Hillsborough – A poem by Graham Mortin

For the 96 who lost their lives,
The spirit of Liverpool goes on, survives,
Your memory stays throughout the years,
Reds young and old joined in tears.

We stay together through thick and thin,
In Istanbul you made us win,
I hope we made you proud that night,
We never gave up, we stood to fight.

That fateful day will always stay,
Reds come together to grieve to pray,
We won’t forget, we won’t neglect,
We’ll always remember, always reflect.

Twenty years have gone and passed,
Our hearts have grown, the reds have massed,
We call for Justice, we will always believe,
We’ll never give up, we will strive to achieve.

To the 96 let it be known
There is one sure thing that’s set in stone,
Though your dreams be tossed and blown,

You’ll Never Walk Alone.