Premier League give Liverpool FC sale green light

The Premier League have confirmed that New England Sports Ventures have successfully passed their strict diligence tests imposed upon potential new owners of all clubs in the league.

NESV, headed by John Henry, own the Boston Red Sox baseball team in America, as well as several other media and sports outlets. It is reported that they will completely wipe out Liverpool’s debt, and invest money in stadium redevelopment and new players.

The green light from the League means Liverpool edge even closer to seeing the £300million sale through, with only a legal challenge from the club’s current owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett standing in the way.

A Premier League statement this afternoon reads, “The Premier League has met with the owners and directors of New England Sports Ventures (NESV) regarding their proposed takeover of Liverpool FC and has received details, in accordance with Premier League rules, of the proposed company and ownership structure as well as the make-up of the new board.

“The Premier League is satisfied, with the information provided, that the individuals NESV intend to put in place in the event they complete their takeover of Liverpool FC meet the criteria set out in our owners’ and directors’ test.

“The board of the Premier League will continue working with Liverpool FC in regard to this process, however, we are aware that the formal completion of this takeover is yet to be resolved and it is therefore inappropriate for us to offer any further comment at this time.”

The club against Hicks and Gillett case is expected to be heard in the High Court in London on Tuesday, with the Reds hopeful the deal with NESV can be pushed through before next Friday’s repayment deadline from the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Earlier today it was revealed that should the club not be sold by next Friday and RBS put it’s parent company, Kop Holdings, into administration, the team is most likely to face a 9 point deduction in the Premier League.