“The price tag is hard” – Christian Benteke on fighting expectation at Liverpool

on 07.03.2016

Christian Benteke has acknowledged the £32.5 million Liverpool paid for him means he will always be under scrutiny and that it has made his time at Anfield more difficult.

LONDON, ENGLAND - Sunday, March 6, 2016: Liverpool's Christian Benteke celebrates scoring the winning second goal against Crystal Palace from a penalty kick with team-mate Emre Can during the Premier League match at Selhurst Park. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Benteke was accused of diving by Crystal Palace manager Alan Pardew on Sunday when he won a late penalty and scored from the spot in the sixth minute of second-half stoppage time to secure Liverpool’s 2-1 win at Selhurst Park.

The goal was only his eighth since he joined the club under former manager Brendan Rodgers, and Benteke revealed he had expected more from his time at Liverpool so far.

“Yeah [the price tag is] hard, because I know everything that I’m going to do people are going to talk about the money,” said the 25-year-old, who last summer became Liverpool’s second most expensive signing but has already found his future in question under Jurgen Klopp.

“But as long I’m alright with me, with myself, and I try to work hard for my team, that’s the main thing.

“It’s not the season that I was expecting, but it’s football, and you have some good times and some bad times and you have to deal with them.

“Yeah [scoring again meant a great deal], this is part of football sometimes, you have these kind of moments, and when the manager calls you you have to be ready and you have to try to contribute towards the team.

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“It’s hard to say [if the goal can kick-start my Liverpool career], because football, you never know what’s going to happen. I take the minutes the manager gives me and try to fight.”

Palace defender Damien Delaney – who made minimal contact with Benteke when the striker went down – used social media to insist the penalty was wrongly awarded, but when asked about the incident, the Belgium striker said: “I’ve just seen the videos, and it was not like the biggest fall, but he touched me, and it was the right decision.

“The assistant had the best position, and he said that it’s a penalty, and I’ve seen the replay, like I said again, and yeah, he touched the back of my ankle.”

Asked if he would have gone down the same way if the challenge had been on the half-way line, Benteke said: “Yeah. I will play the game.”


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  1. High price tag, questionable adaptation to LFC style of play, and of course our recent history with transfers… Yep Tekkers you were f***** from the start mate !

    I’d like Klopp to give him a chance against the Mancs, even if it’s not a start. It’s a huge game, and the best chance for Tekkers to prove his worth.

    I don’t know what Klopp’s plans are and I trust him above all, but he can’t be insensible to the lad’s efforts

    • Klopp has dealt with Benteke perfectly imo.

      He’s prioritised the team. and not at any point, taken Benteke’s ludicrous transfer fee into account.

      The onus is on Benteke to force his way into the team, if that’s what he actually wants, and the ‘dive’ for the penalty on Sunday was a step in the right direction.

  2. I’ve got the feeling that he will be our Tony Hateley, good player but in the wrong system.

    However, I have been mightily impressed with his dignity throughout this turbulent period in his career.

    If he turns it and us around, well done. If not, I wish you all the best should you move on.

    • I think thats a biggest compliment fans/supporters can give to any player. I second that he has handled this storm with utmost dignity. A lot others would have thrown their toys out of the pram.

      The price tag was never his fault. And it wasn’t his fault that he was brought into a system alien to his style. But he is doing the best thing by putting his head down in training and not give up. Cheers and thumbs up for that attitude Benny. I will always wish good luck to you.

      • I regret some of the cold and dismissive comments that I made earlier about him.

        I’m willing him to score now whereas before I felt he was a waste of space.

        Teaches you there is still a human being underneath it all!

        • It takes a man to admit his mistake and I appreciate that. I firmly agree with the fact that a lot of unnecessary sh!!te has been thrown at Benny. He has his pitfalls as a player and I can take the bad mouthing that he gets on his performances, but screaming at him and criticising him for all other things that are not in his hands is something that I can’t take.

          There is still a pretty good footballer present in him and he will do good in a club that suits his style OR may be, just may be Klopp might wave his magic wand and do some wonders that we could not foresee.

  3. Fair play to big Ben for coming out and saying it like it is. It was always going to be hard for him living up to that hefty price tag and I for one feel quite bad for the lad. All he can do now is give his all and try and win over the doubters and prove he is worth the big investment.

    • I wouldn’t fault or question his ‘off the pitch’ attitude but there’s still a lot of improvement needed ‘on the pitch’, that’s what he’ll ultimately be judged on…

      • But that’s okay isn’t it? Still young and asked to play a bit differently to what he’s used to do.

        He gets time as long as he shows steps, and he does.

        • It’s not (in my opinion) that he’s being asked to play massively differently, good movement and well timed runs into the box (getting in the right position to put the ball in the net) is a basic expectation of any striker, so is effort and work rate by the way. I’ve not given up on the lad and if he can adapt to the way we play he can still be a big asset to us, there’s signs that he can but he has to be able to do it for 90 mins and not just when he comes off the bench, I think Klopp will persevere with him and hopefully improve him…

          • Klopp will persevere. As he sees the improvement we can all see. He wasn’t bad against West Ham, he just mis 9 opportunities. So he gets in the right places at the right time. You can’t miss so many one on ones and good chances if you’re never in the right spot. So he knows how to get there (and it’s allready better then earlier on in the season).

            There’s allready massive improvement in terms of how to play for us. Why on earth would you sell him, disrupt the squad even more and try again with again another striker the next season. Only to find out that he can or can’t after we’ve gotten ourselves another hill to climb.

            Not losing a lot of points in the early stages is vital, that comes from stability. So many times somewhere near november we’ve thrown the title away it’s beyond annoying. And time and again we’ve gone with clearouts instead of build ons.

          • I don’t think we’ll buy a striker, we have bigger priorities, Ings and maybe Ojo (another hat trick for the U21’s last night) will come into the squad, with Benteke, Studge and Origi that gives five good options..

          • Aye and Firmino works well as a striker too. So we really don’t need a striker. We need wingers from the likes of Gotze, Yarmolenko and Reus as main prio. The rest is ok to good. Maybe another midfielder if we sell Lucas and Allen. Maybe another CB after we sold Skrtel, but I think we’re okay with Matip, Lovren, Sakho, Gomez and Ilori.

        • I would love to give him time and let him improve but unfortunately we live in a day and age where in such a high investment is always expected to hit the ground running. Not sure if owners would be willing to stick to him. Let’s see what Klopp has in his mind for Benny.

          • Klopp usually sticks with people, as long as they’re willing to learn and show they’re able to adapt. Klopp hates quiters.

  4. Sad cause i do rate him. Glad to see he isnt hanging his head. Now that nice guy attitude is good and all, but Ben, needs to demand minutes. Show that he is hungry and be more aggressive. Waiting like a good boy might be dangerous cause in front is Studge, Origi and Firmino even. Good showing at CP, hope to see more.

    • Demanding more minutes?

      He should be utilising the minutes he gets better, then he wouldn’t need to.

    • Scoring goals is one sure way of “demanding more minutes”. Not opening his mouth and ask – which I’m glad he didn’t.

  5. Whatever happens from here on in till the end of the season and with LFC, I’m confident that Tekkers will go on to have a good career in football and am fairly confident that we will recoup most of our money even if we do decide to sell him. Don’t think most people in their right minds would think he’s sh***te, just not the right fit. Even that narrative can change with time as well. What I did like from Sunday’s performance was we did not need to use Sturridge despite him being fit and on the bench to win the game.

    • I don’t buy this system that people talk about, a striker score goals regardless of the system they played in, big Ben biggest problem is, his lack of confidence, he got some glorious opportunities in front of goal, but he missed them, I guarantee you, if had took most of those chances, no one would be talking about wrong fit, all BS mate.

      • You are right he has had chances. But we look a better team with a mobile striker. A target man does not suit our style. The evidence is in the games.

        • I haven’t seen Origi and Firmino setting the place a light with goals, and they played a lot of games, so what is this system you are on about, Ben haven’t got half the chance Firmino got through out the season, and he was poor.

          • Firmino is really an attacking Mid. And to be fair has scored. Origi has been injured, when he plays he does looks dangerous. Benteke most of the time doesnt. I dont understand your argument really as Benteke ( Or Tekkers as i now know him as) has had had a good run of games early in the season. I am not making anything up here I saw the games. Benteke has been poor. If you dont believe me then believe our manager.

          • Yea, but he Firmino as been playing As a striker, and I am not saying that he wasn’t poor, I am saying if the system you guys spoke about, didn’t fit him he would have got those easy chances that he missed in games.

          • Running behind on the odd occasion is different to doing it several times a game. When others play, that ball is always on and gives our Midfield an outlet, an option to get in behind. IMO Benteke has not been doing that enough.

          • origi is better when he playes with 2 strikers .. he looks more threating at that time and he can assits also

          • Maybe but the game has changed, most teams go with one these days. Pity really always liked to see 2 up top.

          • Firmino has scored 7 in his last 8 in the PL.

            He is an attacking midfielder adjusting to a new league, a new country and a new culture.

            Benteke was supposed to be Premier League ‘proven’ and hadn’t scored for hours before his penalty.

            Since the start of the year, Firmino has been involved in more goals than ANY other player in the PL, so I’m not sure what more he could be doing.

          • So was Allana, Lovren Lambert Milner, Bogdan and Migs, all premier league proven players before joining us.

          • Yep, that was my point.

            All poor value signings.

            Bogdan was beyond awful, even more so for people on here trumpeting him as an upgrade to Brad Jones.

            Milner didn’t want to be a squad player at City, was allegedly promised playtime in his favourite position and was ‘free’.

            Lallana and Lovren (and the club) were victims of Rodgers transfer policy and Soton overachievement.

            Lambert tried his best, but just wasn’t good enough. But even then he was rarely accommodated by Rodgers, in terms of playtime and system.

            Firmino has come into a different league, different team (with much higher expectations and a far bigger fanbase), in a different country and after taking a few months to adapt is the most in-form player in the EPL.

            So again, I’m not sure what more you can expect from the lad.

            Whereas all the proponents of the Benteke deal were arguing about the fact that he was EPL ‘proven’ meaning he’d be able to settle in straight away.

            6 months later, we’re still waiting.

            EPL ‘proven’ for Liverpool generally means hideously overpriced.

          • milner comments please review again .. hje is one of the hard working lade for the team and does his best to get good result .. palys wings , central sometime chases and clears.. he is just been underrated by fans .. he too has done some mistakes but not everyone is perfect ..atleast quite motivating than hendo

          • Milner’s a decent player earning a lot of money and the wrong side of thirty.

            He’ll be a good squad player, but that’s it.

          • Benteke has missed plenty of chances which is partly down to confidence but the fact that he is getting them is a positive sign. I do think he is a very streaky striker (confidence striker) as his goal runs were like that at Villa.
            Bogdan is in fact a massive upgrade over Jones but that is not saying much. He at least does not dive away from the ball when someone has a shot.
            Firmino looks a special player, we need a few more of those.
            Lovren has had a fantastic season imo, he has calmed down and got on with his work. I can’t remember him making a error this season.

          • Bogdan is awful, not an upgrade over Jones in the slightest. Arguably the worst Liverpool keeper ever.

            As for Bogdan not diving away from the ball, well he more than makes up for that by simply dropping the ball at a strikers feet.

            Benteke is streaky, and without the streak at the end of last season we would never have even contemplated buying him.

            1 goal in 12 hours, is not the kind of streak we need from a 32.5 million pound striker though.

            Now we’re stuck him until the summer, he best hope he goes on another like the end of last season with Villa or its back to midtable mediocrity / battling relegation.

            If you can’t remember Lovren making a mistake this season, then lucky you.

            He’s been better than last season granted, but it would have been difficult for him to have been worse. We aren’t going to get anywhere near 20 mill for him, and he could make a useful backup.

          • Mate if you think bogdan is the worst we have ever had then you can not have been watching for very long. Yes he made a mess of that corner but was fouled when the ball was kicked out his hands. Granted I am not saying he is a top keeper but he is better than Jones who was very poor. In my opinion at least.

            When did lovren make an error that lead to a goal this season? He just shared the man of the match award for Sunday and was nominated for player of the month this season. Again room for improvement but him and sahko can sort the left centre back position for us.

            Agreed on tekkers, needs to prove himself.

          • L0l.

            It’s very telling than rather than name a single Liverpool keeper worse than Bogdan (other than Jones – who we already discussed), you chose to make a completely nonsensical, childish and unsubstantiable response about my support for Liverpool.

            As someone who actually goes yo the match (nearly 30 years) and is a season ticket holder (for nearly 15 years), I could have mentioned many, many contenders – but rather than name a single keeper you chose to make an ad hominem attack.

            As for Lovren not making mistakes this season, clearly you either didn’t watch our first game against West Ham or you already forgot it – either of which make your claim about my support even more ridiculous.

          • i see you are running away from the firmino and tekkers’
            topic , bringing in others who were nt in it

          • I never run away from a discussion mate, do you know why? Because my analytical abilities are better than most on here, as a retired player, who played under quite a few coaches, I would have some knowledge of the game footballfootball, regardless of the quality or the league.

          • Firmino actually have been setting the world a light,in 2016 atleast!involved in most goals in 2016,think it’s eleven,coming from 7 goals and 4 assists!overall he has 8 goals and 8 assists!which is decent!

          • I thought you were trolling on the Flanno thread, this just confirms it. The system is fluidity, the front 4 interchange & understand each others position. Tekkers doesn’t move with enough intelligence, hence why he didn’t get the chances Firms has. Add in both Firmino & Divock came from abroad, and the fact without the ball & Tekkers on the field, an attack for the opposition is always on, and you have your answer.

        • hed is not quick and corss has to be perfrect for him to score ..unlike others who run around and score .. with height advantage he places the ball well with his head for others to shoot

        • He’s young fit and strong with a physical presence, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be able to add some mobility to his game, it’s not really that big an expectation…

      • You make a good point zia but I do think it has something to do with the system as well. Tekkers has never been a great mover on or off the ball and part of the problem is that..it’s not just him missing chances. It about him getting on the end of the ball to make those chances in the first place.

        • I think the Mid field is the problem Abyss, because if you analyze the squad, Origi Firmino and Sturridge who are considered to run the channels, haven’t got the easy chances as Ben got in matches, and if he had took those chances, his confidence would be high, and he would have been hard to be drop.

      • With glaring misses against Sunderland and leicester (allthough won twice because of him) and a few against west ham he should be in double figures allready. Somewhere around 10-12 goals and life would’ve been a bit different allready.

        But it’s what it is.

  6. He is one bad game from being slated again. If the general opinion is he is not that bad, can we stick with that when he has an off game.

      • It should, it is aimed at people whos opinions of him change all the time, from a mug, to decent back to a mug again in the space of a week. My personal opinion has not changed, he does not suit our style but kudos for having balls to carry on.

        • Me too.

          I was dead against his signing, partly because of him and partly because of Rodgers.

          Another massive waste of money who really does very little to improve the squad.

          He’s a decent enough player who could do well at the likes of West Brom or even, God forbid, at Everton if they lose Lukakau (I remember those in favour of the Benteke signing being very vociferous in comparing the two when we signed him – no such comparisons now).

          Pulis should have a fair bit to spend given the TV cash and the sale of Berahino.

  7. The other day, my wife was asking my advice in choosing between two different coloured pairs of shoes to match a particular dress she was wearing.

    They were both complementary to the ensemble but one finished off the style better than the other pair and looked a better fit overall.

    Benteke seems to be the other pair of shoes.

    Oh well, enough of that. I’m off to the shops later to get a pair of Benteke Crocks.

  8. Benteke should go, acceptable transfer fee permitting.

    Not really his fault, but he is symbolic of how Rodgers had completely lost his way at the end.

    32.5 million on striker we had no plan for, didn’t suit our style of play, and no other big team was interested in.

    A player completely unsuited the style of play Rodgers claimed he wanted.

    Klopp has given him chances, perhaps if anyone thinks he hasn’t been given enough then maybe Klopp either doesn’t think he’s earned them or he doesn’t rate him highly enough.

    Let him move on so he can salvage a career at a club more suited to his style of play and ability, giving Klopp more to reinvest in the team.

    If he scores a few between now and the end of the season then we should be able to get someone to pay 20 mill or so, especially with the new TV deal.

    If not, then try and force his hand on China.

  9. Gossip reporting that Spurs will sign Berahino for £24m. Really like this player hope we dont regret not bidding for him.

    • At least West Brom will have the money to buy Benteke, he is the ideal Pulis striker plus CB knows the area well and he can join a team where he’ll be no. 1 and plays to his strengths.

        • I just think wherever he ends up, he has to be realistic – it’ll be a step down from us – I remember going onto a Villa forum when he signed and they all seemed to believe he was too good for us, and that he should wait until after Euro 2016 then he’d have the pick of Bayern, Chelsea, etc.

          How wrong they were. .

          West Ham under Big Sam would have been a definite option, but under Bilic I’m not sure, especially with Carroll there already.

          Ideally he’d go abroad, but given the salary is on, and the transfer fee we want it seems unlikely.

          *Of course he could just refuse to leave like Jose Enrique, which he would be perfectly entitled to do. I just hope he has more ambition than to be our 4th / 5th choice striker.

          • Good points, especially about WH. The new team plays fluid attacking football and swarms the opposition. They are a very good side. I think Carrol will go in the summer and more technical players will come in. The long ball days are gone. Benteke might suit WB its just whether he thinks it is to far a step down. What is his value now? 20m? Would West Brom pay that for a player. How about Stoke?

          • Stoke would be an option, but I suspect they too after Walters may continue their transition to more fluid football.

            After seeing how Benteke got on surrounded by Coutinho, Firmino and Lallana, etc would Stoke want to spend 20 mill on Benteke for him be surrounded by Shaqiri, Bojan and Arnautovic?

            I think Benteke, and just as importantly his agent, may well feel WBA are too big a step down, I also think it is quite likely that he might refuse to leave if his options are Stoke, WBA, etc.

            Remember, after his first season at Villa, which was also his best, he’d practically packed his bags for a move to Spurs only for them to change their minds.

            It’d be a mistake for him, and us, imo but the embarrassment of seeing your first shot a big club, a big transfer and the inevitable drop in wages might encourage him to resist like Enrique hoping that Liverpool sack Klopp and hire Big Sam or Klopp has some kind of road to Damascus conversion to a style of football that will suit CB’s style.

          • It does look like he doesnt mind sitting on the bench for long periods, quite strange for an international with the Euros coming up. Maybe he will be one of these players that will pick up his cheque and settle for a bit part role at a bigger club rather than more game time at a lower club. Maybe he believes he can turn it around with us. He has an air of couldnt care less about him, just his character so it is hard to know what he really thinks about it all.

          • He strikes me as being somewhat paralyzed by fear.

            He’s come into a much bigger club, with much bigger expectations (even more so about the style of football), for a massive transfer fee, on big wages, to fans, many of who, were lukewarm about his arrival at best.

            Him raising the point about his transfer fee being ‘hard’ is even more concerning.

            The best players, and those with true self-belief, have little problem with their transfer fees.

            Ronaldo even went as far to go the opposite, that he wanted to be the most expensive player.

          • But then he puts that penalty away in that style. Even wanting to take the pen knowing what was on the line if he missed showed his lack of fear.

          • I suppose at this point he realises he has nothing to lose.

            The penalty struck me as a fight or flight type reaction.

            Who knows it might change his season, he might suddenly start remembering he’s supposed to be quick (for a big man) and have a good touch (again for a big man).

          • He looks to me like he does not have much emotion, which can be seen as not giving a damn. He is clearly a complex individual that takes some understanding. He confuses me something silly. Onthe flip side you might be 100% correct – See I just dont know, proper confusing.

          • He’s very much a deep waters type of person.

            The fact the team are buzzing about him shows he’s a good lad. Won us 10-12 points allready this season. Not too shabby learning the ropes of a high profile transfer and life at a topclub.

          • No denying he is a good lad and people want to see him do well. Problem is we look better without him.

          • I do like him as an impact sub. Looked good both against City, where he had a bit of bad luck that the rest of the team just wanted to see the game run out, and against Palace.

            Similar to Lallana, looks really good coming off the bench, less so as a starter.

          • Ideally we keep the lad. The money has been paid, his wages aren’t that high 140k/w after addons is ok and he’s a 20 goals a season man next season. Even for us as 2nd/3d/4th striker.

            No need to move him, so don’t

          • Move him to raise funds and make space in the squad.

            140 k a week is huge.

            Benteke has only ever been a 20 goal a season striker once, in his first season at Villa. I think he’ll be lucky to play 20 games next season, let alone score 20 goals.

            Even when we had no other strikers fit, Klopp wasn’t that keen on him.

            He was the wrong buy at the wrong time by the wrong manager.

          • Small club ThinkingDickingDixie, 140K/w for your plan B i s hardly big bucks. That’s Enrique and Kolo off the books next season. Oh no, where will we generate the money.

            We don’t need to raise funds, we’re loaded. We can keep the lad, let’s do that.

          • Why?

            Why waste his time and our money?

            He was a bad buy, and far from improving, he can’t even get into the team.

            It’s not small club thinking to flog an unwanted player rather than see tens of millions of quid get squandered again.

            It’s simply sensible business.

          • Why? Because he won us 10 points in the league alone this season. That’s a quarter of the points we’ve earned so far. He got us our vital win in the EL, that’s why.

            He’s been improving and you’ve got to be pretty blind to not see that. But hey, people are calling Hendo bad too so it’s fun being blind I guess. He got into the team and won us the game, you’ve not been paying attention this week alone?

            It’s small club thinking that we sell to raise funds. He’s not unwanted, YOU don’t want him. That doesn’t make him unwanted by the club. You don’t like him so YOU think it’s squandered money. I see 10 points and EL qualification by a single lad while having quite a sht season.

          • 10 points is enough to qualify for Europe?


            And as for claiming he won those points, his misses knocked us out of the cup and his misses costs us points too.

            That kind of argument works both ways.

            For a 32.5 million quid striker he has a poor record and some of his performances been awful.

          • 10 points in the league and he won us the game against Bordeaux, which qualified us from the group, which is what I was talking about.

            What misses did cost us points actually?

            He basically scores every 180 minutes and has 2 assists to his name, similar to Pelle. That’s his stats in a sht season. Berahino, appearently some kind of miracle man scores once every 360 minutes. Rondon scores every 240 minutes with 2 assists. Gomis every 240 minutes. Diego Costa every 220 with 6 assists, Deeny every 320 with 6 assists.

            So he’s real sht. I get that.

          • If Pelle had cost 32.5 million then you might have a point.

            But he didn’t.

            Likewise all the other players you mentioned.

            That you are only choosing to compare him with players who were not only signifcantly cheaper, but also playing for worse teams is very telling.

            It’s easy to cherry-pick players at teams who are struggling, who cost a fraction of the price to try and make Benteke look less of a failure.

            However, it doesn’t change the fact that Benteke has scored once in 12 hours, Klopp preferred to play with no strikers rather than him, and he is currently 4th choice striker.

          • I just picked the teams you think Benteke would be a good fit. You came up with WBA, I didn’t. So I took both strikers from WBA and then compared him to similar strikers.

          • L0l.

            So Benteke would be a good fit then.

            He’s better than 14 million quid Rondon and youth player Berahino.

            Good for him.

            It’s easy to see however why you’d be desperate to avoid fairer comparisons.

            1 goal in 2016 (12 hours played).

            8 goals in 34 appearances.

            Ranked 22nd for goals per 90 minutes (your stat), behind Sturridge and Ings.

            Also behind (seeing as you cherry-picked) and these are just a few of the 21:

            Steven Naismith
            Aaron Lennon
            Benik Afobe
            Diego Costa (who you mentioned)
            Callum Wilson
            Adnan Januzaj
            Danny Welbeck
            Bertrand Traore

            Which highlights how ridiculous cherry-picking a single stat can be.

          • Haha, now take out of those the actual strikers and those with over 1000 minutes played. So that’s no Naismith, Lennon, Afobe, Wilson, Januzaj, Welbeck and potentially Traore.

            You want the pie, put cherries on top AND eat it too with a bit of whipped cream. So he’s either sht (which he isn’t, we all know that), a poor fit (which could be argued but he has a decent record for a poor fit), a poor record (which is arguable true as he should’ve been on at least 12-15 goals allready) or a sht season.

            Can’t have it all. A sht striker in a sht season would be Ballo last season. A good striker having a sht season would be Diego Costa. Funny enough Benteke is quite on par with that lad. So stop your nonsense, you don’t like him (which is fair of course), but don’t throw bs around that he’s WBA level. He’s obviously not.

            You go on about the pricetag, which is narrowminded at best, since he’s one of the few that transfered from England to England out of all the strikers above. Suddenly Berahino is a “youth” player. But you fail to mention the 22M bid denied for him this very winter.

            So you’re simply wrong. He’s having a poor season which everybody will ackowledge, but when he has a poor season with a reasonable return he’s a good player. It’s that simple.

    • I would have liked a straight swap – Berahino for Benteke.
      Pulis would love a player like Benteke.

      • Its about the right kind of money – for now. But no chance a club like WB will accept that. Cash in hand and half of it spent on a replacement.

          • I just checked. He’s about to enter the last year of his contract. Which means he’ll be sold in the Summer.

          • Then WB is going to have a long queue for him with spuds making most of the noise.

            Talented player but not exactly the one we need.

            If studrige and benteke or one of them is not sold then a striker is not going to be on top of klopp shopping list.

          • Do a little research about mainz 05 striker Yoshinori Mutto. In your free time.

            He hasn’t set the world on fire in his first season at Europe but his doing great.

            Another example why I want one of the best scouts and coaches at LFC. A club like liverpool with buying young and cheap policy should not miss on a player like him. Disgusting.

          • He is a complete klopp player.
            You should never doubt work ethics of a Japanese.

            Long story short:

            On Chelski radar. Mou rejected him.

            Mainz got him for 2.5 millions. Now around 15 millions.

            SAF now wants him for scums.

            Ings type player with more marketability and cheaper if he was signed last summer.

            He could have been our Nissan GTR.

          • Ojo scored a hat-trick for the U21’s last night, if he can force his way into the first team squad we’ll have Ings, Ben, Studge, Ojo, Origi (probably not Mario) that’s a lot of options, personally I can’t wait to see Ings back in the side…

      • And then we have got 4 strikers of a similar mould. With Berahino quickly turning into number four as Sturridge, Ingsy and Origi are simply better. Rather have a striker with a different profile.

  10. He will come good next season. We just need to be patient. Not just with him but also players like milner and hendo who have been criticized as well for being plain hard work without quality. Just look at Leicester, they were fighting for relegation last season but they are on a history-making run this season. The players are almost the same as last year.

  11. I don’t see why we’re worrying about him not fitting in this season. He’s had a tough time, hasn’t looked fit at times and looks totally devoid of confidence.

    However, he’s been working hard in training, he looks fitter, more mobile and is starting to get into positions. Next season with a full preseason, a pair of winger (Marko + ??) providing service and some time to bed into Klopp’s methods, no reason why he shouldn’t hit the ground running.

    Lets gets behind the lad and see what we can do. Even if it doesn’t work out, at the very least, we’ve not got a behemoth of a plan B for those days where it just isn’t working and we need to grind out a win.

    • I agree. He is different to our other strikers. We should assess him when there are wingers at the club. A quartet of Sturridge, Origi , Ings, and Benteke is fantastic on paper. We just have to vary the tactics and formations.

  12. I’m alright with me, with myself, and I try to work hard for my team

    Tekkers has been bitten by the Bodgers bug… his speech is now having the same slur.

    • (Lights a candle on the shrine, adding a newspaper clipping of Rodgers to the wall. Camera pans out to reveal thousands upon thousands of images of the former manager. Shrill violins rise into a crescendo. Fade to black.)

  13. benteke is a good player he has some good qualities some of our strikers not having like good physical strength ,he can hold ball better than any of our current strikers (firmino is losing ball so easily so was origi ,sturridge he isn’t even going near some balls )
    1 we must change our system so that he can fit our system(impossible)
    2 we must sell him, he rejected china in winter, i don’t think he will join china in summer either none of pl clubs will pay as much as we paid to him(non profitable)
    3 he must change his play style to fit our system(its happening) there’s difference in his play and in his movement in recent games he must improve a lot ,good thing is he’s trying if u look at jackson martinez, (i haven’t watched him play) instead of staying at atletico he chose china

    • He’s barely played and he’s scored even less, so I’m not sure how you claim he is beginning to fit the team.

      As for Firmino not being able to hold the ball up, that’s a rather pointless point when you consider that Firmino is the most in-form EPL attacker, having being involved in more goals than any other player in 2016.

      • benteke in september play is different from what he is playing now he used to just stand and wait for ball then
        firmino is inform but he is giving away ball so easily he can do better

        • How do you figure that out? Benteke is barely playing.

          Running about for 10 minutes at the end of the game when everyone else is tired is different from doing it over 90.

          Firmino can do better?

          Perhaps, but he is already doing better than any other striker in the EPL.

          Defending Benteke for his performances when he can’t even get in the side and attacking Firmino for not holding up the ball is ridiculous.

          If Benteke was playing as well as Firmino then nobody would be complaining about him, let alone celberating because he scored his first goal in nearly 12 hours of football.

          • i am not at all comparing them they both are good players i am not happy with firmino’s recent performances against augsburg,city,CP
            benteke is lacking confidence like he said justifying his price tag is another burden and he hadn’t played as much as firmino played he isn’t worth as much we payed for him but we paid and now he is wearing reds shirt and we have to support him that is what i am doing he’s not a bad player klopp is a good manager i hope he can sort him out or sell him

          • He’s not playing for a reason though.

            Clearly he hasn’t been good enough in training and he hasn’t been good enough when he has come on.

            He got a penalty against Palace, and did okay when he came on against City but he looked awful against Villa when Villa had effectively gone on strike.

            If you rate Klopp, then you have accept and trust his decisions.

            As for Firmino, again he scored against CP, and against City, so I’m not sure why you’d be giving the lad a hard time.

            Contrast Firmino’s recent starts and Benteke’s last starts and there is simply no comparison whatsoever.

          • he don’t fit klopp style he is trying to adapt if he succeeds he stays or else klopp will sell him i am saying he must start a bit often to prove i would suggest playing two players upfront would be good for him as well as team particularly now that we r awful in corners and he is known to score some good headers
            about firmino he disappeared in cup final,poor against augsburg against palace that’s a cool finish apart from that he is mostly ineffective even cout and studge are also ineffective in few games it is like we cannot trust our attacking players we don’t know who’s gonna disappear when just saying

  14. It’s a thin line isn’t it?! Deservedly took the credit for winning the penalty and scoring it under pressure but imagine if he hadn’t scored that one. We would have eaten him alive! Should really start kicking on from here as a sub, don’t see him starting anytime soon. It’s crazy to think he doesn’t fit our system and about lack of crosses, when most of his goals for us have come with his foot, including the over-head one against Utd and all the one on ones that have been created. More of a confidence issue than anything.

  15. One penalty goal after who-knows how much games, and suddenly he’s in the clouds.. Many supporters as well..
    Let’s face it, he doesn’t fit the philosophy and should be sold in the summer.. We have 4 strikers left..

  16. He doesn’t press in the final third. He lacks game intelligence. For a striker who doesn’t run at an angle with or without the ball, they always appear to be one dimensional, which is what Benteke is. He’s far more effective coming off the bench but trust me. Once Klopp sees Danny Ings hardwork and tenacity, Benteke won’t get near the team. The majority of his chances have come against poor defences too. Any half decent defender marks him out of the game.

    • Unfortunately, I have to agree with you Mick. Two years ago he had a brilliant game and scored two goals a Anfield and I thought he was just the right kind of player for us. His display in last year’s Cup Final should have been a warning that he is not the same player? I suspect most of the problem is in his head, he has to rediscover some aggression or he will be heading out on another expensive loan deal.

    • I’d agree about marking him out, but that’s why he might be useful playing alongside a mobile striker. It’d give the defense a lot to think about, perhaps even more than two mobile strikers, especially when teams sit deep.

  17. His movement was better yesterday, at least he is not caught offside more often. But he still doesn’t know where to run and a little bit slow when reacting to a moment, like when Lovren won a tackle. Would love to see scoring goals but right now is not the time for experiment or trying. We’ve got our forwards, Origi, Sturridge and Firmino

  18. I’d like to see him playing alongside Sturridge, but we would inevitably lose a bit of our pressing game. Would give Coutinho some interesting options, though.

    On edit, I’d mention that he is also one of our best defensive headers of the ball.

  19. You’re boring really. No arguements but “yeah he didn’t score” where overall his season has been poor with a reasonable return. If you deny that it’s no point talking. Oh and “he cost 32,5M pounds” as if that’s something that gets the ball in the back of the net.

    Then you left with critisizing the real arguements (his reasonable return, his workrate on and off the pitch and vast improvement in terms of football in recent weeks) and his contribution to 10 points and qualifying from the group. No answer to the question which misses cost us points..

    thin air buddy, you don’t rate him that’s fine. But you’re talking nonsense.

    • Here come the insults because you have nothing of value beyond cherry-picking one single stat and repeated failed attempts to misrepresent what I wrote.

      If you’re bored, then more fool you for responding.

      You have absolutely no argument at all.

      I picked 2 undisputable facts.

      You couldn’t refute either.

      You cherry-picked a single stat, already of dubious relevance then had to cherry-pick it even further when I demonstrated how ridiculous it was.

      As for the misses which cost us points / wins:

      West Brom
      Crystal Palace
      West Ham

      Those being just off the top of my head.

      As for your claim Benteke’s single goal in the Europa League qualified us from the group, that is complete lie.

      With or without his goal we qualified.

      So now, when are you finally going to answer ANY of my points.

      No goals from open play in over 12 hours.

      8 goals in 34 apps.

      I suppose it’s easier to cry about being bored and ask me to counter your points, than actually respond to mine.

      As they say, ignorance is bliss.

      But really the most telling point I could make about Benteke is the decision Klopp makes nearly every match to play someone else ahead of him.

      Klopp has even chosen to play without strikers at all, rather than play Benteke and that is the most damning fact of all for a 32.5 mill pound EPL ‘proven’ striker.

      • Mate, all you do is whine about the discussion not about the factual arguments.

        That most telling point is absolute bs. Even in the last game he didn’t bring Sturridge but Benteke to force something out of the game. So there’s that to bed.

        Any of your points? Well, maybe not in the last 12 hours and he missed some sitters. But he scores one every 2 games (talking minutes per goal), he won us 10 points in the EPL and a vital win the EL. Factual stuff, he did that. Yeah he missed against Arsenal which didn’t win us 2 points. To say he cost us is too much. The West Ham game in the FA Cup is also a game to mention when he didn’t turn up as a goalscorer. The fact he missed 9 chances does mean he gets into the right positions, so he’s a bit of a good fit. The other games don’t hold ground really.

        And he did all that in a sht season, with horrible performances. So yeah, throw him out on the curbs is the most logical thing. But not really, selling him “to raise funds” is one of the most, absolute most, ridiculous thing I’ve ever heared.

        That’s not business smart, it’s hilarious and a small club mentality, which was my . As they say: jog on boy. Last reply to someone without real arguments. You can have the last word, it’s for free.

        • You’re the one crying about facts.

          Not me.

          Fact: Benteke hasn’t scored in open play in 12 hours.

          Fact: Said Berahino is a product of the WBA youth system.

          Fact: Benteke has scored 8 goals this season.

          Fact: You brought up goals per minute then had to change the criteria because I pointed out how nonsensical it was.

          It’s not fault that you struggle to grasp such basic facts.

          As for the point about him scoring every 2 games (per 90 mins) – it’s a completely nonsensical stat which is why you keep referring back to it.

          Maiga of West Ham has averaged 3.6 goals per 90 mins this season – are you suggesting that makes him better than Sergio Aguero?

          And Benteke’s other stats are horrible, which is why you keep going back to the same cherry-picked stat.

          As for you defending his 9 misses against West Ham, that old cliche about getting in the right positions only further exposes your desperation, missing absolute sitters is never a positive. It’s irrelevant getting in the right position if you can’t finish and your team ends up losing because of it.

          It’s small club mentality (something you ridiculously accuse me of) to be satisfied with such mediocre performances from your club’s 2nd biggest signing.

          As for Klopp not rating Benteke, clearly he doesn’t rate him as highly as you’re trying to pretend.

          Clearly Klopp decided against risking Sturridge ahead of the Man Utd game and decided to give Benteke yet another chance.

          The real argument claim in your last comment is the desperate plea of a man who has had zero argument, offered a single stat which I proved was wrong and so you had further manipulate it in order to try and save face.

          As for the claim about selling Benteke being representative of a small club mentatlity, if you actually followed the club properly, as opposed to finding stats that make Benteke look not as bad, you’d know the club have already tried to sell Benteke. So it appears that Klopp and the club simply don’t agree with your desperate claim.

          But you keep the faith, hey at least if Benteke does go to China they have streams for the CSL!

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