Kewell suffers from Gout as Aussie’s crash out

Harry Kewell’s World Cup campaign ended in misery when he was forced to sit out Australia’s Second Round match defeat to Italy on Monday afternoon.

Kewell suffered from Gout, ‘œa painful form of arthritis which is caused when crystals of uric acid build up in joints, most commonly the big toe’ which forced him out of action, according to the BBC.

The Aussie’s lost their second round clash to the Italians, conceding an injury time penalty which Francesco Totti converted to win 1-0 and book Italy’s place in the quarter-finals.

Scott Chipperfield revealed, “He’s got gout on his foot. He’s in a lot of pain, he can’t walk, he’s walking on crutches. It was disappointing for us, because we could have done with him.”

Australian national team captain Mark Viduka added, “People say it’s a 24-hour, 48-hour thing and we were hoping it would be all right.

“Graham Arnold had that when we were in the training camp and he was all right in 24 hours, but Harry woke up this morning and was still struggling.”

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