Liverpool submit Europa League squad changes – Teixeria, Caulker and Ward added

on 04.02.2016

Liverpool have submitted their Europa League squad changes, with Joao Carlos Teixeria, Steven Caulker and Danny Ward being added to the list.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Wednesday, October 28, 2015: Liverpool's Joao Carlos Teixeira in action against AFC Bournemouth during the Football League Cup 4th Round match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Ward replaces Adam Bogdan, who is removed from the squad, while Caulker and Teixeria replace long-term injury duo Joe Gomez and Danny Ings.

There’s still no place for Jose Enrique in the squad, and somewhat surprisingly no Jon Flanagan either.

Liverpool return to Europa League action later this month against German side FC Ausburg. The first leg of their round of 32 tie takes place away on Thursday, 18th February, with the return leg back at Anfield a week later (25th February).

Liverpool Europa League Squad: * Simon Mignolet, Danny Ward, Nathaniel Clyne, Steven Caulker, Kolo Toure, Dejan Lovren, Alberto Moreno, Mamadou Sakho, Martin Skrtel, Lucas Leiva, Jordan Henderson, James Milner, Emre Can, Joe Allen, Philippe Coutinho, Adam Lallana, Roberto Firmino, Divock Origi, Joao Teixeira, Daniel Sturridge, Christian Benteke

In: Steven Caulker, João Carlos Teixeira, Danny Ward

Out: Ádám Bogdán, Joe Gomez, Danny Ings

* Note: The likes of Jordon Ibe, Brad Smith, Cameron Brannagan, Pedro Chirivella and Jordan Rossiter are not listed but are available as they are born after 1 January 1994.

** Kevin Stewart, like Flanagan, is over 21 years old and therefore not eligible.

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  1. Finally! Good to see Tex added to the EL squad list. Why he wasn’t included before is a big mystery to me… Amongst many many others.

    We had to fire Brendan because he made mistakes. Now it’s time to erase those mistakes.

    ~adapted from RoboCop.

        • I do feel sorry for Adam. You come in with the hope of taking advantage of a not so popular first goalie. Then you go and try and fail miserable. Gotta be tough on the lad.

          • Yeah I know. Tbh, mistakes can happen to anyone.To keepers the pressure is extra…and it was unfortunate timing for him.

            I personally feel a slight injustice for him given the chances upon chances given to Migs despite his many fluffs.

          • And the sad part is, it will take a huge mental effort for him to pick up the pieces and rebuild his career.

          • In all honesty, even after all his mistakes, I think Bogdan is a smart goalkeeper and Mignolet isn’t.

          • Migs must really put it out there in training because he just leaves his brain behind when walking onto the matchday pitch.

            That’s the only reason to me that Klopp is sticking with him to the point of giving him a new contract. That, and he wants to use the year’s budget on outfield players.

            Say if he wants 6 players in . 2 reasonable names, say £20m each. 4 small names say £5m each. That’s already £60m so there’s no room for a top keeper there if he’s thinking that way even with sales.
            And he also thinks that if Migs can do it in training then he’s confident that he can get him performing on matchday too over time. Personally I don’t think it’ll happen but it’s his style to try.

          • Exactly. I still believe if given the sheer number of chances Mignolet was given, he would have been a better proposition. But unfortunately, he have to live with his failed stint at LFC and try to resurrect his career.

          • Both our keepers have made mistakes. Bogdan made that one high profile mistake conceding a direct corner. But the earlier one, with a bit more thug in our team, should have been called a foul. The injustice is that before that error bogdan was fairly solid in his earlier showing and nobody seems to remember his penalty heroics on debut.

          • Agree 100% AP, I also think Migs made a ton of school boy errors more than Bogdan did, such is the life of football players.

          • Bogdan was dropped after the corner error. Which means they’ve just decided he can’t come back from it. Which is fair enough I’d say.

          • He also happened to concede a goal that probably should have been stopped in that Carlisle match.

          • He had one error then a crisis of confidence and all went downhill. But its not right to forget all that he did right before that. And even in the first PL match he played. It should have been a foul but then he pulled off a very good save in that same match which was crucial. I don’t agree with white washing it all.

          • A lot of fans as purely judging Klopp on his jovil TV persona, and pitch side passion.
            Having followed his career ever since that amazing game v Pellegrini’s Malaga. I can tell you Klopp has a ruthless streak and will not allow sentiment to blur his judgement!
            People are assuming because of the way he is around certain players, like Lucas, that they are in his longer term plans. Assume nothing. He will drop any player should he feel another will be a better fit.
            Winners don’t win by just being nice guys.
            Taxi for Bogdan!

          • What is he on a week, £30k?
            I don’t feel sorry for him, mate, not when over a quarter of a million people in my line of work have lost their jobs due to low oil prices.

          • He’s on 15k/w. And I feel for him as much as I feel for people losing jobs on oil prizes.

        • Achterberg. The only goalie coach who’s philosophy is to tell the keepers to give the enemy a 1- 3 goal head start!!!

          • Isn’t that why they call the truth ugly?
            Just call me Mr Truth then!

            I just scored an own goal didn’t I?! :(

          • From some of your historical comments, I think you like telling it how it is. I like doing that too, but I need a curtain to hide behind. Not only don’t you need a curtain, but you go one step further and do it naked. I’m not being weird or anything.

    • I was gonna say too but yup, he’s exactly a year too old to qualify being born on the 1st of January 1993, 17 days older than Tex.

      Huge oversight considering we have no dedicated senior back up at full back and he can play both sides.

      Seriously….How did that happen? There’s 5 CBs there. I know there’s kids but still…

        • Fair enough but Flanno is still a senior and dedicated right and left back option – this we know – we don’t know if Caulker who couldn’t make a SH or QPR team in his natural position would be adequate in a completely new team and out of position, even if he was passable Flanno would be better in any case.

          High natural fitness doesn’t make you impervious to fatigue, bad tackles or suspension unfortunately.

          • Flanno is available for FA Cup and League games. Which he knows. The availability of our cb’s have been more of an issue.

            But I would’ve been happy with either btw. Maybe even more so without Tex and both Caulker and Flanno.

          • my guess is given his extended absence Klopp will NOT under any circumstances play him more than 1 game per week for at least a couple of months. That gets you into April at least.

            that’s all I got.

          • It’s something that’s not really needed in Germany. With a winter break and quite some “easy” games that you can finish off by playing on 70% for the last 30 minutes. He’ll learn.

    • Tough one but seriously can’t see who he would have been replacing unless Klopp decided he had enough of Studge and added one extra defender in his place.

    • there is something about that, can’t remember the exact details and too lazy to look it up!!

    • Could be the fact that there was a bit of a recation to the last game and he is a long way off? He isn’t a very international experienced player, Caulker more so with 9 games for Steven and 1 for Jon? So experience could be a thing.

    • Because you have to name 21 man squad and we have to think of whom flanno will replace in the squad!? Given CB injury situations kolo can’t be replaced and we have smith and randall as Full backs which are born after 1st jan 1994 so they dont have to be named.

  2. With flanno he probably can’t manage two games a week anyway so no point in having him in the squad if he won’t play. I think he will be used in the league where there’s less to play for to build his fitness. Better off at Melwood in between games rather than travelling abroad? Can only speculate…

    • my guess is the 3 person change limit from reading others’ comments and also if Klopp has decided he will NOT play him more than once/week for a couple of months – which also sounds sensible. it’s even possible he had a slight reaction to the stoke game that we don’t know about that has since needed a couple of days of rest without being serious.

      Hence he will rest his 1st choice FBs in domestic games to prioritise the EL which has to be more important than the FA cup and even some league games.

      • Makes sense what you’re saying ,just thinking he is the better choice, but ye Klopp may not like to take the risk with him

  3. 3 strikers, 4 “number 10’s”, 5 midfielders, 5 centre backs, 2 full backs…

    Would have sacrificed Teix for Flanno.

  4. ” Note : The likes of Brad Smith, Jordan Ibe, etc etc, are not listed but available as they are born after 1 January 1994. ”

    F#$k I’m old.

  5. Cool – I just hope these fringe players are the ones that continue to play in the cups, and the “senior players” that have failed us so badly in the league get the rest that they apparently need so much (or just the plain old fashioned benching that their performances deserve!)

  6. Teixeira, i believe is far more suited to the European cup competition than Premier League. Will get more time on the ball and hopefully flourish with his incisive passing. Should he grab some goals and assists this could just be the break to get into the first team on a more regular basis. Just needs to bulk up in the summer like Coutinho.

    Good to see Ward in there and maybe Flanagan missed the cut because we need the insurance of another CB.

    • but 5 CBs????? Doesn’t make any sense really and we have literally NO backup for FB, which means Moreno/Clyne play EVERY EL game.

      Can only think we can only make 3 changes and that Flanno will play a lot more league games now to rest the others, while his recent absence means Klopp will not under any circumstances play him more than once a week (which sounds sensible too).

      • Probably right on the ‘3 change only rule’ & keeping Flanno closer to home and wrapped in cotton. The league games maybe the right option to recovery under observation. As the local lad, Klopp will feel he represents that special bond between team and fans so ensuring he play an important role going forward.

        And on the CB’s seeing as we are so susceptible he might still try out different combinations to see who can gel and create that instinctive pair, even so late in the season.

    • Its true from the number of games where we have been out muscled that a lot of our players need to muscle up and man up. We have far too many shrinking violets in our team. It will take time, there needs to be a physical regime where certain players are told to bulk up.It is not simply the height issues of our players. Agerro and Suarez are not 6ft plus but both are physically and mentally tough. To adopt the Klopp German mantra, we need to build Agerro/Suarez style pocket battleships with a combative streak.

      Flanno should be in there as a left/right back and his Carra competitive streak may even make him an emergency DM or CB in certain situations. I suppose with the various injury problems of the CB, Klopp made the judgement that he may have been light in that department. That Caulker can also be used as a Plan B striker. But Flanno is a heartbeat box to box player who leads by example and lifts others around him

  7. when u are thinking of replacing Migs with Ward.. thats the time Mig will do some fine saves…. how cruel can u be!

    • That’s why better competition for no. 1 spot is good. There’s a reason he’s still not wearing no 1 shirt

  8. Wow! Bit of a shocker that to be honest..or maybe I’m missing something here?

    Flanno should have gotten in ahead of Joao Carlos Teixiera IMO.

  9. I don’t understand why the UEFA restrictions are so bloody ridiculous!

    How f***ing ridiculous is it that Flanno can’t be included as a home-grown player despite being exactly that!? And what’s with the arbitrary number of 21 anyhow? Shouldn’t the number be 22?

    • What the…!? Shocking stuff, but I guess when the player wants to leave, he wants to leave at all costs!

      Here’s hoping he can engineer an exit from that club in the summer.

      • No, certainly not hoping that. It is evident that he moved because of $$$ and nothing else. Do we really want someone like that here?

  10. And in the meantime Alex Teixeira proves he’s in it for the money by heading to China. Improving national team prospects my a**. All about the £££

  11. When the squad is on paper infront of you, it really hits home how poor we are, definitely the worst squad of the last 20 years no leaders or superstars at all.

      • Obviously it is Rodgers’ fault. Never went after top talent, even when FSG was begging him to make big name signings and forget all about his quixotic dreams of working exclusively with youth potential on cheap wages.

        • Didn’t I say don’t say??? :-)))
          Exactly!!! I believe he couldn’t handle star players… SG is an example, his presence in or around the team was like a nuisance to him… Even Balo, OK with all his odd behaviour, but who played at high levels and won things, BR didn’t try at least… Suarez??? No wonder he wanted to leave a year after BR took over…

  12. First of all, if I’m correct, the name isTeixeira, not Teixeria or Teixiera… How would Lusby for example feel if his workmates or his followers would write his name Lysbu or Lubsy… Come on, is it that hard???
    Second, this shows Klopp likes Teixeira and imo Bogdan will be loaned or sold.
    And third, whenever I hear/read Ings name I feel the pain of not scoring even the obvious… The guy was on the rise and provided he continued that way I believe we could have had another 4-5 points, imo.

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