An open letter to Robbie Keane

As Robbie Keane returns to Tottenham after just six months and 7 goals in 27 appearances, many Liverpool fans are left bemused by the events which have seen the Republic of Ireland captain return to White Hart Lane so dramatically.

DEAR Mr. Keane,

On behalf of Liverpool Football Club, I apologise for the way you’ve been treated. When you not only signed for the club you supported as a boy, but were given the hallowed number 7 jersey in the process, it must have been a dream come true – but the way that dream descended into six months of nightmare was unfair and completely uncalled for.

To never being given a chance to find form was unfair. To be dropped and benched time and time again while having the burden of an unjustified price tag was also unfair. To be a part of a squad that no matter how you performed, how hard you trained, or how much heart you gave to the club was never going to matter.

You have remained professional throughout and showed signs of ‘making the grade’ with the goal at Arsenal and two more against Bolton, alas you we’re dropped for the next match and saw only 75 minutes of league action since.

I, and many others, wish you well on your return to Spurs – and can understand that your feelings towards the club you’ve always loved may have changed. Many of us have supported you, and wanted to see you get a fair chance, but it was never on the cards. Alas, you were just one of the toys thrown out of the pram during our manager’s month of madness, where he thought nothing of treating a consummate professional as a pawn in a political game just so he could prove his point and get his way.

See you at Anfield on the 24th of May.

You deserved better,
A Liverpool Fan