SOS response to Hicks’ interview

Yet again as Liverpool fans we have to listen to Tom Hicks’ spin, lies and deceit. We have to listen to him drag this club through the mud.

Hicks says Rick Parry is incompetent. Yes he is. But Tom Hicks knew this last year. Why wait until now to do this? Is it because he has now learnt that he has no way to win over fans other than agreeing with them? Well it is too late. He is doing the very thing that he accuses DIC of doing, playing up to the media. Typical hypocrisy of a man who is so out of touch with what being involved in Liverpool Football Club is all about, and typical of him ignoring what fans want.

Lets look at the facts:

Hicks says we should have had a new stadium, and Parry hasn’t delivered one ‘“ Well Tom, you promised a spade in the ground inside 60 days. One year later, we are still waiting. Never mind the spade being in the ground, we don’t even have the money to buy the spade.

Hicks says he won’t have the debt on the club, yet last year he said:

‘œWhen I was in the leverage buy-out business we bought Weetabix and we leveraged it up to make our return. You could say that anyone who was eating Weetabix was paying for our purchase of Weetabix. It was just business. It is the same for Liverpool.’

Has he changed his entire business strategy? Hicks told us he wasn’t negotiating with DIC. He was. He told us no other managers had been approached, Klinsmann had. He has led us up the garden path again and again and it’s time he shuts his mouth, takes the handsome profit he has been offered and gets out of LFC.

Any financier who wants to give Hicks the money needs to be aware that Liverpool supporters will disrupt their business, will boycott their business. RBS who funded this last refinance need to be very aware that should they fund this charlatan any further they’ll find themselves inundated with phonecalls, letters, faxes and emails on a daily basis.

No money, no credibility, no honesty, no integrity, no dignity, no custodian. HICKS OUT NOW!