Open and honest, Hodgson on Hicks, Gillett and lifting Anfield gloom

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New Liverpool boss Roy Hodgson has opened up over the underlying job of ridding the club and supporters of the gloom that has crept in over the last few years.

Debt problems and bad taste with the owners, combined with a lack of form on the pitch and constant battles between team management and club management have lead to a bad atmosphere amongst fans.

Many games at Anfield were quieter last season as a result, but Hodgson is hoping he can turn things around.

“What will lift the supporters is if we get new investment,” said the new Liverpool manager. “I know supporters are very anxious for that. We can’t ever deny it.

“All the time we are in our current situation in terms of investment, the supporters are going to be sceptical. You can talk until you are blue in the face but it won’t make any difference.

“The owners are not popular with the fans; the fans want new owners, they want new investment. The gloom, if there is any, is never really going to lift until that day comes.

“I’m not going to dupe Liverpool supporters and say that everything is rosy just because we have signed Joe Cole.

“We may have to work for a little bit longer in this situation but I am hoping that the quality of the performances we are going to give with the team we put out will cheer our supporters,” added Hodgson.

“We want to show them our club is very much alive and kicking and who knows? In the future with new investment and a chance to really compete on that front, we’ll be back in our traditional place.

“In the meantime, I can only hope that our supporters have got their feet on the ground and the heads around the situation, as I and the players have.

“We can’t turn back the clock and we can’t magic up a different situation. We work and live in the situation we are in. We will work very hard in that situation.

“Now let’s hope things will change even more for the better in the future. In the meantime, we will use what resources we have got and do the best job we can.

“Knowing Liverpool supporters through the years, the large percentage of them will appreciate that and give us credit for that.”

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