What the fans are saying today

We take a look at what hot topics the fans are talking about in the forums this afternoon.

RTK ‘“ One Year On
It’s one year since the Reclaim The Kop campaign was launched in a bid to improve the atmosphere at Anfield, educate fans on the club’s rich history and integrate pride between supporters and the city of Liverpool. One year on, Jonnyfish asks has the campaign been a success?

LetsBuyTotti: You have alluded to an important point and that is that at times there is a bit of snobbery between the fans which irritates me. I’m a season ticket holder whose been going the match week in week out for over 15 years and pretty frequently before that too. However, because I now sit in the Upper Centenary, I’ve been told by numerous fans that I’m not a ‘true fan’ because I don’t sit in the Kop which is of course absolute b*llocks. The whole RTK thing was that – Kop-centric and seemed a little exclusive to non Kop visitors and people forget that there are other parts of the ground sometimes! Yes, the kop is the heartbeat of Anfield and having sat there a million times it is special and I love it but clearly – there are a finite amount of seats there and that’s just the way it is.

Arguments Against Sacking Rafa Benitez
Of course the hot topic of debate that appears to now be dividing fans opinion is the faith left in Rafael Benitez. Should he stay or should he go? There’s the argument for loyalty and the Liverpool way. But there’s also the camp disillusioned with squad rotation and tactical blunders.

donks: Alot of pro-Houllier people castigated those who critiscised him and said we should sack him and they used alot of the same arguements as today I.e. its not the Liverpool Way to sack managers etc

Now I’m not saying we are in as bad a state as we were under Houllier but we arent a whole lot better and we seem to be settling for mediocrity at England’s most successful club which is a very sad thing…

Liverpool in £6.5m swoop for Martin Skrtel
The imminent signing of Slovak international defender Martin Skrtel also appears to have brought mixed opinion amongst the fans.

southOzRed: Well he wont be a starting CB once agger is fit. unless he smashes it in the games he has. afterward its building toward Carra’s retirement.

Stevelfc1: Not knocking anyone here but I just love the way we some of us LFC fans get over excited having seen a few pics, read a review or two and watched a youtube goal and start claiming we’ve got our centre back position wrapped up for years to come!

Come on lads you’ve only just learnt the lads name!

denos666: I cant say I’d ever heard of this guy until we were rumoured to get him. I’m a bit concerned that we seem to have spent 6 million to get him. 6 million is a lot for a back up CB. is he truly top class? time will tell I guess.

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