Liverpool FC – Too big to be relegated?

Liverpool’s torrid form this season sees them currently sit just four points above the relegation zone, and only five points off bottom club West Ham.

With 18 games of the season to go, the sort of form the Reds have shown this season will surely see them be there or thereabouts come May – at the wrong end of the table.

But is it too big a thing to comprehend a club of Liverpool’s size, fan base, prestige and history to go down to the Championship.

Or is it a stark, realistic possibility that Liverpool Football Club could follow in the footsteps of Leeds Utd’s 2004 Premier League exit, just as Manchester Utd win their 19th league title?

The last time we had less points at turn of the year was in 1953-54 … the season we were relegated. Edit: * 2pts for a win back then, but Liverpool had played 6 games more by New Year than this.

Yesterday former Red “super-sub” David Fairclough said relegation is something the club must start fearing now.

“Relegation has to be in our minds,” Fairclough told Sky Sports News.

“No Liverpool fan will believe that will happen, but there is a real fear that we have fallen into that cluster of sides who are all haunted by relegation.”

Fans in our Liverpool FC forums have been discussing the relegation battle LFC seem to have on their hands.

Aaron in the forums is worried, “No teams too big to get relegated unfortunately and l think the fact we just lost to the bottom team and at home as well says that we are in a relegation fight if roy stays. At best weve got a fight to finish in the top 10!

“We have got a pretty tough run of fixtures coming up as well.”

What a RUSH said, “History has shown that no team are too big to be relegated. If we continue to play like we did today and if our away form does not dramatically improve then we are in for a tough scrap cpme April/May.”

Mascot88 is concerned by our new found level of football, telling the forums, “The problem is that we no longer have any bankers. No matter how bad it got we’d always previously be able to rely on the fact we’d put away the bottom half teams at Anfield no worries.

“Its all about confidence and expectation. Teams like Wolves and Blackpool are turning up at Anfield thinking they have a chance. And that gives them a chance. They are coming here and atttacking us. This leaves us in the position where literally any team in the league could concievably turn up and beat us.”

Definitely worrying times for Liverpool Football Club.

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