The weekend rant

Saturday’s convincing and hugely pleasing performance was full of moments to make us smile – but some of us are just never happy and always find time for a good moan! I was going to write a piece about the poor atmosphere at Anfield (having Arsenal fans sing ‘Anfield Library’ though is rather ironic) but the same old excuses of early morning kick offs and European nights to look forward to would only get rolled out by many.

So here’s a look at the rest of the Premiership and what thoroughly got on my tits this weekend…

To give the ball back or not to give the ball back?

So, in our match with Arsenal there’s an Arsenal player down injured in our box (Adebayor if I remember rightly) and Arsenal play on, but then when we get the ball, the ref who blows up for the stop in play. This though being despite this new ‘agreement’ that teams will play on unless it’s a head injury. Then when the drop ball is done in the middle, we give the ball back to them? Err… surely that should have been the other way around?

Then in the Mancs – Blackburn game. Vidic is down in the Blackburn box (with a broken shoulder as it turns out) but his loving team mates continue to play on looking for a goal. For some reason Benni McCarthy then knocks the ball out of play when he gets it. Why the fuck should he put the ball out having this agreement in action and if United were willing to play? They had a centre back out of position and Rovers could have countered with him out of position.

I’d like to have seen what United would have done had it been the other way around? One thing’s for sure though, Ferguson would have had a right moan if Blackburn had gone on and scored, and how I’d have smiled – along with most the country I’m sure.

West Ham‘s In-ger-lund Fans

If you do your job, and your half decent at it – not great but ok – and then you get promoted due to a shortage of adequate candidates, and in the new role you aren’t too great. Whose fault is it? Yours, or the people who promoted you in the knowledge that you probably aren’t good enough to be promoted, but they need you anyway?

Well, take Stewart Downing then. It’s not his fault he’s pretty shit and clearly not international standard. You can’t blame the lad for being played can you? Surely that’s down to the manager.

The same could be said in McClaren’s defence – the whole country knew and knows he isn’t good enough to be England manager yet the bungling FA apoint him anyway.

It’s bad enough when the Ingerlund brigade boo their own players during internationals, but to do it when he’s playing for his club against your club is completely ridiculous. In fact, it smacks of something very ‘Coca Cola League’. I had a lot of respect for West Ham fans after the Cup Final last year and their reaction after but they went down in my estimation on Saturday.

Rio Ferdinand

I’m really not sure who the most over-rated player in the Premiership is right now. More often than not Fat Franky Boy proves me wrong with a stunningly shite performance and/or a miss when one-on-one with the keeper (today again). But more often than not thesedays im thinking it’s got to be Ferdinand.

This is someone that gets in the England eleven ahead of Carragher alongside Terry. Despite being clearly inferior to the Reds centre back.

So in the United match today he throws he a typical two year old tamtrum – booting the ball straight into the crowd from about 12 yards away, smacks someone square on the face. What a complete and utter muppett. Further proving he lacks the brain power of a 2 year old.