Hodgson not helping himself with poor comments

To say Roy Hodgson’s appointment received a mixed reaction among Liverpool fans would be an understatement, now just 5 league games in the Englishman has hardly garnered any more support among the Reds faithful.

Results aside, Hodgson’s comments have failed to inspire supporters, and his latest comments surrounding Saturday’s planned post-match protest are the latest to distance himself from fans.

Personally, I was hardly inspired by the choice of a manager who has won no major trophies in 34 years of football management and some of the comments and decisions these last few weeks have left me even less inspired.

Fair enough, Hodgson talks honestly and openly, something of a change to Benitez in some respects. But not only his comments but tactical decisions and actions of late have been hugely disappointing.

The nightmare of Northampton can be largely blamed on the shocking performances of the players, but why did the manager sit motionless during the second half, not changing anything on the pitch or subbing any of the numerous players who deserved to be subbed? Why did he only begin making changes once into extra time?

Another thing that has bugged me is the post-United fallout. First we get to see a Liverpool manager walking almost hand in hand with Ferguson along the side of the Old Trafford pitch. Then Ferguson hammers Torres in his post-match comments and our manager doesn’t comment when giving the opportunity. If that were Rafa he’d have given Ferguson an absolute hammering, and it would have been deserved. But not Roy, his Fergie’s mate you see.

It’s okay though, because Roy admits he wasn’t expecting much from playing United. Inspirational.

Mind you, the manager’s expectations weren’t that high against Birmingham either so what do you expect; “My expectations were not that high anyway. It would have been disappointing to lose but I’m not that disappointed to draw.”

Surely Roy needs reminding he is now managing Liverpool, not Fulham, or Blackburn, or some Scandinavian minnow, and therefore he and us expect to go to places like Birmingham and win, not to come away with a draw and be happy with that.

Liverpool Fans Protest in the Kop End after the final whistle Liverpool 2009/10 Liverpool V Sunderland (3-0) 28/03/10 The Premier League Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

And now, on the verge of the post-match protest after the Sunderland match (yes, post-match so as not to affect the team on the pitch), Hodgson has further distanced himself by criticising the protest.

“It (the protest) doesn’t help but is something I’ve had to live with since I came to the club.

“It is a major issue for a group of people who are very much anti the owners and the current people who are trying to solve the situation.

“It is often the case that when things are conspiring against you there is always an extra thing to come in and make it that little bit worse.”

First off, Roy, that “group of people” are actually die-hard supporters who have followed their beloved football club for their entire lives, putting more money into the club than the owners they are now trying to force out. Owners who everyone at the club admits they want out – including you.

Second, if you didn’t know of the ownership problems before you arrived at the club then more fool you. Or is Fulham in a cave?

Third, how, exactly, is the protest against those who are trying to solve the situation?

“I, like anyone at Liverpool Football Club, would be very happy if the ownership situation got clarified, and in particular if we got a very good owner that can help us move forward,”

So let me get this right, you aren’t happy with this group of people who are “anti-owners” yet you yourself wants a new owner. Impressive hypocrisy of the highest order Roy.

It’s depressing times to be a Liverpool supporter, we’re a complete mess on and off the pitch. Having a manager who is failing to inspire us with his on-pitch and now off-pitch behaviour only adds to the misery.

This protest, and the ongoing fight against the cancerous ownership of Liverpool FC, is far more important than any three points.

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