TIA Poll: 96% of LFC fans want Hodgson out

City of Manchester Stadium Eastlands Manchester City v Liverpool Premier League 23/08/2010 Disappointing night for Liverpool Manager Roy Hodgson Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

Over Christmas we ran a poll in our forums discussing the managerial position at Liverpool Football Club, currently, of course, occupied by Roy Hodgson.

Last time we asked the simple question of whether Roy should be removed from the position of LFC manager, a staggering 95% said yes.

This time we gave our members a variety of options to choose from, in order to gain more insight into what the best solution to the problem is. The options were;

  • Keep Roy in charge and assess the situation at the end of the season
  • Relieve Roy of his duties and put Kenny in as caretaker until a suitable candidate becomes available
  • Relieve Roy of his duties and offer Kenny the job on a full time basis
  • Relieve Roy of his duties and offer Rafa the job
  • Relieve Roy of his duties and hire the best current available manager other than Rafa or Kenny
  • The results;

    Sacking Roy and hiring Kenny as caretaker manager recieved 55% of all votes

    Roy only managed to get 4% of votes to keep his job while 96% made it clear he shouldn’t

    The overriding opinion was simply put by forum member briankettle: Hodgson out now before he does any more damage. Dalglish as interim and (Didier) Deschamps as soon as possible.

    Hodgson was never a popular choice among Liverpool supporters – even before his appointed we warned of the dangers of appointing him – and he has done nothing in the opening six months of his reign to garner any further support.

    John Henry said he would listen to the fans, and appears to be doing so on a number of issues – except the major one that is currently holding the club back and will continue to do so until Hodgson is removed.