“Fans and players united together as one unstoppable force” – How the media reacted to Man United victory

on 11.03.2016

After Liverpool secured a vital first leg lead with a dominant team performance, we round up the best of the media reaction from Anfield.

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - Thursday, March 10, 2016: Liverpool supporters celebrate their side's opening goal against Manchester United during the UEFA Europa League Round of 16 1st Leg match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

The Reds ended their poor run of results against Man United with a 2-0 victory that ensures they travel to Old Trafford with a commanding two-goal lead.

Jurgen Klopp’s side produced a fantastic display from the first whistle, with Daniel Sturridge’s first half penalty and Roberto Firmino’s cool finish in the second period handing Liverpool the victory their play thoroughly deserved.

The Reds out-played and out-battled Louis van Gaal’s poor United to make it another memorable European night under the lights at Anfield, where the players matched the electric atmosphere with a brilliant display.

It was as close to the perfect first leg as you will find, and here is how the media reacted to the victory.

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MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - Thursday, March 10, 2016: Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge celebrates scoring the first goal against Manchester United's goalkeeper David de Gea from a penalty kick during the UEFA Europa League Round of 16 1st Leg match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

It was a night that reporters felt Klopp’s Reds rose to the occasion at Anfield to put themselves in a dominant position:

The ExpressPaul Joyce said Liverpool “came of age”:

Klopp will regard this as the night his side came of age.

Occasions such as these, when the tumult is such that it is difficult to hear a team-mate’s call let alone take a second to put a foot on the ball, have become about learning how to win for Liverpool.

Martin Samuel for the Mail wrote:

Liverpool are far from a finished article, but they have both of those qualities, and certainly know what is at stake now against these opponents. Put simply: they got it. They rose to the occasion.

The BBC’s Phil McNulty felt Liverpool showed signs of the future under Klopp:

In contrast, Jurgen Klopp‘s Liverpool showed signs of becoming exactly what he wants them to be at Anfield.

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They gave United no time on the ball, constantly robbing them in possession and forcing mistakes by being simply too quick and too mobile for Van Gaal’s side.

Much post-match coverage centred on Klopp winning the tactical battle against van Gaal at Anfield:

Jim White for the Telegraph labelled it a “triumph” for Klopp.

What a triumph this was for the German. What vivid reward for boldness and panache. What a shrewd tactical masterclass he had delivered in how to make the most of limited resources. The opposite, in short, of Van Gaal’s suffocating risk aversion.


The truth is, everything he did was better, including his substitutions.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Thursday, March 10, 2016: Liverpool's manager Jürgen Klopp during the UEFA Europa League Round of 16 1st Leg match against Manchester United at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

The Daily Mail’s Ian Ladyman wrote:

Key to Liverpool’s dominance was their intensity and their energy. Despite Klopp emerging from the dug out to encourage Alberto Moreno to up his levels midway through the first half, Liverpool were largely faultless in this regard while United seemed able only to chase the ball and hope they suffered no further damage.

Tom Bell for ESPN echoed:

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This two-legged tie was partly a matter of who could adjust quickest to their status, reveal a new identity and set about returning to the continent’s top table on merit.

Liverpool won that contest and the identity was one in the image of Klopp as they pressed, pressed and pressed again, combining it with more precision than usual in possession

Alex Burrow and Ben Richards for the Mirror said:

Louis van Gaal prides himself on his tactical acumen – but Jurgen Klopp got the better of him tonight, of that there’s no question.


Klopp could barely have drawn it up better – and Firmino’s second goal gave them the advantage their comprehensive dominance warranted on the night.

The electric atmosphere at Anfield, which shell-shocked United and drove the Reds on for a vital victory, rightly received the plaudits it it deserved:

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - Thursday, March 10, 2016: Liverpool supporters on the Spion Kop before the UEFA Europa League Round of 16 1st Leg match against Manchester United at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Dominic King for the Mail assessed:

The intensity for this, though, was on another level from the moment the teams emerged and the noise remained constant throughout. Jurgen Klopp wants Anfield to become an ordeal for visiting teams and this was a glimpse of how it can be. United – like Arsenal and Chelsea, who were blown away here in the Champions League in years gone by – simply couldn’t cope.

“Now Klopp knows Anfield’s power” Chris Bascombe’s post-match comment read for the Telegraph:

The Kop was packed 30 minutes before kick-off, louder before a ball was kicked than for most of the games of his tenure to date. The pre-match rendition of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ was probably the longest the stadium has heard.


There was certainly an extra yard in the step of the Liverpool players in the early stages, players from both sides evidently affected by the atmosphere.

The Liverpool Echo’s James Pearce described Anfield as an “unstoppable force”:

This was the finest Anfield night of Klopp’s blossoming tenure. Fans and players united together as one unstoppable force.


The spine-tingling rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone was laced with emotion and Klopp’s men fed off that electric atmosphere.

The Express‘ Paul Joyce assessed:

On an evening when the Kop displayed all of its finery, roaring itself hoarse, their team did likewise. The visitors were reduced to a rabble by the end.

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Daniel Taylor for the Guardian wrote:

It has certainly been a long time since You’ll Never Walk Alone has been sung here with more heartfelt volume.


These are the moments when Anfield feels like a special place and the players rose to the occasion. Nobody could ever accuse Klopp’s men of failing the traditions of this match.

Meanwhile, Daniel Story for Football365, discussed one of the many disgraceful chants from the travelling United fans:

The Sun was right, you’re murderers,” was the chant sung by a number of United fans, enough in number to be heard.

What f**king possesses somebody to do that? What sort of ignoramus do you have to be to mock the death of football fans? Where is the scrap of awareness to realise that any of those 96 supporters could have been your mother, your brother, your father or your friend?

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Thursday, March 10, 2016: Liverpool's Roberto Firmino scores the second goal against Manchester United during the UEFA Europa League Round of 16 1st Leg match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Though an excellent team display, Roberto Firmino was the centre of much praise following a fantastic, goal-scoring performance:

Bascombe named the Brazilian his man-of-the-match:

The highest compliment you can give the Brazilian is this was a performance that truly carried echoes of Luis Suarez at his finest. Firmino is still some way from meeting those heights on a consistent basis, but he deserved his goal and thrived in the atmosphere.

The Guardian’s Barney Ronay said Firmino epitomised Klopp’s approach on a brilliant night for the Reds:

And so it proved to be, on a slightly wild evening that saw Liverpool take a 2-0 lead in the first leg against Manchester United and Roberto Firmino emerge as the dominant figure, a player who already looks the itinerant tattooed Brazilian embodiment of early Kloppball.


It is an energy that comes through in his tactical approach, and which was carried on to the pitch here by a player who is fast emerging as a chief lieutenant of the forward press.


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  1. The Sun was right, you’re murderers,” was the chant sung by a number of United fans, enough in number to be heard

    Disgraceful. While I don’t expect anything else from the scum fans, this really does make my blood boil.

    • i could laugh it off as they base it on a “quality” rag like the SUN. the equivalent over here would be quoting the german BILD which would put your IQ somewhere in the range of a loaf of bread, but the insult to the victims of the story behind this makes my blood boil too.

    • We really don’t expect anything else, didn’t hear it when they beat us earlier on in the season, just shows what a sad bitter twisted bunch of poor indignant losers they are… Take no notice, give them no mention, they will fade away into distant memeory, while we conquer.

    • In Holland they fine a lot, helps nothing. The fans don’t feel the pain of the cash. Docking points and banning them from competitions would hurt though.

      • Scum utd should be forced by UEFA to identify everyone of them being at Anfield yesterday and ban them from the next five games for starters. I guess such an action would lead to internal justice among them next time they are at a game. They will silence their own idiots before they even start. Empty stadiums would be the next step.

        • 20yrs ago and on my turf that internal justice would have been served straight after the match. reflecting on my older days i know it´s not the right way to solve those things but it would have been hugely satisfying.
          glad the LFC fans took it the way they did though.

          • Personally i think the mancs will be after setting about the lfc fans in the return leg
            no doubt any trouble will be blamed on us

        • easy to do just look who they sold man ure sold the tickets to
          Lets not try and kid our self it was not a few singing it ,it was nearly every single one of them
          The only thing about doing that is who decides what and what is not exceptable
          Where would it stop

      • Kinda like New England Pat’s cheating in 2 Super Bowls. Don’t fine them, kick em where it hurts, give the runner up the Vince Lombardi and take away drafts picks for the following season.

    • Oh but we’d get renegade fans posing as the opposition, stirring it up in order to get docked. It’s a tough one.

    • There’s abuse coming from every fanbase. There’s been decades of LFC supporters chanting about Munich. Spurs fans get always touted about their jew roots, and so on.
      You cant have control over everyone, when you mass in thousands of people, the chances of picking out a few rotten apples are too high to consider clubs responsible.

  2. Best atmosphere at Anfield since the Rafa CL days.

    1 banner said ‘Unity is strength’. And it was. The 12th man rattled manu to their core.

    Brendan Rodgers still doesn’t get it, just what Klopp has achieved in his short time here.

    Shame some manc scumbags had to ruin what was touted as the biggest match to date in the Europa. I’d expect Eufa to punish them hard. Embarassing night for that lot.

    • I bet you were not saying that about BR when we looked dead certain to win the league in 13/14 and playing the best football in 15 years!

      Brendan did “get it”, I don’t know what your talking about.

      Klopp has not achieve anything yet. One win over United does not magically change things. We’ll see at the end of the season.

        • Spray tans teeth whitening, don’t make you a tactical genius. Just a pompous, smarmy, wee bit of a man.

      • Certain? Conceding 55 goals in a 38 game season? It’s not 1 game though is it? And that’s before Klopp gets to work in the transfer market.

        Best football in 15 years? Really? What did it win?

        • The football at times was scintillating. Cannot argue with that. Despite the obvious shortcomings in defence and whenever he opened his mouth. However, he did improve himself on a number of things: his teeth were whiter, his tan golden, his weightloss, his upgrade on the wife.

      • But if look at it though, Brendan didn’t achieved anything in 3+ seasons after spending all that money, the 2013/14 season that he Brendan has been bragging about heeled nothing either, not even a final appearance, to give himself a chance to win something.

      • Is second place really an achievement? Is getting crushed by Villa in a semi final really an achievement?

        Klopp hasn’t achieved anything yet, but he has had a few months.

        In terms of pedigree, we can factually say BR NEVER achieved anything. Maybe he will in the future. Klopps credentials on the other hand are undeniable.

    • Brendan gets a mention again, Is there some kind of man crush going on here.. Did you profess your love to him, and did he turn you down, is this the real issue here?

      • Aha it’s Brendan’s Knight in shining armour! Man crush Stan?

        Wasn’t the wee toad yapping again earlier in the week, saying Klopp had to win the league to improve on wee Brendan?

        So you see the relevance? Anyone could see last night that Klopp has already improved on the mess Rodgers left behind. Both on the pitch and in the stands.

        • Who cares, apart from idiots like you constantlyu bringing his name into every comment, no one else mentions him… We have moved on…

          • Idiot? So what shall we call dopes like you who still can’t see the reality.
            And do you have to keep demonstrating your lack of intelligence? It’s Rodgers doing the talking, if only that clown would shut up……..

          • At what point did he disagree with you ? He said (rightfully) that most of us fans have moved on. Meanwhile you keep whinging about a manager that has now left for half a year. If you have energy to waste complaining and crying about Brendan Rodgers, save it to support the team.

          • Look kid, I have to lower the level to help you grasp what it is I am trying to say…. It’s merely a suggestion, but a good one, forget Brendan, and focus on now….

        • I have a problem when people accuse me of being a BR apologist, whatever thatis supposedto be, or people calling me out for not having a dig at him at every given opportunity… Oh! and when thoise same children can’t move on themselves, while telling me to move, while having a needless pop at Brendan… Are you sure it’s me that needs to move, after all, I never mention his name, only pull up morons that do.

      • I hear a bromance in the making. Maybe a reality show in the making? “This is Fraud-gers.” The world-class buffoon.

  3. The scums have disgraced English football, and football in general with loud, clear chants mocking dead football fans. The FA charged Suarez over something he said which no one had any evidence of except Evra’s accusations. Last night, everyone around the world heard the abusive, disgraceful chants. The FA and FIFA must take actions against the scums and their fans. Failing which, people will think The FA is a puppet of the scums.

  4. The best way to react to The Sun chants is to show a moral superiority during the return leg. Keep it about the football – we have something to chant about, they don’t.

    • I certainly hope so. If our travelling fans stoop to the Munich chants level, all the moral initiative is lost. It was good that we didn’t respond to their chants during the game. Puts us above them.

    • Has the S*n in any way reacted to these chants? If I was the editor of that lie factory, I’d absolutely slaughter the mancs in today’s paper in an attempt to regain some scrap of dignity.

      I won’t visit their site though….

      • I just visited… To comment “So you’ve decided not to mention the disgusting chants by Utd ‘fans’ … ‘The Sun was right, you’re all muderers’ ” I gave them a Mailinator Email account tho, so won’t see any replies.

  5. No good relying on FIFA, UEFA with their organisations, and our own FA are pathetic, something should be done, but I am not holding my breath.

  6. manure scum always amaze me by how low they can sink i thought you couldn’t get any lower than a snakes belly , but the scum have proved me wrong , they just don’t have any class never had and never will have , watching the game last night i have to say the Liverpool supporters were outstanding it was like being back in the Shanks and Paisley days , this man Klopp is starting to look like the man we have been waiting for to lead us back to where we belong.

  7. I still can’t see where Sturridge fits in to this team, I get that many have memories of how good he was two years ago but the Sturridge I’m seeing in the present isn’t adding anything to the team. Did he even touch the ball in the 2nd half?

    The second he came off our performance levels rose all over the pitch and Firmino was unchained, as far as I’m concerned Origi’s work rate and in turn its effect on the rest of the team makes him our first choice striker.

    • I agree. This summer we need to get a striker that fits into our style and is not injury prone like Sturridge.

      If we are to keep Benteke either he adapts or we adapt. If Benteke had played we would not have won the game, I think he’ll be off in the summer.

      If so we should go for Icardi or someone of that ilk.

    • You mean the 15 minutes of the second half were he played as the lone central forward against 3 defenders (Carrick dropped back like Can did against Palace)? I think it’s understandable for him to have struggled a bit.

      I also think you’re forgetting that he’s been uninjured for 24 games all season, and only been in the MD18 for 15 games and then only played in 12 of those. I’m not saying you’re wrong, I just think you need to remember this a player who has played 30 games over the past 2 years.

      So since he last played over 20 games, the squad has changed a bit:

      13/14: Mignolet; Johnson, Flanagan, Agger, Skrtel; Gerrard, Henderson; Coutinho, Sterling; Suarez, Sturridge

      Mignolet, Henderson, Coutinho and Skrtel are still there, otherwise, he has 6 new first team players to get used to, although you could argue Skrtel has been displaced as he has 20 appearances to Lovren and Sahko’s 25 apiece

      • I’m just not feeling it, Origi came on and ran United ragged, that’s what Sturridge used to do.
        Last night he just frustrated the hell out of me, every time I looked at him during the 2nd half he was either standing around or fixing his socks, he had the demeanor of a player frustrated that his team mates can’t get him into the game.
        Then Origi came on and forced himself into the game, that’s the difference.
        He’s not a better striker than Sturridge on a technical level, but his attitude and work rate is far more suited to the lone striker role than Sturridge’s, who has never actually done it for Liverpool as a lone striker may I point out.
        Origi is the better fit for this team.

    • Origi just doesn’t score enough but his movement was superb. A goalscorer who moves like that is all we need.

      Luis Suarez anybody?

      • He brings others into the game more than Sturridge does, we look like scoring from all over the pitch when Origi plays, when Sturridge plays the team play in a way purely to get the ball to him to try make something happen, football is a team game and Sturridge is not a team player in my opinion.
        Origi will come good in front of goal but only if given the experience, Sturridge was the same at the same age, lots of promise and few goals, until a loan move to Bolton was the making of him as a top striker.
        Origi needs a run of games.

        • Totally agree, I’m not knocking him. But we can’t wait 3 or 4 years for him to develop. We need to buy that type of player who is ready to do the running but score the goals now.

  8. If both United and Liverpool fans chant about each club’s tragedy’s next Thursday then Uefa should kick both of us out of the competition.
    To stoop to such levels is inhumane and shouldn’t be tolerated.
    I obviously hope that doesn’t happen. But with the fixture being on St Patrick’s day I fear that drunken, thuggish behavior may overshadow what happens on the pitch.

    I hope Uefa come out and warn the fans that any repulsive chants like that will penalize their club.

    Their is no need to stoop to their disgusting level. Sing your hearts out, prove we’re the better fans. Celebrate with the players once we wipe the floor with them in their own backyard.


    • A foreword from Jurgen should be enough to remind Reds fans going to OT that they are ambassadors for the club, and the match will be sreened worldwide.
      All we need do is to celebrate.

      • People shouldn’t have to be reminded to be good people, unfortunately British working class society isn’t the brightest and I too fear it will be an eye for an eye mentality from travelling Liverpool fans next week.

        • My guess is that the majority who will go to OT will behave , but like the other poster said it is St Patrick’s day, traditionally a day of celebration, and some younger people can be easily led.
          And I am British working” class” and proud of it, I am not that well educated but it only takes some common sense to know right from wrong.

    • They could ban all the Utd fans from the return fixture, which would just be hilarious on their own turf.

    • Sadly I don’t think it’s that simple Dan, UEFA, FIFA, The FA and the Premier League all have clearly defined rules on racist, homophobic and even political chanting or banners all of which are backed up by common law and can be enforced by the courts. The only law these sick chants actually violate as far as I know is the law of common decency, sadly it’s not an offence to be a low life devoid of any morals or basic intelligence and that’s the crux of the problem…

  9. After such a long day of anxiety and stress yesterday, what a pleasure it is to talk about and enjoy last nights performance and result!
    But most importantly, to be reminded (not that we need it) of just how proud it makes you to be a red; and to remind the world that we are a bloody behemoth of a club.
    Poetry in motion…..

  10. I am the first person to slate these players when served up mediocrity, but for this last game yesterday i will put my hands up to these players, (BRILLIANT) performance the best i have seen from Liverpool for a long time, only and just only if could replicate this over a consistent period, we would be challenger for sure.

  11. At least some media outlets are condemning the outrage by scum so called fans, let’s hope that somebody stirs into action and that it get’s dealt with.
    No matter who you support a tragedy is exactly that for victims, their families and friends,
    One thing very different over here, is that no matter whatever the rivalry or dislike between fans, there is a respect when the unthinkable happens.
    Many fans here remember each year the death of a young Toulouse fan called Brice Taton, there is a heartbreaking accound on a site called Justice for Brice Taton, his favourite song just happened to be You’ll Never Walk Alone.

  12. I called it Klopp’s song before, but I have this image of Klopp wandering around with this tune following on behind as he wisps past people… The Expert by Yello….

  13. It was a great night… lovely moment with fantastic atmosphere.. looking at the flags..the enthusiasm the fans had… it was speechless.
    im not surprised for the scums to do what they did… they have to keep hold and uphold their SCUMS trademark and tag.. thats totally belongs to them.. even the sheikhs nor roman can ever buy that.
    Anyways… on the other hand..looks like Rafa gonna take over at Newcastle.. McClaren been sacked!

  14. You are a disgrace
    You are a disgrace
    Ohhh Man United, you’re a f****ng disgrace
    I’ll be singing that next week

  15. Pure joy at our performance as for the Scum fans hang your heads in shame Ya don’t hear use sing about your tradgedies and rightly so lower than snake crap

  16. Mirror picked De Gea as the MOTM. Should not (make that never) be as he was not part of the team that won dominantly, but not complaining too much.

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