Fans react to Chelsea defeat

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After Liverpool’s third league defeat of the season away at Chelsea yesterday, here’s a selection of what some fired up fans are saying about the game and where it’s going wrong for Rafa Benitez’s men.

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Grk Stav: “Gerrard was not at his best, Riera was inconsistent, Kuyt was below his standard of late. Mascherano and Lucas were very good, stood up well to a tough, loaded-with-talent-midfield. GJ was pretty anonymous going forward for the second game in a row. Reina was outstanding, and our two CBs did not have their best game (still, they weren’t bad by any stretch). Insua could not help being towered over by e.g. Anelka and Ivanovic.”

RichLFC: “we shouldnt be leaving Yossi on the bench…I think he is a key player now, wasnt always a fan but he is a top player, proved himself with goals and incisiveness, want him to start every game if possible. He is the Zidane of Zion, an underappreciated big talent…just wish we had him 5 years ago really”

104TOSH: “My forecast of a Red 2-0 victory went down the pan unfortunately! However the team played much better than on tuesday, first half we were comfortable and Albert went close with a free kick which was all he contributed in my opinion; when will Rafa give Babbel a full game? A much needed improvement from the defence! But that Drogba, jeezuz guys, he’d fall to the floor if hit by a butterfly – pathetic! My MOM goes to Kuyt, he was tirless as per usual – wish I had his legs!!! As for our chances of winning the title, I am approaching that with utter caution! Don’t think we’ll do it – but its not a foregone conclusion!!!”

1dragon: “For those asking questions of Insua and Johnson, it was obvious they were instructed to be more conservative today. Had Chelsea‘s strikers not been so fast and strong, you would see both of them on the wings. We were again, outdone by pace, and pace alone. Much as I do not want to push the blame to Carragher, but I think he should abandon the idea of a high defensive line/offside trap. Please, if the winger is already about to cross into the box, just stay in front of the striker so that you can get the ball first. No wonder Pepe was so angry.”

IronEddie: “There is a fact that to beat chelski at home is difficult also for team in great form…these games are about one – two mistakes…they have wait for the chance, they knew that Carra is slow, and it happened…We miss the game of Steven with Fernando from last year. Fernando did not have a support from the second wave… I hope Aquilani start will change this.”

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