Reports: Mario Gotze favours Liverpool move, could be signed for £20 million

on 27.03.2016

Ahead of a likely move away from Bayern Munich this summer, German midfielder Mario Gotze is believed to be strongly considering a switch to Liverpool.

Mario Gotze, Bayern Munich - Picture by: John Walton / EMPICS Sport

Gotze has been linked with a summer move to Merseyside since Jurgen Klopp‘s arrival at the beginning of October, with the 23-year-old’s relationship with his former Borussia Dortmund a key factor behind any deal.

With Klopp believed to have made Gotze a priority target as he bolsters his squad for the 2016/17 campaign, the Liverpool manager could be buoyed by a new development.

According to the Mirror, Gotze has “set his heart on linking up” with Klopp once again, after three-and-a-half years under the 48-year-old in the Dortmund first team.

Gotze left Dortmund for Bayern in a deal worth around £30 million, but injuries and competition at the Allianz Arena have reduced him to a peripheral role under Pep Guardiola, something that may not improve following a change in manager this summer.

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Carlo Ancelotti was announced as Guardiola’s successor in December, but with reports claiming Gotze won’t be offered a new contract at Bayern, his position seems unstable.

Dortmund are believed to be interested in re-signing Gotze this summer, but Liverpool is said to be his preferred destination.

03.12.2011, BorussiaPark, Mönchengladbach, GER, 1.FBL, Borussia Mönchengladbach vs Borussia Dortmund, im BildJürgen Klopp (Trainer Dortmund) und Mario Götze (Dortmund #11) // during the 1.FBL, Borussia Mönchengladbach vs Borussia Dortmund on 2011/12/03, BorussiaPark, Mönchengladbach, Germany. EXPA Pictures © 2011, PhotoCredit: EXPA/ nph/ Mueller..***** ATTENTION - OUT OF GER, CRO *****

Remarkably, according to further reports from the Mirror, Gotze’s reunion with Klopp could come at the bargain price of just £20 million.

“Klopp is in pole position to sign Gotze and may be able to get him for around £20 million as he looks to rebuild his squad at Anfield,” claims John Cross.

Cross also lists Arsenal as possible suitors for the World Cup winner, though the veracity of his claims is questionable, with this standing as pure speculation at this stage.

Gotze enters the final year in his Bayern contract this summer however, and a move away from the club could mirror that of Toni Kroos in 2014.

Kroos left Bayern for Real Madrid with one year remaining on his deal, with the La Liga giants paying £20 million to secure his services.

This proved a bargain signing for Real, with Kroos establishing himself as a key player at the Santiago Bernabeu.

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Gotze would arguably be even more important to Klopp’s Liverpool, with his pace, skill and creativity potentially providing his former manager with a solution on the right flank.

The prospect of Gotze linking up with Philippe Coutinho, Roberto Firmino and Daniel Sturridge in the Liverpool attack is tantalising.

If Klopp is able to get the deal across the line, particularly at a bargain £20 million, Gotze could be the marquee signing needed to spearhead a new, successful era on Merseyside.

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    • Only enters the last year of his contract this summer, Bro. If we had to get him on a pre-contract like Matip, then we’d only receive the season after :-(

  1. This would be amazing, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up until I see that lame staged photo of him signing the contract.

    According to the media, Teixeira, Mkhityran, Willian, Shaqiri and Konoplyanka were all “done deals”. So I refuse to build up my hopes.

    • It’s pretty much a done deal mate. I’ve been saying it for months. The difference with those deals and Gotze is now we have a top class manager that players want to play for and Gotze is clearly unhappy and has played for, with great success, said manager. In. The. Bag.

      • Texeira had agreed personal terms and publicly stated he wanted to join us. Mkhityran had met with Ayre in London. And they both fell through.

        But I hope you’re right. Gotze would be massive

  2. i can’t see it happening. 20 million is just deluded. if we are going to get him he will cost us. he isn’t coming cheap on benteke sell off money.

          • As I remember he wasn’t asking to leave, he wanted a bigger wage, and they sold him..

          • don’t think he was even close to their best player. you might rate him but let’s not go over board.

          • Kroos is world class…no 2 ways about it. Think he made it in that Ballon D’Or 23-man list as well.

          • For me he was the best player in Bayern and he’s the best in Real, but let’s not go there..

          • I think best in Bayern is difficult to assess simply because there were so many good players in the team…they all looked amazing. Not just Kroos.

          • Yes, what I meant is a key player.. Foe example, Ronaldo is great player, but Kross is a key player in Real..

          • being world class or not is a matter of opinion. your opinion is that he is world class, my opinion is that he isn’t.

          • Getting into Ballon D’Or list, playing Bayern Munich first team, then Real Madrid first team and Germany NT first team is not a matter of opinion though…that’s a fact.

          • Ballon D’Or is utter BS. Is meaningless. I’m not denying he is ok. he just isn’t a player i rate. he was the reason Bayern form dipped from the 2012/13 season when his injury blessed them with the best season ever. he came back and their form dipped. he hasn’t been stand out for real. Real haven’t been great with him and let’s be honest yesterday germany let 3 in as england over powered a weak midfield. that is the kroos i see. sorry it isn’t the same as yours.

          • Their 23-man shortlist is pretty accurate most of the time from what I’ve seen atleast. You can probably never satisfy 100% of the fans since this is all subjective, but I feel most would agree on that. That goal he scored yesterday was fantastic. And he’s been part of the starting team of 2 out of 3 of the biggest clubs in the world..and he’s first team choice for probably the most talent rich footballing country in the world.

          • “the goal he scored yesterday was fantastic” that made me laugh.

            the goals in that game which were fantastic was 1st kane’s, 2nd vardy’s, 3rd gomez, 4th gomez’s disallowed goal, 5th dier’s, 6th kross’s opportunist shot which would never have found the net if the goalie hadn’t just got injuried.

            how can the 6th best goal with 5 goals scored be fantastic?

          • I thought it was a great effort despite everyone sh***tting on Jack Butland and his injury for that wasn’t the easiest of angles and he still hit it on target. In any case, that was one moment, I probably shouldn’t have brought that up considering we were talking about bigger factors there.

          • i accept that you rate him. i can understand the logic in rating him but all i see is an over-rated player. khedira i get, i rate and like but i have never seen the appeal in kroos.

          • Maybe Guardiola didn’t either…it’s ok to not be into each and every big player out there…my point is the fact that he’s been in the first team of both top club and the top national team has to count for something.

          • well i remember a certain Kane being over looked time and again by every manager who he played under while banging them in. still every manager couldn’t accept he was quality. last year he ended with a great scoring record, yet most still couldn’t accept he was quality. this season started and Kane was sharp and looked good but the goals weren’t coming so every was quick to rush to the conclusion Kane was a one season wonder. still those with an eye saw his form was good and knew the goals would follow, quality is quality, is it not?

            then you have a certain Mr Vardy. Fair to say he might not be World Class but to think that most who observed him thought he wasn’t good enough to make it at the highest level. not championship level, nor league 1 or 2.

            then you have a certain Mr Rooney who is the highest paid player in the PL. Turns a slow as snail. just because a player plays for a big club does not make him better.

          • Yes, the difference here though is that most of the football fan community seems to agree that Rooney is way past it. He looks slow, languid, and it seems his unhealthy lifestyle may have finally caught up with him. Only pundits and managers seem to rave about him (though maybe even some pundits were having a go at him), not sure how genuine Guardiola was being in one of his interviews about him. From what I’ve seen Rooney’s been fairly average for the most part of last 3 years with some good form in patches.

            Kroos OTOH is pretty much universally lauded as WC. And mate, there’s a difference between playing for Man United and a club like Bayern Munich and Real Madrid. These 2 clubs have been on another league compared to a club like United.

            Kane personally, took me a while to convince…like I didn’t think much of him last season, but he’s changed that for me this time around. Vardy’s been spectacular this season as well, and I think everyone will agree on both of these.

          • Class is class and the minute i saw kane i knew. Last year he kaned both chelsea and arsenal which stood out heaps for me. i never make judgements on what managers or pundits think.

            the Vardy point was about how everyone judged him as not good enough for league 2. never got a break and had to fight his way into making it. even if Vardy falls off in the future he was and will be way better then their judgement.

            As for Kroos, I don’t believe people accept him as WC. People have a higher standard for that classification generally.

            Real haven’t been great and only with the introduction of Bale they have been able to compete. Still with his recent injuries and lack of confidence Real has fallen off again. So being good enough for Real isn’t that great.

            Lastly like i pointed out before and now repeating, Bayern have only been able to become a destroyer because of his absence and his departure.

    • He’ll cost us, but not in transfer fee. £20-25m. He’ll cost in wages. He’s on £220k/week. Bayern only paid £31m and only one year left on contract and not renewing.

  3. If Ancelotti won’t consider Götze, he will transfer back to Dortmund. That’s what all the major news outlets in Germany claim. And I’d rather put my money on them than on the Mirror. Frankly, it is the best choice for him. Dortmund will definitely play CL next season and they’re magnificent at the moment. Next season, going for the title and running through the CL are realistic goals for Dortmund. Liverpool is still a team heavily in development. Dortmund is miles ahead!

  4. They sold Kroos for 20mil, if he wants to leave they will sell him.. He’s good with Kloop, and if he prefers move to LFC it doesn’t matter how much other clubs offer..

    • I hope you’re right, but if a team offers him more money and CL football, it could be a tough decision for him.

  5. Returning to Dortmund does’nt make sense. As a player you would want a new challenge and joining liverpool in the best league in the world…Lets see what happens

    • Pros: Best league in the world. He’d be a starter. We have klopp. He has the chance to play against guardiola. Cons: No guarantees for CL(not in any season) A bigger chance to win trophies if he move to a club like Juve, not Dortmund

    • Bit hard to call the premier league the best league in the world when Leicester and Tottenham have been the best two teams all year.

      • the most competitive league in the world, and based on TV marketing rights, easily the most popular league in the world.

          • that might be your opinion, but the data shows that the Premier League is the most popular league in the world. Yes Spain has 2 great teams and one really good team, and the few times those teams play the games are exciting. But on the whole most of the games are not exciting. Its easy to play attractive football when you are miles better than the competition. People like the Premier League because its fast paced, combined w/ skill and parsimonious. Its the aspect of the unexpected that makes it attractive. All the players who’ve played in England and go to Spain say the same. Everyone knows the premier league is the most competitive and its this parsimony that makes its globally attractive. The majority of people do not want to watch a league where only 1 or 2 teams have a shot of winning the league every year and those 2 teams play (as you put it) attractive football again massively inferior opponents.
            Don’t agree? Look at the TV deals. ;)

          • Popularity doesn’t make something the best. Justin Bieber is popular, isn’t he? Does that make him the best? Saying Spain only has two good teams is ignorant. Atletico Madrid have been doing better then any English team in the champions league last few years and Sevilla won the europa league two years running. The premier league is the most popular and competitive because the small clubs park the bus every week against the big clubs. If the top ten English clubs played the top ten Spanish clubs, the Spanish clubs would pick them apart with technical football, just like technical international teams always pick England apart.

      • That’s make EPL the best. Even Leicester and Tottenham can compete for the title. Not like 2 horse race in Spain, or dominant PSG and Bayern Munich.

        • What utter crap

          This year is a One Off

          Any other year there are only 3 teams that can win it (the Mancs, the Chavs or the Manc Lites – and they are the only teams that have won the league in the last 10 years at least)

          The EPL is as boring as the German or Spanish Leagues

          This has been the only season in the last 25 that has had a any resemblance to competitiveness to it

      • Leicester and Spurs have been the most consistent in the league this season so are there on merit.Technically the premiere league may not be the best in the world but for entertainment and excitement it is .

      • Why? I’m not following your logic.

        Vardy and Kane just scored international goals against the World Champions while supported by a cast that included a number of other Tottenham players.

        On the other hand, our performance in the European competitions might be a more reliable indicator.

        • An international friendly match is certainty not a good indicator and doesn’t have much to do which league is the best. Most of the best players in England aren’t English nor are most of the best players in Spain Spanish. As you say, just look at English teams in Europe the last few seasons and it’s pretty conclusive.

    • Nowhere near the best league in the world. Most unpredictable, yes. But Bayern/Dortmund and Barca/Atletico/Real would destroy most PL teams.

      • Its a blip nothing more, caused by managerial upheaval at all the major clubs. The pl totally dominated the cl between 2005 and 2012 along with Barca. Normal service will resume shortly-too much money and quality coaches for it not too.

        • I genuinely think the current Barca and Madrid teams will reign for quite some time.

          No PL team is anywhere near as good. We might get lucky in the odd game or two, but looking at the individuals, La Liga has the best players in the world, by a mile.

          • I agree they are quite a bit ahead right now but Things change quite quickly particularly qith good coaching. Look at the difference Rafa made in 2004. No pl team eas competing then suddenly the Pl took over. I think things will look very different this time 2 years with the money in the pl in particular.

          • Barca ,Real ,Bayern top teams but the rest that make up those leagues aren’t very good.

      • idk about that. i think Bayern/Dortmund and Barca/Atletico/Real would find playing in the premier league quite difficult. its easy to get up for a champions league match or the odd rival match in La Liga. but to have to be on for 38 rounds w/ no winter break and two domestic cups is something all-together diff. not saying those named teams wouldn’t do well in the PL, but lets not make it seem like they would find it a cake-walk.

        • These teams consistently make finals, and semi finals of the CL, whilst PL teams tend to get knocked out a lot earlier on.

          We may have to agree to disagree, but I believe La Liga is by far the best league in the world, with the best teams, and best individual players.

          If you list the top 5 players in the world at the moment, how many are in the PL? None.

          • Yes you’re right but the best players are only really playing for two different teams.
            In the season there are only really 4 big fixtures for the top three teams.
            Yes Barca and Real have better players than any of the prem teams but is the league really a higher quality when lower teams are getting beat 5 or 6 nil every other weekend, I’m not so sure.

          • I guess there’s no right or wrong answer. I just tend to look at it in a different way.

            I look at which league has the best teams and the best players in the world. And right now la Liga and the Bundesliga have both.

          • To tell you the truth, I’d really like to see Barca play a Tony Pulis team, and three days later play a CL game vs Bayern. In La Liga minimal contact is a foul, especially if it’s on Messi or Ronaldo. Remember Gardner’s tackle on Lovren? Even a foul wasn’t given, because Gardner got to the ball first, and raised his foot to Lovren’s leg as an afterthought. Try to imagine a tackle like that in La Liga, on Messi. It would have been a straight red, probably with a lengthy suspension as well.
            It’s very difficult for English teams to play games like that every weekend, and then play an occasional Wednesday game against the likes of Barca, Real or Bayern.

          • OK, but if you listed the top 100, the PL would be much better represented. In other words, once you get past the top two La Liga teams, the talent level takes a precipitous drop. Things are a bit different in the PL.

          • I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. I reckon if you listed the top 100 players in the world. Maybe 20-30 of them would be from the PL. The other 70-80 will be from La Liga or Bundesliga

      • Atletico and Dortmund are class but Dortmund are a league below Bayern and I think you’ll see us defeating them. Atletico are class but they won’t destroy any Premier League team. Beat them? Maybe. Destroy? Not really. They struggled to score against PSV, think they’d find it hard to break PL clubs.

        • Well, Tottenham are competing for the title and Dortmund pretty much destroyed them. Atletico maybe not because their style of football isn’t exactly all out attack.

          • Tottenham played a VERY weakened side in the first leg which put more pressure on them. Don’t let the scoreline deceive you. Had they made more effort they probably would have won. And don’t let the current table deceive you either. Next season Guardiola’s gonna be at City, Mourinho possibly at United, Klopp with a very different LFC side and Chelski with Fonte. Judge them in Europe then.

          • I’m not letting the scoreline deceive me…I saw the highlights of both the matches and they got thoroughly outclassed by Dortmund…and the worse part of it all (for Tottenham atleast) was, they did it at a canter…Dortmund just casually obliterated this English club that just happens to be second in the table. And cmon, playing a weakened side is absolutely no excuse if you’re talking about a top club here. They played their better players in Kane and Alli in the second leg and still lost and couldn’t mount up a challenge.

            And my judgment doesn’t stem from what will happen the next season…it stems from the football played in this season. I made my statement in the present tense very much and pertaining to this season only. I keep hearing about this whole hype about next year…commentators and pundits always try to say that next year will be even more difficult.

          • Still no excuse to lose the second leg (a home match) as well, which is exactly what they did. Had Subotic not got the backpass wrong they wouldn’t have been able to score a single goal in either of the 2 legs.

          • Still excuses..I recall the match highlights and even in the second leg, Dortmund seemed to be enjoying most of the chances and I think perhaps the possession as well. Counter attacking football or otherwise, I think even Pochettino knew it was done…but atleast try and play for some pride. It was one-way traffic mate, utter humiliation for Tottenham.

          • Weakened sides to affect the game. Not an excuse and I blame Tottenham for not taking it seriously but the result would have been different even at home had the scoreline been different. Different approaches to different situations.

            Furthermore, Spurs have less European experience than Dortmund have had in recent times and that must be taken into effect as well. I’m positive when Dortmund face us we will come out victorious

          • I don’t think so, but again I’ll emphasize that Spurs and Arsenal aren’t exactly the best representation of English football in Europe. Wait till we beat Dortmund

          • FYI, arsenal beat dortmund 2-0 at emirates when they met last time…
            head to head between them is 4-3 in arsenal’s favour

          • FYI, kane didn’t play the whole match, nor were playing their first choice full backs(rose and walker),

            son, chadli, mason were playing, and in the second half tom carroll and onomah were brought on…..

            by any chance do you think this was tottenham first team, I certainly don’t think so….

          • It’s a poor poor excuse dude…what a cop out of an answer. Oh, we don’t care about this competition so we lost the match..fact is Tottenham still got demolished.

          • let us see, how do we fare against dortmund………
            and then we can talk about who’s the better team, and which league is better…

          • The which league is better depends on which way you look at it really. But what that victory from Dortmund told me was that if they were playing in this league, they’d probably be the top team easily.

      • this not about who can destroy who. The EPL teams have a heavier and more demanding schedule which killd it’s clubs by the time they make the 16th round of the Champions league.
        You don’t have 2 or 3 team race. Just look at the tables

    • No chance of Gotze returning to BVB. The fans hate him, his move was the equivalent to a Liverpool favorite leaving for United.

    • Thats not rule of thumb. Take a Look at sahin and Kagawa. And Götze will Face a New challenge in Dortmund. Their Style of play has changed immensely from this Season on.

  6. Cross also lists Arsenal as possible suitors for the World Cup winner, though the veracity of his claims is questionable, with this standing as pure speculation at this stage.
    but when hes saying its us he wants to join its the gospel

  7. Gotze is a done deal ..just Ter Stegen , Hummels and Gundogan after that ..maybe Reus too then we are sorted . Come on Kloppo, reel your mates in we need them ! ! beating Dortmund to progress in Europa will help our cause to get those players ..

  8. Gotze has “set his heart on linking up” with Klopp

    LFC fans have also “set our hearts” on you linking up with Klopp! For someone so young with so many achievements, Gotze will have good resale value even if (touch wood) he fails to set Anfield alight. Come on in Gotze!

  9. Gotze to LFC has been a possibility from the moment Klopp has taken charge at Anfield. Mario’s lack of game time, Pep’s mistrust of Mario has just made things easier. All the rumours regarding this are nothing new and are very predictable. If you do not have a scoop and need to fill your pages you will write about this, but at the same time it is very true as well.

    So don’t let anyone claim that they revealed it first but my guess is eventually it will happen and you heard it from me ‘first’. :)

  10. Goetza – 20m
    Ter stegen – 20m
    Erkin – 7-10m
    Xhaka – 20m.

    70m on 4 class players who are genuine starting 11 quality.

    If we have any money left then a pacey young winger like jese or yarmalenko.

      • I hope not unless we have a top quality replacement like gundogen or neves. Even William carvallo.

        Arsenal never sign top targets especially after El nenny.

          • That London excuse is BS.
            Sanchez wanted arsenal because of ucl and because of wenger.

            We now have klopp. Klopp is massive.

          • Exactly. The respect top managers have is so under rated.

            Gerrard didn’t want to leave Liverpool for Chelsea. He wanted to work with Jose.

            Thiago left barca for pep.
            Jose has a group of players who would follow him anywhere.
            Carlo too has incredible respect and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple RM players go to bayern.

            We finally have a world class manager. Not one with a big mouth.

          • Umm…because Ancelotti doesn’t want me? The basic premise of Bayern not promising game time has to be met for any of this to go forward.

          • Yeah but Bayern not promising game time is a scenario under pep, remains to be seen if it’s the same under carlo. Yeah the whole thing hinges on that. But even if that condition is met, price will be an issue. We don’t do bidding wars.

          • I’m not too bothered about the price or bidding war because I can’t remember the last time a big club does things in this manner…generally, when the player says he wants to leave, they attach a figure and the rest is just managers talking to the player and wages. I had the exact same thoughts about Carlo initially, but like I said, this whole thing only becomes possible provided Bayern don’t change their stance on him, otherwise it’s not even up for discussion. Lately with even BBC writer Ben Smith covering this, I had to start taking notice. And this link has been going on now for a good 1-2 months. Feel like something is up.

          • Why would Bayern not want more money for him? I don’t think it will be smooth. Or rather my pessimism says so. When was the last time we got a player that some clubs like juve or even Dortmund wanted?

          • Yeah you are thinking like fan. he will be thinking like a player. Wenger builds a rapport with players. He has given them a nice environment to work in. He will give him the belief that he can develop him as a player and want him. sitting down with wenger and having him detail how he will develop under him can be convincing.

          • Klopp already spoke to Xhaka.. And Klopp is top manager, Wenger isn’t.. Don’t you think Klopp can also speak to player about development??

          • speaking to someone and having a proper sit down with someone are two completely different things. Klopp could do the same no doubt but Klopp hasn’t really singled him out as an important piece of his future team.

            i think Klopp is thinking obscure names. hidden gems.

            Wenger has stolen a march on the rest.

          • Well if Klopp thinks he would be important player he probably already told him that when they met..

          • clutching at straws.

            i just think the stories of wenger having a proper sit down meeting with his agent and father have given them the march on all other clubs.

            it is the decisive manner of how they singled him out. when they get this far with a player so soon they normally get their man.

          • Price might also come into it. Wenger now is in a place where he is thinking proven quality, challenging for PL. Klopp is thinking more long term. He might think, I can buy a hidden gem and build. He did indicate they pulled out of the tex move because of the price tag. And these 20 mil valuations and stuff.. How reliable are they? Depending on how many clubs are in for him this number could change.

          • Arent other clubs in for xhaka? Price will be determined by demand surely. What if klopp decides we don’t need to spend so much?

          • what makes klopp a top manager and wenger not? whatever achievement klopp has so does wenger. I get that Klopp is the flavor of the month and wenger is not but we all have minds beyond the pundits stupidity.

          • Sure…except Klopp’s managed to achieve what Wenger had in the space of those 7 years as opposed to nearly 20 years now.

          • well wenger also managed to achieve what wenger had achieve in 7 years or less. i remember the titles and CL final not spanning 20 years.

          • CL final was around the 10th year mark or so. Anyway, no matter which way you put it, he’s not had as good of a last 10 years as he did the first 10.

          • that is true Abyss but that wasn’t the point made. fact is both managers have their appeal and both can convince and if you or me like a player doesn’t mean Klopp has went out there and nailed his marker to that particular player. so i don’t see it as wenger vs klopp. it isn’t.

          • I agree that Klopp has more allure then wenger but mainly because wenger is coming to the end of his career, Klopp is at the peak of his career. any right minded footballer would factor that in. still they don’t seem to. RVP got stung, Memphis didn’t even think about it, sterling didn’t care. the list would go on and on. I suppose it is kinda a fickle given the fact managers have such a quick use by date.

          • RVP went to Arsenal at a time when they were on top..and they’re known to nurture youth and all of that. He then went to United when Fergie was around. That example doesn’t make sense to me since it was also a long time ago and dynamics were different. I don’t think Depay thought too much about LFC v/s United in terms of managers or if even a choice was made for that matter since I’m not sure LFC even bid the full amount that United did.

          • fergie was ending his career, RVP knew it deep down but deluded himself that he would be around for years. same with wenger, players will still come thinking this will be our manager for years to come but it is obvious he will retire soon.

          • “And Klopp is top manager, Wenger isn’t”…congratulations. It is only March, yet you have already clearly won the stup1dest post of the year award.

          • Don’t underestimate the respect wenger might have on the continent. Especially for young players. Klopp and wenger arent that far apart reputation wise. Once’s a classical singer, the other is a rock star. Some people like classical music better ;)

          • We have klopp but they ucl even tho his current club didn’t qualify for ucl he might come to Liverpool cause he knows he has a 65% chance of having a starting place in Lfc

          • What’s the point with playing ucl with arsenal when they go nowhere. They never going to win anything. Zero ambition

          • and we are? before we can think of surpassing Barca and Bayern we need to get past Arsenal and Chelsea.

          • vision? what does that even mean? wenger can’t offer a guaranteed 4th spot, what utter nonsense. arsenal could easily drop off and we could continue in our failure. there are no guarantees in football.

          • We have a manager whose got drive and ambition to win.

            At arsenal if they finish fourth and no cup then it’s a great season.

            We now have element of ambition.

          • but i get the feeling that Klopp doesn’t feel the pressure of top 4 or even winning at the moment. you say he has drive and ambition. i believe that but not now. in the future and would big names want to be a project.

        • Arsenal have been very quick to sign him. they have been courting him big time, they have had sit down meetings with his father and agent. Looks like arsenal have 1st dibs.

    • And why not Jetro Willems, he could cost 10-15mil, much better than Erkin.. Younger, stronger and can cross the ball perfectly..

    • Jese would be a good fit. Good physicality, speed & he tracks back. He’s been solid in his limited minutes for Los Blancos this season…

  11. Oh man..for 20mil, he would be an even better signing…anyone seen him play recently? What does his form look like? I know he was brought on as substitute for the last 10 odd minutes but I’m guessing he didn’t get much of the ball there.

    • No playing time – no form.. He needs a manager that trusts him, he needs to be a starter for a while, and he’ll be back to his best..

  12. Sell Benteke, Sturridge, Ballotelli then bid £70 – 80 mill for Lewandowski. Get rid of Milner and Milner/Sturridges wages will pay Lewandowskis. He will get us over 30 goals a year and fire us towards a title challenge.

  13. This is a risky signing in some ways for Klopp. Gotze is clearly a good player but not quite as good as he was billed to be. In the long term under Klopp he would be successful no doubt but delivering straight away may be a problem and the level of expectation on his shoulders would be almost Suarez like given his profile and Klopp links. In the right set up he borders on top class but has not being able to fit at Bayern and lacks the quality to fit anywhere of Suarez Gerrard Messi etc. Given our knee jerk mob on here it could go 2 ways at least at first.

        • Henderson didn’t do anything worth the while against the Germans,that wad down to the three spurs outfield players

          • Henderson did plenty along with the Spurs players who combined well to beat Germany. Bet it gave something for the Spurs manager to think about watching Alli, Dire, Kane and Henderson do well together in midfield. Ran German midfield ragged in the end.

    • Players who have played in Germany aren’t exactly setting the Premier League alight plenty have come and gone over the last 5 years or so like Marin, Holtby, Podolski, Kagwaw, Sahin and Schürrle. Gotze should be better then them but doesn’t mean he will take to the Premier League.
      Can admits that playing in the Premier League is a lot harder then playing in Germany with the pace of the game and little amount of time you have to settle on the ball.

      • Kagawa and sahin were played out of position, schurrle rarely started and frequently scored of the bench, marin and holtby perhaps weren’t given the chances and de bruyne hasn’t exactly been awful has he…

        • They couldn’t adapte to the PL and were moved on for what ever reason . De Bruyne spent time at Chelsea before he moved to Germany so he had a small idea what was needed to succeed in the PL and had a point to prove which he was doing before his injury.

      • Thats interesting had not thought about that, Boateng struggled at City too. I think Gotze would be a good signing but i wouldnt be expecting miracles as soon as he plays if it happens. Doesnt look the most confident player at the minute.

    • I don’t think it’s rational or fair to expect an immediate impact from any player. Not even messi. I think we should just accept immediate impact as a a rule of thumb maybe.

    • I agree with your points on him coming right in and producing with getting used to the PL but… consider how little he’s been playing with Bayern. With regular games and under a Gaffer he respects and seeks. LFC could be his unlock as a player…he knows Kloppo’s system so he’ll come in at pace with the Reds that Jurgen wants to retain (Firms, Couts, Sturridge etc.) He would be a great fit IMO.

    • no probem, we will have lallana waiting on the bench to compete for a place with him if he does not live up to his expectations……
      He will have to earn his place in the team….

      actually we will have 4 players, coutinho, firmino, lallana and gotze(if we sign him) vying for 3 places(cosidering we play 4-2-3-1)….

      that would be perfect for competition as well as rotation as we will be in at least 3 tournaments next year

          • Right..which means one of those boys just might end up having to leave. Milner’s mr. versatile, but Lallana seems to be playing with an edge over the last 2 months or so which is great to watch.

      • Lallana’s 3 good games a season aren’t good enough. He’s a bench player at best. Not to mention that Gotze is far superior and 5 years younger.

        • Did I say lallana is superior to gotze??
          I just said there would be good competition for 3 places in the attacking third…….

          although you can’t say anything right now, as gotze has just comeback from an injury and has been mostly on the bench,
          it will take time for him to come back to his best

  14. ………………….mignolet…………


    • Klopp’s plays a 4-2-3-1, Hernandez instead of sturridge? No thank you. I’d rather replace Henderson. Hector is overrated. Have you even seen him play?and another season with mignolet is bound to be another season with failure. We need a new keeper

  15. I can’t wait for him to team up with Mkhitaryan, Papadapolous, Willian, and all the other players that have lifted my hopes only to crush them after many, many hours spent pursuing whatever clickbait seemed most likely to fulfill my visions of glorious elite football.

    But if this one happens to be true, I’ll follow Klopp’s lead and say that it will be “very cool.” A statement of intent and all that jazz.

    • There’s so many factors at play to any given transfer…if we really wanted Willian that badly we probably should have stumped up the cash quickly and gotten it done, but the moment Tottenham and Chelsea started sniffing it was going to be a difficult one to complete. I’m not saying this time it’ll happen and all that, but we do have Klopp as manager this time around. And we did manage to land Firmino last time around. So credit due there and it shows not all is lost like that.

  16. Dortmund are already in negotiations with Bayern regarding Goetze’s return it was leaked last week in Germany. Regarding the EPL being the best league in the world…that’s a joke. La Liga have a total of six clubs still active in both the CL and EL at the quarter finals. The EPL has one and they’ll be out this round.

    • I don’t know which is the best league in the world, but I do think it’s not as simple as who is doing well in Europe. For starters, if you only have one tough task to deal with as opposed to 2, and you have a nice breezy build up to it with a cooperative league structure (winter break, sensitive administrators) wouldn’t it increase your chances of doing well in that one task?

  17. I most admit to not have been thrilled at first given how injured and poor he’s been lately, but upon watching some of his recent videos, I realized he would absolutely upgrade our team. I still do feel like we too many 10s but pushing Firmino to the CF position might accommodate Gotze. If we can have him for 20 million then we should absolutely go for it, there’s probably a goos reason Low’s been playing him as Germany’s false 9 for a while now and he could potentially add even more goals from midfield.

  18. 2 striker – hernandez and Lucas Algio – 40 million
    1 midfielder – Mario Gotze – 20 million
    1 defensive mid – Camacho – 8 million
    1 Left back – hector – 5 million
    1 keeper – Stergen – 5 million
    Benteke – 25 m
    Sturridge – 50m
    Henderson – 25m
    Allen – 8M
    Ibe – 4m
    Lucas – 8 m
    Skertel – 6 m
    Alberto & Ilori – 15 mil

  19. The article in the Metro seems speculative throughout. No reference whatsoever. I’d love to see Gotze signed, but the last direct piece of news on this was whaen Gotze said he was in contact with Klopp, but the move wasn’t being discussed.

    • Think the 20mil link is probably BS but the level to which this rumor has continued over the weeks, and across all different papers, tells me there’s something real here. Needless to say, but that doesn’t mean it’s a done deal.

      • I’m not so sure. It’s a long way to go until summer, and there is a general lack of actual transfer news. It’s the time when the media speculate the most, and here you have a Bayern winger/AM, with too little playing time, developed into top class by Klopp, and you have Klopp looking for a winger, and a mass of Liverpool fans expecting big signings. The article of pure speculation writes itself.

  20. Get this sorted quickly Liverpool. If he wants to join, get it done quickly and with no fuss. This is our best chance in years to sign a top player yet to peak, who suits the managers style. GET IT DONE!!!!

  21. If Gotze wants another chance at a world cup it would be now. He has two years to make an impression to get back to the German squad and that has to be with a new challenge.
    The EPL would provide a great challenge simply because he can lead his old manager’s squad, Liverpool, and gets to play in the most exciting league in the world, the EPL, were anyone can beat anyone.

      • trust me, with that kind of money they can not afford not to think about the future ahead.
        All Gotze wants is what the rest of the superstars want:
        1. No Injury
        2. Bring their value up
        3. Win
        In that order

    • Hes guaranteed his euro place. Low said it 5 days ago. Hes started most of their most important qualifiers. Hes an important player for Germany. It wont be his place in the national team he’ll be joining us for

      • To start with, I was not referencing Euro, but the real show: The World Cup.
        Second, 5 days ago, Low, have not yet sunk so Low to have Germany surrender a comfortable 2-0 lead to a 3-2 loss with Gotze on the bench until the late stages of the game. Things in Football can change so quick as we see with managers changes and favorites. Not everyone is a CR7 or Messi

        • Yeh but he doesnt havent to get back in the german squad? Hes in the squad, hes always in the squad, he starts most competitive games.
          The recent friendly didnt change anything for gotze and germany

          • We are talking about the same Gotze, right?
            The Gotze that was the German Squad. The one that scored the winning goal in the Final just 2 years ago.
            The Gotze that was more of an automatic than Muller or Neaur …
            The Gotze that Bayern was fighting just to have his signature and would not rest until they lured him away from Dortmund and today he is paying for it.
            This is the same Gotze that did not get more than 10 minutes in that so important friendly against England.
            I would love nothing but to see Gotze come to Liverpool and rebuild his career and score a hat-trick against England because I can not get over the 1966 WC cheat even though I was just a toddler :)

          • Haha.. the 1990 world cup semi and euro 96 didnt get you over that??

            Im irish myself so ray houghtons header v england in stuttgart euro 88 is my finest football memory.

            Im praying we get gotze regardless of recent form. What i cant understand is the lack of real excitement about it from a lot of lfc fans out there.

          • Not really … I am neither German nor English, but fair is fair.
            You have to admit that England has had no impact on the World Cup and Euro when it comes to trophies except when they stole that one

          • He has actually appeared to-date (April 3, 2016) in 9 matches of Bayern’s 31 matches in the Bundesliga playing only 555 minutes.
            2 Matches in the Champions League (not starting)

  22. Gotze’s career has stalled so the logical option would be to work with the manager that got the best out of him and made him a star.I can see this transfer happening Bayern have better attacking options .It will take Gotze time to settle in the premier league .

  23. This happens all the time with Pep. Great players like Yaya, Ronaldinho, Ibra, Sanchez etc havent been part of Peps plans in the past. I suppose it wasnt really slight on those players abilities that they didnt fit into his vision, just that they were not suitable for what he wanted.
    Gotze could be in that category too. We’d be getting at the very least a potentially world class player.
    A front four of gotze firmino coutinho sturridge would be mouth watering.
    We’d surely need a defensive minded midfielder better then lucas though if we wanted to play those 4 !

  24. Exactly. That’s proving my point further. Even the Bundesligue is better than the PL.

    Best players in the world right now… Suarez, Messi, ronaldo, Neymar, aubameyang, lewandowski.

    Best player in the PL… Harry Kane (arguably mahrez)

    There’s no contest.

    • No I have proved you can’t say the Spanish league is the best BEYOND QUESTION!
      “The Best” is a very subjective term, so it depends upon how “best” is quantified.
      2 of the top 4 teams are from Spain. Spanish clubs achieve the best results in European competitions. Yet if you take out the top 3, the league is very average indeed. If you take out the top 6, then it is extremely poor and most bottom half teams would struggle in league 1, let alone the championship.
      If Leicester and Spurs both finish in the top 2, then the EPL would have had the same amount of different winners and amount of different teams finishing in the top 2 as the Bundesliga has had since 2006/07 season. But if take away the top 3 or 4 teams and you have a league comparable with the championship.
      The EPL on the other hand has more competitive teams. It is clearly the most competitive league from top to bottom. So IMO the EPL may not have the best teams (on current form), but is still the best “league”.

      • Like I mentioned above. There’s no right or wrong answer, it just depends how you look at it.

        No doubt the PL is more competitive and exciting to watch.

        But I look at which leagues have the best teams and individual players. At this moment, La Liga and bundesliga are a country mile ahead of the PL, in this regard.

        • La Liga has the best players in the world, by a mile….no they don’t! Yes they have 4 out of the top 5 players for sure, but then the quality drops off. I would say of the top 50 players, more would be playing in the EPL and Bundesliga. It would be interesting to see a list of the top 50 players to see how Italy and France would also fare!?

          • I said “and Bundesliga”.

            The players you listed are better than 99% of the players in the PL.

          • Kane, Sturridge, Hazard, Augero, Ozil, Oscar, De Gea, Courtois. Willian, Sanchez, Fàbregas, Firmino, Coutinho, De Bruyne, Silva, Kompany, Martia….I disagree with your assessment, as it is WRONG!

          • No doubting the fact that the current EPL teams don’t even come close to Real, Barcelona, Juv, Muinch, PSG and Atlético (possibly BVB). But that isn’t because we don’t have very talented players in the EPL.

  25. Not sure if Klopp going to be a main factor for him to decide about coming to Liverpool. .. coz we need to know if klopp wants him.. after him leaving Dortmund for bayern….
    So it’s klopp who will decide if he wants Gotze….
    Rumors are rumors…till he signs…

    • I disagree considering he’ll be in the last year of his contract.
      Add to that, this season he has been out for 4 and a bit months from October to February with a pulled hamstring, so we only really have what’s left of this season to assess where he is at now compared to when he was at his best in the 12/13 season, don’t forget Klopp hasn’t worked with him day in day out for 3 years this summer.
      I think he’d be a good player for us, but my concern is we’ll end up taking a risk and paying a lot of money for a player who had a definite dip in form in the 14/15 season after the world cup and this season he hasn’t had the opportunity to kick on back to his best.

      • Points well made. I maintain my assessment on the basis of a combination of hitherto demonstrated peak form and potential, the latter made more cogent by his age. I expect Klopp to buy should he be available for £20M.

  26. Would love Gotze, Xhaka, a good keeper (Butland/Ter Stegen) and Torres, Gerrard (coach or player) and/or Alonso return. The senior players like that would teach the younger lads a thing or two and really bring the squad together as a family, rather than a job.

  27. Its comical when English fans claim the epl is the best league…just because the games are close doesn’t mean it’s the best…it’s b quality football…it’s a bunch of average teams playing each other…the German and Spanish league have better teams end of story…the epl can’t even be competitive anymore in the champions league….epl fans keep being brainwashed by thinking it’s the best because it’s the most watched…you just don’t know what good football is because you have no elite teams

    • The bigges PL teams have definitely lost their stride in the last few years….German teams like Munich , Dortmund and spanish clubs like Barca, Real and Atletico are miles ahead…. the premier league just were the first one to expand their brand beyond the island. That’s why it’s the most popular one to watch around the world, but defnitely does not represent the best teams in the world….not anymore!

  28. Haha…gotze might end up at Liverpool…however Dortmund is about to slap Liverpool around in the europa league…klopp didn’t want any part of Dortmund who is superior

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