Sunday’s Papers: Doom and Gloom

Enjoy the match yesterday? A comfortable win over away form specialists Portsmouth…. good, because it’s back to earth with a bump again as the new owners fill the headlines of the Sunday papers with talks of another takeover, missed payments to the bank and more target’s being missed out on….

Gillett and Hicks have done little to endear themselves to Reds fans since the promises they made early on and have shamed themselves over the handling of the Rafa feud and the embaressment of backing down on new stadium revised plans within a few months of releasing them. Never has the club felt like it is being run by such Mickey Mouse owners.

Here’s a selection of today’s headlines which make you want to throw up:

  • Liverpool money crisis deepens as American owners miss deadline over £220m debt
  • Kop for sale
  • Liverfools
  • Spurs beat Liverpool in chase for £7m defender
  • Chris Bascombe (formerly of the Liverpool Echo) writes in the News of the World:

    Hicks and Gillett arrived promising stability, the preservation of Anfield traditions and a new stadium.

    Yet, within 12 months, they have put in place a plan to sack Benitez against their fans’ wishes, while making the club ‘” and themselves ‘” a laughing stock by unveiling an extravagant new arena they cannot afford.

    What is even more worrying is that it is now the owners themselves who are under scrutiny by the banks who are refusing to finance their schemes.

    There could be hope though when he states:

    Now plans are under way for Dubai International Capital to revive their interest in Anfield, oust the Americans and head off a potential catastrophe.

    Bascombe mentions the fact the owners have broken one promise they made when they bought the club from David Moores as they are now in talks to secure the funds against the club’s assets. This follows on from the seemingly broken promise to allow Rafa to ‘sign anyone’ and the reference to ‘Snoogy Doogy’.

    Speaking of which, another two targets will get away according to reports; full back Alan Hutton and defender Kaka Kaladze.

    “I don’t think we will be able to sign Kaladze now,” said Benitez in the News of the World. “That opportunity has passed.”

    While the Daily Mail claims Rangers full back Hutton will join Tottenham despite being on Rafa’s wishlist.

    To rub salt further into the wounds this Sunday morning, several papers follow up on the claim that Jurgen Klinsmann – yes the German with no coaching experience except with Germany in 1 World Cup on home territory which they didn’t need to qualify for – has been sounded at at a ‘high level’ to take over from Benitez next summer.

    Somebody save us!