“The price tag is hard” – Christian Benteke on fighting expectation at Liverpool

on 07.03.2016

Christian Benteke has acknowledged the £32.5 million Liverpool paid for him means he will always be under scrutiny and that it has made his time at Anfield more difficult.

LONDON, ENGLAND - Sunday, March 6, 2016: Liverpool's Christian Benteke celebrates scoring the winning second goal against Crystal Palace from a penalty kick with team-mate Emre Can during the Premier League match at Selhurst Park. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Benteke was accused of diving by Crystal Palace manager Alan Pardew on Sunday when he won a late penalty and scored from the spot in the sixth minute of second-half stoppage time to secure Liverpool’s 2-1 win at Selhurst Park.

The goal was only his eighth since he joined the club under former manager Brendan Rodgers, and Benteke revealed he had expected more from his time at Liverpool so far.

“Yeah [the price tag is] hard, because I know everything that I’m going to do people are going to talk about the money,” said the 25-year-old, who last summer became Liverpool’s second most expensive signing but has already found his future in question under Jurgen Klopp.

“But as long I’m alright with me, with myself, and I try to work hard for my team, that’s the main thing.

“It’s not the season that I was expecting, but it’s football, and you have some good times and some bad times and you have to deal with them.

“Yeah [scoring again meant a great deal], this is part of football sometimes, you have these kind of moments, and when the manager calls you you have to be ready and you have to try to contribute towards the team.

“It’s hard to say [if the goal can kick-start my Liverpool career], because football, you never know what’s going to happen. I take the minutes the manager gives me and try to fight.”

Palace defender Damien Delaney – who made minimal contact with Benteke when the striker went down – used social media to insist the penalty was wrongly awarded, but when asked about the incident, the Belgium striker said: “I’ve just seen the videos, and it was not like the biggest fall, but he touched me, and it was the right decision.

“The assistant had the best position, and he said that it’s a penalty, and I’ve seen the replay, like I said again, and yeah, he touched the back of my ankle.”

Asked if he would have gone down the same way if the challenge had been on the half-way line, Benteke said: “Yeah. I will play the game.”


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  1. You’re boring really. No arguements but “yeah he didn’t score” where overall his season has been poor with a reasonable return. If you deny that it’s no point talking. Oh and “he cost 32,5M pounds” as if that’s something that gets the ball in the back of the net.

    Then you left with critisizing the real arguements (his reasonable return, his workrate on and off the pitch and vast improvement in terms of football in recent weeks) and his contribution to 10 points and qualifying from the group. No answer to the question which misses cost us points..

    thin air buddy, you don’t rate him that’s fine. But you’re talking nonsense.

    • Here come the insults because you have nothing of value beyond cherry-picking one single stat and repeated failed attempts to misrepresent what I wrote.

      If you’re bored, then more fool you for responding.

      You have absolutely no argument at all.

      I picked 2 undisputable facts.

      You couldn’t refute either.

      You cherry-picked a single stat, already of dubious relevance then had to cherry-pick it even further when I demonstrated how ridiculous it was.

      As for the misses which cost us points / wins:

      West Brom
      Crystal Palace
      West Ham

      Those being just off the top of my head.

      As for your claim Benteke’s single goal in the Europa League qualified us from the group, that is complete lie.

      With or without his goal we qualified.

      So now, when are you finally going to answer ANY of my points.

      No goals from open play in over 12 hours.

      8 goals in 34 apps.

      I suppose it’s easier to cry about being bored and ask me to counter your points, than actually respond to mine.

      As they say, ignorance is bliss.

      But really the most telling point I could make about Benteke is the decision Klopp makes nearly every match to play someone else ahead of him.

      Klopp has even chosen to play without strikers at all, rather than play Benteke and that is the most damning fact of all for a 32.5 mill pound EPL ‘proven’ striker.

      • Mate, all you do is whine about the discussion not about the factual arguments.

        That most telling point is absolute bs. Even in the last game he didn’t bring Sturridge but Benteke to force something out of the game. So there’s that to bed.

        Any of your points? Well, maybe not in the last 12 hours and he missed some sitters. But he scores one every 2 games (talking minutes per goal), he won us 10 points in the EPL and a vital win the EL. Factual stuff, he did that. Yeah he missed against Arsenal which didn’t win us 2 points. To say he cost us is too much. The West Ham game in the FA Cup is also a game to mention when he didn’t turn up as a goalscorer. The fact he missed 9 chances does mean he gets into the right positions, so he’s a bit of a good fit. The other games don’t hold ground really.

        And he did all that in a sht season, with horrible performances. So yeah, throw him out on the curbs is the most logical thing. But not really, selling him “to raise funds” is one of the most, absolute most, ridiculous thing I’ve ever heared.

        That’s not business smart, it’s hilarious and a small club mentality, which was my . As they say: jog on boy. Last reply to someone without real arguments. You can have the last word, it’s for free.

        • You’re the one crying about facts.

          Not me.

          Fact: Benteke hasn’t scored in open play in 12 hours.

          Fact: Said Berahino is a product of the WBA youth system.

          Fact: Benteke has scored 8 goals this season.

          Fact: You brought up goals per minute then had to change the criteria because I pointed out how nonsensical it was.

          It’s not fault that you struggle to grasp such basic facts.

          As for the point about him scoring every 2 games (per 90 mins) – it’s a completely nonsensical stat which is why you keep referring back to it.

          Maiga of West Ham has averaged 3.6 goals per 90 mins this season – are you suggesting that makes him better than Sergio Aguero?

          And Benteke’s other stats are horrible, which is why you keep going back to the same cherry-picked stat.

          As for you defending his 9 misses against West Ham, that old cliche about getting in the right positions only further exposes your desperation, missing absolute sitters is never a positive. It’s irrelevant getting in the right position if you can’t finish and your team ends up losing because of it.

          It’s small club mentality (something you ridiculously accuse me of) to be satisfied with such mediocre performances from your club’s 2nd biggest signing.

          As for Klopp not rating Benteke, clearly he doesn’t rate him as highly as you’re trying to pretend.

          Clearly Klopp decided against risking Sturridge ahead of the Man Utd game and decided to give Benteke yet another chance.

          The real argument claim in your last comment is the desperate plea of a man who has had zero argument, offered a single stat which I proved was wrong and so you had further manipulate it in order to try and save face.

          As for the claim about selling Benteke being representative of a small club mentatlity, if you actually followed the club properly, as opposed to finding stats that make Benteke look not as bad, you’d know the club have already tried to sell Benteke. So it appears that Klopp and the club simply don’t agree with your desperate claim.

          But you keep the faith, hey at least if Benteke does go to China they have streams for the CSL!

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