Evans optimistic for title chances

Former Liverpool manager Roy Evans says he is very excited about Liverpool’s title chances for the 2009/10 season.

Looking back on the last season, Evans said that the Reds going close to pinching the title off Manchester United will stand them in good stead for next season’s challenge.

“I think as a player, when you’ve come so close and you’ve been in the title race, then you know you’re capable of going all the way and winning it,” Evans told the club’s official web site.

“You gain confidence from that – not only in yourself, but also in the players around you.

“That’s something you can never buy. No matter how great a footballer is, you have to learn to be a winner.

“Having played so well and amassed so many points, Liverpool will be disappointed they didn’t win the title, but they should take confidence from that, rather than any negatives.

“We could not have come any closer last campaign and I am very optimistic for next season.”