Independent LFC Fans’ Survey

In the two weeks running up to the final in Athens, discussion amongst the owners and admins of a number of fanzines and websites led to the idea of launching an independently-run fans’ survey. The intention of the survey would be to gather ideas on a range of fan issues and then inform the club on how the fans feel it could improve in these areas.

The idea isn’t for this to be an ongoing project with specific long term aims, but more a snapshot of the current state of the club’s “customer interaction”, hopefully leading to the opening of a dialogue with the new owners. They can then carry the ideas forward themselves and hopefully introduce improvements which benefit us all.

The survey is being supported by the following fanzines, groups and websites:

Anfield Road
On The Kop
Reclaim The Kop
Red All Over The Land
Red And White Kop
Shankly Gates
Six Crazy Minutes
The Liverpool Way
The Road End
This is Anfield
Through The Wind And Rain

To conduct the survey we’ve created a number of email addresses where ideas, problems and issues can be sent. We will then collate them, publish a summary of the views we receive on all the participating sites and make the results presentable to the club.

The initial focus, based purely on time, will be the loyalty card system. What we’d like is for fans to put some thoughts on how they would like “loyalty” operated ‘“ everyone is aware of the furore over the way tickets were allocated for the final in Athens and we feel this is our chance to speak with the club to get a system the majority of fans think is clear and fair, and hopefully get it in place for next season. You may feel the current system is fine, or you may want major changes – we are sure there’ll be lots of different ideas sent to us. And we don’t want to restrict this just to the way the final tickets were allocated, but for it to also encompass the whole issue of loyalty across all the competitions through the season, so your views and ideas are welcome.

Email us with your views on the loyalty scheme to:

[email protected]

The events in Athens has inevitably generated much discussion amongst fans – as such rather than dealing with this ourselves, we thought it worth pointing fans in the direction of the Football Supporters Federation who are investigating the ticketing shambles and are requesting individual accounts from fans. We’d urge everyone with strong views on what went on to get in touch:

email: [email protected]

They’ve also told us they’re thinking about organising a meeting in 2/3 weeks time in Liverpool on the Athens issue and will get in contact with more information when it is available.

Moving on from there, as well as the loyalty issue we also want to collate ideas (personal examples would be great) of how the club can improve in other areas. For example fans often find the club shop is short of items; maybe you unhappy about the way the ticket office sells tickets by phone/online; do you get frustrated when seeing tickets advertised by agencies or touts?; or perhaps you have an idea on how the club can improve its matchday facilities such as reducing the queues for a beer at halftime.

Contact the survey with your thoughts via these email addresses:

Ticket Office: [email protected]

Club Shop: [email protected]

Online Store: [email protected]

Matchday: [email protected]

Miscellaneous: [email protected]

We’re sure to have missed some fans out so feel free to post this on other LFC sites/message boards/email lists ‘“ the idea of this is for it to be inclusive of all ideas and issues. Nobody is right or wrong, we just want to move the club forward, help provide as many points of view as possible, and improve things for us, the fans.

Independent LFC Fans’ Survey

Supported by:

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