeling off Rodgers world class management abilities yet can’t show 1 single trophy to back this up!

        • I never fails to amaze me how you always manage to turn every comment or response into anti Rodgers rhetoric… Even you must be getting tired of repeating the same tired old cr4p by now.

          • Only to the Rodgers loving dopes like you and WDFBrooklynRed (BR ha ha)

            Unfortunately at the moment Rodgers ineptitude is still on show with every poor performance we have to endure.

    • With a tag name calling for the “purity” of “TrueReds” supporters and weeding out the undesirables, I always pegged you for a right winger. Obama oversaw an added 13.7 million new jobs over a 69-month streak of job growth and gave 17.6 million people health insurance in the face of disgusting opposition by conservatives bought by lobbyists.

      • Yet 70% of your fellow Americans think your country is headed in the wrong direction. (NBC/Wall St Journal poll Dec15)

        Not like you to fall for a smooth talker’s spin is it? After all, you fell for your hero Brendan’s BS hook, line & sinker.

      • Nothing wrong with right wingers (or left wingers) we’ve had some great ones at the club in the past, not sure what their political allegiance was though and didn’t really care…

        • “The socialism I believe in is everybody working for the same goal and everybody having a share in the rewards. That’s how I see football, that’s how I see life.” – Bill Shankly

          “The broad thrust is devastating criticism of the police. Is that for us to welcome?” -Margaret Thatcher on the Taylor Report.

          • As a very young ‘red’ I lived and supported the club through the Shankly years and I’m fully aware of his principles, I also lived through the Thatcher years, there’s no need to go there. My comment was tongue in cheek by the way, we’re probably on the wrong forum for a political debate…

    • Yes let’s drop the senior players like Mignolet, Lovren, Lallana and Milner ( who all played when we beat City 1-4 in November) as well as our returning captain and best goalscorer,and throw in a bunch of inexperienced kids. (Tell me how did that work out for City v Chelsea at the weekend?)…after all it’s only the cup final.

      • That was always you’re problem, you never could look at the bigger picture. November was such a long time ago, since then the form has collapsed, they even got beat at Anfield by Stoke in the semis, not to mention their abysmal league form that a thrashing of relegation Villa doesn’t wipe away.

        Even using West Ham as a comparison, the seniors bottled it and got battered by them home and away, yet the ‘inexperienced’ kids went toe-to-toe with them for 210 minutes and and were unfairly let down by Benteke who cost them a thoroughly deserved victory.

        Didn’t our returning captain and goalscorer play in Augsburg then?

        • You talking about my problems…I’m glad to see you’ve nailed irony!
          November was a mere 3 months ago, and we have virtually the same squads.
          The form has not collapsed, we are inconsistent…and how would the kids offer more consistency!?
          You slated Rodgers week in and week out for his team selection, yet you believe we should drop almost our entire senior squad for a bunch of unproven kids, in the cup final!?!?!?
          Your ignorance and stup1dity seem to know no bounds! Congratulations its official…you are retard3d

          • ‘Your ignorance and stup1dity seem to know no bounds!’

            Yet where did I say ‘yet you believe we should drop almost our entire senior squad for a bunch of unproven kids, in the cup final!?!?!?’

            Irony? Stupid1ty? One just couldn’t make this stuff up! Especially from a Brendan Rodgers fan!

            As for ‘unproven’? Given West Ham’s results since we played them doesn’t that ‘prove’ something?

          • Do you have no filter!?!? Do you vocalize as well as post, your every delusional thought?

            1) you cited 9 players (“Moreno Mignolet Lovren Sakho Lallana Henderson Milner Benteke and dare I say Sturridge need more than hope.)….(However there would be hope if Klopp dropped them and unleashed the Academy kids )…THEM, not some of them, but THEM…do you not even remember the nonsense you inflict upon us?

            2) Irony? Stupid1ty? One just couldn’t make this stuff up! Especially from a Brendan Rodgers fan!…yer I’m Brendan Rodger’s biggest fan, WOW!!

            3) As for ‘unproven’? Given West Ham’s results since we played them doesn’t that ‘prove’ something?…No not a thing!!

          • 1) Did I mention ‘the final’

            2) You was a massive Rodgers fan. Are you denying it?

            3) The kids were unlucky not to beat West Ham. The seniors got bullied and battered by West Ham home and away. That doesn’t prove anything to you?

          • 1) Did I mention ‘the final’..that’s a very lame attempt to backtrack, once your delusional ramblings have been exposed. I suggest you read (find an adult to help you) the article headline again…
            “Despite some poor performances on the pitch, the arrival of Jurgen Klopp has given Liverpool supporters hope ahead of Sunday’s League Cup final, writes Sachin Nakrani.”
            2) If you a memory larger than that of a goldfish, you would have recalled that I couldn’t stand the man. Hated the fact he was appointed, and cringed at his every press conference. The fact that I adopted the name Klopp last season, and constantly posted pro-klopp posts, video’s and even a mock up CV should really have given you a clue…Just because I couldn’t abide the constant “bodgers drivel”, and the vile irrelevant personal abuse he received, doesn’t make me a Rodger’s fan!! There was more than enough wrong with his purchases, team selections and tactics to slate him for, without the constant drivel about his extra marital affair, what car he drove, having his teeth fixed, how he invested his earnings and his love for the sunbed.
            3) The kids were unlucky not to beat West Ham. The seniors got bullied and battered by West Ham home and away. That doesn’t prove anything to you?..yes the team was very unlucky over the two legs, and deserved to go through…if they had, I have no doubt we would be getting revenge on United for the two defeats so far this season. But that proves nothing!!
            Are you seriously implying that as the team made up of kids and squad players caused West Ham more problems than the senior team, that the squad/kids are therefore better players and will stand a better chance of beating City in the cup final!?
            Our senior team has suffered from a) consistency and b) breaking down teams that sit back and defend. Our senior team (even in the last two seasons under Rodgers) has proved it is more than capable of beating City.

          • 1) I didn’t say in the final though did I dumbnuts? But I would like to see a few of the kids involved, given the poor form of the seniors. You think if they repeat the Stoke & Augsburg rubbish they will lift the trophy?

            2) Liar. You and your boyfriend DerekSmith were massive fans of Rodgers. You only turned once the Klopp rumours started. Stop hiding your post history you gutless coward.

            3) You’re a a blithering 1diot. You’re saying you believe the kids would beat ManU but saying that proves nothing! Ha ha jog on softlad.

          • 1) HAHA An article about the final and I’m dumbnuts!? You really need to learn “when in a hole, stop digging”
            2) Boyfriend? How very mature and grown up of you! Do you serious think that I am in the slightest bit concerned about what a nomark like you thinks and believes? HAHA Delusional tool!
            3) Where did I say the kids would beat your beloved United? I said “we” would beat United

          • 1) Nope, I don’t, you do. I never said in the final. End of. That said the thought of Sterling ripping Moreno to shreds and Sakho and Mignolet trying to put it right, or Lallana and Milner running around in circles, whilst Henderson tries to shoot balls over the Wembley roof, does fill me with dread.

            2) Where’s your boyfriend Derek gone since he was deleted anyway?

            3) Bet you think they’d have beat West Ham too

          • haha you complete plank! too stup1d to even understand your own drivel…priceless.
            An article all about hope for the final, and you said we should drop 9 1st team players for the kids.

          • Your boyfriend Derek was right about you, you are like a child.
            I still don’t say in the final do I dumbnuts. I’m talking in general over the rest of the season. Unfortunately Stewart is injured but Mignolet Moreno Milner Benteke & Lallana give nothing so yes I’d be playing Ward Smith Flanagan Llori Teixiera Brannigan, and Stewart when fit, for the rest of the season. They can’t be any worse after all.

            So tell me dumbnuts, you supposedly spend £1000s gambling every day so what’s your excuse for being like your boyfriend Derek and never going to the match? It’s easy to support a clown like Rodgers when it costs you nothing eh softlad?

          • but hey don’t let the facts get in the way…

            AngryKlopp Guest over a year ago

            Jurgen Norbert Klopp CV

            I was tasked with rebuilding a club that had barely survived financial ruin, and did not have the money or will to compete for players in the transfer market (sound familiar?). Thus, I was instructed to take a team from 13th place in the league and to build a system around Dortmund’s youth academy graduates and cheaper experienced players (sound familiar?).

            In my 1st season my team won the supercup within 2 years my team won the Bundesliga and the following year they won it again, this time with the greatest amount of points ever amassed in Bundesliga history, as well as winning the DFB-Pokal. The following year we won the supercup again and got to the Champions league final. We then retained the supercup and this year we are in the final of the DFB-Pokal, and if we can win it that would be my 7th trophy in 7 years, as well as making Dortmund a regular fixture in the champions league.

            Our signings include Mats Hummels for £3.6m, Lukasz Piszczek on a free, Robert Lewandowski for £4.1m, Marco Reus for £15m, ?lkay Gündogan for £4.8m, Kagawa for £294k. I also developed through our youth academy players including Mario Götze and Nuri Sahin.

            I instructed my team to play a style of play known as “gegenpressing”. This was the perfect style of play for a club with limited financial resources, as its structure is built around the qualities of players that would not cause a player’s transfer value to escalate. I demanded my players play with maximum intensity and passion, always aggressively pressing their opposition, and always attempting to run their opposition off of the field.

            I favor a narrow and compact 4-2-3-1 formation which prefers to attack with a technical counter when the opposition is open and exposed. In defense, we attempts to limit the playing area that their opposition has to play through by playing a high defensive line, and compressing their wingers and fullbacks into central areas.

            I prefer to press the opposition in their half to minimize the distance my team has to travel to get into scoring positions. When he is forced to press deeper from central midfield, Dortmund’s center forward drops deeper creating a defensive 4-4-2 formation with their opposition’s center backs unmarked.

            When my team regain possession of the ball, we look to push the ball forward as quickly as possible. This requires center backs to have the technical ability to initiate attacks.

            With central midfield purposefully congested, my fullbacks must attack aggressively as they are responsible for the transition from defense to attack.

            I plays direct and athletic wingers, while allowing one the freedom to cut centrally and build play. (Ibe and Sterling?)

            In my personal life I am a Christian and happily married family man with two children.

            I am currently seeking a new challenge and employment in the EPL. I am passionate, loyal and humble. I am adored by my players and club fans, and am used to working within the restraints of a sensible budget compared to my rivals and a policy of buying and developing young talent and with a director football….with a proven track record in both developing players and winning trophies.

            Gissa Job!

          • But before the Klopp rumours started you and Derek used to tell how good Rodgers was snd how much success he would bring given time. Time. Time. That’s all you dopes ever said.

          • I’m probably the dope you are thinking about. AngryKlopp was most definitely not a Rodgers fan. However, there are some warped folks around here that can only see things in the most extreme binary ways.

            Rodgers was a deranged, incompetent liar with false teeth and a penchant for destroying families, and if you couldn’t see that you must think everything he did was perfect (because of an intense sexual attraction, naturally). Conversely, Klopp was a messiah riding a blazing chariot, and any criticism meant that you must think that he was the deranged, incompetent liar (because of your intense sexual attraction to Rodgers, naturally).

            AngryKlopp has a fairly honest and sophisticated idea about the club. While we disagree on many, many things – I actually did think Rodgers should have been given more time, although I understood why he was not – he knows what he is about. Unlike some of the nutballs that have come out of the woodwork since the summer.

          • I was always arguing with you and Derek when I was saying Rodgers was destroying this club. You was called Fowler fingers or something them. So stop telling lies tool.

          • I was arguing with you because you are the biggest 1d1ot on here and an embarrassment to Liverpool fans. No doubt you were posting drivel and nonsense!

          • AngryKlopp Derek Smith 7 months ago


            seriously mate we are never ever ever going to agree on this. as far as I am concerned Rodgers is completely to blame for the end of season collapse that saw us throw away 4th place…and you seem to be on drugs! :)

            On a positive note Ings on the score sheet and Munich telling United to do one regarding Muller :)

          • Your post was removed?

            I’m not surprised. I can’t believe your account wasn’t deleted along with your boyfriend Derek’s. The 2 biggest bores on here.

          • Shouldn’t you be getting ready for school?
            Crying to the mods again, when ever shown up for the loon you are I see. You play the big hard man, but in truth you are just a child who goes running to teacher with a sniffling nose. Snitch and a f00l.

          • Ha ha you got banned like your boyfriend DerekSmith!

            Nope I never reported you, so stop telling your lies. Obviously TIA monitor their site and they don’t want liars and trolls like you on it.

          • I see you flag up everyone who exposes your ignorance. I was told before by others what you were like.
            You seem to be mentioning boyfriend a lot…says more about your hangups than anything else, anything you want to share with the group TrueReds?

          • Stop telling lies

            I never flagged you at all. Why would I? I’m quite happy to let you make a fool of yourself, I’ve got no reason to ban you

            Contact TIA and ask them.

            And stop trolling or you will only get yourself banned again.

            Btw what was the last game you went to?

          • You do it all the time because you are a little baby who is outwitted by even the most simple of other users. You are a sad tr00l.
            You were exposed for making a fool of yourself (AGAIN) by saying drop 9 1st team players including our captain and best striker for the cup final and play kids instead, and even other posters told you that you were wrong and I was never a Rodgers fan (including your mate Carr)…so just like you did with Derek and have done before with Puddy and Jannik, you flag to hide your shame.
            You can stop stalking me now, child and I will take Stans advise and wait until you reach puberty

          • Right i will put this straight when you was 5 fingers you was a fan of rodgers ,but like most resonable fans you woke up and smelt the coffee when it was obvious he had lost the team
            And was calling for him to be gone long before the end of last season
            As for the flagging not so sure i have seen many comments rip into true reds that have not been removed ,
            would he not get them removed also you have been banned numerous times even when true reds was not posting for about 4 months
            As for the other 3 you mention they have upset many many posters i doubt you could narrow it down to one person ,
            Puddy had numerous accounts and admitted he got load banned from the echo even the ones that agreed with him people like that do not go away they hide in the back ground like the cowards they are

          • No I wasn’t! I was never ever a fan of Rodger’s.
            I stuck up for him at times when warranted, but I never wanted him as manager or felt he was up to the job and made that clear the day I joined Disqus.

          • Ok then you backed him at the time , i did not know you from day 1 ,but like i said you saw the light when the time was right ,and knew he had to go whilst many where still clammering for him to be given more time

          • Even when going for the league I admitted I would still take Klopp tomorrow if ever available.

            I stuck up for Rodgers when he got abuse about his teeth, extra marital affairs, what car he drove, etc,…and also said a good coach, but also always said should never have been given the job, poor man management, Unlike the players where OK to buy potential, the manager should be proven as Liverpool are too big a club to employee “potential” to manage it.

            You are not silly Carr, so you do the maths…TrueReds insults everyone who doesnt agree with him and is outwitted by almost every other poster on here…yet those he disagrees with and expose his ignorance all get banned. The reason why is clear. Those who he argue with are more than happy to continue exposing the lunacy of his posts, and along with intelligence comes self respect, so wouldn’t flag or go running to the mods….yet just like Derek a few weeks ago and me yesterday, we both got banned when in arguments with TrueReds!?!?! It ain’t no coincidence Carr, he’s a snitch and a child!!!

          • Stop telling lies.

            I’m no snitch. Contact TIA and ask them. Stop your lying

            You supported Rodgers and defended him. Stop your lying.

            I’m never outwitted and i only insult in response to insults. So stop your lying.

            You and Derek both got banned because you are abusive trolls who never talk about the football just go for personal attacks. I don’t think Derek ever made a post, only ever badgering other people’s posts. That’s why you both got banned. Talking all day about your horse racing bets, blah blah blah. Who cares, this is a LFC site. That’s why TIA got sick of you both. You both even got banned off Kan war’s site for the same.

            You and Drrek have both never beeb to Anfield. Like Puddy. Like Jannik. Its easy to be a loser from your armchair.

            So jog on loser.

          • Ok fair point about rodgers
            but you have both had posts removed does that mean you where snitching about him ;-)
            like i have said derek had upset many and would never leave it alone i stopped posting him for weeks yet i still got is usual drivel daily
            And like i said you have been banned before do you really think posters like the ones you mentioned all suddenly vanish they would only do that if they were complete trolls
            personally i think the mod as just deleted both your posts cannot say i saw them why u got banned ??? who knows contact tia i have in the past and they replied to me and where very helpful

          • No I never backed him. If we won and his team selection and or substitutions helped I would credit him. As I always said their were plenty of reasons for hating Rodgers and slating him (his buys, tactics, no plan b, post match interviews, etc, etc) without the need to resort to Bodgers name calling, what car he drove, his fake tan, who he sleeps with, etc
            Its the ignorance of other posters who can’t read.
            I recall after 6 games this season, saying I (expected) Rodgers to be given until the 1st or 2nd week in December and then the board would re-asses their poor decision to retain his services…and I got abuse hurled at me from (guess who and others) saying that I said he should be given more time.

          • You backed Rodgers, that’s why you and Derek become buddies.

            Stop telling lies.

            You’re embarassing yourself now. You said ask Carr and now he’s told you did back Rodgers. As Carr says you did see the light, I even commented at the time what a treacherous snake you was now stabbing Rodgers in the back just because Klopp was available

            So stop lying.

          • Oh the irony that it’s you who is stalking me. Priceless!

            Stop telling lies. I never reported you. Contact TIA and ask them.

            You was called 5 fingers of Fowler and I had many arguments with you and all the dopes you have mentioned (except Carr obviously) about the damage I said Rodgers was doing to this club.

            And who was right? Was it you, Derek, Stan, Jannik or Puddy who was right? So you think what I care what losers like you lot think?

            Now jog on troll, find somebody else to annoy before you get yourself banned again. Loser.

  5. “Hope is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torment” – Friedrich Nietzsche (philosopher)

    “My own hope is that Klopp can eventually end our torment” – Steve (LFC Supporter)

  6. What a dreadful, turgid, overly long self-indulgent “article”. Lost interest somewhere near the middle and can’t understand how I got that far. Hopeless.

  7. I’m sorry I was just to lazy to read about politics,just not my type of leisure. Who was America’s first president? Lincoln? Pfff who cares.
    I believe this final provides an hindsight to what Klopp has in mind for the future. If the players can’t play their best for this game then next season we need a massive overhaul. I’m not happy that we have reached the final. Not until we win it will we be satisfied. We are not a small club,we are LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB. We have been the European champions 5 TIMES. We know what shanks has said. Reaching the final is no alternative to winning it. The players need to start realising that they are playing for the best club in the world. We have been sorry for how -villa have fallen but our demise is actually worse that them. There is hope yes but the final is make or break for everyone associated with the club except Klopp .

    • Depending on who you believe…either George Washington or John Hanson was the first American President.

      • Haha just kidding obviously I know it’s George Washington,even if we’re studying in an tribal village you gave to be aware of this one fact(this is stretching it,I guess)

      • Peyton Randolph was the 1st President of Continental Congress, along with John Hancock (1st to sign declaration of independance).

        Washington was the 1st fully elected President, Hanson was the 1st to serve a term under the Constitution.

        So there’s actually 4 claimants to the title.

        I’m going off on 1 now, but think it makes better reading than the main article.

  8. How you goona compare a war criminal who tricked the american public with his words. They had a chance as freedom with Ron Paul but they were fooled, if anything Klopp is our RP!!

  9. Hope isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, Obama has been an unmitigated disaster in office. For me Klopp is about none of that, Klopp has been a realist and that’s what I’m loving most, no bs talk of his own ability and philosophy, just the importance of plain old hard work and we have come on leaps and bounds since getting back to the basic fundamentals of the game.

  10. I think Thomas Hardy was speaking about Gerrard’s slip when he said that:

    “The sudden disappointment of a hope leaves a scar which the ultimate fulfillment of that hope never entirely removes.”

  11. Hope is for morons, forget hope, action is what we want… Who needs to do sh t if fans are content with hope….hope is for the lazy.

    • I don’t think you quite get it. There is no action without hope. If someone doesn’t hope or believe things will get better then they will not take action because they see it as a lost cause. Hope and action are not separate.

      • No, Hope is what lazy people claim to be holding on to rather than taking action…. We hope conflict can be resolved, but do nothing beyond moan.. We hope we get a better politician to lead the country, then do nothing to make that happen, we hope for a cure to cancer, but prevent doctors from actually bring their wears to market because cancer is big big business… Hope Hope Hope… It is pretty dark where you can shove you hopes for hope… If you can’t be bothered to act, keep it quiet… Just my singular opinion.

  12. So what you’re saying is, we should get all up in Hope(TM); accept it with a shrug when Klopp outright lies to us; watch him do nothing for four years; give him tons of credit for poorly implementing others’ ideas, thus setting actual fulfillment of those ideas back a long way; let him saunter away a hero despite leaving the club in a state somewhat worse off than it was when he arrived. No thank you.

    What a horrible, horrible analogy.

  13. You’re absolutely right. Liverpool’s form at the moment is really no better than what we saw under the previous manager. The only option for we have for real excitement is to pretend that Klopp is some kind of magician who can transform a team into something new after only a few months in charge.

    Or if you’re a Liverpool fan it’s been there all along …

    “walk on, with hope in your heart, and you’ll never walk alone”

    If fans of this club can’t get behind their team and need to rely on a new face in town to reinvigorate their energy and passion for the club then we have bigger problems.

  14. Unrelated to the article, but can anyone confirm if/why our home league game against Chelsea (13th March) is listed as postponed?

      • Ah yes… that makes sense thanks.
        Think this might actually work in our favour (if we can find a decent date to reschedule).
        March was looking tough with games at home to City, away to Palace, home to Chelsea, away to Southampton in that order.
        The flip side is that rescheduling Everton and Chelsea amidst an ‘easier run’ of games makes that run tougher.

        Still, one game at a time! :)

  15. all we need is hope , hope is all we need , all we need is hope hope , hope is all we need , yes and Suarez back would help to .

  16. Can you please keep politics out of football? I did not join this site to read about a man who is adored by the left and who has single handedly divided America like never before.Please don’t turn fans who like Klopp ( such as myself) away by making him an Obama type figure. Not everyone here is socialist. Not everyone here is pro Obama. Keep politics out please!

  17. yeah, you lost me at Obama…..driving our country into the ground is not a comparison I want to hear with Klopp.


  18. Off topic, Kevin Stewart signed a new four year deal today and Joe Gomez was named in Marca’s best U18’s European team…
    On topic, I have big hopes for both of them….

    • Add grey-itch , u20 world cup winner, not bad profiles.
      Of course certain characteristics elevate youngsters well above their peers, but won’t stand out in the pond of bigger fish that is senior footy, but there is hope as you say – hah!

  19. Its’s a funny old thing hope…There’s blind hope, false hope, forlorn hope,
    maybe these alone lead you to hoping against hope who knows.

    Then there’s genuine hope where you can see real evidence that things
    can and will get better the appointment of Klopp was the right step in that direction all that’s needed now is the recruitment of the right calibre of
    players then maybe we can walk on with real hope in our hearts.

    • Take no notice of that lot … Clutching at straws out of worry.
      They are just looking nervously over their shoulders and they don’t like it.

    • 32% win rate with 9-10 injuries and an inherited squad is decent. Only benteke the fit striker most of the time. Key players like studge, couts, sakho, lovren, skrtel, hendo out for significant layoffs. No back up for fullbacks and a only one genuine winger at the club. Plus games every 3-4 days hence no time to implement your ideas on the team.

  20. Stability with a person who knows what he wants to do is all LFC needs. Can he deliver the tittle hard to tell but I’m sure he can make us challenge again.

  21. I feel hopeful- I really do. Hopeful that we can sign a real goalkeeper, shore up the defense and get an experienced winger with some pace in the attack. Yes we can!

  22. Not sure he is though, his content is often poor. He’s OK presenting pods but less so contributing to them.

  23. Really sachin, you want to bring politics into this? I had “hoped ” you had a better sense of context for sport but I guess not.
    Do you really not understand the role of sport in society? That it is the very antithesis of politics, the kind of activity needed to stop us ripping our society apart?
    Apart from which klopp has repeatedly said he’s not a magician just that he thinks he can improve players. He’s not selling hope at all. In fact this message kind of emphasises that you have to buy quality to have any hope at all.

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