How Hodgson blames everyone but himself

Following last night’s home defeat to bottom of the table Wolves, Liverpool finish the year in 12th position and with their lowest points tally since 1954 at this stage. The goal difference is still in the negative and the supporters have unanimously expressed their desire for the manager to leave.

Yet, of course, it’s not Roy’s fault. Not only has he tried to lower the expectations of everyone associated with the club, he’s been playing the blame game since he took over. Take a look at whose fault it is, clearly not the manager’s….

1. The star players
“Now if they are not playing well and not helping the team to win, I will be advising them to look into the mirror rather than look for excuses elsewhere” (5 August)

2. The “B-Team”
“I am just bitterly disappointed that the team I had so much faith in did not repay that faith this evening with the exception of one or two performances.” (23 September)

3. The fans who wanted Hicks and Gillett out
“It is a major issue for a group of people who are very much anti the owners and anti the current people who are trying to solve the situation. I knew the situation existed before I arrived and it doesn’t help.” (24 September)

4. The previous manager
“I think you can pay an awful lot of money for poor players and you can pay not very much money for very good ones – it is all to do with how good your scouting and your eye is.” (29 October)

5. The right back
“He is the England right-back and, if he plays like that, one would expect him to come back in when he’s fit. But then he’d have to play like the England right-back and up to now, to be quite frank, he’s not performed – very often at least – to the level I’d expect of him. You would have to ask him ‘do you think you’re playing at top form and are you playing like the best right-back in the country for your club?’ If he says yes, obviously we will have to agree to differ and if he says no, then you’d have to ask the question ‘why not?” (13 November)

6. The new owners
“Unless there is a major influx of cash into the club and the team is going to be changed from one moment to the next, then whoever takes my place will be doing a similar job with similar players.” (14 December)

7. The big summer signing
“Joe has to come to terms with the fact that he has come here after an unsuccessful period at Chelsea with high hopes of taking Liverpool by storm and unfortunately it’s not happened.” (23 December)

8. The Managing Director
“I was involved in the discussion with him, but the initiative and the desire to take Joe did come from the managing director perhaps more so than myself. I played my part in persuading him it was a good move, but I made it clear I couldn’t promise him a certain position. He’s not so much a player I can take responsibility for. I’d have to share the responsibility for Joe, less so than people like Poulsen, Meireles and Konchesky, who are players I was happy to bring to the club.” (23 December)

9. The supporters
“Ever since I came here the famous Anfield support has not really been there. It is sad and I don’t like hearing those things because I am trying to do the best job I can do. I am working as hard as I can so I can’t say it is something I really appreciate.” (29 December)

10. Not Roy Hodgson
“To suggest that, because I have moved from one club to another, that the methods which have stood me in good stead for 35 years and made me one of the most respected coaches in Europe don’t suddenly work, is very hard to believe.” (3 October)

“I can’t work harder and I can’t work better.” (14 December)

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