“Skrtel has no place here anymore” – Liverpool fans react to 2nd half collapse at Southampton

on 20.03.2016

Liverpool blew a two-goal lead to lose 3-2 at Southampton on Sunday, and we bring you the best social media reaction from during and after the game.

SOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND - Sunday, March 20, 2016: Liverpool's Emre Can looks dejected as his side concede a third goal to Southampton during the FA Premier League match at St Mary's Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

A horrific afternoon down south was going so well for much of the afternoon, but it ended in horrible fashion for Jurgen Klopp and his side.

Philippe Coutinho and Daniel Sturridge both scored to see the Reds race into a 2-0 first-half lead, but it all went wrong when Martin Skrtel replaced Dejan Lovren at half-time.

Despite Simon Mignolet saving Sadio Mane‘s penalty, the Southampton substitute scored twice and Graziano Pelle also found the net, as the Saints stunned Liverpool late in the day.

It was an afternoon that surely saw the Reds’ top-four hopes extinguished, and was a defeat that really hurt. It started off so well, too.

Jon Flanagan was named captain, and supporters reacted with great joy:

Coutinho and Sturridge put the Reds in total control early on:

norwegian wood on the forum:

Studge! Lovely finish, pulls the trigger extremely quickly there – as he does.

Really swift attack that. Out of trouble, down the line, good run by Origi. Very nice.

It was a magnificent opening 45 minutes from Klopp’s men, and they were deservedly lauded at the interval:

RJK on the forum:

Good half. Open game. Thankfully the ref saw their penalty for what it was. On recent displays, I’d back Joe to keep his place. Played much better than what we’ve seen from Henderson of late.

theres always tomorrow on the forum:

Good first half for us. Could have been 5-0 but for a bit of luck. Can’t complain too much.

Then it all went horribly wrong, however, with the fans almost solely blaming Skrtel:

Hope in your heart on the forum:

The players have no-one else but themselves to blame for this. Shocking mid-table mentality.

rupzzz on the forum:

I don’t think Klopp will allow that to happen again. Glad I missed the game now.

Let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments below.



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  1. I personally feel that the whole team and Klopp has to take the blame. I understand the people criticizing Skrtel and some defending him but overall, it’s the whole team that should be criticize. From the strikers, to the midfielders, to the defenders and last but not least, Klopp himself for using the subs wrongly. It was both the wrong players to sub on and the wrong time to sub them on.

    • I agree. Bit far to say Skrtel has no place at the club after one game. Lovren had many of these games and he’s been forgiven so quickly.

      • Ditto. At times like these we should get behind the team instead of doing some unmannered bashing. Sktrl was bad, but it was Klopp who put him out there in that situation.

      • It’s not just one game,name me one good CB partnership over the years that included Skrtel in it ?
        He needs to go,he is way past his best,Matip is coming in the summer,a top 5 bundesliga CB.

          • You can say good in terms of how bad the other pairs were,when you put in context of the league,not enough good,2013-14 when we came 2nd,we conceded 50 goals.
            Even Man Utd at 7th had less goals than us,nevermind chelsea had 23,freaking 23 goals less than us.

          • 4 years ago…under Dalglish….that was that. Skrtel was a good defender once upon a time in EPL, but I think the game has moved on a great deal since then and he looks like a dinosaur on the field now.

          • The biggest problem is the bundle of nervous energy that surrounds him. With already an iffy keeper between sticks, the last thing you need is another problem in your spine

          • He just makes the whole foundation ricketty doesn’t he? Some people wanna focus on other mistakes/weakness like Wanyama v/s Allen or Flanno not winning some of his tackles in the second half or Mane being almost unplayable….not saying these factors wouldn’t exist with Lovren on the field but that threat would have been snuffed out…with Skrtel you know the defense is just going to part like the Red Sea with Moses and shots from outside the box become pretty easy to take.

      • With Matip coming in there is no place for Skrtel anymore. Toure should get a new contract because he is a good backup

        • but toure is too old now to be relied upon to come be fit throughout a season and come in when need be. This season, despite great performances, he’s been having trouble lasting entire games. not too long ago he was finishing one game, getting injured, coming back, playing and then getting injured again. rather illori be that 4th choice.

      • so Lovren made the mistakes last year(his first year at this club) & a few times this year!..yet he has come strides & improved significantly!..Do you still want us to hold a grudge against him for the mistakes he made last year??

      • He has no place in the EPL never mind Liverpool. It’s no coincidence that we concede 3 on his return. He’s easily one of the worst defenders in the league and only gets defended on here because it was rafa that bought him.

        • He was good once upon a time, but the level to which EPL has progressed over recent times, he seems like a heavily outdated player now.

      • I’ll say it nonetheless! Skrtel has no place at the club after this game! After all the progress we’ve made, after all the improvements we’ve seen from the rest of our centerbacks, and this is kind of f****ked up performance he comes up with!? I’d be embarrassed to call myself a professional football player after that, much less an LFC defender.

        It was starting to get pretty competitive anyway trying to determine who will stay and who will leave the club….Skrtel just gave confirmation that he should be the #1 choice defender to leave the club in the summer.

    • I don’t think anyone is denying that. As Klopp says, defending is a team work which starts up top but the only point people highlighting here is Skrtl being the common denominator.

  2. Hope that makes summer decisions fairly cut and dry – if there were not already abundantly clear before today.

  3. Yes, Klopp made bad subs, but I dont think he’s had great experience with Skrtle and he prob wanted to give Tekkers game time. The only good thing that’ll come from this game is never seeing Skrtle playing for us again unless as 4th choice behind Kolo.

    • he’s had a go at benteke at the final whistle, hope this really wakes tekkers up and score goals from here on. as for skrtel, just a bad sub, he’s out for so long and it looks like a safe bet given the way sotons played in the first half.

      • tekkers is an absolute disgrace. he thinks he’s made it but won’t apply himself, just terrible player mentally.

    • Agree on Skrtel and Benteke. Not sure why you think Flanno isn’t good enough. Migs did well today. Allen was decent in the middle.

    • flano is a good backup for sure.

      Benteke needs different types of players and probably system to get succeed here.

    • Allen was having a storming game but him and Can got carried away going forward one of them needed to get a grip of midfield and Mane especially!

      • And then southampton woke up and started wanting to win the game then allen vanished as he always will last season for him hes not earned a new contract
        get what we can for him and give a youngster is squad role if we do not buy anyone

        • That’s just so typical of you. Allen was brilliant today. That clown skrtle, along with the managers poor decisions lost this game. But go stick your head in the sand.

          • allen missed a sitter
            allen got over ran in the second half brilliant yes right
            skrtle as just come back from injury you know the thing that sakho had about ten games that he could use it as an excuse for
            As for klopp yes maybe he did make the wrong call
            I bet your messiah would have called it right still no job yet for the deluded one

          • If rodgers had bought skrtle then not only would you throw him under the bus but you’d be running over him yourself. The annoying thing is that you know very well just how useless he is but you just want to be cantankerous about things. And Klopp needed to take off Sturridge earlier and pack the midfield and he didn’t. It’s not often he gets it wrong but today he did.

        • I am sticking with Allen not that strong on the defensive duty today. Of course Skrtel’s presence and “missing” from the game did cause the team.
          Perhaps Herr Klopp was trying to give minutes to Skrtel. Not working.
          Ultimately, it’s Klopp’s decision, it failed miserably today and he ultimately as the manager needs to take full responsibility. He want to build confidence to players, those coming back from injuries and those who need minutes. They failed him, and I guess Klopp now has pretty much made his mind on these players.

  4. Lets go to Manchester and stop nagging! Although the result doesn’t concern us, lets enjoy some good stuff. EPL has ended for me

  5. Just hope and pray the scums and city draw for us to atleast have a chance at top 4 this season, this team against Dortmund …. JOKE

    • Tell me that that team of the first half won’t give dortmund a game?we can beat any team on our day!!ask city!!

  6. Skrtel was awful tonight and should be sold for sure. But the hate against him is unreal and not justified.

    I would like to dedicate a song for him & many like him who have cost points this season

    Maroon 5 – This summers gonna hurt like a mothaphaka.

    • The hate is justified. He makes everybody nervous. He doesnt know when to drop deep or push up. He made Sakho go from imperious on thurs to nervy. This is the same thing that he did to Lovren last yr. He’s our worst defender, and he just brings out the worst in everyone around him. He’s not improved in 4 yrs… his time is up

      • I’m for one who don’t endorse hate. It has never been good for anyone, at least not for me for sure.

        His time was up long ago. But he had brogers nudes to keep him up here.

        • It’s not personal hate, I don’t hate him as a person. Just hate him as a footballer, he’s awful and has cost us on so many different occasions. He’s a cancer to our defence, Lovren Sakho and Toure all look solid enough when partnered with each other. Put Skrtel with any of them and they look amateur!!!! Wouldn’t bother selling him, I’d give him away for free!

          • so how do you account for the 3 goals we conceded against arsenal the 4 against norwich and 2 goal claps against sunderland
            was that all skrtel as well

          • Haven’t and never will say that our other defenders are perfect, because they aren’t. But more often than not in the past 24 months of our defence has had an absolute shocker then Skrtel. You can’t seriously tell me you rate Skrtel?

          • Matip can’t come in and play with any of these CB! Houllier realised this that our CB weren’t good enough in 99 and brought in Hyppia and Henchoz the same needs to happen this summer! Houllier also brought in Westerveld we can’t keep going on like this!

      • Or Lovern made Sakho look imperious because he was the one marshalling the defence whilst Sakho went wandering like how Toure was up until Lovern returned! No Lovern/Toure and Sakho was exposed!

      • We now know how Skrtel makes anyone who partners him look bad.

        Look at Lovren now…a far cry from his days with Skrtel as his CB partner.

  7. Anybody who expects Klopp to have known Skrtel would cause a team-wide implosion is beside their own self. And to blame him for putting on a striker with a reputation for scoring goals is just nonsense.

    • He should know that Skrtel lacked form, Southampton would up the ante in second half(make a response) and that Skrtel has been the common denominator for a shaky defence across CB pairings.

      The team has fought hard to shake those insecurities, and Klopp invited it back, awarding Skrtel to be promoted for being sent off with the u21s.

  8. By no means i want to defend Skrtel, but people dont see (or dont want to admit it) that we got completely overplayed in the midfield wit the introduction of Mane und Wanyama. I wrote it after the UTD game, we were having massive problems in the midfield and a better team would have used it. Here we go again. Skrtel was awful, but how is it possible that we completely lose it because Wanyama is playing?

    • Should have brought on Henderson to try and counter it like how Klopp brought on Allen when United started taking control.

    • Obviously Hendo was missed. But with Lovren commanding the line we were solid and calm. Skrtel brought the chaos of running back. Made for a big gap between him and midfield which Pelle exploited time and again.

      • Think Allen and Can got carried away bombing forward allowing for the huge gap in front of our defence! Also Mane came on at half time and Lovern never had to face him.

      • The midfield on the 1st half was Allen and Can. Not particularly strong pair. But, with good CB pair in Lovren and Sakho, at least it was able to absorb all the attacks.
        Ah well… Mignolet would have been shattered his confidence all over again with today’s result… back to zero again.
        Klopp got to take the blame on this. His intention to give minutes to players rather than go for stability backfired. No doubt about that.

    • that’s not what led to the goals though. we gifted them the opportunities and then didn’t defend.
      also we didn’t put the game to bed in the first half because we don’t have finishers and sturridge won’t cut the ball back when he’s lost the opportunity.

    • Classic misdirection.

      I wonder what Sakho and Lovren. And all the other decent centerbacks we have had thinks about playing with vegetable brain Skrtel. He was crap for the u-21 and of course he would be crap against the senior players. We have conceded 3 goals only 4 times this season and in every singel one of those matches Martin Skrtel was playing. We as a team have not conceded 3 goals in the league without Martin Skrtel playing on the field. One does not need to be genius to understand that much of which is wrong with this teams defensively, can be tracked to Martin Skrtel.

      #LFC have conceded as many goals in 40 minutes with Martin Skrtel in the team than their previous 795 minutes without him.

        • sakho’s been very poor this year, came back too soon against Watford from injury and never looked right after that. He’s had a couple of decent games but it’s been a poor year for him.
          At least his return was forced, I’ve no idea who has passed skrtel as fit for today.
          Bad day at the office but hope Klopp learns a lot from it. He mentioned the number of games we’ve played for the drop off in intensity in the 2nd half – I really expect him to have a second string side ready for next season to allow proper rotation in the cup games, which will make a big difference to fitness.
          Also they clearly haven’t had proper summer conditioning with all these hamstring injuries and it might be tough with the euros this year too. But that needs to change.

  9. When Sturridge went off I wanted Origi to go up top. Henderson on and pack the midfield. Oh well. Klopp will always take risks. losing 3-2 when we’re 2-0 up isn’t acceptable however.

      • It’s how I felt during the game. I love Klopp but I do feel at times his attacking approach might come back to bite him from time to time. But I’d rather an attacking coach that takes risks.

    • That’s just how it’s supposed to be but I don’t know why our manager has to do another thing. To me Klopp cost us the game, we are 2 goals up and we don’t need 2strikers anymore plus our midfield has been overpowered, so counter formation to counter Southampton Mane in the midfield is the best option but instead he stood there expecting a miracle. So disappointed

    • Hindsight and all. I won’t question him for that sub atleast coz Hendo was not completely fit (although that begs the question than why was he in match day squad) but the Skrtl ahead of Toure was something that didn’t look the right idea from the offset.

    • hendo may not have been able to play that long, if that is the case then why put him on then bench? I can almost understand the skrtel sub, we were in control with a healthy lead so why not give him game time but good lord, one of the worst CB displays I have ever seen given the context

    • Couldn’t agree more – made no sense sticking with two strikers, especially when the replacement was even lazier/far less talented than sturridge.

  10. Benteke was always going to come on regardless of the scoreline, considering he was the supposed hero against Palace. Hence I had no issues about Tekkers coming on despite his now customary off target shot.

    Skrtel coming on was wrong on so many levels, considering that defenders are rarely subbed on lest injuries. If he wanted to give Skrtel time, should have put him on in the last 10-15 minutes or so. It was not as if he was in blazing form prior to this match too, getting sent off in an U21 (Bit like me, a 22 yo school player, getting played off the park by an U14 team) At the end of the day, this was an oversight by Klopp and a mistake that he will probably learn from. As for Skrtel, this could well be his testimonial match.

  11. That is top 4 gone,it is all about Europa now.
    Skrtel has got plenty of stick and deserves some,but it is a little rough to blame one man for the second half shambles.

  12. That f***ing skrtel can go sod off! Cost us the game today conceded 3 goals n a missed penalty. What the hell is he doing so high up the pitch n kicking long balls with no accuracy

  13. For me Coutinho has to go back to playing centrally and I want a serious explanation as to why skrtel was brought on

  14. Liverpool lost a game they were leading by 2+ goals at half time for first time in PL. Previously won 112 of 115 games (D3)

    Sktrel match stats…good job he didn’t play 90 minutes, it could have got real embaressing
    3 goals conceded
    1 penalty given away
    0 tackles won
    0 blocks
    0 interceptions

    • I think those stats are incidentals- the main issue is the pressure his positioning puts on the back four and midfield. Liverpool were cruising till half time with the defence playing a good line allowing Allen and Can control midfield. 2nd half Skrtel started dropping off time and again, inviting the long ball bypassing our press from midfield. For an experienced defender to play like that is unforgivable. A missed header or tackle happens everyone but positional play like that is just ammateur

  15. We seriously missed firmino today surely he would of took his chances today, midfield needs extra muscle after this summer, defending….. Smfh skertel wtf man ??? I apologize to migs skertel made him lose his stability and confidence in the defense

  16. Only 2 people to blame for today’s defeat. Klopp and Skrtel. Klopp because bringing on Skrtel who had played very little football for the last few months when he had a fully match fit and in form Kolo Toure sitting on the bench. Skrtel… I don’t need to explain how this was his fault. He was absolutely shocking from the moment he came on! I’ve said for years he is a very very very poor player. Anyone who says otherwise is absolutely clueless. Back in Rodgers first season Skrtel was dropped after a poor performance away at Saints, we brought back Jamie Carragher and instantly looked 100000000% better at the back. He then returned to the side against United in the 13/14 season and has been an almost ever present since then, in that time we have been shocking at the back, whether it be from open play or set pieces and I personally feel this was down to Skrtels inability to hold a line, he drops far far to deep and invites us under instant pressure! Since his injury we have looked solid at the back again, well not solid but a damn site better than when Martin is in the team. I’m absolutely gutted at that result today and I will honestly be devastated if he ever pulls a Liverpool shirt on again

    • Agreed. I expect Klopp to admit his mistake on the sub in the next interview. He got to take the blame. Skrtel has been playing reserve games for a while. Yet the shirt pulling is not related to his injury – except brain damage. Can’t understand why time and time again he keeps pulling shirt.

  17. Im an ‘id*ot’ for rating Skrtel? Nice. Im willing to change my views, and of course will be if he keeps up performances like that. But if you want to pretend he always plays like that then go ahead, but it is clearly not true

    • There is a reason carragher replaced him, Rodgers first season. Martin Skrtel is the most brainless defender we have had the last decade.

    • What he does well, he usually does well; no bs hardhitter, that gives his all. His deficits have also been well displayed over the years. He has the football IQ of an ant, is reckless, and even after playing with Carragher doesn’t know how to position himself, setpieces and open play alike.

        • The pro Sktrel section of the LFC fan base, often cite his last ditch tackles….oblivious that his poor positioning and passing is what put him in the position where he has to make a last ditch tackle.
          I’ve been saying all season, that he’s a liability and needs to go…surely everyone who watched today’s game if in doubt, will now be of the same opinion.

          • Yes but it was Rodgers who quoted Skrtel’s difficulties against Benteke as a factor in us signing him…therefore today’s result is down to the Rodgers legacy.
            How can Klopp be blamed for bringing on a player with over 300 games experience and a £32.5 million striker?

        • I used to fight it, because he does bring in a lot of coronos, timely tackles, and fight that is needed(which some people mistake for leadership/armband ability), and has been elected player of the year, but his deficits have become more and more apparent, and even when having a good game, he brings insecurity to the other players rather than vice versa. It used to be worse in some ways, when we were incredibly lucky many of his attempts at headers 99% of the time were pulling down a man to win a header. He seemed to have erased that a bit, but many of his other areas are just getting worse. And with so much of the team depending on security(apparent when Can became a 3 man defender last year to sort out the mess of Lovren and Skrtel), he is mostly poison now. Sadly.

    • Cant believe a journo would call fans idiots. Some of us might even be older than his dad. Just shows you how far LFC fans have fallen. Do not hide behind a keyboard and call people names.

    • Oh? He normally doesn’t wrestle people in the box, holding shirts, etc.? I remember saying that he would give away a penalty doing that kind of stuff before he got injured and he did and has done again now. Not to mention his weakness in the air and on set pieces, which he was again rubbish with. Yeah, he always plays like that and has always been the problem with our defense.

  18. The way the three goals were conceded today are good examples of why defenders shouldn’t fool around with the ball at the back, and also why many people say Skrtel should go. First goal, Flano has the ball on the right, he tries to take some steps forward but is closed down. He passes the ball to Can and the opponents are immediately all over us, and we lose the ball cheaply at the back. How many times have our players given the ball away cheaply in such a manner? Far too many times. When they’re pressing that high up with such intensity, it’s so obvious that they’ll be pouncing the moment we play stupid passes at the back.

    Second goal, it starts with a long ball forward, Pelle and Skrtel contest it, neither player actually won the ball cleanly, but Pelle is alert and alive to the second ball, while Skrtel is looking around getting his bearings. By the time Skrtel wakes up, Pelle’s already on the second ball and past him and is head on against Sahko, seizing the chance to shoot. Yeah Skrtel managed to run back into the defensive line, but by the time he arrives, Pelle’s already swinging his leg to shoot, and Skrtel has no chance of being in position or in shape to block it. I ask the question, if Pelle can be so alert to the second ball so quickly, why can’t Skrtel do the same? Why is he daydreaming after failing to win the first long ball?

    Third goal, again, playing stupid passes at the back when opponents press high. Flano plays a pass to Migs while an opponent closes Migs down. The area in the GK’s box is actually quite bobbly, meaning there’s a chance that the GK’s kick might not be clean, and especially if the GK is under pressure from an opponent and he doesn’t get time to set himself up. So, unnecessary back pass, and a poor clearance that goes nowhere. Finally, Skrtel and Allen get in each other’s way of the ball, Skrtel falls over, we lose the ball cheaply again.

    There’s still that penalty incident, coming from Skrtel pulling a shirt. How many times have we seen this from Skrtel, pulling shirts all the time. He’s been lucky for a number of years, not getting penalized for it, but I remember he did give a penalty away for that exact reason a couple of years ago, shirt pulling. He still hasn’t learned his lesson, still doing the stupid shirt pulling in the box.

    I put today’s loss down to two major things, Skrtel’s lack of defensive intelligence and the way he spreads panic to the others around him, and also to this ridiculously bad habit of playing unnecessary passes around the back and putting ourselves in trouble, a big feature from Rodger’s time. At the very least, they have to stop that bad back pass habit

    • I totally agree on that back passing and passing precarious passes at the back. Totally irritates me to no end. Sometimes they should just hoof the ball up field.

      • Agree with you there, especially since we were leading 2-0 already. What Southampton did in the final 30 minutes is exactly what we did to Man City at the Etihad during the first 30 minutes of that match. We tried to play the ball out the back and we were pressed into mistake after mistake. What we should have done is indeed hoof the ball upfield, because this is exactly what Newcastle and Watford did to us to bypass the high press. In the situation where we’re leading 2-0 but the momentum and territorial advantage is with them, we should make Southampton play the ball from the back, and we defend with numbers, see the game out

  19. Only positives to take from today: a) those idiots who always rated Skrtel now know how bad he is and b) Klopp does too. Has to go in summer

    we conceded 3 against arsenal 4 against norwich and 2 against sunderland Skrtel did not play in any of those games
    Henry jackson used the excuse for Sakho for all of those games that he was coming back from injury
    Well henry i would rather be a idiot than a ferkin hypocrite

          • whats your point you on a wind up ,well i will tell you now i am not in the mood so wind your neck in

          • The point being you are accusing Jackson of hypocrisy for putting Skrtel on a platter for a bad performance after injury, and yet you ax your own defence of Skrtel by saying he should go, and any idiot(you included), can now see he should leave in the summer.

          • where did i say he should go do not bore me with your mind games jannik i know what your trying to get at and am not interested

          • “Only positives to take from today: a) those idiots who always rated Skrtel now know how bad he is and b) Klopp does too. Has to go in summer” – CARR71, 20th March 2016.

            It is not mind games from me, but your mind playing tricks on yourself, and is successfully confusing you. Then again, you at least called yourself an idiot, so you understand you are prone to errors.

          • Let me carve it out for you:

            1) He attacked Jackson for defending Sakho with being rusty from lack of fitness – meaning Sakho should have faced wrath, not defending. As far as I remember a consequence of this.

            2) He doesn’t attack Jackson for saying Skrtel should go in the summer, but indirectly concurs, as he calls himself the idiot, that has wisened up, as Jackson refered – people such as him as – but attacks Jackson for being inconsistent, saying he is a hypocrite giving different treatments.

            3) All the while not only saying that he is the category of idiot classification, but worst of all, he fails to acknowledge that he wanted different treatments to the players, just the opposite of Henry’s, making him not only intensely stup1d, but also the hypocrite he slings at Jackson.

            4) Lastly, he assumes Jacksons attack on Skrtel is based on a sole occation such as this, when it is quite apparent that Jackson speaks from past experiences as well.

            When you quote someone, and don’t have quotations surrounding it, it no longer becomes a quote, but a statement shared by yourself. It is still, as displayed inconsequential, as Carr concurs by saying he is the idiot, Jackson speaks of, thus accepts everything stated by this not quoted quote.

          • You had fun with this. Wouldnt normally agree with your approach but this guy is a worthy recipient i must say.

      • Dude this is not a 0 or 1 he’s good or he’s bad situation. Even in Mama’s worst form, he’s been nothing close to as bad as Skrtel was today. This easily ranks as one of the worst defensive performances by a player wearing the red shirt.

        • Im not disagreeing with you, it was very bad. he looked lethargic, slow, and dopeyish. however as you say this is not an all or nothing situation. The reason the defense was under so much pressure was partly due to us losing the midfield, and perhaps an over reliance on counter attacks. So many factors in that implosion, Skrtel just a big one.

    • Isn’t Skrtel your favorite player, and one you have defended on end. If I am not mistaken you are calling yourself out for being an idiot.

    • Just look at the game in question, you just can’t deny that Skrtel wasn’t a major factor in our collapse, he was truly awful out there today.
      People defend him by saying “he mostly covers for everybody else” but that’s horse isht, in football you concentrate on your own job, not everybody else’s. Skrtel made 0 defensive contributions today and that’s not down to anybody or anything but his own lack of ability, he was beaten time and again by the opposition.

    • Arsenal and Sunderland was the result of poor goalkeeping! And Arsenal are a quality side. Norwich was the result of our p1ss poor set piece defending….if you notice, we’ve made a lot of progress since those games as a team defensively.

        • cmon looking after him? Not saying he wasn’t poor in those matches, but there is no handholding at this level…Skrtel proved that today.

          • Did Sakho marshal Skrtel into making a high line to defend? No reason why Sakho could have grabbed hold of Sktrel and told him to push forward!
            Still reckon Mane would have left them both for dead seeing that no one was picking him up from midfield.

          • If only that could actually work! then maybe we would have won the title 2 seasons ago! Clearly it isn’t that simple since this has been a problem since forever.

          • but again we start from scratch then. So much chop and change every season for a field of play that actually requires a lot of understanding and trust can’t be conducive

          • those were different times. I just feel we’ve tried everything haven’t we? all sorts of permutations and combinations of personnel? why not try a season of NO change in main personnel at the back and see how it goes? although having said that, I do want a new first choice world class keeper.

          • Are they? Plenty of similarities between when Houllier took over from Evans and Klopp from Rodgers especially in the defence and goal keeping departments and Houllier took control and brought in his own personal. No reason why Klopp shouldn’t do the same.

          • I was just thinking about the same thing earlier..the similarities. But when I meant times were different I meant in terms of defensive options available, relative costs of bringing such options in, competitiveness of the league and general inexperience of the squad as a whole.

          • We have more money then ever and a coach that can attract the best both need putting to work this summer!

          • I don’t agree. Lovren, Sakho, and Gomez has a future at the club. So does Clyne, Flanagan, and Moreno. We are getting one player in thus far in Matip.

            We needed to upgrade Skrtel, and we are looking at that in Matip. We need a new LB, in Enriques stead, unless Smith is the future.

          • Heading towards conceding 50 goals again! Matip is already part of the overhaul! Talks of another CB, LB and keeper so I would say Klopp isn’t happy. Except for Clyne no other defender has had a consistent season form wise or injury wise.

          • In other words, you think that Klopp’s tactics aren’t an improvement over Rodgers defensively? Or that tactics and working on getting better as he say, doesn’t matter?

            What talks?

          • And again, Klopp’s tactics has more of an emphasis on defensive aptitude, so it should make a difference, yes? Or is Klopp not an improvement there?

          • Doesn’t matter about Klopp’s tactics when we haven’t got a defender who can marshal the others! No one since Carragher tells the others what to do they are all scared of upsetting each other! Like on Sunday Skrtel dropped deep but it was up to Sakho to tell him to keep in line but it never happens.

          • It is a bold statement Klopp’s tactics and coaching makes no difference, despite him saying “We need to work on getting better”. In actuality he means, “I need to buy one more than Matip, because he will not change much either”.

          • Simple question are we keeping clean sheets with this defence ??? 2 clean sheets in the league since the turn of the year and one of them was against Villa!
            I mentioned Skrtel because I was giving an example of Sakho failing to take charge of the defence when Skrtel plays and it’s been Toure or Lovern who have been the more composed defenders recently.
            Reading about Sakho’s time at PSG as captain he had good displays but also, injuries, indiscipline (assaulted a journalist), loss of form which ended up with him being benched and stripped of the captaincy!
            Bit like his time at Anfield not sure why we spent £18 million!
            He’s not as reliable as some try to preach.
            Talk of Hoffenheim defender CB Niklas Sule and Schalke LB Sead Kolasinac 2 players in the last 48 hrs who have been linked with club.

          • It is a work in progress for Klopp. He is getting a CB in next season also. Considering Klopp has more emphasis on defensive aptitude than Rodgers, it would seem illogical to expect the same results, even if the players were the same and static in development, which they of course are not.

            Sakho tried to cover for Skrtel, but the latter just sucked his thumb, rather than taking his man. Skrtel is out of matchform, and probably history in the club in the summer.

            Sakho has been exemplary here. Well liked in the community, and I think well liked in the group. Sakho got stripped when they bought new people. He has also lacked form here, when returning from injury. That is normal.

            I think Sakho is generally very good, but you also need a good partnership, and he and Lovren just got forged together, and it worked pretty well.

            Talk is from the newspapers, thus you can’t use it as an indication that Klopp isn’t happy. He has said nothing about extra CB, LB nor a new keeper, that is believing the papers, which would mean 50 new players come in next season.

          • Sakho still stormed off after being dropped for the Mersey Derby the only time last season when he was dropped but goes on like he was badly treated by Rodgers who use to play Sakho when he was fit last season!
            He was dropped at the start of this season because Rodgers was concerned of his poor injury record where he was missing double figures in games in the 2 seasons since he joined us.
            He returned from injury in December took him over 2 months to find his form!
            He might be liked but I’m more concerned with what happens on the field.
            Lovern and Sakho at times have shown they can work together but it’s only been in about 10 games this season out of nearly 50 games and then they have only kept 3 clean sheets Leicester(h), Sunderland(a) and Man U in the Europa League!
            They need to both stay fit until the end of the season and start keeping regular clean sheets together then Klopp can really start thinking he has 2 reliable defenders who are going to concede less then 30 league goals a season like under Rafa with Carragher, Hyypia, Agger and Skrtel in his younger days!

          • Yeah, that is true, that he did that, but isn’t that like the only indication of frustration in a poor way? I saw it as a desire to prove himself that he wasn’t a bad transfer.

            I think you remember wrong about Sakho. Sakho was benched as Skrtel was prefered choice, and Rodgers was keen on integrating Lovren, until he got injured. Not sure if we can judge Sakho for not playing. But as Lovren got injured, we was the best defender and often player, as soon as he got into the team, in our run where he was quite instrumental in us gaining ground. Then he got injured as he was the best performing player.

            Don’t think they have partnered 50 games. Is this a made up number? Because stats show that Sakho has played 27 games, and Lovren 25, and I am pretty sure they didn’t play games last season together.

            I hope Klopp thinks he has more than 2 reliable CBs next season, gaining Matip. Clean sheets appear by more than a good defence, and conceding happens also without defence can be faulted, but let’s see what he can do with the squad, before we talk overhaul.

          • No we have played 49 games this season but they have only managed to play about 10 games together. Toure, Moreno, Lovern, Sakho, Mignolet and Skrtel have been here for couple of seasons or more and the defence has not improved!
            To many excuses for these players.

          • He was excellent in the week,” said Rodgers. “The thing with Mama has been about keeping him fit and making sure he is at a peak level of fitness to play the games.

            “That was always something that was a concern but he’s worked very, very hard on that aspect of his game and I think he’s come back into the team in the week and today and was excellent.”
            Rodgers talking about Sakho after the Norwich game this season.

          • Oh, you mean this season? Well, once again Skrtel was the prefered choice, and Lovren started playing his best football at the club. Sakho has been injured a bit, but other than that, he has been pretty good.

          • I don’t see a start from scratch. With all the pairings we have had, the end conclusion is that any one consisting of Skrtel, has inherently a sticker of insecurity attached to it. Lovren/Sakho seem like a solid pairing. Gomez/Matip could be a another. That is of course a question that needs to be answered in the future.

          • But it depends on the duration you take as your sample evidence. For example last season, some of our bad losses came with skrtel not in the picture. This season vs Norwich. I just feel reducing it down to a matter of personnel , specifically one, is not totally accurate.

            And over and above that. If I had to hypothetically agree to that,I still feel that I’d skrtel can agree to it, then we should keep him on as 4th choice over toure. It’s much better than having to look for a squad player again in a year or two. This is of course if illori is completely out of the picture.

          • The common denominator, even in the awesome 13/14 season, was a vulnerable defence, where Skrtel has been a rather regular player.

            Of course it doesn’t only lie with him, as the culprit was also in a physically weak midfield, an emphasis on attack/possession over defence, and an insistance that a defender, whose strengths doesn’t lie in being ballplaying, was opted to learn this, as Rodgers wanted us to play on the ground, from defence(for the most part).

            Of course all share a responsibility, but you can not ignore, that it is imperative to have chemistry that brings out the best in players, thus composition is important, you need to sacrifice someone. Take Lovren. Was sturdy in Southampton, was protected from midfield by Wanayama and Schneiderlin, and parterned with Fonte, gave him the confidence to focus on the best of him. Got paired with Skrtel, and it was a disaster, because while Skrtel is an excellent tackler, and gives his all, his deficits is also that he is not very secure on the ball, he often dispositions himself, doesn’t lead the line as the experienced LFC defender(most likely because he was himself constantly told by Agger and Carragher).

            Skrtel has for the most part been the constant in everchanging pairings, and only recently after 1½ years, are Lovren/Sakho finally tested at the same time, and it brought out the best of the two. You insert Skrtel again(albeit out of matchfitness), he starts by adding that insecurity again, but making a dire mistake, which affects the team again, and our mentallly brittle team is back to the fears that hindered them last season, where Rodgers had to sacrifice offence to stabilize it.

          • All agreed but what is the way forward? I do believe that there is still use for the skill set skrtel offers. One must find the right balance. And if that can be achieved by keeping him on to be a squad player then it’s the best option alla round isn’t it? Settled teams are also important. I must confess, I am also prioritising a new keeper. I just feel that with matip signed, Gomez to return, We should do the logical thing and let toure go. ( keep him on as a coach if he agrees) and the one change I feel we can afford to make in defence is the keeper as I believe that to be a matter of more importance as of now. This way, we don’t upset the squad too much but also bring in what I believe is a necessary change.

          • I hate to be that guy, but the way forward is saying “Good bye” to Skrtel. We have tried all kinds of constellations with him, and none of them have brought out the best in his partner; Toure, Lovren, nor Sakho. In fact often the worst.

            I don’t know a great deal about Matip, but without comparing them as equals, I understand many of his strengths are the same as Skrtels, and thus I see no Skrtel/Matip combo. Gomez and Skrtel? I can’t see it, because if he can’t bring security to new, but elsewhere proven personnel as his partner, how is he gonna do it with a youngster, that would need that security.

            What is the incentive to keep Skrtel? Many years of service?

          • Incentive for me are these- you mention fragile mentality. I have long been a proponent of that. We need to keep players who have experience of winning something with lfc. And that’s just 3 players at the moment. Barring recent injury, he actually has a very good injury record which is what you need to look at first thing when considering who to keep as back up. Toure is also short term. In 2 years time we’ll most probably be looking at buying a 4th choice CB. After a couple of windows of building up our squad strength, we need to be looking at immediate improvements on the first team..if the purchase of a squad player can be avoided in the future, I feel it’s best. Skrtel has been out of the team before and played himself back in on fair grounds. You cannot rule out the possibility of him doing that again.

            Having said all that, I don’t see it happening because a lot of this depends on skrtel staying to fight for his place or accepting the bit part role. Which he is unlikely to. But if that were to be the case I’d rather we kept on illori than toure. Toure seems nearly done to me (physically). This season he’s been having trouble with cramps finishing games. It’s only going to get worse next yr and so on.

          • Yes, agree. But this is also what I am trying to illustrate, when Skrtels years at the club and experience, can’t carry those new to the team forward, but backwards. It all becomes counterproductive then. He goes forward, when it comes to tenacity, and is willing to take one for the team, and give his all, which are all good qualities, but if his presence also instills panic, insecurities, because with him being so prone to mistakes, it is counterproductive keeping him.

            You’d want people that instills security, with the aura of authority, winners, and those that are not gonna make a whole lot of mistakes to calm defences. Of course it doesn’t end with him, but as we have seen, when the others pair with each other, those insecurities are much rarer, which emphasises his liability. Same goes of course with Mignolet. If plays in front of a defence that are secure, and he makes them insecure, he is the liability.

            I feel it is a necessity to feel that if you are using a backup(who is on a pretty high wage approx 75k) you need to feel that there is a good chance that he isn’t gonna rock the team. I feel that it has come to the point where Skrtel is more a liability than a credit, and as evidenced, the defence with him in it, causes more panic and insecurities than without him. Yes, Skrtel has come back before, and done a ton of good, but it has been a couple of years, and when he was carried by the likes of Agger and Carragher, who did, what he apparently can’t give the others.

            Even with Skrtel and Toure out, and then Matip in, we’d have Lovren, Matip, Gomez and Sakho. Those are at least 3 strong contenders for first team football, and you can’t afford to have many more that are as strong, and as expensive getting much less play time.

          • I would say that if not sooner, then today it was emphasized that handhelding is needed, when one man’s insecurities spread like wildfire to the rest of the team.

            Last season, one of the reasons why Can was put back in a 3 man defence was to handhold to two others, with his security on the ball, as opposed to the two others, and it worked for many games, until it was apparent our offence suffered too much.

          • I don’t think Sakho needed any hand holding when we were playing with the 3 man defense..dude was playing balls from the back past opposition players like it was no one’s business. We switched from that formation when our wing back positions started to get exploited.

          • The implementation of Can increased Sakhos security and decisionmaking. This implementation was one of the reasons why this period was amongst Sakhos first successes at the club.

          • In the sense that he needed the presence of someone who provided that security for him. None of the others could that; Lovren, Skrtel, Toure. And he didn’t yet have the confidence to hold their hands, until he gained that through this implementation. All of these insecurities in every pairing became sturdier with the presence of Can.

          • First off, Can and Sakho were not playing next to each other..it was a 3 man defense and Skrtel was in the center. Secondly, can you please not call it hand holding? I mean are all defensive partnerships handholding in that case? And if so, wouldn’t that be mutual?

          • 1) They don’t need to touch buns to be handheld in the presence of someone. Fact remains that Can’s security on the ball spread security and eventually confidence for the back line incl keeper. and then back again.

            2) I didn’t start with that term. You did.

            And yes, all partnerships is about one holding the hand of the newer, and then it becomes a symbiosis, or a synergy if you will. It benefitted Can as well.

        • Believe me, I am under no delusions about how far we have to go as a team overall…but atleast defensively speaking, we generally have some fight in us and don’t just roll over every time we’re in a difficult situation in an away ground. The recent record speaks for itself…little to no mentions of 2 goals being scored by the opposition in recent times.

    • Your so funny, but we diden`t loose against Arsenal, Norwich or Sunderland. So not only is he the worst defender in the squad he is a bad luck Charm to. Every time i see Skrtel i am reminded of the back pass against city in Rodgers first season. Martin Skrtel never disappoints always been crap will always be crap. Hey but atleast he looks tough and has passion dosen`t matter that he cant read the game or has the positioning sense of a 16 e year old. He always gives his all.

      • no we got lucky in two of the games with last minute strikes to draw one and win the other ,the other game was a bigger cave in than yesterday

  20. Klopp’s 1St really bad day at the office. Skrtel ahead of Kolo was a poor choice and not bringing Hendo on for Sturridge, when we were getting over run in midfield was poor management.
    I’m sure he’ll learn from it

  21. There was really no reason to play Skrtel if Kolo was fit, it’s disrespect for Kolo, the guy was one of our best players this season..
    Sakho is back to his best..
    Flanno is better than Moreno..
    Allen should have scored that one in the first half..
    Minolet’s bad distribution and Skrtel’s reaction for the third..

    Also a big thing, our players are so exhausted.. They lost all power after 50-60 min.. We need more rotation.. This tempo is killing us..

    • I’m not Klopp but maybe the reason is like this,
      If we were still levelled or lose and Dejan/Sakho got injured. Kolo in
      If we were lead 2 goals and have no problem in the defense at last 45 mins, Then “just fit former 1st team Defender” come in.

      Lallana and Coutinho looked so exhausted in the second half

  22. Amazing how Skrtel being slated. No-one dare to point out the only Scouser on the team today. Flanagan has been very poor. Watch the game again plz. it’s easy to blame skrtel but 2 goals was definitely came from Flano’s stupid back pass. 1st one was the stupid unnecessary pass to Can and forced Can to pass him back which leads to a stupid cock-up. 2nd one was again the back pass to Mignolet (we all know he’s crap under pressure) and leads to Mignolets comedy clearance. Flanagan didn’t even made any forward run (he did once but he screwed up a simple cross). He’s all over the place. Clop should had sub him when 2-1. Get can to fill up his place and henderson to come in for DM.

    • yep, poor mistakes for those last 2 goals. Migs’ mistake on the last one was annoying as he’s been better of late.

      Sakho didn’t do well on either of those two either, as he relies on going to ground and/or stretching his leg out to block which was easily beaten by both attackers for their shots.

      I’m pleased the mistakes are happening though so they don’t think it’s all fixed. Klopp needs to learn the lessons and make the necessary changes.
      Flanno still has a lot to do to get his game back and prove he’s good enough even as a backup.
      I think Klopp believes he can improve players and he won’t have an unlimited budget this summer so hopefully he puts it to good use, identifies the correct players and removes some of the weaknesses we have. I just hope he doesn’t suffer those who just won’t come good reasonably quickly.
      We don’t have Zorc scouting players unfortunately so that worries me a bit.

  23. i used to defend both benteke and skrtel until today
    no more excuses left for benteke he should try scoring instead of diving
    as of skrtel today’s result was horrible we need someone to blame not lallana, not migs so it’s skrtel’s turn
    i think we(fans) deserve some world class goalie de gea could have at least saved one of the three goals please buy leno

          • Can’t disagree with that at all but that can often be said when a goal is conceded.

            The clearance sends Skrtel out of position because he doesn’t have the brains to hold his line and let the midfielder deal with it.
            Once you are missing a CB any striker worth his salt knows immediately there is a vulnerability to exploit and if you get fed the ball a chance is highly likely to be the outcome.

            Should we try and get Mane?

          • Personally i think we should get an upgrade on Migolet if possible-not change for changes sake. I think we are back to a relly strong attacking unit for the first time since Suarez left-personally i dont think Sane would improve it much, good player that he is. If we can i would take Gotze again a real upgrade. Hopefully Matip is the dominant centre back we need and possibly a left back. I think we have enough everywhere else to compete for the title genuinely. We absolutely slaughtered a good side yesterday-could easily have 5-0 up at half time-Skrtel created havoc that just has to be removed from the squad. Take that out and we are closer than many think i feel.

    • How can you blame migs??? He saved us the penalty FFS.
      On the other hand Benteke is complete s**e, he had that chance at 2-1 up which could have put the game to bed…

      • i am never gonna defend benteke again unless he scores a hat trick against dortmund
        migs is very good today and he was shaky at times his poor clearance we need an upgrade on him he is like our szesinky(arsenal)

  24. What a performance from Mane?
    I reckon Lovern would have got a second yellow card and made Sakho struggle on the turn!

  25. Disgraceful post. There were 10 others on the pitch not just Skrtel. Klopp will decide if he stays or not. Not some jumped up armchair keyboard warrior.

  26. “LFC conceded as many goals in one half with Skrtel in the team than in their previous 795 minutes without him, plus he gave away a penalty.”

    Says it all really…

  27. After having calmed down considerably..I’m inclined to give klopp a let off a wee bit. I mean we could so easily have been sitting here and talking about an implosion sparked by a lovren sending off. Lovren has that edge when playing soton which May has pointed out before and I agree with. He tries to hard for obvious reasons. I would rather this scenario than that one though because I think it would have been more damaging for us if Lovren got sent off vs soton at st. mary’s. Maybe Klopp was just trying to be protective of him? He does talk about emotion an bonding and all that. Not saying this is it, I’m just trying to think of possible reasons why.

    • flanno was poor suffering from being out for so long, migs made a bad mistake on that clearance which he does, sakho defended poorly on the last 2 shots stretching out a leg rather than blocking, allen missed that clear opportunity, sturridge doesn’t cut it back after a bad touch and just hits it at forster, benteke misses again.

      really really poor mistakes, and we didn’t put the game to bed when soton just didn’t defend at all, pushing his players too far up all the time allowing our breaks. Our players aren’t clinical enough.

  28. This Skrtel slating us not called for. First game in ages Look at his time with us as s a whole, he has been key to many victory over the years. Agree his time here is probably up but fans/TIA should be more respectful.

    • I hate some of the drivel these football websites come up with.

      “The notion of this tattooed, shaven-headed centre-back being one of Liverpool’s leaders is a fallacy somehow overlooked by four managers.”

      Why even go there about his appearance, it adds nothing to the article or the line in question nor does it have anything to do with his performance.
      It was an awful performance and criticism is deserved but that hatchet piece on him really rubbed me up the wrong way.

      • What rubs me the wrong way is that sakho’s Bambi routine is often cited as prime example of the “people are daft enough to go for perceptions” argument. How can you argue against perception on one side and then use perception in another one of your arguments?

  29. Nvr blamed him till now but today i must say that SKRTEL SHOULD NO MORE FEATURE FOR LFC not even in the bench. First 45 mins looked like we will thrash them again but what horrible second half. If we haven’t missed 2 more chances in first half we could have put the game into bed but we gave away a 2 goal lead nd missed few more chances in 2nd half as well. Horrible horrible day.

  30. Didn’t realize that rating a player makes you an idiot. Guess having a differing opinion is frowned upon. Skrtel was horrible today, no doubt but at the same time the entire team shut off second half. They all looked completely exhausted. I do feel like rust does play a factor in Skrtels performance though. The lynch mob will say otherwise but that would be completely hypocritical if those same people defended any other players that were slow to form after a lengthy injury. That being said, with how solid Sakho and Lovren have been, I’m afraid his days are probably numbered with Matip coming in. He’s the oldest besides Toure and realsitcially, probably last his prime. Don’t think he’s one to be fond of the bench either.

  31. We needed a player like Lucas to plug up the MF.

    Henderson was still ill, Milner out suspended, Firminho injured, players tired from playing on Thurs.

    Klopp had a lack of options from the bench while players are clearly tired. Still, this is 3 points lost. Allen’s goal should have stood and we should have had the game sealed by half time…

    I see Skrtel joining the clearout this summer. There willl be major changes coming I believe.

  32. I don’t get all this about Skrtel saying “he has been great over the years” stuff. I couldn’t care less. If he is not good enough now whether it be he is just coming back from injury or not, it doesn’t give him the right to play. Sentiment get you nowhere. We were once the most successful club in england with the most leagues won. Remind me when the last time we won the league was and who has now won the most leagues? Play your best team reds, not the most experienced. And I use that term lightly as I never really rated Skrtel much anyway. He just got lucky a lot of the time.

  33. Skrtel’s actions can be described as careless and reckless! There will be a lot of players leaving this summer including him and Bogdan. Also, some high profile players like Henderson, Benteke or Studge might see the door as well. I don’t mind who leaves this summer because most of them have underachieved and we need smart and skillful players rather than headless chickens or choppers!

  34. I know many would not agree with me but mark my words….apart from skrtel and Benteke, i do believe Stu and Henderson would also be sold this summer as well.

  35. One word to describe skrtel is donkey. If he plays another game again for Liverpool I will give up on them. A budgie has a bigger memory span than him. Dead wood out Moreno toure skrtel illori allen Henderson milner bentenke boletelli lallana and sturidge if we get a big enough offer. Getting rid of these is a problem as all on big money and that clueless transfer committee should be sacked.

  36. Skrtel has always been the weakest CB in our squad but has always somehow managed to be regarded highly up to this season..
    I don’t post a lot, but I have been saying this since 2014: Skrtel has no business playing at Liverpool.
    If it wasn’t for our older CBs getting older, Agger’s awful injury troubles and some unbelievably bad signings he should had left when Sakho arrived at the club.
    To be honest I now believe that had Rodgers done the obvious, pairing Lovren with his best defender, Sakho, Lovren would had adapt to the team much much sooner.

    • lovren would never look good under Rodgers because BR essentially told him he was Alan Hansen and he should go and claim every ball, be aggressive, be front footed, be the leader. It was a disaster.
      The only reason he’s looking better now is Klopp tells players to simplify their game and stop trying to be superman. Lovren is useless at passing, when he first came back in the side under Klopp (europa game I think) everytime he got the ball he passed it 5 yards to Sakho who undertook the more tricky pass. He’s almost never tried a long pass since.

      He still has serious weaknesses, especially to his outside where he doesn’t anticipate, turns slowly and isn’t particularly good in the tackle or a foot race. When playing a high line he doesn’t seem to hold the line with Sakho who often steps up so playing an attacker onside – that’s how Vardy got his wonder goal incidentally.
      Needs to be replaced.

  37. What I find disturbing is that Skrtel has been shirt pulling season after season and nobody at the club seems to have addressed that. Do our coaches and players review matches? If a player cant stop bad habits like shirt pulling, how can we expect the same player to improve on their other weaknesses like positioning.

    • the refs asked the clubs if they wanted it reffed out of the game but the clubs said no, they wanted to beable to get touch tight to the opposition especially on corners and the like.
      It’s fine until you hold onto the guy who’s going for the ball. Skrtel doesn’t have a brain.

    • Huth got his shirt literally dragged off him in the weekend, nothing given. To be fair, Pelle tugged Skrtels shirt equally ferocious, but the ref only had Skrtels pull in his vision.
      Very hard to be a defender since they are always in line to be punished for this, attackers never.

    • Rarely does a professional football player come on to a 2-0 advantage and cost his team a penalty and 3 goals.

      I’ve read somewhere that this lost from 2-0 up is a Premier League era first for Liverpool, as sad as it is this will be one of the defining games of Skrtel’s career.

  38. Horrible way to lose, but I’m quite pleased about these mistakes and the ones earlier in the season as Klopp gets to both see inadequacies in the players but also that if you take your foot off the throat of the opponent in this league it’ll smack you in the face, he has to make sure he’s ready for it for next season.

  39. New keeper all the centre halves we have now should be sent packing bar Gomez complete clean out not one of them belong in a top four team

    • Why!? Look at Toure, Sakho’s and Lovren’s perfromance over the last 2-3 months…they’ve done quite well for themselves of late.

      • Actually in the league they haven’t we have only kept 2 clean sheets since the start of the year in the league Man City and Villa! The Europa League games give the idea the defence has been doing well!
        This defence no matter who plays concedes goals.

  40. skrtel just came back from injury and after so long out of the game, this kind of performance is expected but to place all blame on his shoulder alone is not fair. our midfielders and defense were outplayed by the introduction of wanyama and the pacey mane, coupled with the height of pelle. we were not able to play our normal pressing game as southampton decided to play the long balls in the second half and, boy, were they effective. we must also give credit to southampton as all the three goals were wonderful and solid goals. their comeback was well deserved. we had a few chances which we should put away with ease but we didn’t, and were made to pay for it. it will be a challenging next season if we do not have a counter against physically aggressive teams like leicester, stoke and palace, and a defender who can counter the aerial advantage that some of our opposing teams possess.

    • Yes, let’s mollycoddle our players…poor Skrtel just came back from injury…if he isn’t ready to get back into the team then he probably shouldn’t have been on the bench to begin with. Think even Ilori, Caulker and Lucas would have done a better job today compared to him. And btw, coming back from injury is no excuse for constantly defending on the backfoot and not keeping a straight line with Sakho. This has nothing to do with lack of fitness and everything to do with how he defends.

      • i am not defending skrtel’s poor performance, just pointing out that we did not know how to counter the change in the second half approach by southampton using physical bodies and long balls. our players must have the nous and qualities to counter any approach by our opponents in the game. skrtel would not have such a hard time if we collectively played the game with the right approach. one way is to defend in numbers behind the 25 yard line which we did not and were constantly exposed.

        • Skrtel is precisely the reason we lost our defensive shape and started behaving like the Liverpool of old(Rodgers team). I saw the Stoke 6-1 loss again, pretty much a lot of the same defending we saw that day was seen out here as well….and Skrtel was involved in like 4-5 goals scored that day. He is not just useless, he’s actually detrimental to the cause….I’m completely positive that Liverpool could have done a better job defending as a 10 man team than having Skrtel in it.

          • agreed, skrtel was bad against stoke and, who can forget that game, horrendous. yes, we lost our formation, yes, we were forced to fight for a lot of second ball due to our aerial disadvantage, yes, skrtel was poor again, but, again, my point is when we managed to save that penalty, players on the pitch must be aware that things were not going our way, we needed to change, klopp needed to sub one or two players but we did not do all that, so, as a result, we were battered and we lost.

    • Every athlete has that day where they prove to everybody and themselves that they can no longer compete at the same level, today Skrtel had his reckoning.
      There’s a few years left in him as a professional footballer, just not at a Premier League club chasing European football.

  41. Mediocre squad what would one expect, the damage was done last August with the transfer committee and the Irish wee man.

  42. Devastating result – should have been out of sight by half time, but skrtl came on & started whacking the ball out, whereas lovren & co had been passing out & retaining posession up till then.. it just made the whole team nervous & all of a sudden we couldn’t keep the ball.

  43. Devastating result. For the life of me I can’t understand why we subbed on benteke for sturridge instead of another midfielder – I think that was a bigger mistake than skrtl for lovren.

  44. To be honest i don’t see player like Lallana, Allen, Henderson, Red Cafu are any better than Skrtel, there was no spark, fighting spirit , just some spineless lame duck team.

  45. It’s Skrtel’s first match back from a lengthy injury. You don’t expect the guy to be in great form. Even so, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sub have such a comprehensively negative impact on a game. Ever. Even defenders who were playing quite well prior to the substitution seemed suddenly unsettled. Straightaway, Sakho looked nervous and vulnerable; exactly the opposite of what he’s looked for the past five or six matches. It was a fascinating and horrifying transformation to the entire team.

    Then Klopp waited much too late to bring on Henderson. The game had already gotten well and truly out of hand, yet still he waited to the point that the planned substitution was mooted by an equalizer.

    Hopefully, this has been a learning experience, because that’s about the only positive we can take away.

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