Coutinho and Sturridge in for strong Reds XI – Predicting Liverpool’s line up vs. Man United


Ahead of Thursday night’s Europa League grudge match, we take a look at how Jurgen Klopp could line up his Reds at Anfield.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Wednesday, March 9, 2016: Liverpool's manager Jürgen Klopp during a training session at Melwood Training Ground ahead of the UEFA Europa League Round of 16 1st Leg match against Manchester United FC. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Buoyed by three straight league wins, in-form Liverpool recommence their European adventure as arch rivals United arrive for the opening of a mouth-watering tie.

The Reds are seeking revenge for a poor run of results against Louis van Gaal’s team at Anfield, where it promises to be an electric night under the lights as the two clubs meet for the very first time in European competition.

A strong and confident squad is at Klopp’s disposal, but certain absentees present the German with a relatively straightforward selection for the vital first leg in which the Reds search for an advantage to take to the Old Trafford return next week.

Liverpool Team News

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  • Uncomplicated team selection for Klopp who has strong squad again available
  • Milner a doubt after being sent home from training with a virus
  • Flanagan also unavailable due to being left out of Europa League squad
  • Clyne set to return at right-back in place of Flanagan
  • Moreno to continue in left-back role
  • Lovren and Sakho set to resume centre-back partnership
  • Can and Henderson to form Reds engine room again
  • Coutinho likely to replace Milner in attack alongside Lallana and Firmino
  • But Milner could keep place if recovers from illness
  • Sturridge also likely to return to the XI after two games benched
  • Though Klopp could keep faith with Origi up front after bright performances
  • Benteke hopeful Crystal Palace heroics earn him unlikely start

The Reds XI vs. United

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Wednesday, March 9, 2016: Liverpool players during a training session at Melwood Training Ground ahead of the UEFA Europa League Round of 16 1st Leg match against Manchester United FC. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

With Liverpool’s squad in the “best moment” it has been since Klopp arrived by the manager’s own assessment, the German has strong selections to pick.

But with absentees dictating somewhat, the Reds boss is set to unleash arguably the strongest side he possibly could on United, bringing Clyne back into defence, and replacing Milner and Origi with Coutinho and Sturridge in attack.

The strongest Reds XI available would see Klopp’s side line up like so at Anfield:

Man United Europa League XI 1

Alternatively, Klopp could retain a more familiar look to recent games that has seen the Reds impress with their response to League Cup heartbreak.

With the back four and midfield picking itself, Milner could keep his starting shirt – if he recovers from illness – alongside Lallana and Coutinho, who could operate behind Firmino.

Keeping Sturridge, and Origi, in reserve, Liverpool could line up like this come 8:05pm kick off time:

Man United Europa League XI 2

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The Reds have come unstuck against United too often in recent times, but Thursday night must see the new found form and confidence come to the fore to help claim a key first leg victory.

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  1. In all fairness,why would klopp pick the second xi?why should milner start?he was shyte the previous game!and lallana is in form!!no way milner is starting,fit or not…but wow,that first xi looks good on paper!

    • Yeah the first XI looks good but I would like to see Origi instead of Studge. I feel he will be a better fit as he is more of a presence up top.
      Milner was shocking in his last performance, the only question I see is who starts up front? Either way I think we’re in good shape unless it’s Benteke..

      • Origi instead of studge?no way mate!sturridge’s movement,finishing and dribbling gives this team three times more attack then origi’s peace and strength

        • Origi looks faster to me and can hold the ball up well. For me I’d go Origi, but wouldn’t mind if Studge played either.
          Obviously Sturridge is the better of the two but in this game I think we’ll need some strength up top.

          • Sometimes Studge looks lacklustre and like he’s not bothered. Origi looks like he puts his all into every game. That’s my main fear if we start Studge is that he goes missing and doesn’t always influence the team.

            When he’s on it though he’s a joy to watch. His ball control and finishing is top

          • Yes, but Origi can’t dribble.. He draws away defenders, because he has no other option.. Typical false 9 behavior.. He’ll be good, I’m sure, but in this moment Studge is much better option..

          • No doubt Sturridge is a better option, IF he turns up and he’s looked very hit and miss this season.
            Origi can’t dribble, smh. Of course he can and I’m fairly certain he’ll be the one starting over Studge.

          • Studge gives away d ball without any follow up. Origi press d ball more higher, I am sure Kloop will sub Studge if he is not doing much and we are in need of d goals. It is obvious Kloop start trusting origi more bcos of hos hard work for d team.

        • Say no more mate, you are 100% correct, what I would add though, is that i would love to see both of them starting, Origi a long side Sturridge.

          • Yeah,but if that happens,there won’t be any space for our two Brazilians…surely you’re not suggesting origi should start ahead of either firmino or couthino?

          • There may be room for 4 with a bit of juggling, bit top heavy but we should attack, play on the front foot.

        • Origi stretches the pitch, holds the ball up, draws fouls.
          Sturridge has looked poor since coming back. Drifting way too deep. What did he do in the cup final?

          No way should sturridge be a must start.
          Origi and Benteke both have equally big claims to him.

          • The case can be made for origi maybe. Benteke is a non-runner as an option. We can put three past united if couts firmino lallana and studge find any rhythm. Benteke butchers rhythm.
            I agree studge is picking ball up way to far away from goal thou.

      • What a st#pid question!! Milner is a right midfielder,Henderson is a centre mid…two completely different positions! Every single time milner played in midfield for us this season,which btw was under rodgers,he was was horse s##t!!this just shows you’re lack of football knowledge,and the reason why you should stop making ridiculous comments on this blog!!

        • Question for you Mr football knowledge, when Lucas, Can and Hendo played with the 4 defenders in the same match what position Hendo plays? When Allen and Can in the team what position Hendo played? When Gerrard, Lucas and Allen played in the same match what position did Hendo played?

          • Tell Mr football knowledge because he has no idea, I would rather have Allen and Milner on the field in stead of Hendo.

          • Henderson is a good player. I don’t think he should be captain as that makes him pretty much a guaranteed starter.
            He gives good cover to the defence and knows how to find a nice pass. I’d like to see us go in for some top quality mf players and give Can or someone else the captaincy.

          • That was my argument from Rodgers time here, but this Manu game I would for Allen in stead, the last game played I forgot totally that Hendo was on the field, for 90% of the game is was missing in action.

          • so you would rather start with a player who as not played for weeks eg allen
            and a player that as had a virus milner
            as your also playing 4 up front where does that leave can
            or are your dropping a defender and playing him in defence

          • “Additional, we don’t seem as good when Hendo is in RM”

            We don’t seem as good when Hendo is in the TEAM!

          • You make absolutely no f##king sense!!better we this conversation here!!you might just humiliate yourself

          • Which one of us is embarrassing ourselves? i am arguing that Milner should play over Hendo if he is fit in this match, play Allen along side Can and dropp Hendo, you are just making a bag of noise, thats all you doing dude, talking about history, that we do not share for sure.

          • The discussion wasn’t about whether Allen should play ahead of hendo,it was about whether milner should play ahead of hendo in central midfield…

          • I did not, neither did i said anything about Milner playing as a central mid, i said why should Hendo play over Milner?, and my earlier post below stated that i would start Allen in stead of Hendo, which means bench for Hendo, in stead of him being move to RM or DM which he played a lot, to accommodate him, because he is captain, hey do your research he played multiple positions for us including right back and AM.

          • Well I thought you meant you want milner to move from rm to cm…I didn’t say I would like to keep hendo in squad,even if that is playing him at rm,I meant we can’t not play hendo,becuase there isn’t a better option in central midfield…

          • Right now he is not offering the team anything, while Allen as demonstrated that he bring something to table, Hendo needs a rest.

        • U sound to me like a $ick person. Why do u have to use such negative word. He has a question and if u are not interested in answering it then u ignore it rather than saying someone ask $tupid question. Common start using ur mind.

        • There are no st*pid questions, just obvious answers and the answer here is Hendo is far better defensively and Milner isn’t fit.

        • And many, many other times. Beyond City, he has ranged between 5 and 7 performances, and not even a 7 all that often. A commendable workhorse, but lacks any pace and too often fails to influence the game. And I’m someone who likes to watch the boring, off-the-ball stuff.

    • The first 11 look good on paper its also asking a hell of a lot from hendo and can yes lallana will help them out but the other 3 do not other that much defensively

    • Milner has being a key player for klopp since he came to the club,he is not going to ditch him for one below par game. His workrate and input might go unseen by you but its vital for Klopps style of football.

    • Question – Is Brad Smith eligible to play in the EL?

      Moreno hasn’t been very convincing defensively…. and Mata is shrewd enough to exploit that vulnerability as he showed us at Anfield last season…

        • He didn’t play that well last time he was up, but given that the only person to have looked good there was Clyne recently it seems amazing he hasn’t had another shot.

          • what others moreno we have know for ages it was smith or moreno who was going to play against the mancs
            as soon as smith was ignored it was clear moreno wold start regaurdless of how many times he messed up

          • Clyne took left back the other day. That was the most telling. Pretty afraid with our referee tonight and Moreno. Not a great combo.

      • For me, Brad Smith has looked like Moreno 2.0 defensively. I’d rather start Clyne at LB and Milner at RB.

    • Yes that the starting eleven that I am expecting with Lallana replacing Milner on the right of Can and Hendo in the centre with Couts on the left with Firmino and Studge up front. Personally though I would be happy to see Hendo dropped and Allen replace him

      • 4-4-2? Eitherways I don’t really care about that a lot…formations can go eitherways and they’re so fluid these days…but I think Klopp will go for the tried and tested 4-2-3-1.

        • As you say its fluid. When defending it will be a 4, a 5 if under real pressure, and when attacking a 2 with both Lallana and Couts joining Firms and Studge.

      • I’d never drop Hendo if he’s fit enough. Especially against United. People tend to neglect his defensive contributions since coming back in. We’re a better side with him in it. Period!

        • I completely disagree. If it wasn’t for Can upping his game in recent weeks we would have been in trouble.
          i doubt the manager will drop the captain for such an important match, but I guess I would be in the majority who wish he would!
          IF he plays, he seriously needs to up his game. Cutting out those unnecessary 360 turns every-time he receives the ball killing all momentum and slowing us down. get the ball, head up and quick forward passing to keep United pinned back.

          • Perspective clearly. He’s been supporting Can well and nobody can deny his defensive ability and stamina. there’s already a lack of leadership in our squad and benching Hendo will do nothing but make it worse.

            He’s been doing the dirty work of late which goes unnoticed quite often. He still prvides a good link from midfield to attack. He did setup up Big Ben after all in our last game…but yeah, nobody notices these things.

            United are gonna press us up high up as they will want an away goal, Hendo can prove valuable in stretching play and linking to our attack of which United will try to cut off supply to.

            Allen has shown glimpses in doing this as well, of late ,that’s why I say 4321…Allen, Can and Hendo in mid.

          • Again I disagree. Can IMO would be a better captain than Hendo. I also don’t feel he has done a good job recently supporting Can, in fact I think Can has been covering for him.
            I don’t think Hendo is suited to the role Klopp wants him to play as far too slow distributing the ball. We have always seen the best from Hendo as a box to box midfielder.
            He doesnt provide a good link, that has been my point. His pass completion has been poor of late and he has been too slow in turning deference into attack.
            IF he plays tonight as I fully expect him to do, then he needs to seriously up his game.
            He needs to realize that with Lucas and Allen in the squad its his spot in danger and not Cans.
            No for me Lallana is a must tonight as its his running and pressing that will unsettle their defense and win back possession for us. I think he will replace Milner on the right so we can still play Couts, Firmino and Studge. I don’t see a 3 man defense being needed at home, maybe if we need to hold onto a 1st leg lead it would be an idea for the away leg.
            Clyne Lovren Sakho Moreno
            Can Henderon (Allen)
            Lallana Couts
            Think Benteke, Origi and Allen all have a good chance of also playing a part

          • Not sure how you know what role Klopp wants him to do to start with but Hendo is the player to follow instruction. Doubt he’s been asked to run box to box. He has to cover Can’s run and vice versa.That’s precisely what they’ve been doing.

            Conceding a goal at home has far more consequence than away so I don’t know why a 3 man defensive mid is a bad idea.Even Klopp says there’s no need to go gung ho but rather be solid.

            Do we not recall how we scraped through the last leg in fear of conceding a goal at home?

            You heaping too much praise on Can imo. He’s had a good run now for the last 2/3 games I’d say but prior he’s been reckless in with the ball, losing his cool with refs, running into no mans land too often and getting caught in possession. Add to that the lack of assists and goals, me thinks he’s still very much a work in progress. Hendo is far more established imo.Can needs another season before any consideration toward captaincy.

          • Because Hendo has sat deep and played a DM role since his return, so I can only assume thats Klopps instructions.
            I dont feel playing defensive at home to United is the right things to do, in fact i think the opposite.
            I agree Can is inconsistent as is most of the squad. I do however think he will develop into a great player and future captain. I also believe he has hit a run of form over the recent games…thank god he has, as Hendo has been awful. I genuinely believe in Lucas was fit, Hendo would be dropped for tonight.

          • No offence but assumptions and if we had this player or that isn’t going to help reinforce any argument, much less help us do well in the game.

            Fact is, we need Hendo’s leadership coz there is a serious lack of it in the squad. Lucas is injured. Milner is ill.Can has never been captain before so yeah…This isn’t a game for experimentation I reckon.

            We have to be defensively sound and not give them anything.We should dominate the ball being at home so having Allen in there will allow Can, himself or Hendo to roam forward so we could revert to 4231 at any point in the game and still maintain defensive solidity.

          • Its more than an assumption, as if Hendo wasn’t following Klopps orders we would have seen have shouting at him to do so during the games, and he would have been dropped before now if blatantly ignoring the managers instructions.
            Yes Lucas coming in is an assumption I am making…but one based on his poor recent form, and Lucas being a bigger threat than Allen or if fit Stewart would be.
            As I said Hendo needs to up his game and lead by example.
            I just cant see Klopp sacrificing one of Firmino, Couts or Studge so he can play a 3rd defensive midfielder. I just can’t see it happening. Lallana is a must start for me v United, and if one of that trio was dropped, then Benteke or Origi more likely than a 3rd midfielder.
            Lallana and Couts will drop back to make a midfield 4 when defending. That should be enough.
            We should all know by 7.05

          • I’m no fan of Lucas either. But Hendo for me has been so poor recently that I would drop him. He is even slower than Lucas at turning defense into attack. He needs to look up and pass forward quickly, and not his silly 360 clockwise turn, shielding the ball from the invisible man and then passing backwards or sideways. Needs to start playing like he used to before his injury.

          • First of all, Lucas is injured. Second of all, like he used to play was in a 3-man midfield or in front of 3 CB’s. As a 2-man midfielder behind an attacking 4 he needs to be more balanced, and he is.

            You love to forget his constant opening up the game by switching it to the left I see?

          • I’m fully aware that Lucas is injured, thats why I said I would go with Can and Allen although expect Klopp to go with Can and Hendo
            I certainly don’t forget his silly 360 turns when a player not within 10 feet of him, and then passing the ball sideways or backwards.

          • A couple of great games of Can and we forget his horrible january, early february and his 5 errors leading to goals allready this season.

          • A couple of things:
            – pass completion has been poor of late? Really? You really think so? as in.. really? with a few websites to check those stats?
            – Not a good link? Ask Benteke who sent him deep this weekend?
            – Lucas and Allen have been good in a 2-man midfield.. when exactly?
            – Hendo has not played what game since his return?
            – Do you know the points gained with Hendo in the side and without?

          • oh right so the points gained by hendo in the side as opposed to when he isnt has nothing to do with the return of Studge, improvement in Can and rich vein of form of Firmino?No not a good link or pass completion. Only 82% in the cup final and the vast majority being sideways or backwards passes.
            He makes one pass to Benteke and that makes him a good link player?

          • How can he get to 70% forward passing (actually extremely high for a midfielder) if he “constant sideways or backwards passes”?

            Funny how most goals recently came from Hendo switching the game from defense to attack and now he’s not a good link player?

            It’s nice to mention the upturn in form of Firmino. It quite actually happened when Hendo returned to the side. First good games as a CAM for Firmino for us came when he could play off Hendo and Can.

          • Who said he should? He should look up, stop doing his silly 360 turns that only slow turning defense into attack and seek out more forward passes..not hollywood ones either!
            Yes it’s all down to Hendo…you must be the only one who hasn’t noticed how poor he has been since his return.

          • Yes, he does “silly 360’s” I get that, you’ve mentioned it more times then he has actually done those.

            So.. you want poor pass completion (as that comes from seek out even more forward passes)? Or do you want him to have a high pass completion? Or cake and eat it too?

            It’s actually a lot down to Hendo, yes. Hendo with his energy, workrate, defensive contributions and rarely losing posession builds a platform that gives Can the nod to do what he doest best, to let Firmino play freely and have Milner be more forward then he was before. You’ve got to be pretty blind to miss all that.

          • Considering he does them most times he receives the ball, then I very much doubt I have!!
            No I want him to be decisive. Collect the ball and pass it on. Preferably forward, but if need be then sideways…but to stop killing the momentum by unnecessary turns (great to shield the ball when collecting the ball when an opposing player is in front of you) and to stop the few seconds delay before deciding what pass to make..he is killing momentum and turning defense quickly into attack.
            I think it is you who is blind if you havent seen how poor he has been lately!

          • How poor is simply absolute bollocks. He allows the guys up front to be decisive, which they’re even better at. He’s not in form, we’ll all agree on that. But he’s still way above average when not in fine form.

            Since his return it’s been 2 goals and 2 assists in 14 games. That’s not great, but given the fact he has a bit of a different role and been out for about a half a season it’s not that bad. Especially when it won us points against Norwich and West Brom. So he’s been decisive, just not as much as we would’ve liked.

          • He has been poor and needs to up his game!
            5/10 v C Palace and I believe that was generous! Only Milner scored lower with 4 as he was sent off.
            You can bury your head in the sand as much as you want, it doesn’t change the fact that Hendo has been poor recently.

          • If the world would be black and white, where you can be only good or poor, where it’s only one or the other I’m sure he would be labelled as poor.

            91% pass completion (highest with Lallana), 11 possession gains, 2 blocks and 2 interceptions. His tackling wasn’t great on the day. 6 tackles noted with only 1 succesfull. But if you take in account the tackles were 3 on Zaha and 3 on Bolasie that means he was providing backup to the fullbacks on both sides.

            Yeah, a 5 at best. As the popular kids say “l0l”

          • Is your world in shades of grey then? ;)
            I say poor as he hasn’t been average, IMO he has been poor.
            Considering all he did was pass sideways and backwards, then 91% is no big deal

          • Even more then fifty! :)

            You contradict yourself. Earlier you were complaining about poor pass completion, now it’s “no big deal”. And you’re wrong btw, most was forward passing.

            All he did was win the ball, cover fullbacks, didn’t lose the ball and send the decisive pass that won us the game. Yeah, 5/10 performance

          • 5 out of 10 was the ranking This is Anfield gave him for the Palace game, I would have given him only a 4

          • Lallana was the reason we beat Norwich. He added the tempo and urgency that was lacking due to Hendos procrastination and divering that was killing the game and our chances of getting back into the game.
            I like Hendo as a box to box midfielder, but since his return he has been one of our worst players.

    • I am actually at a crossroad on whether we should start with Studge or not. He is our most lethal weapon and the best striker we have but we might lose some high pressing by playing him over Origi. The 3 behind the striker would do the pressing as usual (Lallala, Firmino and Coutinho) with Can and Hendo pulling in too but if the striker sleep walks the match, that high pressing won’t do much favour to us. On the other hand, given one presentable chance to LFC, I know who we would like that to fall to.

      So basically my head says Origi and my heart says Studge.

      • Gotta go with your best XI in most cases man…pressing is only fuitful when a genuine attacking chance is built on it and goals are scored based on those mistakes…sure, sometimes it can happen. Origi is undoubtedly a better more energetic presser, but with Sturridge our whole attack looks different/a lot better. He wasn’t able to produce in either of the Europa League matches or the finals…let’s hope he can today.

        • Agreed.

          But how about we go with Sturridge up front behind Origi, Coutinho and Firmino? With Origi taking the right wing?

          • Origi has good movement but I would trust Lallana more to beat Valencia than Origi. Also, we might have to hold up Martial on that front. Again, Lallana or Milner is a better option for that. Martial and Lingaard to me are the ones we should be most afraid of at this point. And of course Mata.

          • Mata and Martial, not that bothered by the rest. Martial will play winger I suppose so that’s Clyne who had him in the pocket earlier this year.

          • Martial scored on his debut against us :( He is a smart player. And so is Memphis(Not so worried about him actually, but he does up his mojo in european games). Just read that Lingard is suspended.

            Mata is a real pain. I agree. He is smart enough to boggle the hot headed the Can. I am worried about that…

          • Depay is absolutely nothing special. Tactically inept, did well in the eredivisie because of pace and power.

            We let Martial score that game.

      • Totally agree.

        One thing that has plagued us during Van Gaal’s stint is not making the most of chances that have come our way. Studge and Firmino are our 2 most clinical finishers at the moment, so, for me, they both have to start.

        It’s a shame for Origi and even for Benteke (after his weekend cameo), but we HAVE to be ruthless.

      • My thoughts exactly, Origi will be hard done by as I feel he deserves the start over Sturridge but in pretty much every game we have lost against United since LVG has took over it has been our missed chances that have came back to haunt us. Daniel Sturridge and missed chances are 2 things that just don’t go together, he is the best natural finisher at the club and probably 2nd to Aguero in the league. Will be gutted for Origi though if I’m being honest.

  2. I would replace Hendo with Allen, he has been very poor, but that’s what you get from a average captain.

    • Yeah…Allen for me too…Hendo’s heart is there but I think he’s still struggling…:(

      • I’d be curious to see Allen and Lallana (until Hendo is 100%-ish) ahead of Can. Yes, they are lightweight physically, but they are both smart, tenacious pressers of the ball who get it up the field quickly in transition.


        • If it was 2 up front I would go Origi and Sturridge and swap Lallana for Firmino, bit attacking i know but I think the Mancs are there for the taking. Really poor side.

          • I don’t feel we can afford to drop Lallana, we need his tireless running and pressing to pin United back and win back possession for Firms, Cots and Studge to capitalize on.

          • My option is way to attacking, and wont happen, just what i would like to see but a little unrealistic really.

    • Sorry bud but Hendo has been defensively solid since coming back. Personally I’d say we rather go for 3 defensive mids and play Allen on the left of Can in the center and Hendo on the right. We need to keep a clean sheet more than scoring.

      • Quote, we need to keep a clean sheet more than scoring, that means there is need to win the game? a 0-0 game will do?

          • You are assuming that we will go to Old Traford and nick a 1-1 score line or 2, but not accounting for the possibility of a 1 nil for them at their home.

          • There will be far more pressure on them if they don’t score at Anfield. Why is this concept so difficult to understand. Did you even watch our last leg game at Anfield? We didn’t score there and that left us in a terrible position at home despite taking the lead. C’mon now, it’s not higher grade.

          • You are comparing us home and Manu at their home, it doesnt work like that, I guaranteed you that if we don’t win today, we will not beat them at their home, and it will not go to penalty, because we have poor record down there, also they are more experience and better than Crystal Palace.

    • The welsh pirlo can do those no look diagonal balls and pick out the deadly sturridge. I can imagine this !!! Henderson was highly wasteful the last we met UTD.

  3. Sturridge should certainly be fresh after being rested for 10 days. Expecting a big game from him.

    This is not a joke, but I would play Milner at LB because Moreno is a real weak link and seems to play even worse than usual against Man United.

  4. He will start sturridge. The lad hasn’t been rested for crystal palace and the city games to be rested again this thursday. The first 11 is how it has to be for me.

  5. If he is troubled by a heel problem, Henderson should be on the bench, as we cannot afford to carry passengers in a game like this.

  6. —————–Origi
    Coutinho Firmino Sturridge
    ——— Can Henderson
    Moreno Lovren Kolo Clyne

    I’d love to see how these XI would work together. I’d prefer Flanagan over Moreno, but he’s obviously not an option for Europa league.

  7. I’m attacking him specifically,becuase of the history we have between eachother!!we’re not the best of friends… So better you stay out of it man!!

  8. Consistently Moreno can almost score blinders!! Almost.
    Often also be the cause of goals conceded. Often. Love hate relationship I have with him

  9. It’s time to unleash LFCS. Lallana, Firmino, Coutinho and Sturridge and get the tie won within 45 minutes

  10. The first formation was what i suggested Liverpool would play at the start of the season……..I knew at some point its gonna come to that. The managers are just a lil bit slow to act.

  11. I feel we might need Origi’s pressing and physicality against smalling cos obviously they gonna try to pass it out from the back and frustrate a lil bit

  12. With Flanno out, Moreno must play but he is a major liability at the back. He needs a lot of help from CB and Midfield. I hope Klopp calms him down but he is often brainless running around leaving his whole side open. He has no discipline.

  13. I’m not entirely convinced of the trio pairing of Countiho, Firmino and Sturridge. It’s hasn’t quite gelled yet…and this is not a game for gelling.

    To my eye at least, it seems that there is a lack of understanding between Firmino and Sturridge in the setup – in terms of movement. Sturridge and Origi can play together though.

    So the permutation is, if Firmino plays, Studge doesn’t play, Firms is CF with Coutinho, Lallana and Milner/Origi.

    If Studge plays, Firmino doesn’t play, with Coutinho, Lallana and Milner/Origi.

    Just a theoretical exercise of course…

    I would actually start Origi in this game. There’s something about this guy now that’s causing him to be a massive attacking threat.

    • I agree but cannot see Origi starting ahead of Sturridge, especially since he was rested for the Palace game. It will be interesting to see what Klopp does. Origi gives us a bit more physicality and movement up front.

    • I would like to keep Origi as an impact sub, similar to Lallana and Benteke. All three have shown they can change a game, alther the face of the game when they come on.

      We’re not that experienced in the EL, but we do know the scum so go with the most experienced players against them (up front). So I would start with Sturridge, Coutinho, Firmino and Milner. Keep the three impact subs ready.

      We can go there with Allen over one of the four up front to keep the ball more and have more bodies in midfield. But tonight it’s about width, pace, movement and goals goal goals.

    • You are right. Sturridge and Firmino just don’t seem to gel at the moment. There is a lack of understanding there.

  14. Should have thumped them when we then allowed rooney to steal the game, put it right this time guys.

    Europe is our boast when the scum brag about titles, defeat is not an option !!

  15. The First XI looks right. Studge to play 60 mins, sub in Origi or Big Ben depending on situation, Hoping Hendo has a break out game in that he creates chances for the forwards, from midfield.

    Unlikely, but hoping a youngster like Ojo gets some playing time and maybe even a goal, would be ‘icing on the cake’.

  16. 4-3-3:



  17. Am I the only one burning wit desire that klopp returns Coutinho back to playing centrally as a deep no. 10

    • No I don’t think you’ll be the only one. The issue is that we’ve got very little (natural) width in the squad. So Coutinho is a player that can play there so he’ll have to.

      • Coutinho doesn’t really give us width on the left though, as he can’t go down the outside and so would just has to bring the ball back into the middle even if he does pick it up on the byline…

        • Fully agree there mate. But he gives even more then most in the squad. We’ve got too many CAM’s and too little wingers.

  18. LVG has done one thing consistently well, Picked out Moreno as our weak link and played on that, Klopp seemed to have nipped that previous game so we were a bit unlucky. Think we’ll see a different Moreno tonight

      • I’m pretty sure he played the entire 90+ minutes so your statement is simply not true and besides, even if it was, that’s good enough as we all know our bad luck against Palace so I don’t see what the fuss is about really.

  19. I was watching the 0-3 against the scum in 2014. From the starting IX we could field only 5 players. The rest is gone. Most likely we’ll only start with 3 of that team.

    How fast times can change.

    • Starting IX??? You’d start only 9 players?? I know this is the scum and it’s Van Gaal’s United but that’s a little too confident for me. (IX is 9. XI is 11.)

  20. On a sidenote: TAW is giving away a posh seat ticket for tonight. Gotta be able to pick it up an hour before the game. Go their fb to check it out.

  21. Just read this in the Mirror:
    “The referee in charge of Liverpool’s clash with Manchester United has brandished his red card six times in the last 12 matches he has officiated.

    Spain’s Carlos Velasco Carballo has also shown 74 yellow cards in that time – an average of more than six per game.

    Carballo cautioned eight players in his last match, a 3-3 draw between Deportivo La Coruna and Malaga in La Liga at the weekend.”

    Oh, great! They had to go & pick a card happy ref for THIS particular tie…!
    He’ll ruin the bloody match..!

  22. As standard, I will suggest that we should line up in a 442 diamond, with one of the forwards splitting out wide as necessary when we’re defending


    • I’d like to see Origi join that mix as well. Can, Coutinho, Lallana, Firmino, Sturridge, and Origi would be a fantastic lineup going forward if we could find a formation for them all to play together. Kick out Hendo and Milner, pair Lovren and Sakho, Clyne and Moreno as fullbacks. and we’ve got a decent team going forward.

  23. Switch Hendon for Lallana and play Origi up front with Sturridge and we’re good. No point keeping Hendo in the team. He’s deadweight. The weakest link in our midfield.

  24. —–Sturridge—-Origi——

  25. Mingole, Sakho, Lovern, Kolo, Clyne, Can, Hendo, Lalana, Coutinho, Firmino, Upfront torn between Sturdgie/Benteke. Just think Benteke will win loads of headers against blind

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