Gerrard Position Could Cost England ‘“ Fowler

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Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler believes that playing Steven Gerrard in a defensive midfield role could cost England dear in their World Cup campaign.

England national team coach Sven Goren Eriksson has played Gerrard behind Frank Lampard in the side’s central midfield so far in the tournament. In the limited attacking flourishes Gerrard has had, he has scored two goals ‘“ making him England’s top scorer at the tournament.

But Fowler has issued a warning to Eriksson, saying that he is not fulfilling Gerrard’s potential by playing the Liverpool captain in such a deep position.

He said, “Think of all the midfielders playing in the tournament and then try to name two or three better than Stevie Gerrard.

“It’s impossible, isn’t it… there just aren’t any better attacking midfielders in the world. And that’s why I just can’t fathom why Eriksson continues to place so much defensive responsibility on him. Stevie is a match-winner and he has shown all season at Liverpool how he can turn any game on its head. For me, he is England’s talisman, even ahead of Wayne Rooney.

“It just doesn’t make any sense to stick him at the back of the midfield and ask him to sit there. He can’t win matches from there and Eriksson must know that. We have struggled so far in the competition, and if we are to go much further then things have to change.

“The time has come to give Stevie the chance to prove he is a match-winner who can beat any team in the world.”

These comments from Fowler is the latest in a number of attacks on Eriksson’s managerial style from the Liverpool striker.

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