Time to dump UEFA?

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I think the top European clubs should take a leaf from the book of the FA and dump UEFA!

The Football League used to control all four English Leagues. At a time when football was spoilt by hooliganism, Thatcherism, unemployment and dwindling gates, the FA invented the Premier League. As much as I hate the FA for being weak and knowing nothing about football, what they did was to lay the foundations for the success of Premiership today. The top clubs broke away and the Football League were forced to comply.

The Premiership had better sponsorship, better TV rights, new stadiums, anti-hooligan measures, Tony Blair came and the crowds came back to a healthier national game in terms of less hooligans and richer clubs.

Talk this year is not about the gulf between the Premiership and Championship, it is about the 60 million pound windfall the newly promoted teams can expect.


Hooliganism at the levels of our in the 1980’s continue to plague Italian football, but UEFA dont take any action. The five year ban on English clubs and six for Liverpool was a catalyst for England to clean up its game and we all enjoy the results today. UEFA isnt acting and hooliganism festers in Europe. Witness the behavious of poilce against Manu fans in France and in Italy. Witness the disgraceful Champions league punch up: What id UEFA do? NOTHING ! Meanwhile, a fan punches a German referee in a Denmark verses Sweden match. Violence is destroying football and UEFA are doing nothing.

Then the Champions league tickets shambles shows that when you put money and rich people who aetn football fans before football and real fans you get the recipe for disaster. How a second Hillsborough didn’t happen, only god knows. AND the UEFA have the gall to come out and blame the English for the worst hooliganism. A convenient whipping horse: Blame England, everyone will accepot that, then do nothing! Well I have just about had enough. Football deserves better. Not only that, they tell G14 to disband !

I urge the G14 teams to break away from UEFA. I urge them to do an ‘œFA’. They should relegate UEFA to an umbrella organisation that oversees national leagues. They should invent a new overseeing body to control the Champions league and UEFA cups and European football. Then they should have new strong regulations to punish hooliganism and racism. They need strong new laws to protect referee who are leaving the game in droves in several countries because of continued attacks and bad press. They need a professional and honest approach to th Champions leaguie final which involves giving tickets to fans only Numbering tickets, professionla control at the game itself, better communication with the clubs involved and showing the game in the home stadiums of the final clubs.

It is not G14 that should disband, it is UEFA. They are not doing enough to help football, and the longer they remain in control and do nothing, the worse football will be effected.