The whole Anfield debacle

Yet again, another glorious European triumph marred by controversy!

Initially it was just Arsne Wenger’s rant about how we were lucky and it was no more a penalty that the ones they were denied in the previous two league meetings. To be honest I agree to an extent but you have seen them given and you have seen them denied! It was a decision that went our way, no more no less.

Best of all, was Rafa’s impression of Mr. Wenger himself! ‘œI didn’t see it!’ said Rafa! Legend!

I must say, Torres is becoming the Rush of this generation! He can seemingly disappear from a game for large parts and then one moment of brilliance and he is off again! He is amazing!

Saying that, so is Theo Walcott, I lambasted the choice to take him to the last World Cup but he is becoming a great player. His run did deserve to set the winning goal but it was not to be. That’s Footy! Fabio Aurelio is starting to look good again now he has had more regular games but he should have taken a yellow and brought Walcott down! Mascherano, jesus can he move quick but he didn’t take out Walcott for fear of another red card!

Anyway, it matters not one jot as we won by 2 goals (yes Wenger, thast 2 goals not 1 so the penalty mattered how much? None!)

Anyway, back to the current state of affairs inside Anfield.

We all want Hicks and Gillett out. I recall writing in a previous article back last year when the whole ‘œRafa should shut up’ debacle happened. I used a Texan phrase asking the owners to not turn out to be ‘œAll big hat and no cattle!’. Well they did actually do that a little (they did buy Martin Skertl) but overall they have nothing other than threw cow pats at each other for the last few months!

A Rolf Harris song springs to mind here, ‘œtwo little boys had two little toys’

The problem is that, these two little boys only have one large immensely supported toy. One does not want the other to have the toy all to himself and the other does not want anyone else who may wish to play with the toy play with it more than him! (if you know what I mean?!)

The fact that DIC have now publicly stated, they will ‘œback off and let the current owners sort out their differences” speaks volumes.

The way I see it, is that nothing will be done until the season is over. This is for 2 reasons that are very similar;

– A cub that are European Champions is far more valuable than one that is not
– A club playing in the Champions League next season is more valuable than one that is not

It is not rocket science, it really is that simple. Whether these thought will bear fruit and ownership will change yet again, will remain to be seen.

I think it is fair to say that Messrs. Moores and Parry have a hell of a lot to answer for over the last 18 months. I am not implying they sold out to the Yanks to line their own pockets (but it does sit in my mind!) but they obviously had nothing binding other than the words of the Yanks as to what they would do to the club. Steve Morgan should have been used as a stop gap for investment, he is a red and wanted to use his OWN money to invest. Obviously as he spoke his mind Moores did not like it. Now look at the way things are.

Rick Parry knows that once the Yanks go, the fans will be looking for him to go also, although I do think he feels the ‘œLiverpool Way’ has been destroyed over the last 12 months alone. Regardless of what you say, he kept everything ticking over. He looks bad since the Yanks have been in place. Look at the Gerrard incident when he almost went to Chelsea. He intervened, Rafa is not an ‘œArm around the shoulder’ manager, Rick helped there (along with Pako Ayesteraan) and we still have one of the best attacking Midfielders in the world playing for us.

The latest debacle again involves Hicks opening his large fat headed ‘œgob’ allegedly asking for Parry to resign. The offending letter supposedly 3 pages long and Parry has not received it but heard on SKY Sports!

So now he cannot get his sulky way with Rafa, he turns on Parry? I think he knows that the fans will not back Rick the way we did Rafa but should we? Do we despise Parry THAT much? I don’t think we do. He has done well keeping our club in check financially and help bring in Benitez. He has been a decent servant to the club. If he is to resign, then Hicks should deal with it in a professional manner. Get his fat Yankee arse over to Liverpool (yes Tom, Liverpool, not London!) and sort it out in the offices in Anfield. In Private.

Maybe we should offer Parry some support, he has kept quiet when maybe he could have said something but as he has now found out, when he does open his mouth, this is what happens.

Lets now get behind Parry at half time and before and after games. After all, he is a red (for know) and we do not know the exact reasons why DIC were originally rejected in favour of the Yanks. If it is proved to line his own pockets then so be it, he will become the next Anfield pariah!

I can see the scene now up behind the pearly gates. Bill, Bob & Joe looking down crying and shaking their heads, what is going on with the innards of their beloved club!?



P.S ‘“ Oh yeah, this joke has been doing the rounds but for those who have not heard or read it, here goes’¦..

Stevie G, Carra and Torres all arrive in heaven and are greeted by God. He asks Stevie G, And why should you be here, he responds ‘œI played football for the love of the game, and for the fans happiness who supported me’, God responds ‘œYou sit here to by right!’. He asks Carra the same question. Carra responds ‘œI used the talent you gave me to please the people’, God says ‘œYou sit here to my left’. God asks Torres ‘œWhat about you?’. Torres responds ‘œI think you’re in my seat!’

I found it amusing anyway!!!