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Reclaim The Kop (RTK) campaign kicks off officially for this Saturday’s FA Cup third round clash with Arsenal at Anfield and the match is being marked “Truth Day” in order to highlight the boycott of the Sun newspaper since the Hillsborough disaster in 1989.

RTK Truth Day – Liverpool vs Arsenal
Banners, Mosaic, Chants


On 15th April 1989, tens of thousands of us set off to support our beloved Redmen in the semi-final of the world’s oldest and greatest football knockout competition – the F.A Cup. 96 of us never returned, crushed to death inside Hillsborough stadium – an unspeakable tragedy which we, as Liverpudlians, will never forget. The memory of loved ones who never came home lives on in the eternal flame that now burns alongside the iconic Liverbird as the enduring symbol of Liverpool Football Club.

Very recently, the memory of those loved ones was once again desecrated by Kelvin Mackenzie, the despicable former editor of low-life gutter rag The Sun. This man is almost beyond contempt – but not quite. Not only does he disrespect the grief of families still at a loss to come to terms with the events of 15/4/89, he denigrates the city and the people of Liverpool. He is our enemy – he has made himself so.

He also besmirches the history and tradition of the fabled F.A Cup. In showing our wholehearted revulsion towards this wretch and his supporters, every F.A Cup tie involving Liverpool F.C is designated Truth Day. Starting with Saturday’s tie against Arsenal, the first 6 minutes of every F.A Cup tie will commemorate the Hillsborough 96, their families, and the ongoing plight for Justice. For 6 minutes, raise the roof with songs for the 96, songs of Truth – and songs of unrestrained disgust at Mackenzie, shameless perpetrator of shabby lies.

Saturday 6th January will be an official RTK flag day ‘“ Any JUSTICE banners and flags you have, bring them! Any banners at all (KFS compliant), bring them! The game is live on the BBC and the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of the fight for Justice, as well and letting the world know we’re still the greatest fans about. It’s time to make ourselves seen and time to make ourselves heard.

A flyer campaign will be in operation on the day of the game, highlighting the plans for the 6 MINUTES FOR THE 96. A banner will be held aloft at the front of the Kop for the first 6 minutes of the game, non-stop songs of Justice for the 96 until the banner is dropped. The perfect start to maintaining an eye opening atmosphere for the rest of the game.

The RTK have also arranged for a crowd mosaic in The Kop. Reading THE TRUTH we are going for maximum impact. Remember the BBC – recent employers of MacKenzie – are showing the game live. We ask all Kopites to hold the mosiac up for the whole duration of the 6 munite protest. Your view may be slightly impaired but please remember who you are doing this for.

We will require your help to lay out the mosaic on Saturday morning. Anybody that can lend a hand, please make their way to Shankly Gates for 10am on Saturday. If you think you’ll be able to help please register your interest on the forum. It’s expected to last around 1-2 hours. We also require volunteers to hand out flyers on Saturday. Again, if you can make it please meet outside the Arkles pub at 3pm.


RTK THE 96 – Bring your banners!

For all the details about the RTK campaign visit www.reclaimthekop.co.uk

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