Video: Jurgen Klopp’s pre-Aston Villa vs. Liverpool press conference

on 12.02.2016

Watch Jurgen Klopp preview Liverpool’s trip to Villa Park in the Premier League this weekend.

The Reds’ boss was asked about numerous topics, beginning with the U-turn on ticket prices from the club’s owners.

There was plenty of good news about striking options, with Daniel Sturridge having played 70 minutes against West Ham.

Klopp explained that Steven Caulker will be back for the trip to Villa Park, but centre-backs Martin Skrtel and Dejan Lovren won’t.

Brad Smith is also out, and Joe Allen too.



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  1. Great stuff from Jurgen, loved the update on Cameron Brannagan ‘he was ill, like most kids are, I think he lost 3 kilos, now we have to feed him’, interesting to hear JK talking about Stewart, Smith, Pedro and Illori, I think he rates a few of these lads..

    • it makes the treatment of Ilori, in particular, rather odd doesn’t it, he obviously sees a player with potential there. I hope he makes good with us ~ I’d love to see us able to choose a centre back pairing from him, Gomez and Matip with all three comfortable on the ball.

      • I would prefer an older defender paired with one of these young lads. Lovren or Lucas (I wish he never goes back to DM).

  2. I think Klopps decision to recall players from loan maybe can prove to be one of his wisest calls, building a team machinery where every member of the squad knows their role in and out. My feeling so far is that it seems like the youngest players are those who are the quickest to adapt to his thoughts. This could of course be because he has had most sessions with these players, compared to the normal starters and injured players.
    Anyway, it seems like most players are improving. Admit that I have a weak spot for Ilori after being thrown here and there last couple of years. Really hope he grabs his chance. We need speed in the CB department.

    • Well he at least can assess their suitability to improve our squad! I think most people in Klopp’s position would be up for doing it it is basically common sense to review what and where and why when like a new brush sweeping clean! Or?

      • Agreed, I’ve got the feeling that if he had his way he’d probably not want to ‘talk’ about anyone. Its not the media’s business imo.

        • But is it not in our interest to hear what he has to say as to oppose what the Journo’s think we want to hear?I want to hear his opinion not read theirs. and I would like to ask him some questions? My first would be is what does he see in Mignolet?

    • What on earth is interesting about that? If no one questioned him then why should he speak about him…. Stop looking for nothing….

      • Actually if you look at it, he was asked about the youngsters and I have been noticing even in previous press confrences he would always praise everyone except texiara. He has only spoken about him when there was a specific question about texiara. I really want the kid to get some chance at liverpool, so don’t know lokking for some signs :(

        • I see where your coming from but no news is good news. I think that is a sign and yes I think he should be in with a chance of more games. It may well be people find it hard to pronounce his name and don’t want to look daft! Chuckle!

  3. you have feel sorry for Joe Allen though – he was just playing himself into Klopps thoughts and getting many fans onside and gets injured again. Unfortunately , he does seem prone to shoulder problems and that could ultimately now spell the end of his time at LFC maybe.

    • Rubbish! he will be there a bit longer he is a useful squad player needs bit more weight and the nous to use it!

      • i think if someone gave us an offer in the summer of any decent amount we would take it . He wuld be down to 1 year left on his contract and he is quite injury prone, plus we have quite a lot of options in midfield.

        • I believe he is doing okay! He was in the squad turned up well in a few games and he scored a couple. If he could get a bit more beefy and knocked off the ball less he would serve us well there are others I would be showing the gates to first!

    • Feel sorry for Joe Allen, you have to kidding. This guy brings nothing to this club should never have been a Liverpool player in the first place, but what do you expect brought here by footballs biggest Imposter Rodgers.

  4. Hopefully we play two strikers against Villa.

    Our goalkeeping and defence is so poor that we are a virtual certainty to concede 1-2 goals most games, so we may as well have 2 strikers on the pitch and try and get a few more numbers in the box. 442 diamond:

    Sturridge Firmino
    Henderson Milner

  5. Just listening to some tunes and found one of my Yello records, I think I have stumbled upon Kloppo’s new song….. The Expert

  6. Liverpool and Klopp will need to add a few more established and better quality players to the squad in the summer if we are not to see the same sequence of disappointments and results in future.

    I don’t doubt Klopp’s coaching ability, yet even he can’t spin miracles and turn average players into world-beaters. We had seen in recent games alone how waves after waves of forward play and attack almost always and frustratingly led to no fruitful outcome. The approach play in the final third of the pitch in particular is just too predictable. This is because, in my humble view, due to lack of skilled midfield players and clever attackers in front of them – bar Daniel Sturridge. Second balls are rarely used to good effect when these fell to the likes of Lucas and Lallana in front of opposition goal from corners and set-pieces. At the back in defence, well, we have more of the same, really, with too many centre-backs too hesitant in clearing the ball or opt to ball-watch rather than defending the goal.

  7. In would love to see this at some point:

    Clyne Lovren Lucas Flanno
    Lallana Firmino Courtinio
    Sturridge Benteke

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